• Published on Jul 27, 2017
  • IDIOT AUDI DRIVERS CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Stupid AUDI Driving Fails 2017 - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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Comments • 2 755

  • potooczech
    potooczech Hour ago

    Russian ... not nation ... it is diagnosis

  • Shin Drad
    Shin Drad 20 hours ago

    Kurwa indeed my friend.

  • C B
    C B 22 hours ago

    I drive an Audi and I'm ashamed:
    1. Because of the arrogant and agressive basterds that drive them too
    2. Audi's are actually not that good (engine much too far upfront like a dead horse on your grille)
    3. Audi's have many driver helps.....why would that be necessairy...?

    I've had many sporty cars but not one so boring as the forgiving TT. It's for sale....for several reaasons :-)

  • Lamine Karim
    Lamine Karim 23 hours ago

    03:20 language??

  • hindsighter
    hindsighter Day ago +2

    1:00 "How manyiy monyey?" LOL I just lurrrrrve Russian accents.

  • TheOneanjel
    TheOneanjel Day ago

    Hey if you are tailgating and don't move away when I slow down, I will stop. If you're still too stupid to go around and you beep, you might end up on CC tube where everyone else sees what a dumbass you are. They teach in the Drivers Ed in U.S. that if someone is travelling dangerously close to you, very gradually slow down before you make any other moves such as switching lanes.

  • SilverEagle1st
    SilverEagle1st 2 days ago

    Big cars, big engines, small brains...

  • Andris Andris
    Andris Andris 2 days ago

    9:32 you can't blame the Audi driver there...

  • ninjakawa1000
    ninjakawa1000 2 days ago

    @1.12 f**k Israhell pedophiles terrorism 🤣😂

  • mcnaughtonewan
    mcnaughtonewan 3 days ago


  • jos gonz
    jos gonz 4 days ago

    Audi drivers are a-holes anyway. This video comp, along with my Audi video, proves it.

  • Chris
    Chris 4 days ago

    To drive a car to destroy it in the most stupid manner is the image I have of the drivers of these cars. Cynical, idiots and dangerous. Go crying your mother

  • Blahblah Bluhbluh
    Blahblah Bluhbluh 5 days ago

    1:01 perfect question for what happens next

  • Bojidar Martinov
    Bojidar Martinov 6 days ago


  • Сергей Шмелев

    Я вожу с собой ствол и уже не раз выебал вас хуесосов

  • Maciej F.
    Maciej F. 7 days ago

    6:50 Poland 😎

  • Schmaahn
    Schmaahn 8 days ago

    How much money do you have? Is this some sort of scammer- english lession? 🤣 1:00

  • Skyline
    Skyline 10 days ago

    if I had been the girl of the last clip, I would have hit heavily the car of that jerk at the first attempt to block me

  • jawbreaker
    jawbreaker 11 days ago +1

    when you have no brains to drive BMW but also have no money for merc you get what ? audi!

  • Семен Васильев

    хау мани, ахуенно учат английский ахахаха

  • Esel moestuin
    Esel moestuin 11 days ago

    the bigger the car the bigger the asshole

  • Dave Clarke
    Dave Clarke 11 days ago +3

    Mmmm!! AUDI...Arseholes Usually Drive Insanely, now I know how Audi got it's name. Lol.

  • Nikolay Sidorov
    Nikolay Sidorov 12 days ago

    Only gays

  • Darth Urruz
    Darth Urruz 12 days ago

    Just imagine how safe and nice the roads would be if Audi and BMW stopped producing cars....

  • rucussing
    rucussing 12 days ago

    He Audi been looking where he was going!

  • rucussing
    rucussing 12 days ago

    He Audi slowed down!

  • rucussing
    rucussing 12 days ago

    Man Audis fly!

  • CH1NOify
    CH1NOify 12 days ago

    @2:10 that Audi not 4x4 and not for off road driving. 🐒😦😵😟😕🔪💣🔥💥🔫

  • Robert Chutney
    Robert Chutney 12 days ago

    Those people which drive like pigs (my apologies to the pigs), usualy have some mental disorder or complex, they use to be opressed at work/home and when they get behind the steering wheel, they are suddenly in control of something and they feel like a king. I read somewhere, that big and strong cars are bought mainly by man with small penis;-D

  • Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley 12 days ago +10

    In my book...AUDI is an acronym for;
    Another Useless Driver Inside.

  • Jesper Ek
    Jesper Ek 13 days ago

    If I had a new shiny car like these idiots have, I'd be more careful about it for sure. Not worth destroying for a few minutes of anger..

  • Танк Бит
    Танк Бит 13 days ago

    Только тварь может такую тачку по рельсам гнать черт

  • swordfish00007
    swordfish00007 13 days ago

    Fucking retarded drivers.

  • Jmval81
    Jmval81 13 days ago

    What did he pick up/steal at 8:40

  • Robert Downey Hu
    Robert Downey Hu 13 days ago +1


  • JackpotTV
    JackpotTV 13 days ago

    Get off my shit

  • Gnaus76
    Gnaus76 14 days ago

    What they lack in driving skills they make up for with a tiny penis

  • thaifold
    thaifold 14 days ago

    Seems russian's brain size is like for a paramaecium.

  • SaliBoyfan
    SaliBoyfan 14 days ago +1

    audi is the best car in the world

    • I CM
      I CM 12 days ago

      With the worst drivers, yes.

  • Colin Robinson
    Colin Robinson 14 days ago

    Do these people do a driving test or do they just hand them out to you if your stupid and short tempered

  • Евгений Кочмарук

    2.30мин че за утырки... не проще ли приподнять толпой жопу чем перед с мотором?

  • Zazaza Chanel
    Zazaza Chanel 14 days ago

    3.19 suv

  • Zazaza Chanel
    Zazaza Chanel 14 days ago

    3.19 not offroad car

  • John Wick
    John Wick 14 days ago

    It's not stupid it's just rich kids driving their parents car.

  • Supot Kami
    Supot Kami 14 days ago

    Audi+ idiot= audiot

  • Allan Haggerty
    Allan Haggerty 14 days ago

    1:02 probably not enough to fix that

  • Николай Конусов

    Одна реклама каждую чуть ли не минуту👎👎👎

  • eddie pace
    eddie pace 14 days ago

    0 money lol

  • Stormiii Lasch
    Stormiii Lasch 14 days ago

    2:00 That´s not really the Audis fault...

  • Diablo Deimon
    Diablo Deimon 15 days ago

    Сука пидорас

  • Ya Ross
    Ya Ross 15 days ago +1


  • Roger Waters
    Roger Waters 15 days ago

    25 years of driving in about 15-20 countries minimum and i find that the audi drivers are the worst! They believe they have a superior car and they are better than you and I, but its the complete opposite... Nobody likes you!

  • Alex the Hippy jippy OOF

    5:40 190 mph
    Honestly what is that idiot doing
    I bet you he dies

  • Рустем Рустем

    2:45 чье то непонятно.ауди кватро кузов из резины или из мармелада?🤣
    Остальные все идиоты

  • to G
    to G 15 days ago +1

    Its amazing what a product does to your ego.treating others as if they did not exist.

  • French Froglegs
    French Froglegs 15 days ago

    Comment tuer un russe ? Simple, donnez lui une voiture !!!

  • George Cooperrider
    George Cooperrider 15 days ago

    That asshat at the end would've lost a door for that stupid shit

  • jam kop
    jam kop 15 days ago

    1st one have a nice time in court!

  • Luke Antrobus
    Luke Antrobus 15 days ago

    2:19 whoever told that car it can twerk.. you're goddamn right

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer 15 days ago

    The owner of audi ZTZ 939 YOUR GOING DOWN

    DKLONGHORN 15 days ago

    Europeans are completely retarded when it comes to driving.

  • Sean norman
    Sean norman 15 days ago

    Love to see stupidity in I the only one who gets turn on here or what?..

  • MAC BD
    MAC BD 15 days ago

    Jusr drive in bangladesh... You will feel that these are nothing... The buses are like roller coaster

  • Cranius1986
    Cranius1986 15 days ago

    i hope alle the idiots in this video got lost their driving license

  • TycoTyrannus
    TycoTyrannus 15 days ago

    And here I thought the wild west was in America. Its clearly Europe. These idiots have no sense or laws. They just drive how they want and play bumper cars.

  • Reno
    Reno 15 days ago

    At 10min I would have dro e off hitting his door, fear of my life and on dvr

  • Kevin Asp
    Kevin Asp 15 days ago

    The last one is from my country Philippines. Fucking retard driver i would have smash his face

  • Harry Kaminski
    Harry Kaminski 15 days ago

    These morons won't put there phone down for nothin

  • Henry Gardner
    Henry Gardner 15 days ago

    Audi drivers have that superiority complex that bmw drivers have. Sort of like like spoilt children that haven’t learnt how to get a handle of their emotions yet. Really quite moronic most of them yet they are quite unable to realize how detested they are.

  • 새크TV
    새크TV 16 days ago

    제대로 빡친 경관님 ㅋㅋㅋ