Top 10 Horrifying Cities You REALLY Don't Want to Live In

  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
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    There are many great cities out there to live in, but there are also some you would rather stay away from. Some are obvious. They’re known for simply having high homicide rates, or perhaps less than great water quality. However, there are also some cities out there that are so bad at certain things, that they would be absolutely horrific, and almost impossible for most people to stand living in. And yet, despite the everyday horrors, some people manage to live in these cities their entire lives, and find a measure of enjoyment in the world around them.
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    10. Cleveland, Ohio Has A Large Concentration Of Serial Killers For A City Its Size
    9. Dubai Has Put Tourists In Prison For Reporting Rapes That Occurred While Visiting
    8. South Africa’s Largest City, Johannesburg, Has A Serious Issue With AIDS And Baby Rape
    7. Being A Street Kid In Rio De Janeiro Is A Matter Of Life And Death
    6. Fukushima, Japan Has Been Overrun By Radioactive Wild Boars And Citizens Are Scared
    5. London, Ontario Had A Curiously High Percentage Of Serial Killers Per Capita
    4. Residents Of Pyongyang Are Treated To Creepy Synth Music Every Morning Of Every Day
    3. The Mexican City Of Ecatepec Is A Horrifying Place Where Women Go Missing All The Time
    2. Onitsha, The Nigerian City With The Worst Air Pollution In The Entire World
    1. Mumbai, India Is Struggling To Deal With Massive Garbage Management Issues
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  • TopTenz
    TopTenz  2 months ago +17

    Hello everyone! We've been experimenting with a bit of a podcast for our Biographics channel (a few people were asking for audio versions so they can get Biographics while doing other things)! Fair warning: none of these are new biographies, but rather me having a bit more of a free form chat around the script. I'd love to know what you think, if these are useful, wanted etc :). Thanks, Simon.

    Trolled people:

    • Fearless BLaZ
      Fearless BLaZ 25 days ago

      Question... do you ever do a update on Top Topics in your Top Ten Lists? Thank you for these videos, even though I'm late to here.

    • Taylor Simons
      Taylor Simons Month ago

      +Raoul Fleckman not currently but In the 80s it had the most in the world

    • Raoul Fleckman
      Raoul Fleckman Month ago

      So does London, Ontario have more serial killers than Cleveland? I missed your point.

    • Taylor Simons
      Taylor Simons 2 months ago

      The best part is I live in London Ontario and that is a widely known fact here. It's pree crazy. Great videos as always man!

  • Courtney Lei Wight
    Courtney Lei Wight 9 hours ago

    You called Cleveland, Ohio a relatively large city, with a lot of serial killers. You also said London, Ontario was a small town with a lot of serial killers. My point is that both cities are almost the same size.
    Cleveland, Ohio: 385,000 ppl
    London, Ontario: 383,000 ppl
    Why is one " a large city" and one "a small town"?
    Also... These two cities being only 5 hours drive from each other... Do you think there is a connection?
    Maybe some of the killers jumped borders, and changed identities.

  • JAMES Ward
    JAMES Ward 23 hours ago

    South Africa was no suprize at all. Savages doing what Savages do!

  • Vipin Kumar Pandey
    Vipin Kumar Pandey 2 days ago

    Garbage management is a great problem in all major cities of India not only Mumbai.

  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 2 days ago

    So...what would happen in Dubai if a man was raped? Especially the lawmakers...

  • mr99
    mr99 2 days ago

    Montreal trust me

  • didier de loof
    didier de loof 3 days ago


  • Enrico Pajaro
    Enrico Pajaro 3 days ago

    Mumbai first? What a surprise

  • John Rankin
    John Rankin 3 days ago

    The Cleveland serial killer thing is probably just because their police department is lazy

  • sherry jat
    sherry jat 3 days ago

    India is rape capital of the world

  • 671homey
    671homey 3 days ago

    Jeffrey Dahmer was from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • ピカチュウPikachu

    I think Brazil 🇧🇷 as a country is great but Rio is just sad. I love São Paulo is a great city and many other cities in Brazil 🇧🇷 are very great.

  • vansh prajapati
    vansh prajapati 4 days ago

    Is this Jhonny sins?

  • Sheldon Thibault
    Sheldon Thibault 5 days ago

    You forgot Detroit, Michigan!

  • Bob Vagene
    Bob Vagene 5 days ago +5

    All 10 should be in Nigeria.

  • YukonMountainman Crazy Hunt family.

    This is incredible that women have such a hard time in places like Dubai. It makes my sick and very pissed off. Jail for bring raped?????? Shame on this pathetic country.

  • denis deniss
    denis deniss 6 days ago +2

    Oh boy, I thought Norilsk was bad! Thank God I don’t live in Rio de Janeiro!!

  • Rathish Nair
    Rathish Nair 6 days ago

    Where's delhi

  • grimmriffer
    grimmriffer 6 days ago

    You spout such an ill informed stream of crap about Fukushima that it starts to make one doubt... Well, everything you've *ever* said on youtube... :-(

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos 2 days ago

      You say that but you don't offer any corrections.

  • EDY Y
    EDY Y 6 days ago

    Manila deserves somewhere on this list

  • Ashiqur rahman
    Ashiqur rahman 7 days ago +1

    Oh please these places are sunshine and gumdrops compared to the real horrific cities! Only Pyongyang and perhaps Mumbai deserves a spot on this list. All the others would be African cities.

  • Christopher Scafidi
    Christopher Scafidi 8 days ago

    Anyone traveling to the UAE should have their heads examined. These countries are run by savage subhuman animals!

  • deeksha prabha
    deeksha prabha 9 days ago

    random list😒

  • RaginKavu
    RaginKavu 9 days ago

    Yeah, Rio de Janeiro is pretty effed up. And not only the city but the whole Rio de Janeiro state is financially broken. I could not recommend it for tourism in any way.

  • Giorgio Tsoukalos
    Giorgio Tsoukalos 11 days ago

    Anywhere in southern California could top this list.

  • cocosongo1
    cocosongo1 12 days ago +5

    Dubai: I don’t understand why people decide to move to this savage land

    • BJGvideos
      BJGvideos 2 days ago

      +zorbathegreek Eh it's also the same problem you see everywhere, which is that citizens need to confront corruption more often. Same goes for almost every location on this list.

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek 6 days ago

      Well, if Dubai was secular, non-Muslim(or minority Muslim)and tolerant----like Israel----I'm sure there'd much less savagery, if any(and women would be much freer, needless to say).

  • Eric Undertaker
    Eric Undertaker 13 days ago

    No Detroit

  • I Smell Toast
    I Smell Toast 14 days ago

    This video is disgusting

  • El Sea
    El Sea 14 days ago

    Hmmmm🤔What caused the extreme spike in acid and knife attacks in London in the last couple years...?
    BTW-ideologies behind the truly worst countries:
    -communism & islam.

  • TooTall Tim
    TooTall Tim 14 days ago +1

    Serial killers? Murder is murder, and I would much rather live in London, Ontario than about 100 other cities. Ever been to Mogadishu? Or Detroit? or Flint? or Baghdad? Get real.

  • lagitanavderoscio
    lagitanavderoscio 14 days ago

    Scotland has a disproportionate amount of serial killers.

  • Stefan Henderson
    Stefan Henderson 15 days ago

    Dahmer was from Milwaukee

  • Chaitanya Anand
    Chaitanya Anand 15 days ago

    Somehow i knew india would be on top when it comes to the worst..

  • victor 91
    victor 91 15 days ago +3

    What super powers can you get from radioactive wild boar

    • Gabriel Aguilar
      Gabriel Aguilar 12 days ago

      victor 91 the ability to transform into really tasty bacon!

  • Darren Kiggins
    Darren Kiggins 16 days ago

    Not surprised about Mumbai, however there is no mention of the knife crime and pollution of London or the gun shootings of America. I notice that there is no reference to illegal drug taking in these cities. Having travelled extensively around the world I have found the socialist states to be generally as safe or safer than anything that has western run. You may wish to keep off the back Streets of Havana at night but I would do that anywhere. The most polluted place I have been to is Cairo both in terms of emissions and noise. Followed by the Euston Rd London than Shanghi.
    Hope that helps

  • Felicia London
    Felicia London 17 days ago +1

    What would help India's trash problem is the fungus Aspergillus tubingensis. It eats all of that non-biodegradable stuff and people don't have to even try to burn their garbage, polluting the air even more.

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek 5 days ago

      What would help India in general----not just its trash problem----is an extensive family planning programme, in order to start reducing the size of its massive population growth. This would not, of course, involve the enforcement of a one-child policy like China previously engaged in, but rather an investment in education, contraception, etc, so as to steer the country on a more sensible and sustainable path.

  • Kep Spark
    Kep Spark 17 days ago

    Lol! It's so weird to see a small part on Earth so clean & cool & the other so dirty & polluted. Both existing at the same time. Big Earth! I hope effects wouldn't be seen soon...of mixing.

  • Phil E
    Phil E 17 days ago

    Before I watch. Jersey City #1?

  • Jason M
    Jason M 18 days ago

    To be fair, what else is there to do in Cleveland.

  • Reed Richards
    Reed Richards 20 days ago

    The top 50 should all be in islamic countries

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek 5 days ago

      Well, Islamic countries are certainly amongst the most illiberal, intolerant and misogynistic nations on the planet, without a doubt.

  • Davie Donna
    Davie Donna 20 days ago

    What a horrible and absolutely laughable list. Wow! Terrible video.

  • Khurram Ali
    Khurram Ali 21 day ago

    Dubai on this list lol ... you've got to be joking.

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek 5 days ago

      Why the surprise? After all, Dubai treats women, as do all cities in predominantly Muslim states, exactly the same, i.e., like dog-s%*t.

  • Barbara Vick
    Barbara Vick 21 day ago +1

    Can't figure out why anyone would want to go to ANY of those places for any reason.

  • The Atomic Wookie
    The Atomic Wookie 21 day ago

    Wow, a win for Flint, Michigan!

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick 22 days ago +1

    12:48 *correction* All of India is a massive garbage dump with thieves and liars running around everywhere.

  • Erick Lemoine
    Erick Lemoine 22 days ago

    Shocker! Liberals cry about USA but they so lucky to live here. I WISH they would move away and realize real horror

  • Wolfspride95 studios
    Wolfspride95 studios 22 days ago

    baloney, from the moment you don´t see Tegucigalpa on this list.

  • grass furnace
    grass furnace 23 days ago

    You forgot cincinnati Ohio

  • cindy duncan
    cindy duncan 23 days ago +1

    dahmer is not from cleveland he is from akron ohio

    • Dave B
      Dave B 22 days ago

      He is from Wisconsin

  • Victor Johnson
    Victor Johnson 24 days ago

    Every city with over a million inhabitants is a human cesspool.

  • Unit 132
    Unit 132 24 days ago

    Boy I love the USA

  • j eater
    j eater 24 days ago

    You forgot Lima. Also a horrifying city you shouldn´t really go to.

  • YeahhhAndy
    YeahhhAndy 25 days ago +3

    Jeffery Dahmer lived in Milwaukee WI not Cleveland OH

    • Joselyn Mikolajczak
      Joselyn Mikolajczak 22 days ago

      Correct but he is from Cleveland OH his first murder victim was in OH.

  • Mick Wilson
    Mick Wilson 26 days ago

    Not impressed, Simon. Fukashima? Wild pigs? Are your researchers so inept as to miss the idea that pigs, dogs, chickens and children all go feral without supervision, with or without radiation? Try this: NO ONE DIED (or even got very sick) BECAUSE OF RADIATION AT FUKASHIMA. And that's a testable fact.

  • Dahlsyar Storm
    Dahlsyar Storm 26 days ago

    You forgot Augusta, Maine.

  • WormholeJim
    WormholeJim 26 days ago

    Tenochtitlan, absolutely! It may have gone to ruin long since but the horror of it while it lasted extends thoughout history dwarfing all others in both past and future.

  • khushi sharma
    khushi sharma 26 days ago


  • Yvonne Jackson
    Yvonne Jackson 26 days ago

    You need to compare the stats on serial killer ratio of Ohio vs Florida.

  • Rachitha De Soysa
    Rachitha De Soysa 28 days ago

    Dubai 🖕🏽

  • Pankaj Das
    Pankaj Das 28 days ago

    He looks like jonny sins...

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W 29 days ago

    Once again, Africa and the Middle East bringing down the entire world. As per usual.

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek 5 days ago

      Maybe, but we have to analyse the situation carefully. Cities in Africa----and Latin America---are a let-down because of their huge populations, widespread corruption, and impoverished Third World status. Cities in the Middle East, on the other hand----which no amount of oil wealth has been able to remedy----owe their disappointing status to the backward, medieval Islamic faith that predominates(that women are amongst the biggest victims of).

  • Jeremy Reiter
    Jeremy Reiter 29 days ago

    Jeffrey dahmer was from Milwaukee

  • Earlene Mason
    Earlene Mason 29 days ago

    I live in Baltimore Maryland of hell

  • rthelionheart
    rthelionheart Month ago

    Vicious boars enhanced by radiation. Sure as hell nobody can go wrong with those as pets🤨

  • Jim Greene
    Jim Greene Month ago

    At least two of the cities on the list are suffering from overpopulation, which is at the root of most of the world's problems today. We need to figure out how to reward people for not having children they can't afford to care for. Then we need to convince people that overpopulation is destroying the Earth.

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek 5 days ago

      Well said! It's overpopulation, not climate change, that is destroying the Earth, first and foremost.

  • David Townsend
    David Townsend Month ago

    Cleveland born baby

  • Samantha
    Samantha Month ago

    You call Cleveland, Ohio a "fairly large city, and London, Ontario "a small, unassuming town"...both have virtually the same population (approx 385,000 for each, give or take)

  • PSA de Lachute
    PSA de Lachute Month ago

    "The Top 10 Horrifying Cities WHERE to Live"
    After all, «in» is a PREposition and cannot END a sentence.
    Basic English.

    • Your Wayward Destiny
      Your Wayward Destiny 28 days ago

      Welcome to the evolution of language, where the offenses are made up and the rules don't matter; these are 10 horrifying cities we really don't want to live in.

  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri Month ago

    Rio de Janeiro was bad, now they also have Bolsonaro to deal with. By the way, the "extremely high radiation levels" in Fukushima are roughly the background radiation levels in Finland, i.e. not high, not that they can't cause cancer if buildings have insufficient ventilation.

  • mubashir syed
    mubashir syed Month ago +1

    Useless list.. Most of the facts presented by this thug are usually false.. He has kept Mumbai at no.1.haha.. Dubai is one of the safest cities around world.. Cleveland ???

    • zorbathegreek
      zorbathegreek 5 days ago

      Dubai safe? Not for women, it ain't! No surprise, though, given that wherever Islam predominates, women are trod on like dog-s*^t, right?

    • MrJre4491
      MrJre4491 Month ago

      Imagine being a women where being raped is a crime if that's safe you're insane

  • waldoh415
    waldoh415 Month ago

    As a white male you have no authority to decide which cities are horrific.

  • yogibearstie
    yogibearstie Month ago +6

    #11 is Washington DC. Filled with rats, skunks and leeches

  • Engr. Nnorom Okechukwu Chukwugozie

    Pls correction Aba is more worst than Onitsha in south east nigeriaa as for the places i have visited

  • Tiger Style Apistevist

    Simon, interesting and depressing is what we come to you for 😂 Just ain't the same if I'm forced to learn with no feel or feel with no learn.

  • Hector Gugliemi
    Hector Gugliemi Month ago

    6:11 Hey Simon thats not CBC lol

  • Akito Kamamure
    Akito Kamamure Month ago +2

    I feel sad about mexico, and sad about those missing women and their families !

  • edvaira6891
    edvaira6891 Month ago +1

    Los Angeles also has a pretty large concentration of serial killers

  • Stinky Tits
    Stinky Tits Month ago

    Africa needs to be destroyed

  • Brian Valentas
    Brian Valentas Month ago

    Cleveland, Ohio? Really? Did you do any research on other places ?

  • Riled Up
    Riled Up Month ago

    Cleveland is on this list but Chicago, where 301 people have been shot so far in 2019 and there were 560 homicides in 2018, is not...

  • Eric Mathiasen
    Eric Mathiasen Month ago +5

    Jeffrey Dahmer lived in Milwaukee, not Cleveland. Not a difficult thing to fact-check.

    • Spicy Mchaggis
      Spicy Mchaggis 28 days ago

      he lived in Akron, Ohio as a kid, and in the Cleveland area again when he was an adult (for a little while)

    • ZionHillCalling
      ZionHillCalling Month ago

      Erik means 'guardian of the law' - it cannot be a coincidence my name is Erik too. Cheers mate.

    • ZionHillCalling
      ZionHillCalling Month ago

      Thanks, this channel always seems to skip that last check. Embarassing....

  • Camilla Drakenborg
    Camilla Drakenborg Month ago

    Boars skittish?! First thing I learned about boars as a kid is dont get in the way of a boar lol they are highly territorial!

  • Robyn Leigh Smith
    Robyn Leigh Smith Month ago +1

    Knew Joburg would make it onto the list 😕

  • Anamika Mathankar
    Anamika Mathankar Month ago +4

    Yes Mumbai is over populated and certain parts are very very dirty but at the same time the crime rate is low. It doesn't deserve the tag of world's worst city 🙄

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas Month ago

    So Cleveland, Ohio and London, Ontario have the 2 top highest concentrations of serial killers in the world? There's something in the water!

  • Redline
    Redline Month ago

    Wasn’t Jeffrey D out of Milwaukee, Wi.? I’m next to positive that he was! Or... Are you just saying that he wad born in Cleveland? Please kindly advise... Thanks and keep up the great content!

  • Luna Harp
    Luna Harp Month ago

    Yet another list video that NYC belongs in 😂

  • Number One
    Number One Month ago

    Horrifying for the children and the future.

  • Vontos' Magic Murder Bag

    London and Cleveland are awfully close together...

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Month ago +3

    #2- You've obviously never heard of Linfen 😂

  • Ramapena Pitsi
    Ramapena Pitsi Month ago

    you don't know what you talking about JHB do you research right

  • Manapati Rohit
    Manapati Rohit Month ago +2

    Mumbai indian government waste management

  • Savitar The Surfing God

    Doubt it is the radiation hogs in general are extremely aggressive and they will kill and eat you (seriously look it up you do not want to fall into a pig pen) most likely the vast majority of them are all domestic pigs gone feral it can take only months for a domestic pig to grow tusks and hair after going feral which would also explain the lack of fear.

  • Joel
    Joel Month ago

    Radiation made the boars more aggressive and less afraid? The game Fallout pretty much nailed it.

    • Savitar The Surfing God
      Savitar The Surfing God Month ago

      Doubt it is the radiation hogs in general are extremely aggressive most likely the vast majority of them are all domestic pigs gone feral it can take only months for a domestic pig to grow tusks and hair after going feral which would also explain the lack of fear.

  • Sinu George
    Sinu George Month ago +2

    Dubai Lol.Dont make the judgement based on an isolated incident

  • Uva Yjs
    Uva Yjs Month ago

    random lists

  • Shaun Kennedy
    Shaun Kennedy Month ago +2

    So London Canada and Cleveland have the worlds most serial kills?

  • Carl Hicks Jr
    Carl Hicks Jr Month ago

    Seattle is terrifying. Not only is the traffic *stupid* bad, but the minute you arrive you're accosted by tourists and hipsters... It take *weeks* to get stench of beard oil and cloves out of your nostrils.
    And as to why Cleveland is the serial killer capital... Have you ever seen Cleveland? Dude, that place makes Pittsburgh look like Santa's eff-ing workshop.

  • Rb Smith
    Rb Smith Month ago +1

    Such sad! Sad world!

  • Evo296
    Evo296 Month ago +1

    They say education stop murders and there you go in London