Neil DeGrasse Tyson Interviews Stephen Colbert

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • The periodic tables have turned, as Neil DeGrasse Tyson takes over the Late Show and interviews Stephen about philosophy, religion, and The Lord of the Rings.
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Comments • 2 725

  • Talat Anand
    Talat Anand 12 hours ago

    I'm sorta kinda annoyed that N.D. Tyson keeps hogging the mic and wouldn't let Colbert speak. Ffs, he's the guest!

  • Katelynn Murphy
    Katelynn Murphy 23 hours ago

    Stephen just reconstructed my view on religion coexisting with science. He has a very sweet, simple view

  • Chocktae Bolanca

    One thing that really pisses me off is when I see comments in videos like this is where people will trash on what other people believe in. Me myself I am not religious but who tf am I to make someone feel bad because of their personal beliefs. Sure I can understand wanting to educate people or stop ignorance but it comes to a point where you just look like a prick.

  • Priyangshu Goswami

    Stephen Colbert is smarter than Rahul Gandhi.

  • JMPeRager
    JMPeRager 2 days ago

    I feel like I'm a bit like Colbert then.
    Although, I'm an atheist agnostic, philosophically, when it's comes to the question of existence, how can our universe exist at all? Was there a universe before ours? Are we just one of a long cycle?Who created the first universe? They're very weird and annoyingly saddening questions, I almost get an existential crisis.

    So, to put your belief in a god and stories of that god, I feel is a valid way to deal with it, as long as it doesn't go against scientific progress.

  • rawaz [UK]
    rawaz [UK] 2 days ago

    6:25 heres the peep

  • Arizona
    Arizona 2 days ago

    Okay. Okay. Okay. Faith of a believer is an urge to reject evidence?! Faith, TRUE faith, is BASED on evidence! If there's no proof, then how can you have genuine faith in it? If you didn't have any direct evidence that Old Faithful (there's that word "faith" again) erupted at the same time, could you have faith in the fact that it does? And that's only ONE example.
    In fact, the very definition of faith is: “.... the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident [proof] of realities though not beheld.” (Hebrews 11: 1) You call that blind? You call that living in ignorance? True faith REQUIRES sound evidence, plus fundamental knowledge and heartfelt appreciation of what is indicated by such evidence, to be believed in or it's nothing but blind credulity. To believe something that hasn't happened yet, you need evidence that it's consistently happened before. A reliable track record has to be established before faith can be exercised or it's just cloud dreaming false hope. This concept of 'I have faith that it's just that way because it is,' is not faith, it's credulity. One is not the other. Never has been, never will be.
    What believers have no faith in is the misrepresentation, omission, and at times flat out fabrication, of evidence by atheists who do everything they can to prove that creation is a myth and the the universe and everything in it came about by a slew of happy accidents. Because if they were forced to look at and accept the true nature of the proof before them, they'd also have to acknowledge the creator which means they'd have to acknowledge they don't have the authority to establish what is right and what is wrong and they HATE that thought.
    It comes down to their selfish desire to do what they want no matter what any other authority says, and so they do everything they can to cut out that other authority from the picture so they can do what they want with, what they think is, impunity. But it's not with impunity, for they will be held accountable.

  • Peter Petruzzi
    Peter Petruzzi 3 days ago

    Stephen should be a guest more often

  • luckyDancer100
    luckyDancer100 3 days ago

    I wish he’d get his own show

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink 3 days ago

    No, your faith claims that a fairytale is real. Check and mate.

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink 3 days ago

    So is it not lame for be to be afraid of the dark and use my phone as a nightlight at 22?

  • Anti-HyperLink
    Anti-HyperLink 3 days ago

    That intro is why he’s an astrophysicist and not a talk show host.
    Or because he chose his profession

  • Amal Karunasena
    Amal Karunasena 3 days ago

    Stephen Colbert not so funny at all

  • Lynda Schroeder
    Lynda Schroeder 4 days ago

    Absolutely DELIGHTFULL!!!!!!!!!!

  • DrewAF11
    DrewAF11 4 days ago

    The way NDT introduced Colbert had some Perd Hapley elements...I might be thinking that because I just binged parks and rec

  • David Paciencia
    David Paciencia 5 days ago

    These two are very interresting and cool

  • Kam sick
    Kam sick 5 days ago

    Colbert or Colbear

  • Roland Kontson
    Roland Kontson 6 days ago

    I've reasoned, that many of those "new problems" come from over-population.

  • Yatin Kumar
    Yatin Kumar 7 days ago +2

    Who want to see the philosophical conversation bw neil de grase & sadhguru

  • Geoff Martin
    Geoff Martin 8 days ago

    What's up with his right ear????...Jeesh

  • brian hamano
    brian hamano 9 days ago

    my answer for why there is something instead of nothing... There has to be something in order to define nothing.

  • promugg
    promugg 9 days ago

    when neil says one in a million happens 9 out of 10 times.

  • Dan Russell
    Dan Russell 10 days ago

    Best yet didnt truly know just how bloody smart Stephen is . and he is super smart

  • Charles Perlstein
    Charles Perlstein 11 days ago

    Did Stephen use a Jeff Mangum In The Aeroplane Over The Sea quote?

  • Kevin Marren
    Kevin Marren 11 days ago

    Stephen believes in the God of ontotheology, which is to say he does not believe at all, but knows that he does not know. This is not faith, but the ultimate form of covert cynicism. Just saying. #Heidegger #Kierkegaard

  • Novaximus
    Novaximus 12 days ago

    I always worry about our atmosphere. It's so thin and it's the only barrier that separates us from space. I think, man … some day the sky is just going to dissipate into space. What's keeping it from just floating off.

  • Chris costa
    Chris costa 12 days ago

    listen I am already scared of super intelligent jellyfish.

  • Agnibha De sarkar
    Agnibha De sarkar 12 days ago +1

    Stephen was way more philosophical than the other guy..

    • OMM
      OMM 8 days ago

      Agnibha De sarkar Neil Degreese Tyson?

  • Crystal Tears
    Crystal Tears 12 days ago

    I understand what Stephen says. Science and religion cannot explain each other but for realists science is our mother. Religion as much as i see the value it had to organise ancient societies, could never explain anything or make sense to me. So let us go on our merry ways regardless never imposing on each other.

  • NF7 Studios
    NF7 Studios 12 days ago

    Wait I'm confused.. Did Neil DeGrasse Tyson host an episode of the Late show as a guest host and interview the actual host in the episode or is this just a skit from Stephen Colbert?

    • Maximus Stoppage
      Maximus Stoppage 8 days ago

      It was a specific episode where his friends interviewed him.

  • Preston Ferry
    Preston Ferry 12 days ago +1

    What is this 😂

  • thomas addis
    thomas addis 13 days ago

    Best bromance

  • Cloudless Vision
    Cloudless Vision 13 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 13 days ago +1

    These are the type of friends I like to surround myself with

  • ed brando
    ed brando 14 days ago +1

    7:47 it's a *prostitute*

  • Jack Lost
    Jack Lost 14 days ago


  • Phyllis Graham
    Phyllis Graham 14 days ago

    Does Stephen Colbert where a mask?

  • Gopal Purohit
    Gopal Purohit 14 days ago

    Well both Christianity and Islam took over the world in a very short period of time, much of it through forced conversions (Persians, Hindus, Buddhists, Germanic Barbarians, American tribes, African tribes, Aborginees and South East Asian community) so their original religions had no room for questioning as it served national and military purpose as well (like how Communism was used by USSR and fascism by Nazi Germany). It was later when there was peace and progress that the religion developed into branches that offered more tolerance (Protestant and branches of Islam as well). On the other hand there were four religions that came from Indian subcontinent, which, as they were developed in a peaceful environment and removed from political power not only allowed but supported questioning. Hinduism has more than thousand gods cause it didn't vanquish people with different gods but brought then under their fold (eg. Lord Buddha being an avatar of Vishnu) and allowed for debates to let people choose. Buddhism became so popular in eastern cultures due to its emphasis on tolerance allowing local theological thoughts to merge with them. Now with U.S and Europe developing Christianity has grown more tolerant, while Hinduism and Buddhism, due to repeated attacks on core values has developed more fundamentalist branches to survive. Islam having lost the lead from Christianity after Renaissance and World Wars still continues to be wielded for military and political power. All religion like science can be used for social and spiritual progress like during the Golden Age of Spiritualism during Gupta Empire, all thoughts co existing peacefully, or can lead to increase in fundamentalism due to conflict further fueling it.

  • The Duder
    The Duder 15 days ago

    Beg to differ Mr. Tyson. Regarding population.
    I am extremely worried about it to this day.
    There are too many. You know this. I know this.
    EVERY major species to grow too large in numbers has been erased from the planet.
    7.8 billion people consuming, exhaling, polluting. We are writing our own eviction notice.
    And as anyone can tell, the planet has initiated changes necessary to correct and balance the system once again.
    It's not humans alone which are the problem. It is the number of humans.
    No one needs to be killed off. But we seriously need to stop making new people for about 23.5 years.
    Odd estimate I know. But it is long enough to lower our numbers back to a not so damaging level.
    By then we will all see proof that lower numbers are better. Then most will no longer have the desire to have 11 kids.
    I suspect incoming hate. Just understand while it may appear brutal or rough to some, it WILL correct the environmental problems we are now facing.
    Again, no one has to go, but we have enough. No more for a while.

  • ElectroIsMyReligion
    ElectroIsMyReligion 15 days ago +1

    God dammit I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson - He's a true gift, nothing less than a national treasure !

  • tinymanthebeast
    tinymanthebeast 16 days ago

    You need contrast. They know what they know. You can't pretend not to Know something. I like there awnsers. Brilliant human beings.

  • pewpew Fett
    pewpew Fett 16 days ago

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson needs a late night show.

  • BambooBob
    BambooBob 19 days ago

    If your in 2019 just skip strait to 4:31 watch for minute, then leave

  • John Jay
    John Jay 19 days ago

    How I yearn for conversations like that. This is how people should be discussing life, not how big Kim Kardashian's ass is, or the cartoonish antics of Trump. All valid topics, but please, let's set our sights higher.

  • Prime Creatress Shekhinah Glory

    A hundred billions galaxies??😎

  • DRad DaDanDawg
    DRad DaDanDawg 24 days ago

    did steven shave for this part?

  • Kass McGann
    Kass McGann 24 days ago

    Stephen Colbert is about the only person who can explain his faith and not sound like he's just regurgitating what he's been raised and indoctrinated to think. As someone raised Catholic who is now staunchly atheist, I truly admire him.

  • Ryan Ross
    Ryan Ross 26 days ago

    So many logical contradictions in his argument about faith and evidence.

  • Tom Varrette
    Tom Varrette 28 days ago

    Humans track record is not good because of Colberts archaic religious beliefs. people like him need to be wiped off the planet

  • AlphaCentauri24
    AlphaCentauri24 28 days ago +1

    It is sad that these hosts are obsessed with hating on Trump. This Colbert guy even donated to corrupt Hillary.

  • A Z
    A Z 28 days ago

    The ONLY reason Stephen is religious is because of the tragic loss of his beloved catholic father and brothers.

  • Eric Pearson
    Eric Pearson Month ago

    Love those two

  • Maisa Roozie
    Maisa Roozie Month ago

    فك رقبة

  • Maisa Roozie
    Maisa Roozie Month ago


  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker Month ago +1

    Prepare, cause the jellies are coming for us

  • Prayush Rajbhandari
    Prayush Rajbhandari Month ago +2

    Meanwhile, in a parallel universe.

  • Tucson Bushwhacker
    Tucson Bushwhacker Month ago

    Neil didn't get asked why he likes fondlin' up young ladies.

  • keshlalish
    keshlalish Month ago

    my dream is to be in a room with elon musk, NDT and snoop dog.
    and just talking about shit, great idea would get out of this i tell you. hahahahah

  • Anushasan poudel
    Anushasan poudel Month ago

    Is this from parallel universe???

  • xpjv
    xpjv Month ago

    Fallen Angel's show...

  • Anxo Fernandez
    Anxo Fernandez Month ago +26

    "Why don't we see more supernovas? “
    "We see them every night...with telescopes"
    That's a Thug Life meme moment. They should have played "The next episode" right then and there.

  • skoda10
    skoda10 Month ago

    so he makes a claim that a god/gods exists and says that he can't prove it, and then he says that if nobody can prove to him that he is wrong he's gonna keep believing that. surely that's not how it works.. and why would you believe that something exists without having any evidence for it.

  • Nehemiah Uttam
    Nehemiah Uttam Month ago

    I wish this conversation never ends, I'm loving it!

  • Ben Mullin
    Ben Mullin Month ago +1

    Such good bromance

  • Lena Cicchelli
    Lena Cicchelli Month ago

    Ugh I wish this was the standard level of discourse. I’m so bored.

  • Lemuel Clarke
    Lemuel Clarke Month ago

    Give those two niqqas a blunt and make them do a podcast.

  • Pantera
    Pantera Month ago

    whats the song when stephen enters? sounds very cool

  • A A
    A A Month ago

    You can only feel grattitude under the assumption that there is someone to direct that grattitude towards in the first place. Colbert is just searching for elaborate words to phrase his irrational belief.

    • A A
      A A Month ago

      +mantabay Even better. I'm right at parties. ;)

  • ooglepants
    ooglepants Month ago +29

    "my faith approaches a mystery" and the following explanation he provides is probably the best example of faith working in conjunction with science.
    i could listen to these two for weeks on end.

  • He Who Sees In The Dark

    "He is now in my favorite human list"

  • Zeke ZekeKan
    Zeke ZekeKan Month ago

    6 minutes 13 seconds in, when he says that's my dad he fixes his glasses with his middle finger. I think he's saying f*** you Dad

  • Bill Morris
    Bill Morris Month ago

    You can’t explain the precise details of the origins of the universe, so Jesus.

  • Theo Knapp
    Theo Knapp Month ago

    Colbert likes talking about himself

  • awkward grl
    awkward grl Month ago

    7:06 Y'all caught the NMH reference or no?

  • Meg
    Meg Month ago

    Everyone talks about how bad climate change is, and yet, no one wants to end the number one reason for climate change - the barbaric animal agriculture industry. If you really care about the planet, act; don't talk. #GoVegan

  • Aftershock Gamer
    Aftershock Gamer Month ago

    I think it depends on what you find out. What if you found out you were a clone like in Black mirror? When you can just live your life

  • Jhoshua Wolfox
    Jhoshua Wolfox Month ago

    I'm confused..?
    To say the least?
    I was out of the loop for a looooong time, the hell happened here

  • Mario Bintang
    Mario Bintang Month ago

    the super Stephen Colbert!, sharp.. comprehensive and concise. rocked up until to the rock bottom.
    in just a few minutes, makes arguments that shine and fragrant from the basement to the roof top.

  • The Good Person
    The Good Person Month ago

    WORST two lairs on EARTH !!!!!!!!

  • The Good Person
    The Good Person Month ago

    OH Noooooooo WORST two people on earth in same time !!! Ohhh

  • Joshua Theriault
    Joshua Theriault Month ago

    Lol evidence!! Lmfao there’s no evidence with religion! Ohhhh my that part of the conversation is sad.
    But the rest was cool

  • Ian Lackey
    Ian Lackey Month ago

    Not to know provides a life longing for answers. To know leaves nothing left to ponder.

    • Ian Lackey
      Ian Lackey Month ago

      Also I think I know what 42 means... it's stupid but hear me out... so what's really the ultimate question? Where am I. 42... I think that if multi dimensional space exists then this is dimension 42. If you go to another dimension and read the hitchhikers guide it will have a different numeric value as an answer. So if you ever get lost and need to know where you are... just my thoughts on it...

  • Jaylan Phipps
    Jaylan Phipps 2 months ago

    Anytime these two are together, it’s just a great time.

  • Ryan McGill
    Ryan McGill 2 months ago

    Was that an “in aeroplane over the sea” quote stevvvvie?

  • Tengku Derizal
    Tengku Derizal 2 months ago +1

    4:18 "If you have a sample size large enough, rare things become common."
    - Neil DeGrasse Tyson, 2018
    Quote of the day!

  • Cyriac Talus
    Cyriac Talus 2 months ago

    We need more of this

  • westsidebeaches
    westsidebeaches 2 months ago +1

    This simply one of the best. Be the the super Nova that lights the darkness of the cosmos.

  • KaterinaTalantliva
    KaterinaTalantliva 2 months ago

    better to know. but not to know is ok too.

  • Halle Strausser
    Halle Strausser 2 months ago

    Stephen. Thank you.

  • Sumit Vijaykumar
    Sumit Vijaykumar 2 months ago

    if neil is laughing..he is actually just saying "i am not familiar to the thing that you said"

  • moonlightmoods
    moonlightmoods 2 months ago

    This is amazing !

  • Lofi Meka
    Lofi Meka 2 months ago

    I find him interesting! thats why I sampled him in a tune!

  • Tyler Jordan
    Tyler Jordan 2 months ago


  • Thomas Deeley
    Thomas Deeley 2 months ago

    My faith comes from a need for speed

  • Rogred
    Rogred 2 months ago

    I don’t care that the haters always say Neil isn’t Einstein, I still love him

  • Blue Thunder73
    Blue Thunder73 2 months ago

    Give Neil a talk show.

  • Kongm2036
    Kongm2036 2 months ago

    6:53 It was Colbert's turn to blow Neil's mind this time

  • SciFiDeath
    SciFiDeath 2 months ago

    Your Honor,
    Let the record show that as your sample size increases, rarer stuff don’t get common but rather numerous. People just tend to confuse the two.

  • Maya Raghavan
    Maya Raghavan 2 months ago

    Absolutely Fantastic .