It works 100% of the time.. Most of the time | Dana Bamboozle (GWENT Crimson Curse)

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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Comments • 33

  • Егор
    Егор Month ago

    А почему не в Артефакт?

  • Death
    Death Month ago

    this was absolutely hilarious lmao

  • Kyle Pask
    Kyle Pask Month ago +1

    used to play and wanna get back into it but i dont know where to start. dont know whats good anymore, they've added new cards and all that. hate that about card games. hard to get into.

    • eBulldog
      eBulldog Month ago

      +Kyle Pask it's a new addition

    • Kyle Pask
      Kyle Pask Month ago

      +eBulldog got a question, are these new crimson curse cards a limited time thing? or is it just a new addition to the game?

    • eBulldog
      eBulldog Month ago

      +Kyle Pask If you want more help you can edd me on GoG, nick's BuIIdog (the two "L" are two "i" uppercase :D)

    • Kyle Pask
      Kyle Pask Month ago

      +eBulldog will check em out soon. thanks :)

    • eBulldog
      eBulldog Month ago

      Check for team aretuza meta snapshot really helpful.
      Also The Green Cricket play and explain some decks

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda Month ago +1

    I like how swim refuses to play ACTUAL decks

  • Dmitry Yevstafiev
    Dmitry Yevstafiev Month ago +1

    That's might work in lower rank. But in higher division people are sitting with calculators :D

  • Shawn Gregory
    Shawn Gregory Month ago

    People fall for that? Lmfaoo

  • Ex Mint
    Ex Mint Month ago +1

    really 3 easy wins...

  • Archeon
    Archeon Month ago +2

    Just imagine being the guy falling for it

  • Peren Xiao
    Peren Xiao Month ago +3

    I died when he conceded the first game.

  • No Google, I don't want to use my real name.

    That prediction last game.. Holy shit.

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar Month ago +2

    What's that on his head

  • Jose Moyano
    Jose Moyano Month ago +2

    These strange decks are the best

  • Raios Rogue
    Raios Rogue Month ago +1

    i can't believe Swim is lower rank then me i just got rank 6 1 hour ago.Hahahaha 11:58 got em 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jawher9
    jawher9 Month ago +9

    Swimm, buddy, hate to break it to you but you are most definitely balding.

    • Jakub Rydval
      Jakub Rydval Month ago

      +jawher9 had to google that one ^^ you know, I just imagined him reading those 100 posts about his hairline. Must have sucked

    • jawher9
      jawher9 Month ago +1

      +Jakub Rydval Sir don't be a pepega.

    • Jakub Rydval
      Jakub Rydval Month ago +2

      So what, most guys bald at some point

  • Mike Oakman
    Mike Oakman Month ago +6

    Whats wrong with this hair

  • Quiver_
    Quiver_ Month ago +13

    I just can't believe this deck works, how do you even come up with these ideas.

  • Inthawk
    Inthawk Month ago +5

    key word: B A M B O O Z L E

  • Tin Of Juice
    Tin Of Juice Month ago +28

    *A lesson in humility coming now*

  • Vincent Caldwell
    Vincent Caldwell Month ago +12

    I feel a similar relationship with Ciri Nova. Just let her work goddammit!

    • xaero xiii
      xaero xiii Month ago

      She really shouldn't be susceptible to lock tbh. That or change her as a card overall. Remember when she boosted to 25-22 before homecoming? As much as i like Gwent right now, i really miss old Ciri Nova and old Vilgefortz Spies. Glad alchemy NG is gone though. Hated that with a passion.

  • Nick Guers
    Nick Guers Month ago +14

    bruh... look at this duude.... look at the top of his head...

  • Dominik Dubiel
    Dominik Dubiel Month ago +2