Dygn - Eigengrau (Official Music Video) [TRUANT] [SUBSCRIBER BANDS EP.48]

  • Published on Oct 21, 2018
  • original video - ru-clip.com/video/G5xml1noI8o/video.html
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Comments • 169

  • James Lovato
    James Lovato 4 months ago

    GraveBound Disconnect!!! ru-clip.com/video/9BBd7Da9JPE/video.html

  • Lethal Creation
    Lethal Creation 8 months ago


  • Roo 13
    Roo 13 9 months ago


  • William Catergat
    William Catergat 10 months ago

    Holy shit! Really wish this was on spotify

  • Vxt
    Vxt 11 months ago

    DISTANT - "Zeroten" might break this channel if you play it.

  • Lucas Fernandes
    Lucas Fernandes 11 months ago

    Skyharbor - Dissent!!!

  • wibz
    wibz 11 months ago +1

    that was a fucking journey ...love it .. thanks for reviewing it and putting it on my radar top notch as usual truant!,,straight on spotify to listen to the full release

  • Nick Hylind
    Nick Hylind Year ago

    Sleep Waker - Turnaround

  • Corey Boyd
    Corey Boyd Year ago

    Extortionist - "Low Like You" or "Absent Ones"

  • Kyle Roy
    Kyle Roy Year ago

    Aurora view, deathspells

  • Danny Vitola
    Danny Vitola Year ago

    I recommend Stabbing In The Dark by Ice Nine Kills! It’ll blow your mind

  • Anthony Eatherly
    Anthony Eatherly Year ago

    Dexcore- Brain Washing or New Era

  • Jackson Butler
    Jackson Butler Year ago

    Rex -Possession

  • Balfazar
    Balfazar Year ago +1

    Seriously doubt I could be anymore erect.

  • Russ12Buss
    Russ12Buss Year ago +1

    Epic! Love the instrumentals
    Never heard of this band,but will definitely be checking out more by them.PRAISE TRUANT!!!PRAISE METAL🤟

    • Dygn official
      Dygn official Year ago

      Thank you so much!! the ep is out on all platforms!!

  • Daniel Mihaylov
    Daniel Mihaylov Year ago +1


  • kevstew26
    kevstew26 Year ago

    "Limbs - Father's Son" You dig Underoath and Norma Jean right so you'll love this jam!

  • NiCE!AMVs!
    NiCE!AMVs! Year ago

    These guys are from my hometown in Sweden!

  • Sam Layton
    Sam Layton Year ago

    NEW InVisions, you know what to do!

  • Bozzy Weasel
    Bozzy Weasel Year ago

    Ayy truant ya gotta give the new imminence track "paralyzed" a go, the video drops today and tis a fookin tune man😄😄

  • Cayde-8
    Cayde-8 Year ago +1

    Man id love to see you react to All That Remains new track Fuck Love! Its so heavy itll make you headbang your lungs out of your mouth!

  • Liam Player
    Liam Player Year ago

    Has he reacted to cattle decap

  • qp S4NDx5HIELD
    qp S4NDx5HIELD Year ago

    I'd like to request a song it would mean so much to me.
    SongAndArtist: death posture by into the flood.

  • Juan Serna
    Juan Serna Year ago

    Tit pic by meme police!!!

  • Hector Andrade
    Hector Andrade Year ago

    Reaction VITALISM - AYAHUASCA pliss 👌👌👌😬😬

  • Wesgon
    Wesgon Year ago

    All That Remains - Fuck Love

  • Jared Dickinson
    Jared Dickinson Year ago

    Or TBT asking alexandria a prophecy

  • Jared Dickinson
    Jared Dickinson Year ago

    Tbt countdown to hell live video by Crossfaith, Japanese metalcore band Live shows are crazy energy. Keep it up man

  • DE4D 0AK
    DE4D 0AK Year ago

    Ice Nine Kills - Stabbing In The Dark 👀

  • Eleazar Screams
    Eleazar Screams Year ago +1

    Broooo this was actually awesome as hell!

    • Eleazar Screams
      Eleazar Screams Year ago +1

      @Dygn official anytime!! Keep up the amazing work! 🤘 definitely earned a follow from me! 😄

    • Dygn official
      Dygn official Year ago +1

      Thank you!!!

  • riley muller
    riley muller Year ago

    please review royal beggers by architects! love your vids man :D

  • Creeper333pl
    Creeper333pl Year ago

    BMTH - Wonderfull Life
    ICE NINE KILLS - Merry Axe-Mas

  • Ryan Sadauskis
    Ryan Sadauskis Year ago +1

    React to The Ocean’s new track Cambrian II!!

  • Sam Alsip
    Sam Alsip Year ago +1

    Shits fire!!!!

  • Sam Alsip
    Sam Alsip Year ago

    React to the new InVisions song please!!!!!!

  • Momoy Fart
    Momoy Fart Year ago

    TRUANT! PLEASE REACT TO THIS! "NOMVDIC - LEGACY". Hope you'll like it they're amazing! Thanks! :D Glad to see you again!

  • Han Stoli
    Han Stoli Year ago

    Please react to nyango Star. He’s a great drummer, you won’t be disappointed. PLEASE!!!!!!

  • scott hendricks
    scott hendricks Year ago


  • Brock Nanninga
    Brock Nanninga Year ago

    Please review Greyhaven! If you have I couldn't find it in your posts! Sick stuff coming out of Louisville! These guys need to be heard.

  • Mike Mankos
    Mike Mankos Year ago

    Dudeee! Architects - Hereafter pls!!!

  • Niklas Tervola
    Niklas Tervola Year ago

    Plz Lorna Shore - This is Hell!

  • Eetu Uuskoski
    Eetu Uuskoski Year ago

    Mors Principium Est - Monster In Me
    This song is in my top 5 all time favourite list, It would be so cool if you would react to this video!

  • Astrety's Channel

    New Architects out !! Come on Truant !!

  • Marvin Sepp
    Marvin Sepp Year ago

    🔥Gideon - Champions🔥

  • rinelboy
    rinelboy Year ago

    Ansioso por el regreso
    Las mejores reacciones lml
    Yeeeaahhh!! 🤘🤘

  • Raymond Jacobs
    Raymond Jacobs Year ago

    Please for the love of god check out The Medusa smile // song (in)sanity

  • Artem Avadani
    Artem Avadani Year ago +1

    Hey, where are you from? You have that interesting accent, not typical.

  • Andrew Holub
    Andrew Holub Year ago +1

    You brutal bloke. Cheers from Southern California. Keep the reactions coming. I love them brutal. 😛😜🤟🤘

  • clark bolding
    clark bolding Year ago

    Aglaeca by Before I Turn. Very low key and upcoming band. They’re produced by the same person as Currents.

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne Year ago

    React to: hail the apocalypse by Avatar

  • Cesar Montiel Diaz

    React to Thank God it's Friday by Ice Nine Kills 🙉🙉🙉🙉

  • ZeL
    ZeL Year ago

    Band: Instar
    Albuns: The Ex Nihilo Cycle
    Neutron Trees

  • Garrett Thomas
    Garrett Thomas Year ago

    Please react to my band!!! The Beautiful Exchange! Our music video Worse for Wear is on RU-clip!! Love what you do man, keep it up!! Thanks!

  • Gamer CMO
    Gamer CMO Year ago

    React Até o Fim please ! ru-clip.com/video/6Ra0wFdCKzg/video.html

  • Jbaza 973
    Jbaza 973 Year ago +2

    That was so tasty! Nice work guys, and sick video

  • Jackson Stacey
    Jackson Stacey Year ago

    Please, please, please react to The Gloom In The Corner - Villain. The best fucking Australia has to fucking offer. Rep this hit motherfucker. ru-clip.com/video/S3ixH3pyyMU/video.html

  • Achtung Polizei
    Achtung Polizei Year ago +1

    Please react to BABYMETAL - STARLIGHT.
    It's very djenty, you're probably gonna like it.

  • killuh208
    killuh208 Year ago

    The Crimson Armada- A Filthy Addiction. No music video but the song is awesome I’d know you’d love it!

  • ali
    ali Year ago

    hi react to I Shall Devour - With Darkness totally banger

  • Caden Potter
    Caden Potter Year ago

    Awesome. You should do disturbed a reason to fight. It’s about addiction and never giving up