By the way, What If The Same Day REPEATED Over and Over? (ft. Puffin Forest)

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
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    Guest: Puffin Forest (Ben) -
    Main Animator: 'Bell Boy' Bella - Hourglass34_
    Assisted Color: 'Front desk' Pau - suzukiPCArt
    So today we put ourselves in a time-loop scenario where we repeat the same day over and over again. We can't seem to escape this day and our mission is to survive and escape. This groundhog's day is joined by our dope friend Ben (Puffin Forest), go give him some love!
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Comments • 23 699

  • π ItzVanilla π :3
    π ItzVanilla π :3 3 hours ago

    I love the movie happy death day i even laughed when the girl died over and over and *ØVËŘ* :) Nice vid btw :3

  • Bruh Moment Gaming
    Bruh Moment Gaming 3 hours ago

    1:06 to skip raid shadow legends

  • It’s Robin
    It’s Robin 6 hours ago

    What if the day repeated over and over and over again? You may ask and here’s what I’d say, “BLEEP THIS BLEEPING DAY I BLEEPING HATE IT!!!” And then go on a murdering spree.

  • Swindler L Noko
    Swindler L Noko 10 hours ago

    Imagine Dan's horror when Stephen suddenly started killing spree when they got up. And the other two is not even surprised. I mean, even if it's Stephen, he wouldn't just start killing in "real life"

  • Ilovecairns
    Ilovecairns 12 hours ago

    Rickroll me.

  • Taro Cake
    Taro Cake 15 hours ago

    7:16 NOOOOO, NOT JAY!

  • Priyanka Bhasin
    Priyanka Bhasin 17 hours ago +1

    "9 What are you gonna stab me with, your words? " That has different meaning to it now :(

  • Kaitlin Csoka
    Kaitlin Csoka 18 hours ago

    What? Is Jay the dying dude?

  • Melanie {{{{{}}}}}
    Melanie {{{{{}}}}} 20 hours ago

    Is the heartatack guy Jay???

  • moon beamシュガー


  • Delilah
    Delilah Day ago

    0:25 oh no... they've fallen into the darkside

  • Natalie Nichols
    Natalie Nichols Day ago +1

    I love watching your videos they always make me happy

  • Eman Cham
    Eman Cham Day ago +1

    Yeah right Dan goes through a ton if animators I bet with him paying them 400 a month

  • CheeseDED
    CheeseDED 2 days ago +1

    I miss being able to watch these normally

  • Little Eeveegirl
    Little Eeveegirl 2 days ago

    Room service happy Tuesday

  • Diviner Elite
    Diviner Elite 2 days ago +2

    “Your goal is to not die.”
    “That’s like every day!”

    Me: well I mean not if your sui-

  • Unknown Productionz
    Unknown Productionz 2 days ago +1

    Why did it have to end in a Clift hanger

  • Poison_ Ivy :3
    Poison_ Ivy :3 2 days ago +2

    I just feel bad for jay. He got dragged into Stephen and Daniels mess

  • Mystic Lapras
    Mystic Lapras 2 days ago +1

    I feel bad for the bellboy...

  • Heart_ Playz
    Heart_ Playz 2 days ago +3

    The end of the video "Happy-"

    AARYN KING 2 days ago

    No Hosuh can not survive Stephen

  • BloodyCaps_-
    BloodyCaps_- 2 days ago

    *rAiD sHaDoW lEgends*

  • Swindler L Noko
    Swindler L Noko 3 days ago

    I love how they just put dead Dan in the bed with them 😂😂😂

  • OMG novstaer
    OMG novstaer 3 days ago

    Where it cuts off, he meant to say "Room service, happy Monday!

  • guacamole
    guacamole 3 days ago

    Dan: I never sponsored a game without trying it
    Actual Dan: Oh my god the amount of money i can reel from this sponsor is awesome

  • PurplePlushie14 owo
    PurplePlushie14 owo 3 days ago

    Puffins character really reminds me of Roy Mustang from fma

  • Klepic
    Klepic 3 days ago +4

    9:11 you see, this is what's called a metaphor

    • JaxTru
      JaxTru 3 hours ago +1

      Well it was more like foreshadowing

  • bacon_ lettuce_tomato
    bacon_ lettuce_tomato 3 days ago +3

    what if you
    wanted to go to heaven
    but god said
    *R O O M S E R V I C E ! H A P P Y M O N D A Y !*

  • Azedine Arga
    Azedine Arga 3 days ago

  • Justaguy AroundYoutube
    Justaguy AroundYoutube 3 days ago +1

    0:51 doubt

  • Mae McCardle
    Mae McCardle 4 days ago +4

    You don’t need a parachute to go sky diving.
    You need a parachute to go sky diving twice.

  • Lucas Alves
    Lucas Alves 4 days ago +2

    7:07 - Jay and Jo?

  • Killer King
    Killer King 4 days ago


  • Cheese burglar
    Cheese burglar 4 days ago

    Where’s he second one I need another

  • RyanPlaysOfficialYT0
    RyanPlaysOfficialYT0 4 days ago +1

    That is like the movie
    "Happy Death day 2 You"
    Its going over and over always

  • Dr. FouFou
    Dr. FouFou 4 days ago +1

    Ironic that Daniel pulled the gun out

  • PetTheWhiteFox11
    PetTheWhiteFox11 4 days ago +2

    I loved this video before Stephen left the channel :(

  • Carol Hinesly
    Carol Hinesly 4 days ago

    %100000 Steven murders everybody

  • Lime Diamond
    Lime Diamond 4 days ago +4

    9:29 Actually Stephen fans after Stephen left DanPlan

  • Human Being
    Human Being 4 days ago +13

    Daniel: I’ve hated all of you
    Us in 2020: we can tell

  • bacon_ lettuce_tomato
    bacon_ lettuce_tomato 4 days ago +2

    Death totals:
    Hosuh: 10 (reasoning below)
    Stephen: 3
    Puffin: 2
    Daniel: 1
    Hosuh is given 10 deaths because of the assumed 4 times that Daniel killed him. Two on screen, and two offscreen. We can infer he was the one who died to reset the day because Hosuh is always Daniel's first Target in the times we do see him die.
    Edit: the offscreen deaths were the ones where he fell asleep in the prison, meaning anyone could've died, however Hosuh was most likely to die.

  • Meteor 752
    Meteor 752 4 days ago

    Kindergarten be like

  • unkown guy person thing idk

    Room Service Happy -------

  • failure studios
    failure studios 6 days ago

    It's like Minecraft if you die you respawn where you last slept :D

  • loxilite xX
    loxilite xX 6 days ago

    *”R O O M S E R V I C E !”*

  • bacon_ lettuce_tomato
    bacon_ lettuce_tomato 6 days ago +2

    -how to survive happy death day-
    *_how to survive Stephen in a happy death day situation_*

  • Uno Reverse Card
    Uno Reverse Card 6 days ago +1

    9:23 Daniel used the Multishot enchantment to kill them ÙwÚ

  • Jack_ Noone
    Jack_ Noone 6 days ago +3

    It feels awful now knowing that Stephen was trying his hardest but dan still didn’t care

  • Big Mans
    Big Mans 6 days ago +3

    By first, a word from our sponsor
    R A I D
    S H A D O W L E G E N D S

  • MeLlamanZuliaN
    MeLlamanZuliaN 7 days ago +3

    Why the fuck the part where Stephen says "I just want to torture him" sounds so fucking real now

  • Eya Chouaieb
    Eya Chouaieb 7 days ago +3

    Stephen:Yeah Daniel why do you suddenly hate us?
    Me:I would like to ask the same question.

  • Ely Soriano Hernandez
    Ely Soriano Hernandez 7 days ago +2

    This is really good imagine only getting payed under 300

  • I eat cracker 's
    I eat cracker 's 7 days ago

    Most common sponsor ever

  • One Big Mood
    One Big Mood 7 days ago +1

    “Room service!” 90% of the video

  • Kiki_Games :3
    Kiki_Games :3 7 days ago +1

    Me: *Watching the end of the video*
    Room Service Hooman: Happy.. *Video ends* Me: Hmmm..
    Wait, when Stephen shouted profanities at the officer, everybody went to bed, and eventually Stephen would fall asleep too, and that night there was no proof that anybody killed them... SO THEY ARE IN AN ENDLESS LOOP, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IT WILL ALWAYS BE MONDAY!!!!!! I think I over analyzed the whole episode xD

    • Bandit Wolflove
      Bandit Wolflove 3 days ago

      Well Daniel could have faked being asleep and then killed someone, or the guard could have shot Stephen once he fell asleep.

  • Wolfy Animates
    Wolfy Animates 7 days ago +1

    oH iT’s DaNiEl!
    aLrIgHt So We AlL ImMeDiAtElY jUmP dAnIeL?

  • Jayden Preece
    Jayden Preece 8 days ago +1

    *knock knock knock* ROOM SERVICE. HAPPY MONDAY

  • hearty
    hearty 8 days ago +2

    10:46 wait the animator of this vid lives in the philipines!? wow sana ol

  • Goliathon
    Goliathon 8 days ago +7

    Stephen: leaves DanPlan
    Everyone: 9:29

  • KaesonYT k9
    KaesonYT k9 8 days ago +1

    2:56 me in cod when i get killed by the same person 29 times in a row