Super Mario Odyssey Versus - Episode 5

  • Published on Feb 24, 2018
  • Playing the best kingdom. Jumping up like a super star. Finding hookers on the corner of espresso street and cranky lane. Talking about our new panel.
    Due to receiving so many entries to race along, we made a form to be able to submit your race videos. If you're participating, please submit all your videos so far with this form. Then using the magical powers of an excel spreadsheet we're able to organize the information better!
    Send entries here:
    Couple mistakes made today. I forgot to make the wheel of torture land on the right lifeline and we forgot to talk about the contest winner again. We have already messaged the winner, so if you didn't receive a message from us then that means you didn't win. Sorry :(
    ⚠️ INFO
    In this Versus, we will be racing through to the Darker Side which means at the end we will end up with 503 moons! We’re now introducing the Wheel of Torture™ which consists of the following handicaps that will be randomly selected at around the 15 minute mark of each episode. Here they are:
    • Switch - Switch the controllers in your hand.
    • Euthanize - Lose all your lives.
    • Two Player - Switch to two player mode.
    • Gucci Gang - Collect enough coins to purchase an outfit.
    • Moon Goon - Switch Worlds and collect any three moons you’ve already collected.
    If you have another good idea for an addition to the Wheel of Torture, let us know in the comments. We are open to adding more things to screw us over while playing!
    We also encourage everyone to play along with us, upload their footage and tweet their videos at us! We will be retweeting some of the submissions and engaging with people who are racing along!
    Intro and Outro Music By The Living Tombstone:
    Enjoy the series!
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Comments • 165

  • _Galaxia_
    _Galaxia_ 11 months ago

    Try to not succumb under peer pressure Josh. You didn't actually *have* to sing, you just felt like you had to.

  • Goodness Gracious
    Goodness Gracious 11 months ago

    Tyler: My favorite Disney movie is probably The Hunchback of Notre Dame (pronounced daym)

  • Sagiri
    Sagiri Year ago

    It's not exactly uncommon for the people in charge of platforms to not actually use those platforms. I don't know if it's still true, but I remember that the people who run Twitter don't use it (and there's a quote floating around that he doesn't really see the appeal of the service).

  • Leo The Nintendo Nerd

    Life and level was the shit. It's awesome to have someone else mention it.

  • GamingDragon 56
    GamingDragon 56 Year ago

    19:01 Concaulations!

  • Squid Ling
    Squid Ling Year ago

    For this ep I got 130

  • Penguin Game Zone

    The face josh makes at 21:47

  • itz_mattqsg
    itz_mattqsg Year ago

    26:27 you love semen omelettes josh?

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago

    That ATL

  • YerBoiJuan
    YerBoiJuan Year ago +3

    Tyler at 12:15 "Whats something that's inconsistent?"

    Me: Versus.

  • AttackingTucans
    AttackingTucans Year ago +7

    Hey guys! New episode will be coming out a day late or so! I'm sorrrry! D:

    • CSE DSiebes
      CSE DSiebes Year ago

      All good no worries just make sure its extra crispy

    • Dan M
      Dan M Year ago

      AttackingTucans Mmmmm k

  • phyllis mc guinness

    Do dk jungle beat on 25/12/18

  • Travis Plush Productions

    The loser challenge should be you get either thrown at or you bathe in moon pies

    • Arxaion
      Arxaion 9 months ago

      I'd like to be thrown at moon pies.

  • Travis Plush Productions

    In my opinion dubstep is really overrated.

  • PTp1ranha
    PTp1ranha Year ago

    Uh oh, Tyler's getting a head. Snow Kingdom is one of the quicker kingdoms to rack up moons so it might not change too soon.

  • JoshtheSmartGuy __
    JoshtheSmartGuy __ Year ago +1

    Sometimes I can’t tell if you guys are being sarcastic or not... :/

  • Rhykachu Gaming
    Rhykachu Gaming Year ago

    Attackingtucans now has 123 moons. 876 to go!

  • SparrowGryphon
    SparrowGryphon Year ago

    Hope you have wheel of torture at the pax speedrun, I always like seeing speed runners thinking on the fly.

  • Lulzigi
    Lulzigi Year ago

    I remember life and level! Brentalfloss made a song about them when they were still making videos. Another loser challenge they had was licking the doorknob of a stripper bar or something.

  • Renzeos
    Renzeos Year ago

    i'm so proud of both these boobs, i love them both to death, i'm very glad i played mario odessy ass this vs is going on and well no matter who wins i'll be proud (tho i am no a proud member of the tuclan)

  • Adam Cook
    Adam Cook Year ago

    I was watching this, and playing Mario Odyssey at the same time
    I’m also so glad that I did, because I had NO idea how to get the “celebration in the streets” moon, and I didn’t just want to look it up on google or bing or [ INSERT ALTERNATE WEB SEARCHING TOOL HERE ].

  • Miwer1000
    Miwer1000 Year ago

    0:53 WAIT how does mario still have the hair while that's part of the cap?

  • Mike S
    Mike S Year ago

    I would pay money to see them do a Dokapon Kingdom playthrough and invite chugga or someone to play a third character.

  • Schoolroy
    Schoolroy Year ago

    Congrats on the panel, my dudes! I can't wait to see t, if I can!

  • Billy Dunn
    Billy Dunn Year ago
    the mario odyssey darker side world record was just beaten!

  • Coconut219
    Coconut219 Year ago

    Oh my god I totally agree, Polaris was pretty mediocre.

  • That One Guy 64
    That One Guy 64 Year ago

    I could not do versus with Tyler. I would just sing with him the entire time.

  • Man Cake
    Man Cake Year ago +10

    30:24 You both wiped you noses at the same time

  • Delthin The Ranger

    Baby, baby, baby, no

  • HopesAndMemes2
    HopesAndMemes2 Year ago

    Lol Polaris on blast

  • MrFairhill
    MrFairhill Year ago

    Am I the only one who is sad that we didn't get to experience OTEP from either of the times they talked to the bassist in this episode? #FREETHEOTEP

  • Sam Buttons
    Sam Buttons Year ago

    And now I have Dear Maria stuck in my head. I appreciate that.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +1

    remember pokemon go and captain toad versus?

  • Joey Mansonney
    Joey Mansonney Year ago

    Are you guys gonna do a botw versus?

  • ZinC Podzzz
    ZinC Podzzz Year ago

    Sorry but I have to know
    Is Tyler gay?

  • maddness
    maddness Year ago +1

    Tarzan already had many live action movies, Tarzan is based on books, it isn't from Disney

  • The GaMetal Sailor Dee

    Pls read my Donna reference next video +Versus

  • The Green Dragon 53

    Idea for the Wheel of Torture:
    Clean up this mess, OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!
    You need to defeat 50 enemies before you are allowed to pick up another moon.

  • ࣭
     Year ago

    High School Musical is a wormhole into the dimension void of endless trash D:>

  • Dmo_1123
    Dmo_1123 Year ago

    In the seaside kingdom with 163 moons, only have 3 there so far and I already went to the snow kingdom (I don't really like Metro, Seaside, Snow, Luncheon, or Moon Kingdom though).

  • KaitoKenny
    KaitoKenny Year ago

    Now sponsored by Virgin Airlines (Except not really)

  • Hector Tapia
    Hector Tapia Year ago

    XD that ending

  • Firewall506
    Firewall506 Year ago +9

    Imagine a Mario Maker MOOSE Versus... mostly because it’s been a long while since they did any MOOSE videos...

    • Sam Buttons
      Sam Buttons Year ago

      I feel like the multiplayer SuperMario64 series they're doing now would be pretty sweet for MOOSE. Since they could actually watch the other in the level.

  • nahte123456
    nahte123456 Year ago

    Versus Panel, sounds awesome, I hope you can record it so I(and others) can watch. The Runaway Guy's panel recording are always fun to watch.

  • AwesomeToes
    AwesomeToes Year ago

    If there is one thing I'm finding interesting about this versus, it's seeing moon locations I've never seen before. I thought there would be one in the New Donk City Festival, but I couldn't figure out where it would be.

  • Adam Rhodes
    Adam Rhodes Year ago

    The Power Moon Theme was perfectly timed.

  • Llamason
    Llamason Year ago

    Tuclan For The Win

  • Adam Rhodes
    Adam Rhodes Year ago +5

    Actually, Tyler, I don't think Disney COULD do Tarzan. Some point between Kingdom Hearts 1 and Chain of Memories, the people who owned the estate of Tarzan's creator claimed the rights to him, hence why Tarzan hasn't been in any other Kingdom Hearts game.

  • Adam Chaplin
    Adam Chaplin Year ago

    Tyler: "im a virgin"
    you are like, the quintessential 21st century Twink if there ever was one. i cannot imagine you of all people having trouble finding 'a good time'

  • Radioactive_fog
    Radioactive_fog Year ago

    Oh so your panel is basically a Games Done Quick race. Pretty good idea. I like it

  • Lara
    Lara Year ago

    this is my favourite versus ever i lowkey wish this could never end

  • Kieran Campire
    Kieran Campire Year ago

    I'm so glad Josh pulled Tyler up on that XD I've just been sat here repeatedly going "Veeeeeeedio"

  • Kieran Campire
    Kieran Campire Year ago

    "AttackingTuncans spells taint........ AttackingTucans has taint........ Tyler's tain- OHGOD MENTAL IMAGERY I DO NOT WANT, DELETE, WHERE'S THE DELETE BUTTON"
    That's how that went for me XD

  • Sparda100
    Sparda100 Year ago

    Tyler should have sung(or should sing) jump up superstar

  • ERR0R_Studios
    ERR0R_Studios Year ago

    "Those fat Disney stacks!" Josh Jepson 2018

  • Nicholas Simons
    Nicholas Simons Year ago

    If tyler is a virgin, I'm a unicorn that shits out tacos and farts rainbows.

  • lenuell zelren
    lenuell zelren Year ago


  • cripplepickle87
    cripplepickle87 Year ago

    "I'm still wearing the poncho!" idk why i found that funny but i did

  • Michael Chambers
    Michael Chambers Year ago

    Tyler is the versus god platypus

  • Sompursone
    Sompursone Year ago

    29:23 your mum gaye 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

  • Yoshi Element
    Yoshi Element Year ago

    you cant even 100% to do the odyssey

  • Jankags77 _
    Jankags77 _ Year ago +1

    When this video started I had 114 moons and was at the same point as josh

  • Zackary Stoudt
    Zackary Stoudt Year ago

    I played this for the first time

  • MadroxMonoxide777

    Why do a live performance where you're just commentating and not playing games? That seems weird since all of your fans are fans of you guys playing games and talking? Just an odd choice for a live performance

    • MadroxMonoxide777
      MadroxMonoxide777 Year ago

      I'm picturing a Smash Bros eSport tournament with Mario Sunshine instead of Smash Bros

    • Versus
      Versus  Year ago +1

      You'll see. There's a whole show around it.

  • Renee Barriere
    Renee Barriere Year ago

    "Whats something that's inconsistent" Your youtube channel (It's a joke don't yell at me please)

  • The Ramen Man
    The Ramen Man Year ago

    dude hell yeah, living tombstone is the bomb ;D

  • thatquirkyredhead

    Dude real talk Philip DeFranco would be *perfect* as a head of the RU-clip platform. I mean, he would say no, obviously, but he very much knows what's up.

  • zymethpwn
    zymethpwn Year ago +5

    Oh yeah, I forgot Polaris was a thing. And I was subscribed to them.

  • Yoshifying
    Yoshifying Year ago +1

    I love that the versus logo covered Corbin blue’s face

  • Zac Lambert
    Zac Lambert Year ago +1

    What day will you guys be at Pax East?!

  • Asriel dreemurr god of hopes and dreams

    Josh don't sacrifice goats we're people too

  • BlueToad10
    BlueToad10 Year ago +1

    what if Nintendo made a paid DLC which would open a online mode like SM64 Online, but Super Mario Odyssey Online

    • Harry Hamilton
      Harry Hamilton Year ago

      Bluetoad 10 imagine playing hide and seek in the metro kingdom or the wooded kingdom

  • Jesse Hayton
    Jesse Hayton Year ago

    Wheel Of Torture idea. Back To Square One: Both players must fast travel back to the Odyssey. If in a Boss fight, you can respin the wheel i guess.

  • Luke Hensley
    Luke Hensley Year ago +2

    The fact that josh is two moons behind doesn’t make me upset, just... uncomfortable.

  • N1ck 56
    N1ck 56 Year ago +2

    Tyler how do you have such an amazing music taste

  • Luffymon88
    Luffymon88 Year ago

    I want a versus on games other than Zelda and Mario, like Yooka laylee

  • Mythx1138
    Mythx1138 Year ago +3

    I just want to see you guys do Zombies in general. Ever since Minecraft Invasion Versus and you guys brought up Zombies I kinda realized how fun it'd be to watch you guys play it and see how good you guys are

  • RoboPlaysAtari
    RoboPlaysAtari Year ago

    Favorite Disney movie is Tron

  • CatalyticPepper
    CatalyticPepper Year ago

    21:22 usually touching purple in a nintendo game is bad

    • Smouv
      Smouv Year ago

      CatalyticPepper have you tried touching the Waluigi? 😏

  • Seahawks Fan9000
    Seahawks Fan9000 Year ago

    Play a Madden NFL versus!

  • Mercerenies
    Mercerenies Year ago

    28:48 TIL the two metro kingdom shops are connected and you don't have to go outside to get to the other one >.>

  • Dj Rush
    Dj Rush Year ago

    Omg I just love the intro remix

  • DarknessGuide
    DarknessGuide Year ago

    10:40 It reminds me of the Nintendo investor that asked why they are talking about videogames in their shareholders meetinga

  • estradinsky93
    estradinsky93 Year ago

    so why the spin of the wheel is at the mark of 20 min instead of 15?

    • AttackingTucans
      AttackingTucans Year ago

      estradinsky93 we switched it to 20 minutes last episode so the lifelines that lasted all episode wouldn’t last too long

  • Joseph V
    Joseph V Year ago

    Wtf was that screaming the lyrics Gucci Gang?

  • ilovevirtualconsole

    Hilarious episode!

  • Paul Estrada
    Paul Estrada Year ago +1

    I DO NOT want Philip De Franco in any sort of position of power when it comes to running RU-clip.

  • XlegendSKULLZzX
    XlegendSKULLZzX Year ago

    End of episode: I have 135 moons.

  • Snowstorm150
    Snowstorm150 Year ago +1

    Episode 5: I'm at 109 moons, but I might be ahead of Tyler and Josh because I'm in the Luncheon Kingdom.

    • Snowstorm150
      Snowstorm150 Year ago


    • XlegendSKULLZzX
      XlegendSKULLZzX Year ago

      snowstorm150 have you just done the moon's needed to go into the next kingdom? I'm at 135 moons and haven't left new donk city

  • SpectrumTwelve
    SpectrumTwelve Year ago +14

    Ah yes, the Super Maria Sisters, Maria and Lu...Le...uh..Lugia?

  • Griffin Donohoe
    Griffin Donohoe Year ago

    So cool

  • Boog2811
    Boog2811 Year ago

    I've been playing along and I'm at 168 moons, I guess this is what happens when a "speed runner" (I'm not good lmao) competes in versus

  • Salmence
    Salmence Year ago

    gotta admit, I'd die to see some more shock collar fun from you too
    Also I believed in you from the beginning Tyler

  • Jacob Bernardi
    Jacob Bernardi Year ago +3

    I love you guys, but you talk about this Versus panel like nobody's ever done a race before. Aside to the lifelines, it's really no different

    • AttackingTucans
      AttackingTucans Year ago +9

      Jacob Bernardi Other people have done races before but we want to do them in the most entertaining and professional way possible :)

  • Zander Cloud
    Zander Cloud Year ago

    you never talked about the teams

  • Swirlstar
    Swirlstar Year ago

    The word 'HO' is also in Josh Jepson's name. Just thought you'd like to know.

  • hereonly2comment
    hereonly2comment Year ago +1

    Yoooo that was hunter1s1k screaming the lyrics to Gucci Gang. I’m glad they also listen to real music.

  • kuko0306
    kuko0306 Year ago


  • Runningon Cylinders

    Nice Vee-Deeo!

  • Carter Murphy
    Carter Murphy Year ago

    Josh, I know you planted some moons in Metro and didn’t go back for them... maybe at the end when you go back you’ll sweep them all up