Bubbles, Trade Wars, & Trump’s Strategy | John Rubino

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • What are you not being told about how stock funds are increasing volatility of our already choppy markets, compounding risk upon risk, as baby boomers count on their 401K accounts to be their nest egg to the future?
    Are the latest market gyrations the “beginning of the end,” or are the geopolitical tensions and trade war saber-rattling all part of President Trump’s grand plan?
    John Rubino, founder of DollarCollapse.com, returns to Reluctant Preppers to offer his refreshing perspective on the bewildering and unprecedented times we find ourselves in, where negative interest rates and cashless society pressures are hurtling us into uncharted territory.
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Comments • 53

  • GiveMeEyeballs
    GiveMeEyeballs 6 months ago

    thanks for this interview!

  • Darren Beasley
    Darren Beasley 6 months ago

    Great show, great guest. Thank you

  • nick levis
    nick levis 6 months ago

    when john q taxpayer pumps and dumps, he goes to jail... when the Fed and the central banks do it, they are saving the world... BTFD? Yes, we need a 30% drop to get the kids out of the mkt

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 6 months ago +1

    I for one am sick of using the banks. $5 a month for the "priveledges" of loaning my money out

  • ain't dat snipes
    ain't dat snipes 6 months ago

    Without overt QE,the treasury will miss at least one,maybe 2 interest payments this year,tax revenue dropping like a rock and without massive increase in fed money printing or maybe get a title loan on Trump's limo,treasury will not be able to keep up the payments on that 23 trillion dollar nut.

  • RiffRaff
    RiffRaff 6 months ago

    Something strange going on with IMF and Ripple (xrp) ru-clip.com/video/0aBu4tGI9QQ/video.html

  • Nicholas Scholten
    Nicholas Scholten 6 months ago +1

    A bank can loan money created out of nothing to receive "cash flow" . Return of principal becomes irrelevant, eventually the interest payments exceed the principal.

    • BigTomInTheBasement
      BigTomInTheBasement 6 months ago +1

      I think we're at a point where no one really cares anymore. How long can this kind of thing keep going? Just keep inflating the money supply... won't prices of real things eventually start going up?

  • EdwardHuitt
    EdwardHuitt 6 months ago +1

    An afterthought to the comment below on Imaginary interest rates. How would a debtor pay off a loan plus interest? EASY - USE IMAGINARY DOLLARS ! - or any other fiat currency for that matter. Is this so far from reality? I think not - An American in Switzerland

  • EdwardHuitt
    EdwardHuitt 6 months ago

    Hey Dunnigan - I just had a revelation about interest rates after listening to John Rubino, who is always great! He was talking about lowering interest rates by 5% when they are at a maximum in the US at 2.5%, resulting in negative interest rates like in the EU. I have a MA degree in math. Insight: central bankers should stop thinking in terms of positive or negative interest rates. Go to IMAGINARY INTEREST RATES ! - Which is an interest rate multiplied by the square root of negative 1 ! WHY NOT ? - An American in Switzerland

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 6 months ago

    www.threelly.com/ Threelly uses state of the art A.I. to analyze videos for key insights: topics, scenes, people, sentiments, and much more.

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 6 months ago +1

    Excellent info

  • Mark Walther
    Mark Walther 6 months ago

    Today I bought 10 silver rounds (from your SD bullion, didn't use your promo code). Here's how I feel about silver and gold: If steak is $15/lb now, one ounce of silver can buy 1 pound of that steak. In 3 years when everything economically turns to shit, that steak might cost $50/lb but guess what, that same silver piece will also buy 1 pound of steak too. It is just a measure of wealth but people like you two make your cut for selling it. (Typical salesmen, scum of the earth). I paid $163 for $147.00 worth of silver. Now delete my comment and sell some more silver!!!!! (And buy another house in the Bahamas again, one isn't enough)

    • BigTomInTheBasement
      BigTomInTheBasement 6 months ago +1

      you don't have to buy silver from these folks. You could call up a mining company and see if they'll you some direct.

    • Mark Walther
      Mark Walther 6 months ago

      Oops, I messed up. The silver I got is only worth $144.70 (less then $14.50 /oz, this is the low seems to me)

    AgMONSTER 6 months ago

    Every time the market starts to drop the ESF taps a few hundred billion of dark fiat and buys S&P futures via the NY fed

    ASARULUDU BANMASKIM 6 months ago

    China will collapse with out American consumer

  • Kathryn J. Hernandez
    Kathryn J. Hernandez 6 months ago +1

    John Rubino is one of the best analysts out there. So glad to see him on your show today.

  • Greg Waters
    Greg Waters 6 months ago +1

    You all have to be willing to sacrifice all of your wealth for the sake of your liberty. Basically the Americans are saying is you can do anything to me you want as long as you don't take my idols away. You can not serve two masters. It is either God or mammon.

  • Greg Waters
    Greg Waters 6 months ago +3

    Ban cash and I quit buying.

  • Greg Waters
    Greg Waters 6 months ago

    John Rubino is a very smart, but not hyperbolic guest. Love to sit down and have a beer with you guys sometime and discuss this stuff. For every risk there is an opportunity.

  • Mark M
    Mark M 6 months ago

    Peak employment (tight labor markets) combined with inverted yield curves lead recessions by 6 to 12 months. That's why lay-offs are so severe during recessions.

  • Gene Shepherd
    Gene Shepherd 6 months ago

    2.65% of G.D.P correction

  • Gene Shepherd
    Gene Shepherd 6 months ago +1

    One more fact the us economy equals 2.65% of the chinese economy so your not as important to them and they are carrying 1 trillion of your debt.
    Go and do some research.
    I hold gold to and what drives gold is FEAR.

    • Greg Waters
      Greg Waters 6 months ago

      Do you have any thing to back up the claim we are only 2.65% of the Chinese GDP?

  • Gene Shepherd
    Gene Shepherd 6 months ago +10

    You need to read american history .
    FACT china did not hold anybody at gunpoint and make them share their secrets.
    FACT america has for decades invaded countries launched coups and installed murderous dictatorships and pillaged the country of its resources.
    FACT america has for years rigged markets in their favour
    FACT america has had the privilege of being able to print money at will. where everyone else has had to produce for it.
    FACT america has stolen secrets from the germans and soviets too.
    Yes its true you just have to pick up a history book and its all there'
    You sound like a sore loser when you whine about china stealing your secrets.
    I have been trading stocks for years so let me give you some food for thought in a very simple way.
    If you have one worker and I have 4 then I will produce 4 times more.
    So if my population is 4 times the size of yours take a guess how much more im going to produce.
    Now if you spend the 1 you made on tanks and bombs and I spend the 4 on infrastructure then who has a greater economy?
    So the sooner you get real with yourself the quicker you can solve the problem and learn Big militaries are a thing of the past. Don't believe me then 1 battery of S400s can ground an entire air force.Those days are gone mate.

    • TICO
      TICO 6 months ago

      Your correct,and most idiots will try to counter your FACTS with some junk like"your not patriotic" which is a cover for them not having a clue.

    • Marc Duchamp
      Marc Duchamp 6 months ago

      Yes China did force industries to leave certain technology to the local manufacturing. Lots of business trade secrets were taken or stolen and then reverse engineered at the super low cost basis. Til you invest in China you will never know what kind of tactics they use to undercut you

  • karl johnston
    karl johnston 6 months ago

    John Rubin is awsome

  • Marc Graham
    Marc Graham 6 months ago

    A high end artificial intelligence algorithm should be able to see it coming........ right?

  • Fence Bennet
    Fence Bennet 6 months ago +2

    "Cant find labor" is business speak for they want more slaves

    • Greg Waters
      Greg Waters 6 months ago +1

      The national credit card is maxed out. As a small businessman I can tell you there is not much of a margin left anymore. High taxes, over regulation, and the drag on the economy of the national debt makes it impossible to pay what we used to. We work in a competitive marketplace, and if we don't outsource or insource we cannot keep the doors open. We need for the system to collapse completely, and be reset with a fully backed currency. At that point we would have profitability. Massive illegal immigration is used to suppress the labor rates, and we are vertically integrated. Management does not make all the money, because we to are forced to compete in the same market place, albeit at a different level.

  • jonathan goodman
    jonathan goodman 6 months ago +10

    The actual US unemployment rate is around 22%, and the real inflation rate is above 9%,
    according to the highly respected John Williams of shadowstats.com
    It's hard to imagine that Mr Rubino could be ignorant of these true statistics, yet he quotes the
    false '4%' unemployment rate when speculating about Trump's strategy. Hmmm

    • Phil 488 Pista
      Phil 488 Pista 5 months ago

      Trump as a candidate said the exact same thing! But once he becomes the president, something magical happens! 4% lol! You just can't make this crap up!

  • Fresh Evans
    Fresh Evans 6 months ago

    Trump has no strategy but Yeshua do

    • regor4830
      regor4830 6 months ago

      Fresh Evans, His strategy is to use Trump to get things done, that’s how I see it anyway.

    • Julie
      Julie 6 months ago +1

      And Yeshua's strategy is?

    • Greg Waters
      Greg Waters 6 months ago +3

      Trump has a great strategy. He is the shrewdest President we have ever had. He inherited a piece of crap, and has no cooperation from Congress, the Media, or the Republicans

  • workingmen1
    workingmen1 6 months ago

    largest boycott against General Motors go twitter @ccaplanis

  • Joe Buck Coker
    Joe Buck Coker 6 months ago

    John Rubino....very intresting.....this is 'thru the looking glass'.....Alice could know

  • Jhere McKenzie
    Jhere McKenzie 6 months ago +12

    …9% inflation and 21.2% unemployment (ShadowStats), and there has NEVER been a recovery from 2008…we the peopIe of the UNlTED STATES are being LlED to on a daiIy basis []

    • Winston Churchill
      Winston Churchill 6 months ago

      They have to stat low inflation figures so as not to show badly your pension funds are doing. They will moan low inflation till u take it as truth. This is truely insidious.

    • Jhere McKenzie
      Jhere McKenzie 6 months ago +1

      @AgMONSTER ...some have a difficuIt time with this information... thank you [] Take Care

      AgMONSTER 6 months ago +1

      Lied to is putting it mildly. Propaganda on a level never seen in the history of the Republic

  • Linda Adrid
    Linda Adrid 6 months ago +1

    Mrs. Kaiser is looking very nice.

  • Richard Ackerman
    Richard Ackerman 6 months ago +12

    I always enjoy John Rubino. Thanks.

  • Malu Malu
    Malu Malu 6 months ago +6

    US already passed the point of no return. Last year, it borrowed 1.3T (7% of GDP) debt and only got 3% GDP growth. Anyone can tell you what will happen if a company increases debt faster than increasing revenue. In the next couple years, the national debt interest alone will cut 3% into GDP. (assume national debt remains the same which is impossible) Fed has to cut rates to monetize the debts. Dollar will collapse (dollar index is 125 in 1980s and 85 during 2009. How low it can go this time?) and economy will implode.

    In order to distract people from all these serious problems, Trump made a lot of noise (NK, Iran, China, etc.) He is an extremely useful idiot for corporate America. About half of the country got brainwashed and the other half are too busy attacking him. In the end, it doesn't matter one bit. Economy follows logic and reality. No amounts of distraction/bluffing/threatening can change the end - the collapse of dollar and US hegemony

  • alice coppers
    alice coppers 6 months ago +3

    Trump hasn’t mentioned that Wells Fargo admitted to laundering the drug cartels drug money and still are doing it Trump hasn’t defended our borders thousands are coming through each day we’re being invaded and he says he can do nothing this guy is worse than Hillary

    • BigTomInTheBasement
      BigTomInTheBasement 6 months ago

      @alice coppers we'll have to take care of this problem ourselves. Read about militias in US history and how they are protected by the US Constitution. Brutality is the only way to resolve some of these problems, unfortunately. We should all be prepared to handle this when the time comes.

    • alice coppers
      alice coppers 6 months ago

      I expect my military and my government to protect the country and if these people are MS 13 and other gang members we also have South African gang members coming in they should be apprehended or shot exactly. Having worked in the prisons of California with a multitude of gang members and I know how potentially dangerous they are because I was the one that went to court and predicted their future dangerousness and their violence potential. There’s only one thing you can do with them lock them up for life.

    • Greg Waters
      Greg Waters 6 months ago +4

      Obviously you haven't been watching the news. What do you want him to do? Tell the border patrol to shoot on sight? He has renegade judges, the recalcitrant House, and others fighting him tooth and nail. Shipping thousands to California is the answer. You want them, you got them.