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Brawl Stars Championship 2022 Trailer

  • Published on Nov 27, 2021
  • Brawl Stars Championship Will Return In 2022

    Twitter: Brawl_esports
    Instagram: brawlstars_...
    BSC Website: esports.brawlstars.com/en

    Created in partnership with Studio Tumble & A Piece of Rhino
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  • Power Couple Gaming
    Power Couple Gaming Month ago +487


  • Shelltor23
    Shelltor23 Month ago +248

    Lyrics in english:

    We fell down from the top
    But we wouldn't let it stop us.
    Fell. My heart dropped
    but I picked myself up and
    didn't let it show
    and I knew I had to go,
    be resilient.
    I'm never one to quit.

    Perseverance is my one word story,
    you'll never see me back down from the glory.
    Put in time,
    I always take what's mine.

    They tried to soccer punch me,
    knock me out
    to never see me back in town.

    We're gonna put up a fight,
    believe it's our time to
    Wake up and rise, achieve whatever we do.
    They know it's our time
    They know it's our time to rise up to the top
    like we always do.

    We're take back what's ours,
    we're the champions.
    Wake up,
    they'll never get the best of us.
    'Cause they know it's our time.
    They know it's our time
    to rise up to the top
    like we always do.
    Rise up to the top.


  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Month ago +77

    The fact that every character in the trailer is the new champion and we see them back in the next year animation, I AM IN LOVE WITH HOW GOOD ALL THE DESIGNS ARE

  • Yde
    Yde Month ago +406

    Who else is ready!🔥

  • (Alexa) Frozen mangoose_Tiktok

    My prediction for the 2023 or 2024 trailer: Rosa will be interviewed by reporters, who will ask her how her team won the world finals, and she would respond-

    Rosa: "We had to overcome a severe defeat in order to achieve success."

    This will be inspired by another brawler, who will then win the world finals with his/her team.

  • MrPike
    MrPike Month ago +6

    We fell down from the top
    But we wouldn't let it stop
    First round my heart dropped
    But I picked myself up and
    Didn't let it show
    And i knew I had to go
    Be resilient
    I never wanna quit, yeah!

    Perseverance is my one word story
    You never see me back down from the glory
    But in times
    I always take what's might

    Tryna suck punch me
    Knock me out
    You’ll never see me back and down

    We're gonna pull up and fight
    Believe it's our time to break out and rise
    Achieve whatever we're to
    They know it's our time
    They know it's our time
    To rise up to the top
    Like we always do

    We're gonna take back what's ours
    We’re the champions
    Break out, they’ll never get the best of us
    'Cause they know it's our time
    They know it's our time
    To rise up to the top
    Like we always do
    Rise up to the top

  • Dq740
    Dq740 Month ago +8

    It’s so motivating! I hope more videos like these come out in the future!

  • The Masked Gamer
    The Masked Gamer Month ago +13

    Animation is always fire. Supercell should really do a mystery thriller show about brawl stars because of the lore.

  • Ahmed Abdullah
    Ahmed Abdullah Month ago +13

    Please release this full song. I'm falling in love more and more with these Brawl songs ❤️

  • DaDLine
    DaDLine Month ago +1952


  • Kim Eu
    Kim Eu Month ago +15

    We fell down
    From the top
    But we wouldn't let us stop
    First round, my heart dropped
    But I picked myself up and
    Didn't let it show
    And a new will had to call
    We're resilient
    I never want to quit, yeah

    Perseverance is my one-word story
    You'll never see me back down from the glory
    But in times
    I always take what's might
    Trying to sucker punch me, Knock me out,
    I'll never see in me a back and down

    We're gonna pull out the fight,
    Believe it's our time to break out and rise
    Achieve whatever we are to
    They know it's our time, they know it's our time
    To rise up to the top,
    Like we always do

    We're gonna take back what's our
    We're the champions
    Break out and never get the best of us
    "Cause they know it's our time, they know it's our time
    To rise up to the top,
    Like we always do
    Rise up to the Top!

  • Chifanya Lazarev
    Chifanya Lazarev Month ago +1

    This video caused me a storm of emotions! Also, after watching it, I got a lot of inspiration. Thanks to the creators, they did a good job, and this video has a cool atmosphere.Rosa was cool and impressive!

  • Douglas
    Douglas Month ago

    Já assisti 1 milhão de vezes, que animação linda cara 👏👏👏👏

  • AC3760
    AC3760 Month ago +1

    The trailer animation gets better every single time 🔥🔥

  • Supernova Gaming
    Supernova Gaming Month ago +724

    This is the best cinematic trailer brawlstars has ever created. The people who made it deserve a raise

    • Senih Bacak
      Senih Bacak Month ago +3


    • Samuel Lai
      Samuel Lai Month ago +8

      The collaboration with Studio Tumble(newborn anime studios) and Piece of Rhino(unidentified)

  • Szop - Mop
    Szop - Mop Month ago +3

    God! That trailer hit me so much! And also this trailer actually learning something really important! True friends will never leave alone when you really need them and never give up... That's literally hit me so much and I star crying

  • Gabriel Carvalho Barreto

    Imagina uma série de BS nesse nível

  • Adrian Fernandez
    Adrian Fernandez Month ago +1

    La representación de los brawles modo humano es una maravilla y la calidad del tráiler es una creación de los dioses

  • Crazila Archive
    Crazila Archive 6 days ago

    We fell down from the top
    But we wouldn’t let us stop
    First round, my heart dropped

    But I…
    I picked myself up and
    Didn’t let it show
    And I knew, I had to go

    (Be resilient)
    I’m never wanna quit, yeah
    Perseverance - is my one word story
    You’ll never see me back down from the glory

    But in time
    I always take what’s might
    They tryna sucker, punch me
    Knock me out

    I’ll never see in me a backin’ down
    We’re gonna pull up for fight
    Believe, it’s our time to
    Break out and rise, achieve whatever we want to

    They know it’s our time
    They know it’s our time to
    Rise up to the top, like we always do
    We’re gonna take back what’s ours

    We’re the champions
    Break out, they never get a best of us
    ’Cause, they know it’s our time
    They know it’s our time to

    Rise up to the top, like we always do!
    (Rise up to the top)

  • AR - Brawl Stars
    AR - Brawl Stars Month ago +464

    This feels like one of the League of Legends World final cinematic trailers! So hype with awesome music! :D

  • Kyle
    Kyle Month ago +1

    Oh my gosh I’ve watched this so many times cause this songs a bop! Can’t wait to cheer on Tribe EU during the next World Championship!!!

  • Nox plays
    Nox plays Month ago +1

    A trilha sonora e a animação são muito bons

  • EnticingBIOLOGYfree Home tutor XI & XII

    Incase you missed it, the players in last trailer actually won cause they are shown in the last scene 1:00
    And thier characters are same 1:08 (also I'm kinda impressed someone would use colt as a brawler in finals)

  • Smexy Linda
    Smexy Linda Month ago +2

    I like how intense the dev team make the finals

  • Francy Artist
    Francy Artist Month ago +2314

    The emotions! I love so much these videos, give me chills!!

  • twantO
    twantO Month ago

    I love to see Brawl Stars just become better and better👍🏽

  • Азамат Скрипай

    wow , this is one of the coolest animations , good luck to all participants of the 2022 championship !

  • 💎Crazy Door💎
    💎Crazy Door💎 Month ago

    Casi se me salió un pulmón al ver a Edgar en el equipo de Rosa y encima con tremenda animación...casi morí😅😐

  • Undertaker 86
    Undertaker 86 Month ago

    without a doubt my favorite Brawl stars trailer
    Next year brawl stars has to continue to be the best mobile game I've ever played❤️

    MAXIMUS GAMING Month ago +319

    at this point, jessie was so intimidated by the teams, that she gave the trophy back

  • Carlos Cazaña
    Carlos Cazaña Month ago

    Este tráiler definitivamente es el mejor que vi para la championship de Brawl Stars

  • Mitchell Bonello
    Mitchell Bonello Month ago +1

    I love how in these animations, Tick and Sprout the small robots turn into monsters lol

  • Douglas
    Douglas Month ago +1

    0:42 minha parte preferida 😍

  • Black Destroy
    Black Destroy Month ago

    This trailer is perfect! And i love these details! 😄

  • Javi Serrano
    Javi Serrano Month ago +2

    0:47 this part is amazing,i love it

  • killmario 20
    killmario 20 Month ago +1

    The character design for the human players of these brawlers are on point. I bloody love them… plus the music is awesome.

  • Joey who
    Joey who Month ago +1

    please add knockout as a competitive game mode. 1 life team vs team gamemodes are what many people favor in many esport titles like call of duty, valorant, csgo etc. i think it would be a cool thing

  • Stain
    Stain Month ago

    Damn Edgar when he jumps looks so cool I love him

  • hamzah 7
    hamzah 7 Month ago +226

    every new brawl stars animation convince me that a brawl stars series would be legendary

    • Elijah Guevara
      Elijah Guevara Day ago

      @colonel jay dedication, my friend

    • Amadeus Malonje
      Amadeus Malonje 8 days ago

      After Arcane, I agree

    • Renatin Topzera
      Renatin Topzera Month ago

      I'm brazillian,but the translator:Brawl Stars=Estrelas de Briga...this is a game,understand transator?

    • colonel jay
      colonel jay Month ago

      @Elijah Guevara I ALWAYS SEE U

    • Elijah Guevara
      Elijah Guevara Month ago +3

      I love that they experimented more towards anime. I got to see a glimpse of my idea come true!

      Edit: Edgar #1! ✊🏻

    ENDRE SAC Month ago +1

    Didn't even got to chance to compete, this still hurts ❤️💔

    MAGO ÉPICO Month ago

    Buenísima animación amo Brawl stars y todos los juegos de Supercell

  • Surge mecha paladín
    Surge mecha paladín Month ago +1

    Muy buena animación "lets go"💪💪💪

  • Felipe Viana
    Felipe Viana Month ago +2

    Adorei essa nova animação de Brawl stars

  • Syed Rafiq
    Syed Rafiq Month ago

    First penny bibi and tick won when amber was cheering for them, then amber gene and colt beat them while rosa was cheering and now we are gonna see rose sprout and edgar as the champions and in 2023 another team's story will come up that beat them and this is gonna repeat. This series are so awesome representing some brawlers

  • Shayaan Baig
    Shayaan Baig Month ago

    This is the best trailer for esports out of all trailers!

  • Estefanie Carrión
    Estefanie Carrión Month ago

    está increíble, parece como si fuera una película.

  • I don’t even know anymore

    I’ve never wanted a brawl stars anime more

  • 馬橋
    馬橋 Month ago +194


    *sempre espero ansioso por esses* *vídeos e músicas, pena que dura tão* *pouquinho mas cada segundo vale a pena* Y-Y

    • otaku fã de fnf2144
      otaku fã de fnf2144 Month ago

      Eu tbm ne

    • 馬橋
      馬橋 Month ago

      @Vikrant ` rise up to the top (BSC 2022 teaser). Dura o mesmo minuto do vídeo.

    • jaycasergaming 6
      jaycasergaming 6 Month ago +4

      Indeed, not only the songs but the animation is so damn cool(this thing would take almost forever to make jeez.)

    • Zord 69
      Zord 69 Month ago +1

      Belo icon madame

    • Vikrant `
      Vikrant ` Month ago

      What's the song name

  • Irvin Zuriel Gutiérrez

    Cada vez que veo este video me da más ganas de jugar y echarle ganas para pronto estar en la sima

  • 一直打不进的饼干

    This trailer is amazing!I think already hardly any trailer can than this trailer very good.

  • ПОЖИЛОЙ Жабник

    Как всегда всё безумно красиво сделано!

  • Arthur Mesquita Bassani

    Vou desmaiar meu jogo favorito ja ta preparado para o 2022 MELHOR MUSICA QUE EU JA OUVI😭☺EMOCIONADO😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mr GameBoy
    Mr GameBoy Month ago +78

    something that I enjoyed from these animations was how they all connect to tell the story of champions becoming replaced by the new generation and the story of loss.

    • PokeBrawler Gaming
      PokeBrawler Gaming Month ago

      So you meant, Ross was one of the tribe members here?

    • George-Teodor Popescul
      George-Teodor Popescul Month ago +10

      eSports is not always about the wins or gains.it's also about the losses and sometimes watching your hard work got to waste.just think of all the teams who where this close to winning the championship not just this year but all the past years.but you can learn from everything and it doesn't matter if you fall,it matters how you get up and recover.
      This trailer illustrated this perfectly.

    • Elijah Guevara
      Elijah Guevara Month ago +3

      Now I wonder whether the competitors are part of the lore...

  • Sophie stefane
    Sophie stefane Month ago +1

    Eu sou muito fã do brawl Stars amo muito o jogo ❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

    MADGAMER IS BACK Month ago


  • OliversProductions
    OliversProductions Month ago +2

    0:53 This animation makes Edgar look like a beast lol

  • ErrorArt
    ErrorArt Month ago

    I can't explain how much i love this video!!

  • snake
    snake Month ago +89

    Brawl stars just keeps coming out with GREAT cinematic trailers it's crazy

  • MrZest
    MrZest Month ago

    I can’t wait for the finals!

  • XeBa's - Brawl Stars

    Поздравляю НАВИ со вторым местом,! но в 2022 году они точно заберут ЧЕМПИОНАТ МИРА! 😌

    LANTERN NINJAS Month ago

    Music, animation, expressions everything awesome👌

  • GX Samu - Brawl Stars

    This song will go immediately on Beatstar ❤️

  • Rocker abcz
    Rocker abcz Month ago +62

    Este trailer tiene una animación impresionante...mis respetos,voy a llorar de tanta hermosura ❤️❤️ y la canción lo mejora todo...cada dia BS me sorprende más,no me arrepiento de haber conocido este maravilloso juego.

    • Rocker abcz
      Rocker abcz Month ago +9

      Muchísimas gracias por los likes,no me esperaba que a la gente le gustase tanto mi comentario,lo escribi con mucho cariño,y lo dire hoy y siempre,ADORO LAS ANIMACIONES QUE PUBLICA SUPERCELL Y CADA VEZ SON AUN MEJORES...y nada lo va a cambiar, gracias por existir supercell,gracias Brawl Stars, gracias a todos :"")

      And for the English-speaking community, I wanted to say that I loved the trailer and that I do not regret having met BS. Greetings, thanks for reading this ❤️

    NAME LESS Month ago

    Brawl stars are good in making songs and props to the ppl who worked on this trailer.

  • Eliplays fortnite and brawl stars

    I’m getting my team ready for sure

  • Luis Otavio
    Luis Otavio Month ago

    Awesome music, animation...perfect!!! Congratulation Supercell!!!

  • AßZ Th3Gr34T
    AßZ Th3Gr34T Month ago +2

    I've been down this past few months and this song together with the animations really inspired me

    • Priyanshu Sarkar
      Priyanshu Sarkar 28 days ago +1

      Hi alastro I didn't know you play brawl star😂😂😂

  • Nasrin Raghib Motlaq
    Nasrin Raghib Motlaq Month ago +44

    Dude, this game has grown so much...
    I'm so lucky to be a part of a huge community!
    Thank you brawlstars for the epic content!

  • Gabriel Freitas da Silva biangulo

    A rosa é bem parecida com a rosa major do passe de batalha de janeiro

  • nikko sara
    nikko sara Month ago

    I like how the new championship winners are going up against the previous championship winners

    34 SOURIK GIRI 9 days ago

    The fact that it's not just for brawl stars championship it also teaches us an important life lesson not to give up in life is amazing

  • Amaury Miranda
    Amaury Miranda Month ago

    Necesito la canción completa ya ! 🙂

  • ACTOrange - Brawl Stars

    Insane song, animations, and storyline all in under 90 seconds. I got the chills and goosebumps from watching this 🔥

  • s Tiong
    s Tiong Month ago +1

    I got cat burglar jessie on day 2 so i mostly never watched day 3 except the grand finals i watched it and it was so epic so i didnt see the 2022 trailer but i saw a question called how cool was the 2022 trailer but sadly times up i would've voted max anyway cus its bsc

  • ChzClash
    ChzClash Month ago

    Waiting for this grand moment!

  • Chukwulbuikem Okolo
    Chukwulbuikem Okolo Month ago +1

    This gets me so hype for July 26

  • Oreo Pop
    Oreo Pop Month ago +1

    necesito una serie de brawl stars ahora mismo

  • Sprockel - Brawl Stars
    Sprockel - Brawl Stars Month ago +125

    I love this trailer so much

  • Hamza Zeidan
    Hamza Zeidan Month ago

    Tribe you can do it next year❤

  • Master Gaming
    Master Gaming 7 days ago

    I love the teamwork

  • Nightfury
    Nightfury Month ago +1

    This is gonna be epic!!

  • Салл
    Салл Month ago +1

    Обычная игра... Превратилась в этот шедевр!

  • You will never know my name

    When the first beat hit I was so surprised that Brawl Stars was going the motivational route

    • ツIvory
      ツIvory Month ago

      @🇬🇧 LightenStar #She-Ra Yeah, Fortnite's is terrible.

    • 🇬🇧 LightenStar #She-Ra
      🇬🇧 LightenStar #She-Ra Month ago +1

      @ツIvory Oh okay, this community is far better than fortnite in my opinion

    • Nhaul
      Nhaul Month ago +4

      @ツIvory The community is but not supercell themselves.

    • Elijah Guevara
      Elijah Guevara Month ago +1

      No pain!
      No gain!
      No glory!

    • ツIvory
      ツIvory Month ago +6

      @🇬🇧 LightenStar #She-Ra I have found you again

      I think he means Brawl is toxic usually

  • Squeak Streamer XD
    Squeak Streamer XD Month ago

    Esta seria una serie q yo veria :)

  • Aaditya Soni
    Aaditya Soni Month ago

    this video teaches me 1 thing


  • XxKarlosxx XxxX
    XxKarlosxx XxxX Month ago +1

    Ok brawl Stars i see u... This is the best trailer n song I ever heard from u guys it's freaking catchy n that intro damn those song writers and music designers deserve a raise a raise cause this song is dope AF ... Rise up to the top cause this song is Gucci ... Wow I wanna see full song now @Brawl Stars ... I'm excited for next season

  • Adam Х
    Adam Х Month ago +1

    Uh ..... gun
    I'm in shock the developers are well done 👍🏽

  • Alligatorxsav
    Alligatorxsav Month ago

    I am sad that tribe lost.
    But I will stay loyal to them,
    When they finally win.

  • El Velociraptor
    El Velociraptor Month ago +1

    Cool animation! Good work👏

  • Maximowen
    Maximowen Month ago

    Aquí lo único que importa es que no conseguí la skin de jessie😭

    SPICY Month ago

    It would be so epic if there was emea 1st (sk gaming) vs east asia 1st (zeta division)

  • Nerses Brawl
    Nerses Brawl Month ago +48

    this trailer is just a bomb, you create such wonderful trailers that you can make an anime out of them, although it is done in an anime style, by the way I almost shed a tear, such graphics, such characters, such an epic music / song. In general, everything is fine

    • (ง •_•)ง
      (ง •_•)ง Month ago +3

      Where's the song from?

    • Elijah Guevara
      Elijah Guevara Month ago +6

      My biggest dream for this franchise is to create an anime that will blast with the potential I've seen in every brawler down to the very last drop.

  • Kevin Rolando Nech López

    Esta hermoso la animación y la música es increíble le doy un like

  • La Uva
    La Uva Month ago

    Love it! Still, Spout, Edgar and Rosa, do not look like them in the game.

  • Brawl Boy OLD
    Brawl Boy OLD Month ago

    Сюжет такой трогательный!😔Лучшее что было создано из анимаций!Хотелось бы субтитров или перевод на русский.Слушаю бесконечно🤗Но немного текст понял.0:23 песня развивается до такого лютого кайфа.И еще в конце хорошо спето слово:Champions🤤.На сколько я понял сюжет таков:сначала команда проиграла и они не много так обидились на капитана команды-розу.Спраут и Эдгар обижены и не учавствовают с розой в чемпе..Она приходит на 26.07 одна,но потом пришли ее сокомандники.Это чемп. они выигрывают и против них попадается команда топ 1 мира 2020 или 2021(амбер,кольт,джин)и там уже будет продолжение...

  • Marcelo Torrejon.
    Marcelo Torrejon. Month ago

    Siendo sincero creo que el equipo de genio, amber y colt gana.

  • JCWalnuts
    JCWalnuts Month ago +68

    supercell should make a full version of this song that's around 2-3 minutes long

    • 🇬🇧 LightenStar #She-Ra
      🇬🇧 LightenStar #She-Ra Month ago

      I’m not sure if supercell made this song but if they did, I agree with you

    • Gaba Gaba
      Gaba Gaba Month ago +3

      It could be the next bad ransoms video (but waiiit…it’s about rising not falling) idk just a guess not a theory.

  • mubby
    mubby Month ago +1


  • Doggo
    Doggo Month ago +1


  • Benito  Camela :)
    Benito Camela :) Month ago

    Seria una serie q yo veria :)