Is it Dangerous to Wear a HOODIE in the SHOP?

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
  • Is it really true that you should never wear a hoodie in the shop? I`ve had a few comments on my videos, saying that it is, but I was not really sure if I believed them. So I decided to run some tests. The answer scared me!
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Comments • 56

  • Brent MacDonald
    Brent MacDonald 2 months ago

    great video! grinder / circular saw / router are even worse

  • j b
    j b 2 months ago

    thanks for that video, Are. that's the stuff of nightmares! i live in southern california and use my backyard and driveway as part of my shop area when i'm working on projects all the time, so i wear a hat -- sometimes a fishing hat (even though i don't fish). it has a drawstring that hangs down below my chin and i ALWAYS put it so the string is on my back. i lay awake at night thinking about what would happen if I forgot to do that and the string ever got caught in my table saw blade.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 months ago

      If it got drawn in you head would get mangled. Just get another hat that has a tight fit. And always wear goggles and ear protection.

  • Scott Leverett
    Scott Leverett 3 months ago

    I will keep my hoodies, I cut the strings out.

  • Marshall Hendrick
    Marshall Hendrick 6 months ago

    Thank god you found out this way and not the bad way like we just seen God bless you brother and please be safe and good luck to you and love the videos .keep up the goodwork

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago

      Yes! Thank you very much, Marshall!

  • Tim MacLellan Øsleby
    Tim MacLellan Øsleby 7 months ago

    I've got my pony tail caught in the mitre saw. Luckily I had enough hair to stop the blade. I had a hard time getting loose. That was scary.
    Bra kanal BTW. Keep it up.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 months ago

      You dodged that one. My god that could have been much worse.

  • Ivan Walker
    Ivan Walker 7 months ago

    Scary! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS stay aware of what you're doing! Accidents aren't what you think might happen. Accidents are what you don't think might happen. Keep safe young'n.

  • Tim Jeanes
    Tim Jeanes 7 months ago +1

    The general rule is never wear loose clothing around machinery and long hair should be tied back. It's scary shit when things like that happen.

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 months ago

      Long hair should be tied up and a hat should be worn at all times.

  • Tim Jeanes
    Tim Jeanes 7 months ago +1

    Oops after that. you may have to consider working with your top off :-)

  • Jerry Stark
    Jerry Stark 8 months ago +1

    Caution is always advisable when using power tools. For sure. Yet, in my experience, the biggest danger from clothing is from (1) loose shirt sleeves, specifically, and (2) untucked shirts, generally. A good shop apron helps with the latter, but not the former. Thus, I tend to avoid wearing long-sleeve shirts in the shop as much as possible.
    Long, loose hoodie strings are not a great idea, I would think. It would be like a bartender wearing a regular neck tie rather than a clip on -- just asking for trouble.
    Good video!

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 months ago

      On the most extremely cold days when down at my workshop I will wear a large insulated jacket and when I use the table saw or jointer/planer I always take it off and only wear a t-shirt.

      I value my hands and my life.

    I SIMPLY BUILT IT 8 months ago

    Hi Are. Nice video. I also have weared a Hoodie in my Workshop and i still wear it but without the drawstrings. By the way, nice channel. I subscribed.

  • Kay Kasus
    Kay Kasus 8 months ago

    hahaha this video and the guy are fucking hilarious

  • Carpenter One3
    Carpenter One3 9 months ago +1

    Launching selling hoodies at the end of the video was gold 😂
    Well done sir!

  • TeeKay Pew
    TeeKay Pew 10 months ago

    Pimping your hoodie merch at the end cracked me up. Btw, does anybody even use their hoodie strings? I usually get rid of mine for reasons similar to this anyway. My close call was router/hoodie related. Who wants a Roman ogee profile nose?

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 months ago

      Or a hole in skull that goes straight to the brain.

  • Rob Trautvetter - Takami Woodshop

    The first one scared the crap out of me! 💩

  • MooseTrails Woodworking

    Good experiment. I thought it was going to only get blown away from the blade. And, it might have been the perfect time to announce that you’re selling hoodies! “Just wear them somewhere else” lol

  • Kevin Angel
    Kevin Angel Year ago +1

    A great video Are!! Any chance of a quick video on your shop setup. I'm about to set out my first workshop and was thinking of setting my Dewalt table saw up like your set up. If i could see more I would appreciate it. Many Thanks!!

  • Giorgio Mazzoni
    Giorgio Mazzoni Year ago

    Sei discretamente valido come progetti e consigli ma in questo video ti fai troppa pubblicità.

  • Brian Best
    Brian Best Year ago +1

    look back to your router table build video, and note how close your hoodie strings came to the table saw ( while not running!). Abandon your hoodie for an outer garment with a zip or velcro tab closure, elasticated knitted cuffs and no drawcords! Great videos Brian

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 months ago

      When using machines I just wear a t-shirt as the risks are too great.

  • Tony Baleno
    Tony Baleno Year ago

    Hi Are. When I commented on this video a couple of days ago, I was going to ask a question of you: In the video, I noticed that you now have a dust collection system in the shop. Are you planning to release a video on it? It would be interesting to know more about what you have installed and how you like it. Also, would you do anything differently if you were doing it again. Enjoy your videos very much. Thanks for all your efforts.

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      I did actually film the installation of it, and I was going to make a video of it. But when I started to edit, I quickly saw that this wasn't going to be interesting enough! I have been thinking about making a video like you suggest, and I probably will once I have used the dust collection more 😊

  • Jolien Brebels
    Jolien Brebels Year ago +1

    Thanks for sharing! That's the reason why I always have my strings INside my hoodie!

  • Daniel Cox
    Daniel Cox Year ago +1

    So if I send you some safety glasses would you wear them?

  • Tony b
    Tony b Year ago

    Hey there, love your video's, just to let you know, I usually wear a hoodie in my workshop as its so cold in the winter months, but I always put the ties inside so they dont dangle.

    • Tony b
      Tony b Year ago +1

      the other thing people need to be aware of is long hair, if loose can get caught in machines too, especially things like the drill press

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      Tony b Thanks! 😊 That's a good solution! I'm probably gonna keep wearing mine in the shop as well (not with loose strings)! The point of this video was to make people aware of the danger 👍🏼

  • peter smith
    peter smith Year ago +4

    I think I added a comment to Mathias's video years ago, and I'll tell the same story here as a warning to all. I had a freak accident on my table saw in February 2015. I wasn't using push sticks, you don't need to do you?? Well, yes you do!! The blade hit a nail that I didn't realise was in the wood, and my index finger was dragged onto the blade. Instantly, the top of my finger was reduced to mush. It had to be amputated. A procedure done while your awake. You feel nothing except a strange sensation as the bone is filed down! So. I'm now missing a finger tip, and just one finger tip makes life difficult. You need them all!! It hurts every day, especially in cold weather, is stiff and the entire finger pretty much useless. Never ever ever take any chances, like I had done for 40 years or more. One day it will get you for sure!!

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 months ago

      +peter smith
      I know somebody who lost an eye because they bent down and looked into the feed end of a thicknesser because the wood got stuck and it kicked back and hit him in his eye.

      And that happened to him well over 50 years ago.

      I you do things thousands of times there is going to be an accident at some point. Most are small and have little effect but all it requires is one freak incident.

    • Luis Felipe
      Luis Felipe Year ago +1

      Thank you for sharing that story. It serves as a good warning to seasoned veterans and new woodworkers like myself.

    • Lou Moritz
      Lou Moritz Year ago

      Another victim here of a Table Saw accident involving my left thumb. Thank God the doctor was able to save 95% of it . That happened in Sept. 2012. Gained a hell of a lot more respect for a table saw.

    • John Nightingale
      John Nightingale Year ago

      peter smith l

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      Wow, that is quite a story! Thank you for sharing! I guess you never can be too careful. This little experiment definitely made me more aware of possible dangers in the shop! 👍🏼

  • Sapele Steve
    Sapele Steve Year ago +5

    IMHO, Yes, any loose clothing worn in a work shop can be very dangerous. Better to be safe than sorry......Good video......

  • Devin B
    Devin B Year ago

    Great video for others to see. I'm aware of the dangers of...'dangling things'... in the shop, but it always helps to see videos like these. Like you said, that could've been your face...
    When that stick got sucked down into the blade, I had this expression stuck on my face for quite a while:

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      Yeah, one could never be too careful! Hahaha!! That's pretty much the same face I had as well!

  • Denis Karpenko
    Denis Karpenko Year ago +1


  • JAC Built Woodworks
    JAC Built Woodworks Year ago +9

    Take the drawer string out of the hoody, problem solved.

  • Tony Baleno
    Tony Baleno Year ago

    Are, that was a very interesting experiment and one I hope your viewers will take seriously. Hoodies are a very popular garment for keeping warm and I am sure that many people who do woodworking in their basements or garages wear them during the winter months to be comfortable. While I am not a hoodie user, preferring a heavy flannel shirt for extra warmth in the shop, I do keep one in the backseat of my truck to put on after a cool bike ride in the spring and fall. That always feels good.
    One thought I had would be to cut/shorten the drawstrings and knot them at a comfortable length to keep them well away from all rotating blades or shafts in the shop. For those who would be comfortable with this...just remove the drawstring and throw it away so there is no chance it can catch. I prefer to wear a tech-wear zippered top in the shop over my normal shirt for three reasons: 1. it fits snugly on my arms; 2. it sheds sawdust easily so that I can blow it off before going into the house and 3. it provides the warmth I need to work. I have worked with wood and power tools since I was a teen and cannot help but re-enforce you comments about shop safety/dangers. This is the kind of business/hobby where you can get seriously hurt or lose a part of your you need to be cognizant of where the danger lies and work to protect yourself accordingly.
    Oh, your jointer/planer scares me without a top guard. I am surprised that it does not have a guard like the Felder machines do. Please treat it carefully...maybe build your own guard...I prefer to see you in your videos with all your digits in place.
    Sorry to be so long winded, but that was an excellent video...public service for woodworkers. Keep up the good work!

    • bighand69
      bighand69 2 months ago

      When working at a machine just wear a t-shirt. Or a tight top. The risks are too great.

    • Tony Baleno
      Tony Baleno Year ago

      Thanks for you response Are. I think you are heading in the right direction by using the system for a while to determine what works well and what does not. I'll watch for a video when you get to it. One of the great things about woodworking is that there are many ways to do something and it is always very interesting to hear/see what the other guy/gal did in their approach to the project.

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      Thank you, Tony! Yes, I hope so too! Cutting the strings is a great idea 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Riaan Oliver
    Riaan Oliver Year ago

    Wow the first catch looked really scary. Interesting video thanks for sharing.

  • Sand People
    Sand People Year ago

    Interesting video! Keep up the work, also love the editing!

  • Kuffys Woodwork
    Kuffys Woodwork Year ago

    That's probably the best woodworking safety oriented video I have seen. Unsurprisingly, I recently had to visit three different safety workwear shops for a hi-visibility sweater which sold standard sweaters with elastic bands around the wrists and waist. The other two main stream shops were only selling hoodies which also hung well below my waist line.

  • Bill Carroll
    Bill Carroll Year ago +3

    Any loose material can be a danger, not a way yo want to have a shave... Making it good practice to be ever mindful of what you are wearing no matter the tool can be life saving.
    Even aprons can get caught up if you're not aware of what's going on, you need 4 sets of eyes in a work shop....
    Glad it was only a test and not you getting seriously hurt...
    Good job, man.👍