Proof That Keanu Reeves Is the Nicest Man in Hollywood

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • If you have never heard of these legendary stories about John Wick's actor, Keanu Reeves. Prepare to be impressed by this actor’s generosity and kindness. Keanu Reeves is awesome!
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  • Rc Mc
    Rc Mc 7 minutes ago

    Hello!? He’s an’s all an act. 😶

  • Skullzy
    Skullzy 10 minutes ago

    The music

    HUEEY 15 minutes ago

    Proof that Keanu Reeves is the greatest ever*

  • Omer
    Omer 29 minutes ago

    Cool guy!

  • Yung Akuma
    Yung Akuma 35 minutes ago

    He’s the one in real life as well

  • Brooke Lofton
    Brooke Lofton 35 minutes ago

    Wow.... What world class guy .. Truly caring... Amazing

  • Kluless Boi
    Kluless Boi 41 minute ago

    You don't need proof.

  • GWARgun Guerra
    GWARgun Guerra 46 minutes ago

    Im not surprised if he is a depressed person...

  • Chris Federoff
    Chris Federoff 53 minutes ago

    I like the guy. Always have. I believe he’s legit in a world full of fakes

  • Open Surprise
    Open Surprise 56 minutes ago +1

    *RU-clip Algorithm* has brought us together, it is breathtaking.

  • Kieran Tew
    Kieran Tew 56 minutes ago

    He’s a real hero, yet so simple

  • Edymaniax
    Edymaniax Hour ago

    Is that Salomondrin in the thumbnail???

  • Toms GoPro
    Toms GoPro Hour ago

    Haters: Keanu Reeves is just another flash in the pan momentary internet sensation
    Keanu Reeves: Reverses global warming and doesn't even mention it to anybody

  • shooky kookie
    shooky kookie Hour ago

    I love this man idc how much of a meme he is

  • Pulsar359
    Pulsar359 Hour ago

    If everyone was more like Keanu Reeves, the world would be a better place.

  • Kevin Mariano
    Kevin Mariano Hour ago

    We don't need proof he is the nicest man in Hollywood

  • krishna kanth
    krishna kanth Hour ago

    ❤️wow......this is life

  • Ben Nasilaa
    Ben Nasilaa Hour ago

    No one messes with his dog

  • Tigidogueda Djtema

    One the thumbnail he looks like Kenny from the walking dead game

  • Luca Baldi
    Luca Baldi Hour ago

    Chivalry: dies
    Keanu and his pure Godblessed heart: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  • AncientSoulTalk1
    AncientSoulTalk1 Hour ago

    Plot twist: the dislikes are accounts Keanu Reeves made because he can’t handle he’s the best man in the world

  • Dalton McNealy
    Dalton McNealy Hour ago

    We should try to more like Keanu. Being nice to people will make you feel good 😉

  • LongRangeBushido
    LongRangeBushido Hour ago

    mr. Rogers would be proud

  • ben strohbehn
    ben strohbehn Hour ago

    I don’t need proof

  • Declan Screety
    Declan Screety 2 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this video should be jailed

  • Square One
    Square One 2 hours ago

    Without question. The coolest guy on Earth.

  • CynicalSins
    CynicalSins 2 hours ago

    just more proof that he's immortal

  • Axed Sunovaglitch
    Axed Sunovaglitch 2 hours ago

    We need to "copy/paste" that man

  • Hammer and Sickle
    Hammer and Sickle 2 hours ago

    Tell this to Chuck Norris

  • Khurram Mazhar Amir
    Khurram Mazhar Amir 2 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves is the opposite of evil

  • ko ko
    ko ko 2 hours ago

    He is so sweet, I love it

  • Zelcz
    Zelcz 2 hours ago +1

    Ok after all of the memes this man is truly a saint

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh 2 hours ago

    Keanu doesnt really doesn't need proof of being the nicest guy in Hollywood its just common knowledge that hes the greatest person alive

  • Jay M
    Jay M 2 hours ago

    We thought Bill Cosby was a super nice guy at one point too. Time will tell.

  • Alyssa Nail
    Alyssa Nail 3 hours ago +1

    Correction. Keanu is the nicest man ever

  • BUSHEYA The Bush
    BUSHEYA The Bush 3 hours ago

    Proof that Keanu Reeves is Jesus' reincarnation

  • 𝔉𝔦𝔫𝔞
    𝔉𝔦𝔫𝔞 3 hours ago

    We never needed proof we already knew

  • e d e n
    e d e n 3 hours ago +1

    He's such a perfect role model, why can't people be more like him?

  • Clutch_d3str0yer
    Clutch_d3str0yer 3 hours ago

    He is Canadian that’s why

  • K1raYoshikage
    K1raYoshikage 3 hours ago

    6:30 that was Octavia Spencer

  • Emmanuel Omenako
    Emmanuel Omenako 3 hours ago

    God: "There I have done it, another Masterpiece..."

  • Mlleツ
    Mlleツ 3 hours ago

    They said Hollywood can change everyone...

  • John ggg
    John ggg 4 hours ago +1

    2.7 k faggots with no lives disliked this video

  • Kyro Blanck
    Kyro Blanck 4 hours ago

    lol does anybody know the name of the background music??

  • Orlyy
    Orlyy 4 hours ago

    I wish I had the money to help people like he does. I have somewhat of a nihilistic and misanthropic view point, but I also thoroughly enjoy helping people who actually deserve it.

  • Jordan Lambert
    Jordan Lambert 4 hours ago

    Why did this make me cry. The world doesn't deserve Keanu Reeves

  • Warren Patterson
    Warren Patterson 4 hours ago

    This guy is the very definition of humble,,always wanted to meet him

  • Manydoors Edboy
    Manydoors Edboy 4 hours ago

    Favorite actor:
    😔✋ Chris Pratt
    😃👉 Keanu Reeves

  • casey o'meara
    casey o'meara 5 hours ago

    And hes Canadian!

  • spooked
    spooked 5 hours ago

    No one:

    Keanu: *_im babie_*

  • Sir Bitchslap
    Sir Bitchslap 5 hours ago +1

    Keanu is the new Jesus bruh he is bruh it’s been 2k years and new Jesus is here bruh

  • Shubh Chaudhary
    Shubh Chaudhary 5 hours ago

    Nicest man in the world duh

  • LucS_Draco
    LucS_Draco 5 hours ago +1

    The dislikes on the video are from Australians

  • ChubChub47
    ChubChub47 5 hours ago +2

    Me: can you hand me the orange juice, Keanu?
    Keanu: buys me the Empire State Building

  • Oskar Lopez
    Oskar Lopez 5 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves is the true definition of a kind and true gentleman🤙🏾

  • Le Sarrasin Français
    Le Sarrasin Français 5 hours ago

    I deserves my years of life

  • Vaith 1807
    Vaith 1807 5 hours ago

    Who dislikes this video?

  • Marlon Brandon
    Marlon Brandon 5 hours ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not even a single soul:
    Keanu: You are breathtaking

  • Braden Vester
    Braden Vester 5 hours ago

    Does not throw his name around.
    Your right. He just k.o.s people.

  • Justin Balderama
    Justin Balderama 5 hours ago

    But...but Keanu...we've got a city to burn.

  • Noah Sousa
    Noah Sousa 5 hours ago

    I think the “ nicest man in Hollywood” was a typo I think it is “nicest man on planet earth’

  • Jacob Godwin Yuson
    Jacob Godwin Yuson 5 hours ago

    That's not keanu, that's literally Jesus.

  • Daniel Emmanuel
    Daniel Emmanuel 6 hours ago

    I thank God everyday for making Keanu Reeves immortal

  • no anime
    no anime 6 hours ago

    He’s so inspirational

  • DIO
    DIO 6 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves has shown me that violence and world domination isn't the answer to my problems. I almost threw myself in the morning sun, when all of a sudden.. His stando,J o h n W i c k pulled me out, and reverted my Vampirism with one stare.

    I currently own ten Pet Stores, and love puppies, I also got along with the Joestars. Life is good.

  • babybean_V2
    babybean_V2 6 hours ago +1

    Keanu Reeves: *exists*
    [Everyone liked that]

  • MrOlucnaf
    MrOlucnaf 6 hours ago

    In the world

  • Moses815
    Moses815 6 hours ago

    keanu makes me want to be a better man

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable 6 hours ago

    Keanu reaves is asexual

  • Fetus Deletus
    Fetus Deletus 7 hours ago

    Depresion : *exist*
    Keanu Reeves : I'm about to end this mans whole career

  • Koop
    Koop 7 hours ago

    Keanu for president

  • Georgia B
    Georgia B 7 hours ago

    He truly is the best. He's worth so much money and he somehow stays humble and out of the public eye. Simply amazing.

  • Rafał K
    Rafał K 7 hours ago


  • Michael Westen
    Michael Westen 7 hours ago

    Keanu: I am a scholar and a gentleman, I also know Kung Foo and will buy you a Harley Davidson if you teach me something
    KOJIMA: Yes *adds keanu to cast of Death Stranding*

  • Mr Legend32
    Mr Legend32 8 hours ago +1

    Jhon wick being jhon wick

  • OxM
    OxM 8 hours ago

    Who knew. The man who killed 3 men in a bar... with a pencil, is also the most humble man in the world

  • bananeskit
    bananeskit 8 hours ago

    He’s a nice guy. A regular guy. And you make him seem like a GOD for being normal? I don’t think he would appreciate that.

  • sam Manter
    sam Manter 8 hours ago

    We as humans dont deserve Keanu Reeves

  • Guido Mista
    Guido Mista 8 hours ago

    He's breath-talking

  • Luis Barraza
    Luis Barraza 8 hours ago

    2.7k people dislike this
    [Everybody disliked that]

  • Rino M
    Rino M 8 hours ago

    i started out feeling cringy watching this, but 5 minutes in i was almost in tears. i will be a better person too

  • Joseph Milttz
    Joseph Milttz 8 hours ago

    Only the best person in Hollywood? Pretty sure you meant the world, right?

  • sethrc225
    sethrc225 9 hours ago

    This guy Is like the Mr.Beast of Hollywood
    ...but nicer

  • inca guaya
    inca guaya 9 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves for president 2020!!

  • Nishan Hoq
    Nishan Hoq 9 hours ago

    My role model

  • Jeftha Bisschop
    Jeftha Bisschop 9 hours ago

    This video doesnt tell the truth about that one time he killed over 300 people because someone killed his dog!

  • billybob858
    billybob858 9 hours ago

    OMG , you mean the guy from FoRtNiTe?

  • The one Mememaker
    The one Mememaker 9 hours ago

    1:33 not trying to be rude but why dose he look like Robert Downey Jr in this one frame?

  • Vincent Law
    Vincent Law 9 hours ago

    Feels kinda wrong to make such a big deal out of it even though we need these good examples......he is doing what every successful and wealthy person should do, he takes responsability to make the world a better place, not the other way around. Sadly that's not a common thing.

  • John Wick
    John Wick 9 hours ago +1

    I am honored that this actor play me. Or did he....

    • John Wick
      John Wick 8 hours ago


    • billybob858
      billybob858 9 hours ago

      John Wick! omg The GuY FrOm FoaRtNite?

  • Dragon Chap
    Dragon Chap 9 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves should start a gaming channel, I think he'd be fun to watch
    Or better yet, could do twitch streams where all the donations go to charity, that sounds right up his alley!

  • KingGoldDragon
    KingGoldDragon 9 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves is the kind of guy that if he had to die to keep the rest of mankind no matter how bad we got. He would donate all his money to charity then die.

  • Elias Heijs
    Elias Heijs 9 hours ago

    Keanu truly is breathtaking

  • starchild
    starchild 9 hours ago

    im nice too but I dont get any credit for it

  • Gabriel 03:00
    Gabriel 03:00 9 hours ago

    It don't cost you anything to be nice...

  • RagingPhXp
    RagingPhXp 9 hours ago

    the music was annoying to listen and kinda ruined the video

  • iROBOskelly
    iROBOskelly 10 hours ago +2

    Thank you for sharing this info, but, who didn't already know he is the nicest man In Hollywood?

    VOLAIRE 10 hours ago +5

    Everyone who watches this: **Happy John Wick noises**

  • Carl Christmas
    Carl Christmas 10 hours ago +1

    I always thought he was a vampire. He doesn't age. Lol

  • Jonathan Acs
    Jonathan Acs 10 hours ago

    In know this video is because of the hype but still... be like Keanu