Ben Roethlisberger deserves blame for Antonio Brown/Steelers drama - Stephen A. | First Take

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith wonders why Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger gets a pass for throwing teammates under the bus but Antonio Brown doesn’t. Max Kellerman hasn’t seen this type of drama in Pittsburgh since Brown arrived, giving him the blame for the drama. Louis Riddick looks at the ownership and how they allowed all of this to go on under their watch.
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Comments • 859

  • payday64
    payday64 14 days ago

    Antonio brown just got kicked out of Oakland because he tried to sit more drama. Stephen a is a joke and this vid did not age well.

  • Andrew Bostian
    Andrew Bostian 28 days ago +1

    Bro Ben is a 2-time champion and deserves the right to talk about any receivers that make a mistake...
    Does anybody remember that James Washington was also called out? He thanked Ben for that! Not be childish and demand a trade...

  • King Hannibal
    King Hannibal 6 months ago

    They all ways blame the black man.🤔

  • George White
    George White 6 months ago


  • Jeffry R Butler
    Jeffry R Butler 6 months ago

    Fuck you Steven A Smith. AB is a bitch for crying all these years. It’s not Bens fault!!!

    • thug8200
      thug8200 6 months ago

      Stop Ben is a trash leader and teammate

  • S0N_0f_ CALi
    S0N_0f_ CALi 6 months ago +1


  • Jeff Loudenslager
    Jeff Loudenslager 6 months ago

    What are they in high school, you have one job to do and making millions a year, what we have here and once again you dont have the balls to say it, it's the coach plain and simple, if it wasn't for the front line none of them would be good,

  • Tonemack
    Tonemack 6 months ago

    I think both Brown and Ben are to blame. Ben has a history of not manning up for his errors and always calling someone else out and AB history shows he needs to grow up. For AB the grass is not always greener on the other side. You may go to another team but how are you gonna act when the ball is not being forced fed to you which means your not putting up the type of numbers you are accustomed too. And for Ben to outright say he wished he would've thrown it to JuJu all the time is outright disrespectful. That makes Brown feel underappreciated. As a leader or so called leader you dont say those things especially not publicly. Your job as a leader is to be the mentor of the players on that team, to work with them TOO LIFT THEIR MORALE not to put them down even if they are at fault and to hold yourself accountable as well.

  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis 6 months ago

    Personally, I dont care for Ben. He doesnt have leadership skills. AB could of maybe done somethings different but I think it had gone to far and probably needed addressed before now. You can't tell me this hasn't already been a problem before now. AB needs to move on and start again with a new team. I have always been a Steelers fan and never seen it this way. Coaches need to step up and help Ben with his leadership skills or it will never change. Bell also needs to start over.

  • Carl Collins
    Carl Collins 7 months ago

    Everyone is forgetting Bell got the whole downfall started over money. Us regular jeds struggle to pay our bills from time to time while athletes cry about not making enough excess money. It's really insulting to the people who truly pay all the Bills

  • UsirRaMaroon
    UsirRaMaroon 7 months ago

    Notice Steven A said and [Ben] don't call himself out...enough. When was the last time you heard AB call himself out for shitting on routes when the Steelers lose a game? Ben was 150% correct to call out AB after that Denver game, and this dummy should watch it 100 times till it sinks in.

  • Todd Tollfree
    Todd Tollfree 7 months ago

    The KarSteelerians..

  • Brandon Nist
    Brandon Nist 7 months ago

    Ben has 2 rings, he’s an ass but he’s a winner. Brown is a cry baby that throws fits on the sidelines when he doesn’t get his way, and is also proving to have a messy lifestyle off the field. Everybody is getting mad at Ben for calling out Brown, not saying I agree with it, but why would everyone be getting mad at Ben for doing Tomlin’s job? Tomlin should’ve taken care of this situation years ago. When the head coach isn’t doing anything about it and letting the situation get worse, can you completely blame the QB, who is the perceived leader of the offense and important piece of the team, for speaking out at certain times? Like I said, I don’t think Ben is an angel and you can say what you want about his off the field issues from earlier in his career, but Brown has been a growing problem for 3 years now, and nothing was ever done about it by the head coach. Tomlin was putting up with it because Brown was very productive, but in doing that, Brown’s ego has grown way out of control.

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 7 months ago

    if AB is gonna continue to drive his market value down by his comments and actions - then the Steelers should order a Mental Evaluation for AB - if it comes back as "normal" then AB is just a Strange person - but if it comes back "Abnormal" then that answers all the Questions - but i doubt AB would do it - most "nut jobs" refuse to take those the very least the Steelers could get out of his contract

  • zaiya 21
    zaiya 21 7 months ago +1

    Steelers i have been i die hard fan since you drafted Jack Lambert. You are going to lose a fan significant fan base if you dont get this right. Not one of the players on the team are bigger than the MYSTIQUE THAT IS TGE one. Including Ben. Im still upset you let Mahomes get away. I know Ben had something to did it. I want my team back and if you and if you have jettison every last problem child (including Ben) that by all means do so but give us our team back

  • Shawn Danlovich
    Shawn Danlovich 7 months ago

    This show sucks

  • Slick James Johnson
    Slick James Johnson 7 months ago

    Come on Max, really.

  • shigsho
    shigsho 7 months ago +1

    AB and Ben....two drama queens and a weak coach. Tomlin, Ben and AB should ALL go. Big Ben is THE most overated top 15 QB in football (if he still is?). He throws the ball ten yards and Bell and Brown and Shuster run for another 40 every time. Talk about fake QB yardage. His deep ball flutters and he leads the NFL in picks. On top of that he is a never ending source of drama. On the field he has become a drama queen hams up injuries and off the field throws teammates under the bus. Steelers are a soap opera.

  • Mike Rush
    Mike Rush 7 months ago

    All ben does is take the blame. Every press conference he does after they lose is blame himself even if it's not his fault

  • Chris Jack
    Chris Jack 7 months ago

    Big Ben Rapistburger is da blame

  • Joe Fords
    Joe Fords 7 months ago

    I think Raven fans are pleasing themselves.

  • Rowland Buck
    Rowland Buck 7 months ago

    I still can’t believe I saw Ben calling out others right in the middle of his 3 game interception fiesta last season. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen him say or do.

  • Michael Morrison
    Michael Morrison 7 months ago

    Captain Fat Fuck.... LEADER OF MEN!!

  • Mikel Keith
    Mikel Keith 7 months ago

    Max you need to quit I could of won a super bowl with the great teams Terry Bradshaw , and the two Ben won with , you need to stop with that fake hype on that quarterback position, even the ravens won one with trent and Joe lol so please stop with that franchise quarterback BS, Miami had Dan the Chargers got Philip, can win nothing so please stop.

  • James Douglas
    James Douglas 7 months ago +1

    Ben Roethlisberger does deserve the blame cause he has been trying to get Mike Tomlin fired, he finally got Todd Haley fired

  • C R
    C R 7 months ago

    Stephen A make up your mind you keep changing who you think is accountable. You know jack shit! Stick to basketball!

  • Wesley Connor
    Wesley Connor 7 months ago

    I rather be a diva then a accused rapist period.

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 7 months ago

    AB, Big Ben and Mike tomlin all need to go. All three of them have ruined the team

  • michael perry
    michael perry 7 months ago +1

    Its bigger than just AB because Big Ben is a big part of the reason Bell didnt come back you dont throw teammates under the bus in the media after the game at that and you dont speak on teammates contracts ...Ben was a common factor in both of these situations

  • Alysandir
    Alysandir 7 months ago

    So ignoring for a moment what Ben Roethlisberger should or should not be doing, can we just stop with the narratives that someone other than AB is responsible for AB's behavior? Brown is going to be a 31-year-old man before the start of next season; are we really saying that Big Ben or Coach Tomlin somehow should've done more to keep this grown, adult man from acting like a complete and utter child?

    Not saying AB doesn't have his grievances, but come on now. The 100mph speeding...the altercation with his baby mama...the throwing furniture off a balcony...the walking out multiple times on his teammates last season...are we really putting this all on Ben and Coach and saying they caused this through their actions or inaction? Please.

  • armand chargois
    armand chargois 7 months ago

    Ben Roethlisberger is at fault for Antonio Brown? Come on Steven A. give me a break! When does a grown man who is a professional athlete take responsibility for his own actions you wanna try to blame it on someone else! That’s very shallow man, very shallow! Have to blame it on somebody so why not the quarterback right? Un-freaking believable!

  • Giuliano Di Lorenzo
    Giuliano Di Lorenzo 7 months ago


  • D Man
    D Man 7 months ago

    DFL max being trying so hard to sound smart...said Steelers look bad cuz brown started talking LLS

  • Chris Hatchett
    Chris Hatchett 7 months ago

    2 time champion? Ben only won one..

  • chris rucker
    chris rucker 7 months ago

    Ben is supposed to be the leader, the franchise qb. He said it himself, he's been there so long and has won. But that success and experience has not made him mature or accountable. He's not willing to handle adversity with the team and quickly shifts blame elsewhere.

  • manofsteel
    manofsteel 7 months ago

    Lol black people are always the cancer in the locker room.

  • Living Life
    Living Life 7 months ago

    Stephen A. Smith is a washed up fool. he needs fired. doesnt know his head from his ass.

  • gary purewal
    gary purewal 7 months ago +1

    Big Ben is now a cancer in the locker room. Give AB to Brady - TB12 would be the happiest guy in the locker room.

  • brian wynne
    brian wynne 7 months ago

    Mike Tomlin is Cancer to this Organization.

  • Alphonsus Jr Quitoriano

    Just let Brown & Bell go else where and then everyone will get there answers that they seek for. Antonio Brown is HOF for sure he’s worked since before he was drafted to be as great as he is and Bell is a unique RB with his own style and skill set of running ability. We’ll see cause Ben practically was salty Bell wasn’t there and was saying James Connor this and that and I would’ve thrown the ball to JuJu on every down. Well there you go Ben said he’s good enough to do with out them and let’s see if he delivers “another Super Bowl” to the Steelers and let’s hope he’s the MVP of the next one and not another receiver like “Ward & Holmes” were. At his age he needs help and he needs to admit he’s always had a supporting cast around him. Defense isn’t as great as the past defenses that did help put 2 rings on his finger as well.

  • Alphonsus Jr Quitoriano

    Funny cause literally the team that was a complete Tomlin drafted team lost a Super Bowl to Green Bay. Tomlin is just to much of a friendly coach and lets players do as they please. Tomlin first Super Bowl ring is from practically a Bill Cowher team. Ben is always portrayed as if he’s such an Elite QB and Leader but he does blame teammates before he owns up to it. Same guy that cried cause the horrible game he had against a stout jaguars defense “I don’t know maybe I don’t have it anymore”. Antonio Brown let his emotions get the best of him and went on a social media rant which is not something that made him look any better but besides all that what’s next? Ben going to scare JuJu away if he has some drops since JuJu is projected to be the primary target?

  • Brian 95
    Brian 95 7 months ago

    Sure blame the white man again it's always the white man's fault

  • Logan B
    Logan B 7 months ago

    I blame rothelisberger for the lack of championships in the last 8 years. How the hell do you have the best WR and RB, a top 15 defense if not better, and you still can't punch your ticket to the SB? Brady has the best WR for a hot minute and in their 1st year together records fell and teams went fricken undefeated. Imagine if he had LT on his team at the same time! I know Brown isnt Moss but come on. Big Ben despite 2 rings has had a disappointing career considering what Brady has done in this era with far less.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 7 months ago

    Y’all in these comments are gonna leave molly alone. She does a great job and is a crucial part of first take

  • Adam Lewis
    Adam Lewis 7 months ago

    Ben's a problem, never been a good leader, throws teammates under the bus. But AB in this situation is just wrong in every way. Maybe not his opinion of Ben, but he's wrong about how he's handling this situation. I want a trade, but I'm going to destroy my trade value by acting like a petulant child on social media. Can't believe him and I are the same age. Tomlin should share the blame as he allowed AB to do whatever he wanted in the organization including missing meetings, separate accommodations, throwing fits, sleeping, etc etc. You give an ince and he'll take a foot. They weren't strict enough and it blew up. Ben was a shitty leader and fed teammates to the media hounds, and AB was a diva witha "me" attitude. That about sums it up.

  • Words of Wizdom
    Words of Wizdom 7 months ago

    The first thing when ben said some guys coulda made some plays and disnt he named a few players non chalant no big deal just naming a few mistakes. But when he said he would have thrown to juju all 3 downs. That crossed the line that was unnecessary I dont blame brown

  • Boblib1970
    Boblib1970 7 months ago

    Ben lied because he said that there was no problem between him and AB.....but if Ben is honest and tells the truth, there he goes again calling out his teammates.
    AB is a psychopath. A malignant narcissist. Just look at his tweet from yesterday. Ben may talk too much, but this it 1000% ABs insanity causing this.

  • David G.
    David G. 7 months ago

    Molly looks much better when she's not there.

  • D Flatt
    D Flatt 7 months ago

    Antonio Brown IS accountable for his own behavior.

  • Holland Henderson
    Holland Henderson 7 months ago

    Uh, but it was on TV. Here you go:

    And no, I'm not defending Ben, he's probably kind of a dick. But, lets be real here, not "taking the blame" is not an excuse.

  • Holland Henderson
    Holland Henderson 7 months ago

    Disclaimer: I didn't watch this clip because Ben always says he himself didn't make enough plays, he always credits AB and the line, etc. Its on TV and in pressers after their losses. How is this even credible.

  • E 92
    E 92 7 months ago

    Ok well I'm not against AB or for Big Ben but it's funny that... the Steelers haven't had playoff success with AB & the Giants haven't had playoff success with OBJ. It's not their faults but I'm just saying having a top 3 WR doesn't guarantee you shit. That being said... my Packers better trade for AB lmaooo

  • thom_svble
    thom_svble 7 months ago

    I live in Steelers' country and I'm a Pats fan so, I'm eating this shit up right now.

  • ******* *******
    ******* ******* 7 months ago

    Ben is a spoiled prick. He happened to qb a couple defensive titles especially since Holmes was out of bounds. Just look at replays yet acts like he won them and can whine rape and be a hypocrite, that's his problem. He thinks he has some sort of pass or privilege to be Cry-Baby hypocrite cuz he was there super bowls.

  • Joaquin
    Joaquin 7 months ago

    Of course it’s not ab’s fault who complains whenever he doesn’t get the ball and yells at the OC

  • Jimmy  Durham
    Jimmy Durham 7 months ago

    Steven A this topic has been killed and beat back to life remix Chopped and Screwed you can't articulate or explain your position anymore than you already have please don't use the Skip Bayless formula using every segment every opportunity you get to talk about Tom Brady and the Dallas Cowboys as it pertains to your Pittsburgh Steelers please let's not talk about how you think Ben Roethlisberger is responsible or Tonio Brown is responsible it's over the issue is dead it slaughtered it's in the ground its decaying now you can't talk about this topic anymore without being redundant every stone has been Unturned do you see where I'm going with this brother can we please stop talking about Pittsburgh and Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown and who's more responsible

  • Breezo G
    Breezo G 7 months ago

    Its not Ben. He found out after this year the Steelers are cutting him & he wants guaranteed money from somewhere else for more years. If he waits another year to get cut his worth drops big time.

  • corey stevens
    corey stevens 7 months ago


    GUMP TOWN 7 months ago +1

    Sounds about white

  • Danny The man
    Danny The man 7 months ago

    Imagine ab on the bears with cohen TRUEbisky and that d