Weiss VS Mitsuru (RWBY VS Persona) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
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Comments • 18 848

    DEATH BATTLE!  3 months ago +2298

    What did you think of the episode? Are there any other Persona and RWBY characters you would like to see in future Death Battle match-ups?

    • Seyn Gaming
      Seyn Gaming 2 months ago +1

      Louis vs Cj (left4dead vs GTA)

      YANGREAPER 3 months ago

      Please i wanna see Katara vs Elsa

    • KingJ Gamer
      KingJ Gamer 3 months ago

      @Jake Soda that would be X-Men mutants vs a bunch of trained kids, one has superior abilities and probably stats and the other has training and tactics

    • KirbyKart641
      KirbyKart641 3 months ago

      Joker (Persona 5) vs The Joker (Batman)

    • Ninjamonkeybos ._.
      Ninjamonkeybos ._. 3 months ago

      Nora was one that I thought should have fought Amy instead of romona because they have a lot in common (though I’m pretty sure it would be pretty weird to animate that)

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 3 hours ago

    What about a threeway death battle with p3 , p4 and p5 protagonists

  • Kiss Starfish
    Kiss Starfish 11 hours ago

    Well, I guess that's fair. Weiss was meant to be a damage multiplier and a supporting role in battles. She shines in team fights.

  • Yasashi Tsu-Kun
    Yasashi Tsu-Kun 23 hours ago

    Agent 47 vs James Bond

    Pick which bond, boiz

  • Crimson Sun
    Crimson Sun Day ago

    An Adam Taurus vs Jin Kisiragi fight would be cool

  • J'Sun Isaac Duke

    Weiss vs Orie!!! That be so HYPE

  • ArkRyder
    ArkRyder 3 days ago

    Damn that animation was really good.

  • Kelly Shafer
    Kelly Shafer 3 days ago

    Persona vs jojo

  • Carolina Acosta
    Carolina Acosta 3 days ago

    You didn't brutally kill Weiss at the end? You've gone soft, Death Battle.
    Which is good because I'm a soft pudding that gets sad when a character dies.

  • Andrew Weston
    Andrew Weston 3 days ago

    This one episode has proven that Persona characters are too overpowered for Death Battle!

  • juan antonio gómez maldonado

    crees que pueden hacer una continuación en dbx Winter vs mitsuru

  • Kareem Burton
    Kareem Burton 4 days ago

    Mitsuru should've went up against Esdeath from Akame ga Kill that would be a better match up since both can manipulate ice

  • Isabel Mariano
    Isabel Mariano 4 days ago

    11:51 I'm sorry, did they just pronounce her name as “Nayo-to”?

  • The Woodkids
    The Woodkids 4 days ago

    Is boomstick sarge form rob?

  • EBear More
    EBear More 4 days ago

    All you have to do to defeat Mitsuru is replace her gun thing with a real gun so she accidentally shoots herself in the head

  • clarkb2697
    clarkb2697 5 days ago

    After dealing with jacked super hero's these combatants are a small scale comparatively

  • Linkachu3
    Linkachu3 6 days ago

    That Ice Queen line was so forced...

  • Princess X of Silverdale

    So, when’s Weiss gonna start fighting like this in the show?

  • Emperor Ssraeshza
    Emperor Ssraeshza 8 days ago


  • Lee Hyun
    Lee Hyun 8 days ago


  • SeiichiroAoki
    SeiichiroAoki 9 days ago

    Best part of the episode lol

  • Bryce Flanner
    Bryce Flanner 11 days ago

    The out come was a little obvious if you played the game because you know about mitsuru's ice immunity and that she helped fight against the literal embodiment of death that uses a attack called death

    • DBfan
      DBfan 11 days ago

      She fought nyx’s avatar not nyx thereself.

  • Protoform X
    Protoform X 12 days ago

    It would be pretty funny if someone tried to explain how Weiss “should have won”
    I laugh EVERY TIME

  • Moses Lalmuanpuia
    Moses Lalmuanpuia 12 days ago

    16:14 why didn't she just stab her instead of kicking

  • Redsteel67
    Redsteel67 13 days ago

    I think she might be a stand user ,
    Probably not.

  • Brittany Spencer
    Brittany Spencer 13 days ago +1

    Ugh, I'm getting tired of ppl getting trigger, bringing facts up, and complaining when they're not unsatisfied of DB showing they're favorites character getting owned. Why cant we all just enjoy these without complaining? I instantly get bored to tears when I see these

    • Easter _God
      Easter _God 5 days ago

      Exactly. It's meant for entertainment.

  • loganextreme
    loganextreme 14 days ago

    14:42 for the battle.
    Hit the like on the comment to put it towards the top of the comment section
    find me in every death battle for timestamp

  • Eric Fouch
    Eric Fouch 14 days ago

    The real winner, the fans, getting to check out some anime babes.

  • Hp damage
    Hp damage 15 days ago

    Those big anime eyes.... O_O

  • Eren Denburg Niederhoffer

    How about Qrow vs Ragna?

  • Eren Denburg Niederhoffer

    the memes were at least interesting.

  • Thunderninja1
    Thunderninja1 15 days ago

    Wait it says she was the leader of S.E.E.S. But wasn't she like the founder of sees and only lead it until the main character showed up? At least, that's what I thought

    • Thunderninja1
      Thunderninja1 2 days ago

      @Mia Daorerk But don't they talk about him being "leader" when they first enter tartarus? Also if he wasn't leader why would Junpei always be jealous of him instead of Mitsuru?

    • Mia Daorerk
      Mia Daorerk 3 days ago

      she leads them even after the main character shows up. he just has the most power out of them so she lets him run ahead

  • M Balazs
    M Balazs 15 days ago +1


  • Testsubject276
    Testsubject276 15 days ago

    o o f

  • Nathan Tripathy
    Nathan Tripathy 16 days ago

    Skull One Vetitech/Valkyrie (Robotech/Macross) VS Gouf (08th Mobile Suit Team)

  • Dragon King22
    Dragon King22 16 days ago

    Hmm. I'm glade Person decided to get rid of the whole gun thing. I don't think I would love Persona 5 as much as I do if I had to watch all of the characters basically shoot themselves every time they used a persona.

    • Dragon King22
      Dragon King22 11 days ago

      @DBfan Hmm. Dang, now I want to play Persona 3 and 4 even more, just to see these themes. Why did I have to get into the Persona franchise so late in the game?!

    • DBfan
      DBfan 11 days ago

      They got rid of the gun thing because the way people summon persona’s in persona games reflect the themes.
      Persona 3 mimic shooting yourself in the head to show your acceptance of death.
      Persona 4 reaching out to the cards persona’s in to mimic reaching out to the truth.
      Persona 5 Tearing off a mask to mimic taking off the mask you show society.

  • The Order
    The Order 16 days ago

    It's worth noting that Weiss's whole thing is that she fight with a team. He arc in the first few seasons of RWBY was all about her learning to get over herself and rely on her teammates. Acting as a team is a big part of RWBY, and it's characters are designed as such (which is why it got such a big following back when the production quality wasn't good, I think. People love strong character focus in stories.) Makes me wonder if they'll ever do one of these with the whole team. Or, ya know, you could just watch RWBY for that.

    • platuim knight
      platuim knight 15 days ago +1

      The Order
      Maybe team rwby can fight the main characters from soul eater? Maka, death the kid, black Star and crona?

  • cirith hall
    cirith hall 16 days ago

    Avoiding every video that has a RWBY character in it! Don't want another Jak and Dexter vs ratchet and clank issue.

    • cirith hall
      cirith hall 8 days ago

      I never grew up with them and was never really interested in them when I did hear about them.

    • cirith hall
      cirith hall 8 days ago

      Ok cool.

    • zaki1500
      zaki1500 8 days ago

      @cirith hall
      Complete opposite for me
      Ratchet and Clank was my childhood

    • cirith hall
      cirith hall 8 days ago

      Not a fan of the ratchet and clank. So it upset me when they won.

    • zaki1500
      zaki1500 8 days ago

      @cirith hall
      What do you mean?
      What was wrong with Jak and Daxter vs Ratchet and Clank?

  • Bento Baka
    Bento Baka 16 days ago

    But wouldn't mitsuru lose sp and she didn't use items so really if you add that she lost

    • platuim knight
      platuim knight 15 days ago +1

      Bento Baka
      Not really mitsuru only used two ice spells and one healing spell during the fight so she still has plenty of sp especially since she has one of the higher sp reserves out the entire persona 3 cast and if she really needed to replenish she could drain Weiss’s aura to recover her sp.

  • Big Man
    Big Man 16 days ago

    Now the victor will have to fight polnareff with Requiem to make it fair

  • Bento Baka
    Bento Baka 16 days ago

    My 2 favs dont fight

  • Jake Austin
    Jake Austin 17 days ago +2

    Please let the next Persona user be Joker

    • Lalo Gste
      Lalo Gste 14 days ago

      Wild card might be a bit broken.

  • JakeTheSurgen
    JakeTheSurgen 17 days ago

    God that fight was terrible. Whoever choreographed it needs to be suspended without pay. Weiss, your sword has no blade WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO SLASH WITH IT!?

  • Nyx
    Nyx 17 days ago

    "Ice queen"
    More like "snow queen"

  • Jairo Leon Jr.
    Jairo Leon Jr. 17 days ago

    ... Can I just ask for a rematch of Yang vs Tifa?

    • Ryan Amburgy
      Ryan Amburgy 17 days ago

      Jairo Leon Jr. I’m not 100% sure. Just not tifa

    • Jairo Leon Jr.
      Jairo Leon Jr. 17 days ago

      @Ryan Amburgy We have different opinions and I will not argue with you. But who would you want Yang to face?

    • Ryan Amburgy
      Ryan Amburgy 17 days ago

      Jairo Leon Jr. I would like to see yang in a DBX against somebody else though

    • Ryan Amburgy
      Ryan Amburgy 17 days ago

      Jairo Leon Jr. no no no no and no.

  • Study_Guide
    Study_Guide 18 days ago +2

    Weiss fights better here than on the show. Imagine if she fought like this against Vernal rather than always summoning..

  • adelheid0073
    adelheid0073 19 days ago

    Just battle experience alone made Weiss unable to win. Even in RWBY I can't recall her winning a fight.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 20 days ago

    I wonder if Vergil could beat Mistru?

    WEISS- SENPAI 21 day ago

    tbh I sorta knew Weiss, in which is one of my favorite RWBY characters because she was named basically after me cause I was born before the anime, would lose cause Mitsuru had a no u card on ice. gg'

  • Jonathan Wong
    Jonathan Wong 21 day ago

    Weiss never stood a chance. I mean she lost every battle she's ever been in. They should delete weiss from rwby. She's a joke. She should have way earlier from Artemisia.

  • Swythern
    Swythern 21 day ago

    Make one with Ruby in it

  • Socialist Emu
    Socialist Emu 21 day ago


  • TacoCat _
    TacoCat _ 22 days ago

    10:49, we didn’t go to the same schools, huh

  • Kenneth Smart
    Kenneth Smart 22 days ago

    Broomstick has pulled many weird things from thin air without being questioned but wiz wonders where he got a piece of chicken

  • Kenneth Smart
    Kenneth Smart 22 days ago

    Esdeath from akame ga kill would have made this more interesting

    • platuim knight
      platuim knight 22 days ago

      Kenneth Smart
      Against mitsuru? Definitely would’ve been a much closer fight than Weiss.

  • ESP Kid
    ESP Kid 22 days ago

    This was dumb like took stuff from game anime and the manga but narrowing Weiss to the anime the manga as well was made by rooster teeth same for the game and still didn’t even use all Weiss’s summons also has way more control over here abilities and can use more than just wind ice and fire she can also use earth gravity and can even combine all her dust too make one final hit and they even said when the user of the persona is hit the persona itself takes damage and Weiss took a hit from a giant blade and block it with just her sword and she could have stopped the persona it self and could even deal hits to the user she has done more than the persona has ever took a shot from a giant robot and still had aura left over and even has dust on her she an explosion by her self this was very inaccurate millions of ways she could have beat her sorry but this was wrongly made.

    • ESP Kid
      ESP Kid 14 hours ago

      Witch one

    • ESP Kid
      ESP Kid 14 hours ago

      So you’re agreeing or disagreeing

    • SudaTouchdown
      SudaTouchdown 18 hours ago

      @ESP Kid
      Also Mitsuru defeating Mountain Busting (Mountain AP and Durability) >>>>>>> Any of Weiss's City Block Level Feats and Fodder summons.

    • SudaTouchdown
      SudaTouchdown 18 hours ago

      @ESP Kid Animation is meant for entertainment purposes and besides that Most Weiss's Summons were comparable to fodder.

    • ESP Kid
      ESP Kid 21 day ago

      And why was arma giga just standing there
      At platinum night

  • Jinhunter Slay
    Jinhunter Slay 22 days ago

    Never watched RWBY but judging from the comment sections, Weiss seems to be a totally pathetic character who never wins....(a shame because I think she’s the prettiest in the 4 girl ensemble)

  • Lance Matthews
    Lance Matthews 23 days ago

    Personally I want to see a death battle between Goro Akechi and another double agent like character. Oh and for this Akechi has both forms.

  • Lance Matthews
    Lance Matthews 23 days ago

    12 actual whip attacks from Artemisia and only one time to use the evoker gun.