Undercover Boss - Philly Pretzel Factory S3 EP11 (U.S. TV Series)

  • Published on Dec 31, 2013
  • The boss of Philly Pretzel Factory is forced into action after one franchise owner goes rogue.

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  • GloGang Mucho
    GloGang Mucho 14 hours ago

    I’m not crying, you are 😭

  • Genevieve Groult

    Omg I started bawling when he made him partner

  • G low
    G low Day ago

    I hope the company comes to Canada!!!!

  • 김하늘
    김하늘 Day ago

    we Germans have the best bretzels in the world. i tasted the best omnes and no one ever got close to what im used to here. but im very curious to taste These american bretels, ive never had them bevor

  • Aubree Aidyn
    Aubree Aidyn 2 days ago

    Dan is such an amazing guy !! He literally changed these people's life and the part being parter with that Marcus made me really happy ps he looks so much like shia

  • Aubree Aidyn
    Aubree Aidyn 2 days ago

    This show really motivates me like really.

  • Abdul Wajid
    Abdul Wajid 3 days ago +1

    Hats off to you guys for creating such a wonderful program

  • Mike Bryden
    Mike Bryden 3 days ago

    *Now if they didn't know who they were going to see aka that you were the boss undercover; why did the old man say "He" is going to give us rent for year/training and a trip. This show is clearly staged and now proven ( otherwise his wife on the other line would have said who is he.. Not understood that he meant the owner of the company)*

    • Mike Bryden
      Mike Bryden Day ago

      @Fos Ro Dah Skyrim Read what you've written before pressing enter. The man said he had no clue it was the owner ( as the owner was disguised when he met him) so even if he had told his wife, I am going to meet the guy I worked with how would that translate to her knowing before the call he made to her that the man he worked with was actually the owner of the company. You're dumb. Didn't need to read this comment to know that though, just your name. Have a good life

    • Fos Ro Dah Skyrim
      Fos Ro Dah Skyrim Day ago

      this completely false how do you know that the man didnt tell the wife he was going to see the owner,also how do you know that the wife didn't know that he went,she probably knew reason being i that he had to travel to philly to go see the boss.

  • paul lazaro
    paul lazaro 4 days ago

    How doimg under cover with a camera man

  • Latoya Knight
    Latoya Knight 4 days ago

    Cant stop crying

  • Anyea Vasa
    Anyea Vasa 5 days ago

    I love you Sir ♥️♥️♥️

  • benjamin stevens
    benjamin stevens 6 days ago

    supervisor chamber planning math invitation enough lawsuit expectation old.

  • subash bist
    subash bist 7 days ago

    really these boss is great and great human being hope he will success

  • Epic Gems
    Epic Gems 7 days ago +1

    When I first heard him say his name I honestly tought he said "I'm Dendis, YO!"

  • D Chen
    D Chen 7 days ago

    Song at the end?

  • Lamp Sanglyne
    Lamp Sanglyne 8 days ago

    Best uc boss made all em dreams cme true

  • the guru guru
    the guru guru 8 days ago


  • Nathaniel Jones
    Nathaniel Jones 8 days ago

    Every contestant ever: ''I could really use some designer sunglasses . If only i could somehow get a huge amount of money from somewhere. Oh hey look! Some stranger i have never met before, with tv cameras everywhere at my workplace filming me, i think i saw this exaxt same thing on last season's undercover boss with that exact same reason! Oh well i better tell him that story about my dead puppie just in case!

  • Ankit roy
    Ankit roy 9 days ago

    First he look like david schwimmer and after makeover shia labeouf

  • Raymund Dar
    Raymund Dar 9 days ago


  • sitikanth das
    sitikanth das 10 days ago

    It's takes a lot to make a CEO break down into tears, just shows how much the situation of the franchise owners hurt him.

  • Journey of my soul
    Journey of my soul 10 days ago

    Amazing boss

  • Robin Robinhagen
    Robin Robinhagen 11 days ago

    14:40 Thank you for so much

  • Trent Smith
    Trent Smith 12 days ago

    What’s Will Smith doing making pretzels

  • Jordan Underwood
    Jordan Underwood 13 days ago

    What a great guy.

  • Amazigh panther
    Amazigh panther 13 days ago +2

    i work 91 H a week for 35 $ i wish to star a new life in usa from morocco with love

  • guille040690
    guille040690 14 days ago

    I thought his name was "Dan Dizz yo"

  • Cato_SB
    Cato_SB 15 days ago +1

    This dude definetly watched rocky

  • Anwar Abraham
    Anwar Abraham 16 days ago

    Yeahhh...We gonna be alright now!

  • Jackie Liu
    Jackie Liu 16 days ago

    After watching so many episodes of undercover boss, I am so in touch with this young CEO...

  • chirag Sethi
    chirag Sethi 16 days ago

    Friend 1: thanks for coming here man.
    Friend 2: no problem man, why we standing outside this building?
    Friend 1: oh I just bought this building.
    It's like hanging out with Bruce Wayne

    EVILIVE 18 days ago

    first time seeing this in 2019

  • James Bernardo
    James Bernardo 18 days ago

    on this epiaode its made me cry

  • light within
    light within 20 days ago

    I cried. The CEO is awesome

  • Terry M
    Terry M 20 days ago

    crocodile tears everywhere......

  • dhahir ally
    dhahir ally 20 days ago

    This is my favourate episode

  • Ssantiana Siberová
    Ssantiana Siberová 20 days ago

    He seems to be so generous and lovely person. Well in High position he din't know how it worked in reality so he were follow the protocols by denying them before. BTW anyone else he was more hot with the beard?

  • The Jamaican Atheist
    The Jamaican Atheist 22 days ago

    disguises are terrible

    DAVID EM 22 days ago

    Hope God bless u more

  • Liam Kilpatrick
    Liam Kilpatrick 24 days ago

    America is fucked how can you have a man of that age with kids working 60 hours a week and making $8 an hour ? My cousin works at an ice cream shop and makes $14 an hour and his 14

  • Nick Rabauliman
    Nick Rabauliman 24 days ago

    I hate the end, cuz my eyes get irritated, and start to sweat profusely....ugh

  • Keyla Maria Deniaz de Souza

    its Bretzel not Pretzel .....

  • Nadine Claassens
    Nadine Claassens 29 days ago +3

    Oh my goodness Marcus is great. His daughters are just the cutest! So adorable.

  • Kusayi Lohe
    Kusayi Lohe 29 days ago

    Man, who is cutting the onions?

  • Baranina123
    Baranina123 Month ago

    I watched maybe 6 episodes... how it is possible, that every time this emotional bullshit take so much time? "We are upset", "You are a new guy here and I will tell you about my life". This is for show or Americans really act like that? Interesting things like company works is like... I dont know? 10% ?

  • possible made
    possible made Month ago

    15:18 stay strong boss

  • Detox Clinic
    Detox Clinic Month ago

    This is probably the best boss by now, really amazing how kind he is!

  • Nandhu 14
    Nandhu 14 Month ago


  • themeatyouworkwith
    themeatyouworkwith Month ago

    Always skip to the end reveal moments lol, anybody else?

  • Abass Flis Gareth
    Abass Flis Gareth Month ago

    Wow awesome boss

  • Valeria Cerón
    Valeria Cerón Month ago

    Crying my eyes out. What a good man!

  • Zena Safadi
    Zena Safadi Month ago

    Anyone think he looks like Hugh Jackman aka wolverine??

  • - AnonymousYoutube
    - AnonymousYoutube Month ago

    28:10 😂😂😂

  • G1K777
    G1K777 Month ago

    To be honest, this guy is a joke.
    The other guys give like 20-50k and his mother was in WTT, got hit by a car and the poor dude must act happy and dance around while his mother is in a wheelchair...

  • Ako M
    Ako M Month ago

    That old man was so cool guy damn man make me cry ;/

  • Abdi Tyrow
    Abdi Tyrow Month ago +3

    He had all his boys selling pretzels on street corners 😂 Pablo Escobar

  • Memai Vlog lang
    Memai Vlog lang Month ago

    This boss is down to earth 🙌🙌

  • Mike Ash
    Mike Ash Month ago

    This video reminds me of early 2000s

  • chaoschief
    chaoschief Month ago

    i cried when he cried, manly tears

  • Robert B
    Robert B Month ago

    10:47 he don't look like a Dan to me, looks more like a Stan to me.

  • Richard Castro-Parker

    It is Ross from Friends :-) Great episode.

  • Panglima Hitam
    Panglima Hitam Month ago

    why he crying like entire video?

  • Revealed
    Revealed Month ago

    Doesn't he look like Ross from Friends?

  • Nazer Kuniyil
    Nazer Kuniyil Month ago


  • Fatuma Ahmed
    Fatuma Ahmed Month ago

    You're best boss ever I see

  • Vilde VE
    Vilde VE Month ago

    First episode that didn't make me cry hmm

  • Areti MGK
    Areti MGK Month ago

    Idk why but the scene at 6:26 looks like a San Andreas scene

  • Dayle Claasen
    Dayle Claasen Month ago

    damn these ninjas cutting onions, damn them!!

  • Caroline Giles
    Caroline Giles Month ago

    Can I just say, as a Bavarian these "pretzels" really confuse me.

  • ALB Gaming G
    ALB Gaming G Month ago

    29:25 wtf