Andrej Babis: ‘Illegal Immigration Is Threat to European Civilization’!!!

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
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Comments • 356

  • leen.v.r 51N
    leen.v.r 51N 2 months ago

    thanks 👍👍👍

  • Rick Santos
    Rick Santos Year ago +1

    Its not only Illegal Immigration, its also LEGAL Immigration its far too high. Looks at the Immigration laws of the countries that SEND immigrants, they are pretty right wing and nationalist.
    Its only Western Civilization that has to open its borders, the funny thing is with MutiCulti (which I think the Elites are beginning to throw out) the Immigrants and Some of their 2nd Generation Western Born kids will try to create enclaves or plural areas in the West, and thus replicate the sh*thole they came from rather than assimilate into the West.
    Completely agree with some comments were any crime and instant deportation for Legal immigrants (Japan has it right) eventually our low populaation will fix itself until then lets us technology to fix our ageing population.... The Elites don;t realize they are playing with fire and will eventually get badly burnt they never learn!

  • Rapture Dystopian

    Love the work Steve, subbed!

  • Hope For the Planet

    Dr. S. Turley....the eternal optimist.

  • Taylor Szabó Attila

    Kurz announced that he agrees voting against Hungary in EP on the Sargentini report! KURZ you are a boneless liar !!!!!!!

  • InYourFace
    InYourFace Year ago

    Wonderful how God hears the prayers of his children! Raising up righteous people to resist evil out of love for their nations, families and the future of their country, indeed, this world.

  • Nemo Nobody
    Nemo Nobody Year ago +1

    Eastern Europe has experienced muslim invasions for centuries and, more recently, destructive communist regimes. Is it really a surprise that they would vehemently oppose the western neo-commies and their import of rats?

  • Radomir Stec
    Radomir Stec Year ago

    Please pronounce his name correctly it gives me a headache not to hear it incorrectly and it's so easy just imagine that it's written like this: BABISH
    thank you for understanding

  • Harry Lord
    Harry Lord Year ago +1

    Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria is a powerful new block against Islam and immigration and they are at least very EU skeptic.
    More countries will join them and most countries have parties within their countries that votes together with this nationalist block.
    Soon, one day if EU is not broken then the EU will be in the hands of Nationalists!
    Britain voting to leave the EU was an INCREDIBLE good thing for the rest of Europe!
    Mainland Europe is pretty similar, Britain has always been different. Britain have for example not a NATIONALIST party, which is fucking insane!!
    Britain leaving is EXTREMELY good for the rest of Europe.
    British UKIP got 2%, which is nothing. The British conservatives is not nationalist, they are open borders globalists. The Labor party is open border globalist and communists.
    Britain leaving EU is great, LEAVE FASTER!! you will not be missed.
    The open border, Islam friendly, globalist block in the EU is shrinking.
    Now Germany and France is EU's biggest problem because they have so much power in the EU.. But they might change.
    After all Marine Le Pen in France got what? 30%? and AFD in Germany 10-15%? hopefully they will grow rapidly..
    For everyone outside of Europe, know that tens of millions of Europeans is fighting back, we wont be defeated.

  • Vermilion77
    Vermilion77 Year ago

    The guy who got stabbed was cuban not german.

  • Claire Ueda
    Claire Ueda Year ago

    Yes ! Half Japanese don't take shit ! ^_^

  • chrisloUSA
    chrisloUSA Year ago

    It’s not good enough to stop immigration, they need to deport all these migrants that they have imported.

  • Eurotopia
    Eurotopia Year ago

    Stunning! This is the 1st ultra-wealthy person after US President Donald Trump that I've heard speak out about unbridled mass immigration in Western lands.

  • Dymphna Gates
    Dymphna Gates Year ago

    The shenanigans in Sweden's polling places makes it more difficult to find Sweden Democrats' ballots. Somehow, they're not there...and don't forget the courage it takes to even pick up an SD ballot in front of everyone else. If there were fully free elections in Sweden, SD would have even more seats.

  • Nick Ames
    Nick Ames Year ago

    Long Live Babis !

  • Nick Ames
    Nick Ames Year ago

    I think it would be nice to post the name.of the Righteous Man who gave his Life !

  • mustLoveDogs
    mustLoveDogs Year ago

    Australia's multiCulturalism has only been successful with christian UK and European migrants.
    The country is being rooted up the arse by muslims and black Africans.
    muslims and black Africans: will NEVER assimilate
    muslims and black Africans: Get out of our countries!!

  • Gigi Devoe
    Gigi Devoe Year ago

    Not just illegal immigration but all immigration at this time.. they ARE INVADERS.

  • SeriouslyKidding
    SeriouslyKidding Year ago

    Wir sind das volk.

  • Missy Norris
    Missy Norris Year ago

    If 30 Americans of Military age were to land via water craft on almost any foreign soil, they would instantly be labelled invaders and suspicion would abound that the US Govt. was up to something nefarious.Yet the invasion from the African continent by 30K to 50K a month of fortune-seekers with no real ambition but to pillage foreign lands are labelled Immigrants.

  • No Hope Equals no fear

    Merkle is threat to europe

  • Kevin Grove
    Kevin Grove Year ago

    A threat? Europe is done, at least Britain, Sweden, Germany,France, who else? They're getting a foothold in many other countries.

  • Richard Osmancik
    Richard Osmancik Year ago

    Well Unfortunately Babis can't be trusted. He is a lier. One day he is against immigrants other day he and his party vote or sign some pro immigration agreements. Check the history of what he or his party members said, signed and voted for before you start make songs about him. He is corrupted individual who has big influence in media and does different thing in front of Czech public and different thing behind their back. He is a rival of SPD of Tomio Okamura. He had an option to create coalition with SPD but chose rather communists and corrupted CSSD.

  • Lakeem Bryant
    Lakeem Bryant Year ago

    Dr Steve will you please bring us your view on the BOOK OF REVELATIONS. it does not say we are going to escape torture and destruction and man will be extremely corrupt. I love u buddy but aren't you giving us false hope that we will win ?

  • Svetka Aleshenka
    Svetka Aleshenka Year ago


  • Andy Roo
    Andy Roo Year ago

    A mass intellectual eclipse will cover Europe if this illegal ,unvetted immigration Continues. In time the left will be jailed en masse for their anti fa antics. Including present leaders

  • Hilde Platz
    Hilde Platz Year ago

    This man is smart compare to our communist democrats,university student's and they instructors 👎👹👎👹👎👹

  • Max lopolo
    Max lopolo Year ago

    No shit. And the water is wet. BIG NEWS. ILLEGAL immigration is, unsurprisingly, ILLEGAL. Wonder why. Because it is bad. GENIOUS!

  • Jiri Necas
    Jiri Necas Year ago +1

    Visegrads 4 (Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians) will remain the European! Let's be strong and united!
    Stop the dictatorship of Brussels marxist!

  • Marcela Brandstatter


  • faron ray
    faron ray Year ago

    A Jew Frenchman told his anti-immigrant Frenchman friend who wasn't a Jew that he had had enough of all the Muslims in France because of the anti-antisemitism getting worse there. The Jewish man said, I'm going to Israel to start a new life. The anti-immigrant Frenchman said to the Jewish Frenchman, "where will I go". Maybe Czech, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary will let the Christians, normal European people into their countries as refugees from Europe when Islam destroys most of Europe. KEEP the left, liberals, communist, Muslims from entering those 4 great countries.

  • Noel Scully
    Noel Scully Year ago

    The Germans should protest with guns.

  • Johannes DeMoravia

    Merkel will one day hang ... with her cohorts in the west.

  • Jane S
    Jane S Year ago

    How can a religious man be so narrow minded and racist?

  • Time to make Changes

    The Globalist will be hard to defeat they take the long view and are like cockroaches they hide in the cracks and come out when your least expecting it.

  • Sean Christopher
    Sean Christopher Year ago +1


  • Dora Tiscareno
    Dora Tiscareno Year ago +3

    STOP !!!! Renting 🏠to them....
    STOP !!!! Giving them FOOD 🍗🍔🍟... WELFARE
    PROBLEM's working very well in other places...👍👍👍👍

  • Shaun Halliwell
    Shaun Halliwell Year ago

    Jericho Horns (Project Fear) isn't working. Watch "Globus - Europa [Lyrics]" on RU-clip

  • manu de backer
    manu de backer Year ago

    Hey look, there are still 2 liberals here. That's so cute.

  • Ursusdines Animalia

    This is what the foolish Germans voted for. I don't feel anything for Germans anymore. There was a little German boy who was raped by two immigrants who claimed to be of his age, and sadly Germans don't revolt for their people.

  • Slim Morden
    Slim Morden Year ago

    Does the immigrant's actions identify him as a member of the International Brotherhood of Beggars? It was a Muslim in Turkey identified 80% of the immigrants as beggars. He still wanted his people to dominate but pointed out beggars on welfare will never become strong enough to dominate.

  • Malcolm Mulvihill

    Utterly true desired by your enemies the Jews

  • Alice de Janze
    Alice de Janze Year ago +1

    Sweden we are watching you. Sunday 9th September, last chance saloon.

  • finn1951
    finn1951 Year ago +1

    I wish someone would question Soros where he gets his money.

    • Kevin Grove
      Kevin Grove Year ago

      He robs whole countries and economies that is why he wants to destroy America, communism 101 the end JUSTIFIES the means.The kids think they gain political power ,Soros & company plunder trillions.Been done over & over, when we going to learn?

  • Zuzana Halza
    Zuzana Halza Year ago

    Dr. Turley, Czech republic PM Andrej Babis ( Ba-bi- SH ) pronounce SH at the end because his S has a roof ✔ on top of the letter S and therefore it turns into SH. Thanks for your excellent reporting

  • joseph bendzinski

    Just look what it did to great britain. The country is now history. The queen should dismiss their corrupt and incapable parliament and take over. She would do a loy better

  • joseph bendzinski

    It is a threat to the United States. The liberals somehow think they are sending us their best.

  • operacrackers
    operacrackers Year ago

    The challenge with Sweden is they don’t have secret ballot system. There may be too much fear of voting for the “wrong party”! Let’s hope there are enough brave people!

  • operacrackers
    operacrackers Year ago

    Mass illegal immigration = invasion.

  • Jacob Mason
    Jacob Mason Year ago

    I like your vids boyo.

  • Grumpy Leprechaun

    I am seriously contemplating on whether I should move to Poland or not... lol

  • Bossy Bill
    Bossy Bill Year ago

    Those natives had better start humping up their populations and/or begin repatriations, or it will all be for nought.

  • eurosensazion
    eurosensazion Year ago

    Type "Replacement Migration" on Google. Click 1st Result which is UN site. READ IT. Now you know what the UN and globalist have planned decades ago. Complete Replacement of European and North American civilization because of demographics. I'm not making this up it's written by UN.

  • common law
    common law Year ago

    Love it ... intelligent white people at last .... not taking the twisted globalist agenda on board

  • Greg Deane
    Greg Deane Year ago

    The Czechs check the Muslim invasion.

    • Greg Deane
      Greg Deane Year ago

      Bad English. Check your spelling.

    • CRIS /34
      CRIS /34 Year ago +1

      The Czechs czech the muslim invasion

  • gainer4muscle
    gainer4muscle Year ago

    Turks and Islam invaded the Habsburg Empire several hundred years ago when the Turks reached Vienna where they were defeated and pushed to the south. Now the old states that used to make up the Habsburg Empire will stop the spread of Islam in Europe again.

    DEG00GLEURSELF Year ago

    It's a sign of the sad state of affairs when a prime minister states on tv a patent and obvious fact; will cause the collective shit of half of the western world to be lost. How far we've already fallen.

  • Simon J.J.
    Simon J.J. Year ago +1

    Unfortunately the UK still insists on selling itself as a luxurious Hotel complex to immigrants, they pile into my country like kids at a fairground.

  • Long Ago
    Long Ago Year ago

    Really hope the Swedes take their government back. A first step to taking their country back. We're rooting for you Sweden!

  • It’s ok to be white

    Great video Dr Steve. Keep up the good fight. God bless.
    Ross Fleming