An Interview with Roger Scruton

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • Roger Scruton is the most prominent British conservative philosopher writing today. Join us for a wide-ranging discussion of the foundations of conservatism, the role of private property and markets in a free society, the proper role of government in the economic sphere, inequality, justice, the problems inherent in socialism, environmental conservatism, and why he is a reluctant capitalist. He is the author of over 40 books, most recently "Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition."

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  • My Dog
    My Dog 7 days ago +1

    RIP Sir Roger. Would that more would become real conservatives by reading your work.

  • Toby G
    Toby G Month ago

    This is intellectual porn. Every second is interesting.

  • OriginalLHB
    OriginalLHB 5 months ago

    I love Sir Roger but it is difficult to make a compelling political argument for the position he is advocating. As Robert Nisbet suggests conservatism is non ideological. One of the clearest ways for it to manifest in public policy is to hitch its wagon to radical free market economics, which - speaking as a professional economist - can be an uncomfortable alliance.

  • This does not seem to meet your names policy

    This guy is so vague in what he says and I feel like he's just taking the whole.time without saying anything concrete

  • Teri Farley
    Teri Farley 8 months ago

    Big business is usually, (not always), a crony-capitalist corruption, and it is the cause of environmental destruction.

  • Teri Farley
    Teri Farley 8 months ago

    Excellent points all of them thankyou Scruton and Heritage fdtn!

  • Teri Farley
    Teri Farley 8 months ago

    What is this aluminium you speak of, what element is that? I've heard of aluminum, is aluminium an isotope of aluminum?

  • Teri Farley
    Teri Farley 8 months ago

    There isn't absolute property in land in the US either, from Indiginous American Indian law, no human or animal on earth can own land. There are rights forland but none of them are total, this and other aspects of the Bill of Rights aren't just from Loch and Montesque, but from Native American Elders who helped inspire the Constitution.

  • Kathy Jeanmarie
    Kathy Jeanmarie 8 months ago

    Yes..The constitution is our framework....Foundation ...

  • Villie Stephanov
    Villie Stephanov 8 months ago

    i wanna do everything you do not know how, paying respect.

    MICHAEL WESLEY SUMAN 9 months ago

    Wise man. Always very much worth listening to. Thanks.

  • Count Cuckula
    Count Cuckula 9 months ago

    This man is an antisemite, an anti-muslim bigot, conspiracy theorist and a personal friend of the fascist leader of Hungary Victor Orban.

  • Michael James
    Michael James Year ago +1

    Sir Roger, or Professor Scruton.

  • McDonkeyable
    McDonkeyable Year ago +7

    "Sir Scruton" - it's Sir Roger, never Sir Scruton.

    • Russian Métropolitan
      Russian Métropolitan 2 days ago

      No it’s sir scrotum

    • Toby G
      Toby G Month ago

      @Count Cuckula He made a most valuable contribution to the philosophical debate on ideas.

    • Count Cuckula
      Count Cuckula 6 months ago

      @yamon2 are you triggered? Snowflake.

    • Count Cuckula
      Count Cuckula 6 months ago

      @yamon2 Lol!!

    • Max Plankton
      Max Plankton 6 months ago +1

      Tubsy McGhee How is making an anatomical play on a person’s name an opinion? Do you utilise such offensiveness in the description of a female philosopher or broadcaster by invoking a colloquialism for a women’s genitalia? in the monosyllabic sense? Are you a misandrist by proxy? Certainly you are deeply foolish. Please go away. Goodbye.

  • Adam Smasher
    Adam Smasher Year ago

    That coughing lady... zero consideration. Totally in a bubble.

  • Bernard Chen
    Bernard Chen Year ago +2

    Microphone volumes go up and down depending on how the speaker's face is pointed towards or away. Please use lapel mics to improve sound quality!

    • thumbthump
      thumbthump Year ago

      As a musician and background singer trying to sing over a full volume band, I can say the solution is "eat the mic". Funny how speakers who do it for a living don't know this.

  • Just B. Cause
    Just B. Cause Year ago +3

    Thank you, Sir Scruton for tactfully discussing conservatism reasonably radically by pointing to a good drink as a good reason our society gets along as reasonably as it does, and then pointing to television as very detrimental to our social fabric.

  • JR Rodriguez
    JR Rodriguez Year ago +10

    Again with the too low a volume to hear.

  • Jeffrey Morrissey
    Jeffrey Morrissey Year ago +3

    Even in the US, there is no private property. We only lease from the government.