Top Tech Gadgets Under Rs.1000 - from AMAZON | IRON MAN SPECIAL

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
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    In this video I bring in 10+ cool tech gadgets / products under Rs. 500 that are interesting and that you can buy from amazon. You can also gift them. The products are iron man themed.
    Iron Man bluetooth speaker :
    Macmerise headphones Wired :
    Macmerise headphones wireless
    Duffle bag :
    Iron Man pen drive:
    Tony Stark sunglasses :
    Iron Man Mouse Wired :
    Iron Man Mouse Wireless :
    Iron Man Mould :
    3d led case :
    3d phone case :
    Key chain :
    Iron Man funko pop :
    Watch :
    Dancing Robot :
    I Love you 3000 Tshirt :

    Rudra back pack : ( not part of the tech under price category )
    Please do ask if any queries about these cool tech / top tech under 1000 and I will answer them
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