How Toy Story 4 Fits Into The Pixar Theory

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Today J dives into the world of Pixar to discuss how Toy Story 4 fits into the greater Pixar Theory!
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Comments • 1 795

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  2 months ago +1140

    Who is your favorite Toy!?
    What did you think of the new Intro?!

  • Dirty Rick Sanchez
    Dirty Rick Sanchez 3 hours ago

    In monsters inc they're harvesting's called the scare floor....

  • Azar The Wolf
    Azar The Wolf Day ago +1

    I just saw the movie yesterday, and Forky is like my spirit animal (or rather say toy) cuz he is such a big mood.

  • Draco & Nat Mendoza
    Draco & Nat Mendoza 2 days ago

    PrOnOuNcEd GaZeBos 😂

  • TJ Acree
    TJ Acree 3 days ago

    What if his drive to take care of Andy is because he is Andy Sr?

  • Prince_Nocturne
    Prince_Nocturne 3 days ago

    So this is when the new opening started. I've been... away for a while, and I like the new opening. *thumbs up*

  • Oliver Greenwood
    Oliver Greenwood 5 days ago

    Plus boo was in the film soooo CONFIRMED

  • Dion E
    Dion E 6 days ago

    Cool Lightning McQueen band-aid theory!

  • Abdo -cary
    Abdo -cary 7 days ago

    20 years later
    “Toy story 5: become human

  • Cubsfan 2005
    Cubsfan 2005 15 days ago

    What if with boo being the witch and sculpting the pizza planet truck it is her designing the time machine she will use to get around and that’s why we see the truck so much.

  • The CIA
    The CIA 18 days ago

    The story of Andy's father is sad

    • E play_859
      E play_859 18 days ago

      Bo story is saddest underrated story ever

  • SW4GG3R S0U15
    SW4GG3R S0U15 24 days ago

    No peep introduces him to a bunch of toys in a club that have all become sentient and live for themselves

  • SW4GG3R S0U15
    SW4GG3R S0U15 24 days ago

    No hes not

  • Iguanna Rock
    Iguanna Rock 25 days ago

    Not only new intro, but seems that new camera too! 🎥😎

  • Kyle Perez
    Kyle Perez 27 days ago

    I think they put too much of your brothers face in the "logo..." The music was better though!

  • hesomeone
    hesomeone 29 days ago


    Kars: AYYAYAYA

  • Larry Coleman
    Larry Coleman Month ago

    Find anyone with more toys than Andy I'll wait

  • savage Gamer
    savage Gamer Month ago


  • savage Gamer
    savage Gamer Month ago

    I love the new Intro

  • Embly
    Embly Month ago

    oooh i absolutely LOVE the new intro !

  • Disney Fan 2005
    Disney Fan 2005 Month ago

    It Takes Place In 2006 (After Toy Story 3 & Before Ratatouille)

  • I’m Rechue
    I’m Rechue Month ago

    i went to go see toy story recently after i was up the whole night and i ended up passing out in the theater

  • Bunnybear71582
    Bunnybear71582 Month ago


  • Jimmy Williams
    Jimmy Williams Month ago

    Have you seen the theory that toys are getting smarter in every movie and they will rise up against humans? Now I think about it it makes sense that a toy would evolve to AI level intelligence somehow putting their personality into cars to improve their lifespans possibly by the computer in the car

  • Lordodragonss
    Lordodragonss Month ago

    What if.. .CARS ARE TOYS?

  • Patriks Pauls Rullis

    Did any one see dinoco in toy story 4

  • JP Swiss Nut
    JP Swiss Nut Month ago

    There should have been a cameo for Andy in Toy Story 4

  • Galaxy Mew
    Galaxy Mew Month ago

    Sweet intro, it's cool! ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ )

  • Patrick Nagrant
    Patrick Nagrant Month ago

    If buzz didn’t realize at first he was a toy, and as we had seen in toy story 2 all the other buzz lightyears did not know they were toys, would they know to play toy when their owners came into the room?

  • HIPE-treasure 04
    HIPE-treasure 04 Month ago

    What if cars is like Black ops 2 zombies map Origins. In the zombies map you play as 4 characters and when you beat the map this cut scene comes up and, the whole zombies map was just two kids playing with 4 people and zombie toys.

  • Lawrence Calablaster

    What about cars in Cars having families?

  • Riley DeClercq
    Riley DeClercq Month ago

    Rex dude

  • Reading And Northern 425 The Average Train

    I guess our Toy Brands exist in the Pixar Universe

  • Angelika Monego
    Angelika Monego Month ago

    This has been such a great continuation of ToyStory!!! I was so happy about it!

  • Connor Payne \the Frozen Doctor/

    Did no one else notice Boo in Bonnie's class and possibly on the trip?

  • mattyguitar22
    mattyguitar22 Month ago

    Is it true Boo is in toy story 4?

  • Aiden Kirtley
    Aiden Kirtley Month ago

    But that’s just a theory a Pixar theory

  • killer king
    killer king Month ago

    The only thing I personally don't like about the New intro is the "Hey brother" it's not very punchy unlike the old one

  • Bryan Keferl
    Bryan Keferl Month ago

    Toy story 4 "all but confirms it"
    .... So it doesn't confirm it? 😆

  • Suave
    Suave Month ago

    A lot of things that don't seem clear to me about this. You said that toys live from memory but how does that explain all the toys inside the antique store, shouldn't they be forgotten? And we've never seen a toy actually not come to life they all do. And about the cars, based on the theory, correct me if I'm wrong, but the cars windshield has eyes on it, we never see the toys modify like that. You could make the argument that they evolved over time and started devolving organ systems of their own but still I don't know how I feel about it

  • William Tocci Jr
    William Tocci Jr Month ago

    Love the new intro

  • RP9
    RP9 Month ago

    Wait am I missing something ?? They showed at a gas station in toy story 4 that it was named “dinoco”

  • Shady
    Shady Month ago

    Lotso and the baby from two story 3????? Explain that. Other than that awesome theory

  • Teddy Bunker Year 8

    Have I said how much I LOVE the new intro, whoever made it for you guys did an awesome job 👏

  • Riker
    Riker Month ago

    RIP old into😪

  • Riker
    Riker Month ago

    RIP old into

  • Masa Fulgur
    Masa Fulgur Month ago

    ok i do want to say, when you first see forky there is like almost no semblance of intelligence, but once he started talking about how his roles was supposed to be, and then off to the dumpster, it showed a LOT of thought, self awareness and intelligence

  • Tristan napu
    Tristan napu Month ago

    This channels trash

  • Giovanni Steven Miah Ronquillo

    I'm not fully convinced,
    Whether or not the memory keeps things alive such as toys or cars, we've seen more technology overtaking these worlds like in the incredibles than magic in Disney generally.
    Who's patient no.0?
    How did bnl manage consciousness IF they are the one testing this technology?
    Are they using the memory of the humans to actually control objects?
    Even if this was plausible, I can't perceive that cars can't remember their past life, its memory, bond by technology, not magic.
    I much preferred the theory that cars is set after a post apocalyptic period where cars take life. It made much more sense to me at least.

  • Bailey Boo
    Bailey Boo Month ago

    Forky totally took your hair cut 😹

  • Mike 767
    Mike 767 Month ago

    Make one about how toy story 4 doesn’t fit in the toy story plot

  • Young Oreo
    Young Oreo Month ago

    Wait so ur saying that toys stay alive by memory, if so then how come all the lost/abandoned toys in toy story 4 are still alive. Like bo peep, the canadian stuntman (forgot his name) and Gaby Gaby along with her puppet minions. That wouldnt hold up or even make sense because andy's sister purposely gave bo peep up and most likely forgetting about her many manh years later. Especially Gaby Gaby since she said she never or doesnt even have an owner. It just doesn't make sense or hold up.
    Plz like so J could see.

  • LandoPando
    LandoPando Month ago

    What about Andy’s dad

  • Zane Ball
    Zane Ball Month ago

    It can’t be before Up because of the grape soda pin

  • SwagBoy311
    SwagBoy311 Month ago

    Forky make me happy to be trash

  • that emo trash cat
    that emo trash cat Month ago

    I've had a bit of a problem with the cars being like the toys because the cars are organic, they have eyes and tounges. Pixar is usually reluctant to say anything about the cars and how they are alive but in one interview, I cant remember what it's called, its revealed that the cars cant one there doors because their brains are there.
    If you want more info check out The Cars aren't cars by film theroy

  • Mary Bach
    Mary Bach Month ago

    Every time they get a new intro I hate it for a while then I start to like it then they get a new one. (Throwback to the shmoop of their faces one without music)

  • Call Me Dark
    Call Me Dark Month ago +1

    I have a buzz plot hole
    In the first toy story buzz thought he was a space ranger on a mission but he didn’t know he was a toy so if he didn’t know he was a toy and doesn’t think he’s a toy he would of talked and moved around in front of Andy and the other kids

  • Sadboi_ Apple
    Sadboi_ Apple Month ago +97

    Andy: promise me you’ll take good care of him okay?
    Bonnie: mmhmm
    Bonnie after she gets a spork: I don’t wanna play with you anymore...

    • 9nikolai
      9nikolai 5 days ago +1

      I've been imagining Andy visiting Bonnie at some point after the events of Toy Story 4 and it's just not ok. Please send help.

    • Christopher Anton
      Christopher Anton Month ago

      Sadboi_ Apple lol

  • TheOneandOnlyGaming 16

    Are we going to talk about why boo is now in Bonnie's classroom