CATS - Official Trailer [HD]

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie
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  • Katie O'Sullivan
    Katie O'Sullivan Hour ago

    You know, if the directors made the cats look like the ones in the actual play (just people with cat ears and tails), they’ll probably not look as creepy... 😺

  • Blurry Seaven
    Blurry Seaven 2 hours ago

    *who hurt you*

  • GTA5Player1
    GTA5Player1 2 hours ago

    Not sure what ya'll are all on about. This trailer looks hilarious!

  • I don't use this channel anymore 206

    I mean, yeah it's weird and the CGI makes me cringe but I think that was a bit hard to leave tons of dislikes on this.
    I feel like the people who did that didn't even watch the original back in the day.

  • KaregoAt
    KaregoAt 2 hours ago

    Could they not just have costumes???? Or make it fully animated if it needed to have cartoony movements and such??????? What a nightmare.

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 2 hours ago

    Do you think I could ever be as beautiful as her?

  • Hugo Alvarez
    Hugo Alvarez 2 hours ago

    Who's actually singing Memory here?

  • Cookie Monsterly
    Cookie Monsterly 3 hours ago

    Friend: 'Hey which Movie do you think Cat Women will like the most?'

  • Rudi
    Rudi 3 hours ago

    Guys.. just bring back Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. I just seved you millions on post production team. Pm me i will gladly recieve 10k for this advice!

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 3 hours ago

    Think I could ever be as pretty as the girl?

  • Kyro Parado
    Kyro Parado 3 hours ago

    This movie should be called Furries.

  • bumblebees
    bumblebees 3 hours ago

    UwU OwO! Thwis will bwe my fwavrite mwovie! Im gwonna see it in thweaters! UwU

  • Nardo Polo
    Nardo Polo 3 hours ago +1

    And Rebel Wilson as the fat character who falls down

    • bumblebees
      bumblebees 3 hours ago +1

      Oi, Josuke!
      Stray Cat has been turned into a humanoid cat,
      Aint that crazy?!

  • Dem Millennials
    Dem Millennials 3 hours ago

    And just like that a new generation of furries are born

  • Fun with Puppets
    Fun with Puppets 3 hours ago

    me: the sonic movie trailer! is the worst trailer ever!
    cats: hold my cgi

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 3 hours ago


  • Caleb Haskins
    Caleb Haskins 3 hours ago

    You know, maybe sonic wasnt THAT bad...

  • Jadon
    Jadon 4 hours ago


  • Molon Gangsta
    Molon Gangsta 4 hours ago

    WHEN WILL YOU LEARN YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES (side note is like to ask WHO TF ASKED FOR THIS? Like who just thought oh let me make a movie about cats but using humans instead and have them dance and shit like what.the.fuck 🤦🏾‍♀️😤)

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 4 hours ago


  • Hydroxoid
    Hydroxoid 4 hours ago +1

    It's like a competition to see who can make the worst movie of 2019

  • I'm Vhon
    I'm Vhon 4 hours ago


  • Obesus
    Obesus 4 hours ago

    This is so far into the uncanny valley I think it got to the bottom of it and dug straight down.

  • Daryl Barclay
    Daryl Barclay 4 hours ago

    Me at Hollywood telling them about cats when will u learn that your akshons will have consequences

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 5 hours ago

    I need a boyfriend...

  • Jesty
    Jesty 5 hours ago

    this is kinda like Titans, everything is cool just FIX THE APPEARANCE OF THE CHARACTERS

  • UltraGreninja
    UltraGreninja 5 hours ago +2

    This is creepy and amazing at the same time.

  • Kaitlyn Ferguson
    Kaitlyn Ferguson 6 hours ago +2

    The backlash that this trailer is getting is awful. I think this movie is going to be great and I would go see it over and over again.

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 6 hours ago

    Do you think I could be as amazing as her?

  • Conor Brennan
    Conor Brennan 6 hours ago

    Sonic warned us but we didn't listen to him DAMN IT

  • Tomas Wood
    Tomas Wood 6 hours ago

    This could be a tolerable movie if all the cats were removed

  • Hattmatt 1170
    Hattmatt 1170 7 hours ago +1


  • lucas m
    lucas m 7 hours ago

    Oh, um, uh.... oh, oh dear... what just happened...

  • Anthony Carlton
    Anthony Carlton 7 hours ago

    im a furry and this freks me out

  • Luke Matthews
    Luke Matthews 7 hours ago

    Soundtrack and choreography seem nice, but what the hell is this animation?

  • Luke Matthews
    Luke Matthews 7 hours ago

    God what is this nightmare that Hollywood is trying to shove down our throats?

  • Blue kirby Games119202

    CATS aka the furry movie

  • Sam 454
    Sam 454 7 hours ago

    Such a shame that the incredible sets that aren't just CG are ruined by the main focus point of the movie, the characters, looking like total ass...

  • Surtu
    Surtu 8 hours ago

    I was really off-put for the first 15 seconds, and then I calmed down and didn't care anymore. The original musical is literally this: people jarringly dancing around in cat outfits singing disjointed songs. Does it really need to be a movie? No. Just like Wicked doesn't. *Big shrug* But despite having the wackiest premise ever, the musical's a legend.

  • Bhargavi Murthy
    Bhargavi Murthy 8 hours ago

    One question. WHY?
    But I really hope it'll be good

  • Cinamatic Fiction
    Cinamatic Fiction 8 hours ago +1

    Lol my niece wants to see this movie,and so do I. I use to think this was like a thundercats as a kid. They're not that creepy,just very odd. Anyway I'm just wondering if they're gonna make that jesus christ superstar movie nobody but me asked for 😂

  • cg standing
    cg standing 8 hours ago +2

    yo why is it impossible to hear Memory without tearing up??

  • cg standing
    cg standing 8 hours ago +2

    Honestly, I'm over the issues with the appearance. The set design looks amazing, I'm excited for the dancing and i'm willing to give this a chance when it comes out.

  • Adrian Mahmudovski
    Adrian Mahmudovski 9 hours ago

    I Woke up 3 Times last night *Do to this*

  • pavuk
    pavuk 9 hours ago +1

    Ha это можно дpoчить?

  • Idle.Archie
    Idle.Archie 9 hours ago

    Sonic the movie but all characters are cats

  • Dan J
    Dan J 10 hours ago

    Dislike button is frozen lol

  • 기차클론
    기차클론 10 hours ago +1


  • Tadheo Harsono
    Tadheo Harsono 10 hours ago

    This give Me a nightmare..

  • Mr Disaster
    Mr Disaster 11 hours ago +2

    Hollywood: We Are Out Of Ideas Give Us Any Thing To Do
    Hollywood: Yes We Will Make A Movie About cats singing

  • 히헤하
    히헤하 11 hours ago

    충분히 좋아 보이는데 이대로 나왔으면 좋겠다.

    WAIYO 11 hours ago

    No mamen... sin palabras :S

  • Lobster In my wee wee
    Lobster In my wee wee 11 hours ago

    I feel like i have seen the pinnacle of the uncanny, now, i must *flee from the otherkin*

  • Usadino - San
    Usadino - San 11 hours ago +1

    Japans Nightmare.

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 12 hours ago

    Do you think i could be as beautiful as her?

  • Koma
    Koma 12 hours ago

    no. just no.

  • Zerg IV
    Zerg IV 12 hours ago

    So Annoying how each actor in this move has a resemblance to their human form.

    • cg standing
      cg standing 8 hours ago +2

      how are you surprised? If they had NO resemblance it would just be completely animated...

  • Soso Drake
    Soso Drake 12 hours ago

    first Sonic then this. Wtf

  • Nguyễn Hiệp
    Nguyễn Hiệp 12 hours ago

    If anyone use this video to torture me i will talk everything i know

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 12 hours ago

    I need a boyfriend...

  • Martin Paul 61
    Martin Paul 61 13 hours ago +1

    This is Best Cats Movie i Ever see

  • Ayla Fideli
    Ayla Fideli 13 hours ago +2


  • AlmighyQuan TV
    AlmighyQuan TV 13 hours ago +1

    Am I the only person who went to the Sonic trailers and read the comments about this trailer and had to see how bad it was

  • PresidentKoopa
    PresidentKoopa 13 hours ago

    I think ill watch the sonic movie insted

  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 13 hours ago


  • Cryptic8
    Cryptic8 13 hours ago +1


  • Camila Delaney
    Camila Delaney 13 hours ago

    I'm bored

  • Nacho Lizana
    Nacho Lizana 13 hours ago

    pinches furros

  • Judy Hsieh
    Judy Hsieh 13 hours ago +2

    Honestly, the first time I saw this trailer, it shocked me. Sadly, it was due to the cgi which did not gave me a favorable impression.
    So, I watched it a few more times and paid more attention to everything else. I think the problem is the trailer itself in giving us a teaser on the movie. While ‘Memory’ is the most well known song out of ‘Cats’, using it at the start of the trailer doesn’t really fit when introducing a movie that is showing a world of Jellicle cats to the audience especially to the younger generation who has yet to see the Broadway production.
    If one were to compare between Broadway to what is seen from the trailer, I would say that watching Broadway live or even the Broadway movie somehow touches the hearts of the audience. If the movie is like the trailer that we have been given, I would predict that it would be an impressive piece of work that falls flat in reaching out to the audience.
    I really don’t want that to happen with this movie; not with such an amazing cast and the work the crew put in creating such an elaborate world that a live Broadway is unable to pull off compare to a movie. ‘Cats’ is the perfect West End show to be made into a movie with today’s technology. I just hope the next trailer would be better

  • A.A B
    A.A B 14 hours ago

    씨 뭔데 나만 안 징그럽나

  • Intergalatic
    Intergalatic 14 hours ago

    Damn this is uncanny as hell

  • Ulysses Gonzalez
    Ulysses Gonzalez 14 hours ago

    I’ve been told that Jason Derulo is a terrible singer and that karaoke carpool guy, why him? I don’t even know how he’s on trending in RU-clip and he’s in the movie?

    • cg standing
      cg standing 8 hours ago

      idk maybe cuz Jason Derulo's image is pretty sexual and outgoing, which kinda matches up with the character he's portraying.

  • Hunter Ramsden
    Hunter Ramsden 14 hours ago +4

    No joke. I’m excited for this movie. Sure, the cgi isn’t ideal, but I’m here for the acting, the music, and the choreography. That’s what it’s really about

  • Jelly Dragon34
    Jelly Dragon34 14 hours ago

    Thanks I hate it

  • Carrots
    Carrots 14 hours ago +1

    I think my eyes have been poisoned