Can you Shoot Like John Wick? | 1 vs 2 Challenge!!

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Hey guys! This is the last video in the edge games! Bobby challenges the boys to a fishing faceoff and a shooting competition! Whoever has the most points wins the EDGE GAMES!! Who do you think will win??
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 321

  • Jack Schoellkopf
    Jack Schoellkopf 3 days ago +1

    When Bobby gets a fish:
    Doctor lil Babs in da house!!!

    Go team lil Babs!!!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 3 days ago

    bobby is a fish kisser

  • Catscat111
    Catscat111 4 days ago

    Dose that lean Bobby gets the trophy in the intro now?

  • Jaylen Inga
    Jaylen Inga 4 days ago

    9:50 shows that a pink ballon fell and bobby only has 14

    I think they counted that but idk

  • Silber Silver
    Silber Silver 4 days ago

    the Trio getting ready to be drafted

  • Hakan Akbulut
    Hakan Akbulut 7 days ago

    I write one comment each

  • Michael Rossi
    Michael Rossi 7 days ago

    Both bryan and joey have a channel bobby needs one too

  • mackenzie shirkey
    mackenzie shirkey 8 days ago

    Bobby looks good in a wig

  • Gotti Gamer
    Gotti Gamer 11 days ago +1

    As soon as Bobby wins
    Joeys like put him in the pool

  • SukitheBean
    SukitheBean 12 days ago

    Bobby does NOT deserve to win the Edge Games. He sucks so much at everything, especially sports xD

  • Mr J
    Mr J 12 days ago

    Does this man not know what lotion is?!?

  • gunmanxx0
    gunmanxx0 12 days ago

    Joey and Bryan got 2
    Bobby got 4
    Because of the 2 edge point

  • sue plinke
    sue plinke 13 days ago

    We all new hobby was going to win the fishing challenge.

  • Flowing ShadowX
    Flowing ShadowX 13 days ago

    Matthias his losing bad! He is to busy on dope or nope that he can't join them in videos to gain edge points and win.

  • Naomi Watches YT
    Naomi Watches YT 15 days ago

    at legit challenges

  • Naomi Watches YT
    Naomi Watches YT 15 days ago

    he schucks😂😂

  • Naomi Watches YT
    Naomi Watches YT 15 days ago

    bobby didnt deserve to win

  • Naomi Watches YT
    Naomi Watches YT 15 days ago


  • puglover 0308
    puglover 0308 15 days ago

    How did Bobby win the edge game I thought this was just a 2 v 1 to get an edge point. Also I thought you where gonna use the edge points you have as perks for it a battle

  • Five nights at freddy's is awesome PIZZA IS AWESOME

    Wait did i just get tricked

  • Jay Kloeckner
    Jay Kloeckner 16 days ago

    bobby when you fish in a deeper body of water you want use a wacky worm and when you are in water with jerk bait you want a some what deep water when you use a umbrella rig you need to use a swim-bait it does not make a different than a giant umbrella rig but it is just a tip i have use these to catch a lot of fish and i hope it help also the wacky worm and jerk bait are good by dock the most.

  • Tiffany Nguyen
    Tiffany Nguyen 16 days ago

    bobby was pretty intense

  • Ace 101
    Ace 101 17 days ago

    could bobby start his own channel for such things like fishing and stuff he does?it could be silent if he fished but people hopefully would understand

  • Williamjr Hulme-lawrence

    Stop bullying bobby

  • SuperiorKirb
    SuperiorKirb 18 days ago

    Why didn’t Bobby do baseball?

  • Master Chicken
    Master Chicken 18 days ago

    I always believed in Bobby

  • mr random
    mr random 18 days ago

    Matt amazing trothy Bobby no comment

  • PatriciaxPartoza
    PatriciaxPartoza 18 days ago

    Ngl bobby can be your representative in ww3 😂

  • harold laed
    harold laed 19 days ago

    Do a beyblade burst video

  • sravan menon
    sravan menon 19 days ago

    Bobby just nailed it...

  • corncase
    corncase 20 days ago

    why did he only do 2 challenges. seems unfair

  • Bailey Heider
    Bailey Heider 21 day ago

    Sign Bobby to the FLW

  • Zen bacon Sword
    Zen bacon Sword 21 day ago

    Not gonna lie they had me in the first half

  • Jose
    Jose 22 days ago

    Bobby got the best attitude ”I will take it” such a good dude. He should make a fishing channel if he doesn't already have one.

  • kathryn Dailey
    kathryn Dailey 22 days ago

    Bobby had 14 he hit a cardboard cutout 😆

  • Jesus Puente
    Jesus Puente 23 days ago

    😴 1:06 - 1:16

  • Michael Tyler
    Michael Tyler 25 days ago

    J-Fred legit pissed me off in that last challenge. He was making fun of Bryan for being bad after he hit all the easy targets. That’s just mean, bad teamwork, and bad sportsmanship.

  • aSwedishGirl
    aSwedishGirl 25 days ago +2

    Bobby: started from the bottom now we here

  • Arlin Mason
    Arlin Mason 25 days ago

    More fishing

  • FIERY K9
    FIERY K9 25 days ago

    He should have had to do 3 challenges

  • aulbeut
    aulbeut 25 days ago +2

    Yes I can out shoot John wick any day

  • Carston Burchett
    Carston Burchett 25 days ago +1

    Was Bobby using a bait caster?

  • Ethan G
    Ethan G 25 days ago

    What happened to Matt

  • Obot1121
    Obot1121 26 days ago

    Bobby didn't get 15 points, at 8:48 Bobby said the balloon has to pop. Bobby didn't pop 2 of his balloons, they just fell off. REMATCH

  • Emma Debonise
    Emma Debonise 26 days ago +1

    What about my J Jokes?

  • Liz Lesh
    Liz Lesh 27 days ago

    He only did two.

  • Riley Flack
    Riley Flack 27 days ago +1

    you should take a shovel of wassabi until its bone dry

  • dead by daylight vids
    dead by daylight vids 28 days ago

    Bobby never won he never popped the balloon and they counted it so yeah

  • the one who silently watches

    Is Bobby single? Like we can go fishing anytime of the day

  • Caulo Gaming
    Caulo Gaming Month ago

    It's more of swat then JHON wick

  • CHD's World
    CHD's World Month ago +2

    Bobby's mind: Why do I never win challenges?
    Bobby's mind again: I don't win because I DO IT FOR THE VIEWS BABY!

  • Raquel Elizalde
    Raquel Elizalde Month ago

    Bobey. You. SholD. Poop. Your. Pants

  • soikram soikram
    soikram soikram Month ago

    Hey guys ho see the movie jonh wick 3

  • YT Hy6r0 Shadow
    YT Hy6r0 Shadow Month ago +1

    Boooo Bobby Lol 😂

  • Banana - Mations
    Banana - Mations Month ago

    7:32 Bobby has a stroke

  • SelimTheWeirdo
    SelimTheWeirdo Month ago

    Edgiest team ever seen

  • Nikki Peoples
    Nikki Peoples Month ago +1

    Someone get Brian some lotion😂

  • Johanna Lawson
    Johanna Lawson Month ago

    Team edge

  • Joab Playz
    Joab Playz Month ago


  • BellaBear Ag.
    BellaBear Ag. Month ago +1

    I think Bobby's 3rd Challenge would have been baseball?!?😂