Huawei Watch GT 2 has 2 week battery life and speakers?

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Read the hands-on: | Huawei's new Watch GT 2 merges lifestyle with fitness, with two weeks of battery life!
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Comments • 276

  • Aamerआमेरعـامـر

    I'd Rather Order 2 Yrs Old Samsung GEAR s3 Frontier Than This Which I Already Did

  • Sneaky Weasel
    Sneaky Weasel 11 hours ago

    That's actually a very good review video.

  • YVONNE一萬在澳洲

    laggy device :(

  • Manoj kumar
    Manoj kumar Day ago

    0:24 laggy os

    NINJASAKU. Day ago

    Can you watch RU-clip on the watch

  • Laundru Patton
    Laundru Patton Day ago

    Nice review. I want this watch. How ever it just came out and I was wondering if I should wait and see if they will come out with a international version or is the Chinese version their go to anywhere global watch?

  • Dwi Agung Haryadi
    Dwi Agung Haryadi 4 days ago


  • Tri Ahmad
    Tri Ahmad 4 days ago

    A laggy device isn't my favorite.

  • Nehco Oahnait
    Nehco Oahnait 10 days ago

    My Apple Watch S2 looks like shit compared with this...
    But Apple Watch S5 looks way better than the Huawei one, but u need an iPhone keke, not ‘any android’ phone...

    • CharmingHomer
      CharmingHomer 8 days ago

      Apple Watch looks like mini-smartphone on straps. It's just plain stupid.

  • Awayase
    Awayase 11 days ago

    Looks laggy af

  • zakariae alaoui douiri

    I’m using an iphone with ios 13 how would it works ?

  • Omar Wael
    Omar Wael 12 days ago

    Where to buy them

    RED DRAGON 13 days ago

    Brutal watch 10/10

  • Tomasz Maj
    Tomasz Maj 13 days ago

    can I calibrate the altimeter manually?

  • Kresna Rudy
    Kresna Rudy 13 days ago

    I think this watch more to fitness tracker rather than smart watch..

  • Lior Harazi
    Lior Harazi 14 days ago +1

    Good review! 2 major questions:
    1. Does it support quick replies allready? sending text messages etc
    2. How does messages notifications forim all apps including whats app looks like?

  • Cor Wever
    Cor Wever 17 days ago


  • Teo Sluga
    Teo Sluga 18 days ago

    There is only one major flaw about this watch (that is if you do not use watch for call and message answering - why would you complicate your life with that?): Huawei does not support Strava. Everything else is just great. I charge my GT once a month. It supports up to 22 hours in GPS mode (the old watch) or up to 30 hours (GT 2). This is mind blowing result.

  • Teo Sluga
    Teo Sluga 18 days ago

    I have the old watch GT. Practically same watch apart from Bluetooth 5 and storage... Great watch by the way. While samsung active and apple watch owners charge their watches every 2-3 days, I can easily charge my watch every 10-20 days, depending on usage.

  • Captain SB
    Captain SB 19 days ago

    Any idea when it will available in India ??

  • คนเคยเรียนที่ วสส. ชลบุรี

    Huawei​ Watch GT2​ can receive a direct call, 2 GB of built-in storage capacity. 500 music, with a smartphone installed, you can use the Watch headset to run a workout. Listen to music through Bluetooth comfortable, waterproof sweat.

  • wahyu din
    wahyu din 24 days ago +1

    Indonesia people cung...☝☝

  • joretoGT1
    joretoGT1 24 days ago

    Looks like this watch (like the Watch Gt ) also does not have 3-rd party integration (i.e. Starva etc.) as it uses the same Huawei Health app. If you use Strava or sync your activities to 3-rd party services stay away, at least until this issue is resolved, if ever. There is a ongoing petition to add at least gpx export. Here is the whole topic on the forum

  • Gabriel Evan
    Gabriel Evan 25 days ago +6

    Next up = Huawei watch GT2RS with 3.8L twin turbocharged flat-6 producing 700HP that can do 0-60 in 2.8 seconds

  • Jr Kinabalu
    Jr Kinabalu 25 days ago +1

    is it waterproof?

  • Daniel Lai
    Daniel Lai 25 days ago

    Hmmm... does it have LTE and all time on display? No? Pass and the video shows the watch really laggy... I am sure this is sponsored by Huawei

  • Israr khan
    Israr khan 25 days ago

    its support incoming call feature or not ?

    GLA POSTAL SERVICE 26 days ago

    Lmao what's with the lag yo

  • Andy Lau
    Andy Lau 26 days ago +1

    So stupid~

  • sdq sdq
    sdq sdq 26 days ago +1

    wtf ! scrolling lags like hell , damn and i was thinking to buy this watch

  • Govind Reddy
    Govind Reddy 27 days ago +2

    Huawei GT I am using since 4 months. Got two times software updates. One for AOD and dual time zone. 2nd time for stress. All updates are very useful. I keep AOD on from 10 to 16 hours. My battery life 10days after 50 min workout on daily basis. Very accurate HR , Step dount and true sleep data. I used Amazfit GTR for 15 days and sold it. Huawei GT is far far better then amazfit GTR as a true fitness tracker except custom watch faces in India. Watch faces on GT are not allowing custom faces in India. I do not know why? Huawei do not have cloud base services in India for custom watch faces which is big draw back!. But GT has 12 watch faces on GT. Huawei should be very fair while doing business in India. Otherwise as there in no lag in GT and very fluid touch screen but Amazfit GTR is not smooth software and big problem while pairing the watch and does not smooth. I love huawei GT and GT 2 may be better than GT. We need to see the price tag GT 2

    • Govind Reddy
      Govind Reddy 18 days ago

      @Teo Sluga I agree as a fitness care and active person.

    • Teo Sluga
      Teo Sluga 18 days ago +1

      No worries for watch faces as there is actually no storage to download them on a watch. You need to stick with the ones installed. This no big deal as samsung users download 200 watch faces but at the end they use no more then 2. There is one major drawback relating to sport: huawei does not support Strava. Major flaw for bikers. Maybe this will change in future.

  • Matthew Chan
    Matthew Chan 27 days ago

    thanks for the OS, fewer people fund the CCP business

  • Nicholas Lim
    Nicholas Lim 27 days ago

    I have the Huawei band 3 pro and it lags so much when there's alot of notifications...I think Huawei better off selling their smartphone than creating some lagging watch and band

  • LN
    LN 27 days ago

    You also didnt mention which version you have... 42 or 46?

    • LN
      LN 26 days ago

      @Eric Liu thanks!

    • Eric Liu
      Eric Liu 26 days ago +1

      It is 46mm in the video. The 42mm version is border-less.

  • jqueryrocks
    jqueryrocks 27 days ago

    It seems better than Apple Watch in virtually every way...

  • Domenic Portuesi
    Domenic Portuesi 27 days ago +1

    "Cant see any lag" LMAO dude you are blind

  • Rongyao wang
    Rongyao wang 28 days ago


  • William Limarjo
    William Limarjo 28 days ago

    Meanwhile my wife michael Kors watch only last 15 hours. What a phone

  • OZTE
    OZTE 28 days ago +1

    Noooo i just got the gt 1

  • plockacherrys
    plockacherrys 28 days ago

    Too bad they're spying us. USA pulled em out

  • Mike Wong Hong Kee
    Mike Wong Hong Kee 28 days ago +1


  • SeenCreaTive
    SeenCreaTive 28 days ago +5

    Meh, just give me a smart watch with a reflective screen. Yes I owned and loved my Pebbles, now I have an Amazfit Bip. I charge it once a month heh

    • Teo Sluga
      Teo Sluga 18 days ago

      I charge my Huawei Watch GT once a month. But is getting better: I can use GT in GPS mode for 22 hours!!! The new version can last up to 30 hours. That is on pair with Garmin Fenix watches that cost 800 eur.

  • Orjon Zaganjori
    Orjon Zaganjori 28 days ago +1

    32MB of RAM in 2019?

    • Rok Kastelec
      Rok Kastelec 28 days ago

      It's time travel, you don't understand :)

  • Kamil Jablonowski
    Kamil Jablonowski 28 days ago

    How about getting access to watch faces in gt1 more than just recommended?

    • Rok Kastelec
      Rok Kastelec 28 days ago +1

      Nope ...Mostly all questions about this watch the answer is always "Nope" he he

  • Karol Sendrei
    Karol Sendrei 28 days ago

    42 mm version doesn’t have speaker and microphone. Only 46 mm

  • Bwamo
    Bwamo 28 days ago +1

    For those talking about the lag, he said that it only occured when setting up the phone, otherwise he didn't experience any when actually using the watch normally. Excited for this since I'm guessing this is gonna be the pre order/purchase gift for when I *might* upgrade to a P40.

  • Musaddiq Ahmed
    Musaddiq Ahmed 28 days ago

    what did you do other than swiping left and right? same watchface during the whole video? shitty review.

  • Facocero Sudato
    Facocero Sudato 28 days ago

    This watch gt 2 connects with galaxy buds?

  • dor atedgi
    dor atedgi 28 days ago

    Does he support Hebrew?

    • Rok Kastelec
      Rok Kastelec 28 days ago

      Nope ...Mostly all questions about this watch the answer is always "Nope" he he

  • بسم اللّٰہ جان

    Can you gift me

  • Jochanan Van Holst
    Jochanan Van Holst 28 days ago

    You're a liar

  • vondahe
    vondahe 28 days ago

    I’ll never buy any Huawei hardware but if some day Apple goes the same sensible way (battery life over oodles of silly features), I will consider that.

  • C Me
    C Me 28 days ago

    Speakers and mic aren't that surprising to me. I suapected some data mining tools.

    • plockacherrys
      plockacherrys 28 days ago

      No Google. Pay hahahahhaha
      Kirin chip is spying on us

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 28 days ago +1

    I remember hearing of Huawei watches before I heard of Huawei phones. Now I actually know the company

  • Moran Monovich
    Moran Monovich 29 days ago +6

    The watch speaker is really good, nice work Huawei

  • GoudenDynamietHD
    GoudenDynamietHD 29 days ago

    The freebuds are really just AirPods ripoffs!!!

  • Kasallamacher
    Kasallamacher 29 days ago

    bad research...they said how much it will cost.

  • Anfernee Chew
    Anfernee Chew 29 days ago +13

    how can you guys can accept something is lagging just out of the box?

    • Ý Huỳnh Đắc
      Ý Huỳnh Đắc 24 days ago +1

      The battery life, on top of smartwatch, a little laggy is not problem.

    • Pieter W
      Pieter W 27 days ago +3

      If it's only when you're setting it up, it's ok i guess?

  • John Miller
    John Miller 29 days ago +23

    "it got that really nice leather band, it says its genuine leather but it doesnt feel like that" this dude's reviews are so crap why is he on this channel?

    • Dead Pool
      Dead Pool 13 days ago

      There’s a room for improvement right?

    • Teo Sluga
      Teo Sluga 18 days ago

      Its a genuine leather on top and silicon below. This strap comes with silver watch. For running purposes just buy another strap. I use one from samsung.

  • surya H S
    surya H S 29 days ago

    Still waiting nice product to replace my huawei watch 1st edition with sapphire glass.