NFL Live predicts winners for the 2019 Week 2 matchups | NFL on ESPN

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • NFL Live's Victor Cruz and Rob Ninkovich preview and make their picks for each Sunday and Monday game for Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.
    (0:00) 49ers vs. Bengals
    (0:34) Chargers vs. Lions
    (1:05) Vikings vs. Packers
    (2:01) Colts vs. Titans
    (2:50) Patriots vs. Dolpins
    (3:41) Bills vs. Giants
    (4:33) Seahawks vs. Steelers
    (5:33) Cowboys vs. Redskins
    (6:23) Cardinals vs. Ravens
    (7:20) Jaguars vs. Texans
    (8:11) Chiefs vs. Raiders
    (9:11) Bears vs. Broncos
    (9:55) Saints vs. Rams
    (10:44) Eagles vs. Falcons
    (11:35) Browns vs. Jets
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Comments • 181

  • Leon Laprade
    Leon Laprade 26 days ago

    And y’all both was wrong

  • little bill
    little bill 29 days ago

    They were all over the place with these picks! They don’t have a strategy

  • basher basher
    basher basher Month ago

    Saints vs Zebras 1:20pm EST

  • Karah D
    Karah D Month ago

    Pats 36-10
    Saints 28-24

  • Frosted Ice Pharoah

    A-A-Ron gonna get blanked by the Vikings

    • Lil L
      Lil L Month ago

      Lol good one

  • Twomaese
    Twomaese Month ago

    Victor is wrong about everything.

  • Jordan Roman
    Jordan Roman Month ago

    Wendy is so hot

  • Exodus 2020
    Exodus 2020 Month ago

    Sorry but atlanta wont lose there home opener in the battle of the birds and julio jones the best reciever in the league will explode for a great game .buffalo will beat the giants in a rematch of the superbowl in which the giants had a gteat defense and coach but not this time around and the redskins are rivals of the cowboys and will force dallas into some turnovers which will win the game for washington .

    XCHOZENX Month ago

    The Vikings will be a threat if they dont let Kirk cousins throw games away.

  • Danik Therrien
    Danik Therrien Month ago

    BROWNS also(Jets)

  • Danik Therrien
    Danik Therrien Month ago

    I Have some easy wins like:Bal(Ari)-N-E(Mia)-K.C(Oak)-Dal(Was) and Phi(Atl)what do you guys think?

  • Ben Talbot
    Ben Talbot Month ago +1

    What's up with the ESPN graphics these days? Are we in 1999?

  • rick ross
    rick ross Month ago


  • Lance Vangen
    Lance Vangen Month ago

    How does victor even have a job with espn his picks are a$$. Does he even watch football?

  • Shaun McDaniel
    Shaun McDaniel Month ago

    Steelers lose to the Super Bowl Champions, in New England, now everyone is picking them to lose to the HOME! Yeah, right!? Hahahaha Bad pick, Rob! If that is your real name!?

  • Gekokujo76
    Gekokujo76 Month ago

    Female ESPN host: clap back!

  • Rip Life Leech
    Rip Life Leech Month ago +2

    Matty Ice. He is a gaymer. 😂

  • Benjamin Turek
    Benjamin Turek Month ago +4

    Beagles to win
    Chargers to win
    Ravens to win
    Patriots to win
    Vikings to win
    Titans to win
    Broncos to win
    Bills to win
    Seahawks to win
    Cowboys to win
    Texans to win
    Raiders to win
    Saints to win
    Eagles to win
    Browns to win

  • dave rogers
    dave rogers Month ago

    Why can't you pick the teams ATS ? Anyone can pick most games SU. C'Mon!!

    • Greg
      Greg Month ago

      They only pick ATS on the Daily Wager show


    Makes me sick dalton still has a job

  • Steven Hempel
    Steven Hempel Month ago

    Did victor not watch the vikings last week???

  • g henry
    g henry Month ago

    My lock this week is the Green Bay Packers. This is easily the easiest game to predict out of all the games. Not going to say why until it's over.

  • Giffond Hall
    Giffond Hall Month ago

    Eagles will lose to the falcons

    • neetrab
      neetrab Month ago

      Falcons will lose to the eagles

    • Semion Johnson
      Semion Johnson Month ago +1

      And here goes this clown always hating on the eagles when they win I’ll come back to this comment

  • PALi friendly
    PALi friendly Month ago +2

    my lions are going to slay the chargers. tavai is a very impressive rookie.

    • Michael Bowdre'
      Michael Bowdre' 29 days ago

      This aged well

    • PALi friendly
      PALi friendly Month ago

      @Kevin Nguyen YOU ALL GOT SLAYED!

    • youngbuck0911
      youngbuck0911 Month ago

      @PALi friendly so was that by Stafford...

    • PALi friendly
      PALi friendly Month ago

      @youngbuck0911 that was a good phillip rivers throw I like how he threw it to a crappy colts defense. XD

    • Kevin Nguyen
      Kevin Nguyen Month ago

      youngbuck0911 😂😂 I was about to say!

  • Dan R Goodnight
    Dan R Goodnight Month ago +4

    Saints / Patriots in the Superbowl for what *should* be the second time in a row.

    • neetrab
      neetrab Month ago

      Dan - wrong, but ok.

    • Semion Johnson
      Semion Johnson Month ago

      The Patriots will most likely be in the super bowl but the saints won’t make it y’all need to stop hyping them up just because you want to see Brees vs Brady the Saints are choke artists and they won’t win the NFC

    • Giffond Hall
      Giffond Hall Month ago +2


  • jahn leota
    jahn leota Month ago +1

    Titans don’t get no love ! Just because they bore people smh 🤦‍♂️ this game is about wins not stats

  • Eduardo Aguilar
    Eduardo Aguilar Month ago +3

    Saints are winning cause thier more motivated .. sucks that motivation wasn't thier to finish the rams at home in overtime.

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying Month ago +2

    I like the titans this year. I think they might win their division.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Go eagles we need that win 🏈🎬

  • M Andrade
    M Andrade Month ago

    BSPN loves the Aints over everyone. They'll get crushed in LA.

  • Brett DuGuay
    Brett DuGuay Month ago

    They need to listen to Max k. Don't matter how much better Dak plays, if they're planning on setting the market with him, you can't get any higher, they won't jump from $40+Mil/year, and the highest paid QB, and up it to $50+/$60+Mil/year cuz he won another game. So it makes sense to wait, especially since it won't go higher but if his play declines, they save money

  • M
    M Month ago

    Rodgers looks like a porn star.

  • Brandon Da Goat
    Brandon Da Goat Month ago +9

    Keep sleeping on the Titans they gone be 2-0 after sunday

    • Gavin Thatcher
      Gavin Thatcher 28 days ago

      The Titans are the most annoying team in football. Either start being consistent and be elite or give up and start losing. It's like week by week they are a different team. They'll probably win this week if only cause they lost last week. 9-7 again this year or worse. Maybe sneak into the playoffs

    • Samuel Unlucky Miller
      Samuel Unlucky Miller 29 days ago

      Lol so how about that loss .. colts still and always will own you losers

    • Black Bling bling boy
      Black Bling bling boy Month ago

      RTurtle give a reason

    • RTurtle
      RTurtle Month ago +4

      5-11 that’s being generous

  • Juan Williams
    Juan Williams Month ago


  • Joshua Holley
    Joshua Holley Month ago +3

    Cowboys are going to slaughter the redskins

  • RonJohn63
    RonJohn63 Month ago +10

    I think these guys are forbidden from saying that some teams are *BAD.*

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James Month ago +10

    Keep sleeping on the Niners! That pass rush is nasty

    • Vincent James
      Vincent James Month ago

      @anthony reyes Guess we figured out how talented they are

    • Vincent James
      Vincent James Month ago

      @youngbuck0911 yeah that tends to happen when you just have Jimmy G and Kittle

    • anthony reyes
      anthony reyes Month ago

      @Vincent James I wouldn't be too sure. Divisions are more susceptible than you think. Especially wildcard hopes.

    • Vincent James
      Vincent James Month ago

      @anthony reyes im just messing with you😂..neither team is making the playoffs tbh

    • anthony reyes
      anthony reyes Month ago

      @Vincent James also the national media liked the niners as a fringe wildcard team. With some people saying they'd go 7-9 to 8-8 while others had them as a 9-7 to 10-6 wildcard. The Bengals have unanimously been selected to go 3-13 before the season started.

  • Coach Dude
    Coach Dude Month ago

    Browns we can not go 0- 2 I won't be able to watch TV Tuesday

  • Osa Igbinosun
    Osa Igbinosun Month ago +1

    Anybody knows what was their record on picks for week 1 ???

  • George Gomez
    George Gomez Month ago +20

    i’m a simple fan, I see Drew I click. ⚜️🙌🏼

  • Kenton Duncan
    Kenton Duncan Month ago

    Panthers really lost to the Bucs....

    • George Gomez
      George Gomez Month ago +1

      Kenton Duncan really not a surprise whatsoever

  • Big Thirteen
    Big Thirteen Month ago

    Why is Aaron Rodgers lookin like Uncle Rico? 😂

  • EY 19
    EY 19 Month ago +1

    I think he looks like Mario !!!

  • Ferdinand Carson
    Ferdinand Carson Month ago +4

    Which Eli will show up, hawks over Steelers, Boys over Washington, ravens over Arizona, Texans over Jaguars. kC over Raiders, Chicago over Denver, Saints over L.A, Eagles over falcons, Jets over Browns, my picks.

    • Shannon Whyte
      Shannon Whyte Month ago

      I like you're picks but the browns and broncos

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez Month ago

    Minshew or I should say Uncle Rico better prepare this Sunday's game against Hou

  • Richard Sheptak
    Richard Sheptak Month ago

    Who should I start deshaun Jackson or Davonte Adams

  • MotherLoveBone
    MotherLoveBone Month ago +1

    The Undertaker is walking down the ramp at WrestleMania 18, still.

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Month ago +1

    What happened to Serena and coc gauff ESPN? Chris Uebanks is playing right now in Cary N Carolina. Why y'all not nut-hugging on him?

  • craig manke
    craig manke Month ago

    Rodgers is rockin that 70s porn mustache.

  • Breatheable
    Breatheable Month ago

    How did these humans become analyst????? Did you finish High School? Oh, I forgot you're an athlete. . . The message here kids is, please finish school.

    • Chenglor91
      Chenglor91 Month ago

      Sarcastic comment by you, Breatheable.

    • George Gomez
      George Gomez Month ago +5

      sounds like you’re salty they didn’t choose your team to win

  • Shawn Michael
    Shawn Michael Month ago +4

    Some ppl act like Rodgers is Brady or something. Too much hype for winning a SB like 10 yrs ago

    • Howard Davis
      Howard Davis Month ago

      And multiple MVPs and historically great seasons it's not his fault our defense always trash💯

    • laserhawk221
      laserhawk221 Month ago +1

      Well i mean its more the fact that nobody does the stuff rodgers does, he is amazing and i have to say football is not a one man sport, you can blame one man for his team not winning a super bowl

    • Wing Adept
      Wing Adept Month ago +5

      Ok other than Brady, what other QB has accomplished more in the league other than Rodgers? Since he won the Superbowl about a decade ago, Rodgers has one 2 league MVPs, no other player has done that. Let's not also forget that unlike Rodgers, Brady has the luxury of having a defense, and the best coach in the league. Plus they play in the weakest division. So Brady's road is definitely easier compared to that of Rodgers. Brady is the GOAT, but don't be dissing Rodgers.

  • Rydawg 26
    Rydawg 26 Month ago +24

    Rodgers has a pornstache in the thumbnail 😂

  • Mitchell Kendrick
    Mitchell Kendrick Month ago +3

    Aaron Rodgers lookin' like Paul Blart over here

    • Kay B
      Kay B Month ago

      🤣 🤣 🤣 Not the Mall Cop 👮🏾 🤣🤣🤣

  • iCMan//Child
    iCMan//Child Month ago +2

    Raider Nation getting another W this weekend and going 2-0

    • Joshua White
      Joshua White Month ago +1

      LOLOL as a Pat's fan I love the beginning of the season when everyone thinks they have a shot lololol

    • iCMan//Child
      iCMan//Child Month ago +1

      @Eugene Rollins smoke my weiner hoe

    • Eugene Rollins
      Eugene Rollins Month ago

      You need to stop smoking that stuff

  • B D2
    B D2 Month ago +35

    Patriots had trouble playing in Miami because Bob Craft would hook everyone up with a little thotty

  • jim smith
    jim smith Month ago

    Listening to Spain right now then her using the word exit velocity, number one you don’t know what it means number two it was a mistake you even said it check yourself

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay Month ago +4

    the saints are on a mission

    • Waidmann’s Manns Manns Mann’s Heil
      Waidmann’s Manns Manns Mann’s Heil 29 days ago

      Not anymore it would appear. Thumbs down 😉😉

    • neetrab
      neetrab Month ago

      @Eugene Rollins it ain't sad, to me.

    • neetrab
      neetrab Month ago

      What SB contender is NOT on a mission?? Rams for the win.

    • Juan Nunez
      Juan Nunez Month ago +5

      @Eugene Rollins yet you guy's couldn't compete yours last season. Yet alone score more than 3.

    • Wing Adept
      Wing Adept Month ago +1

      @Eugene Rollins Correct!

  • LeeTravius Mckay
    LeeTravius Mckay Month ago +7

    Aaron Rodgers actually has a defense and doesn't have to outscore everybody

    • youngbuck0911
      youngbuck0911 Month ago

      Relax they didnt shut out Mahomes or Brady

    • Adam Zinnecker
      Adam Zinnecker Month ago

      The Packers shut out a team last year...were they a good defense last year?

    • Plug
      Plug Month ago

      From one game you know they got a defense?🤔😂

      GOATRODGERS12 Month ago +2

      LeeTravius Mckay what’s the point of copying someone’s comment unless it was by accident

  • Brian Baer
    Brian Baer Month ago

    4:33 Steelers, Troy polomulu number

  • Mike or patty Rhoades
    Mike or patty Rhoades Month ago +4

    Go LA RAMS!!!