Top 10 Scary Serial Killers On The Loose

  • Опубликовано: 5 фев 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Serial Killers On The Loose
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    Top 10 Scary Convict Confessions Caught On Tape
    Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack The Ripper, John Wayne Gacy, these are all serial killers. all of them have a lack of remorse or guilt, they act on impulses and feel the need to be in control at all times. They all experience abnormal psychology behaviors that compels them to try and hurt as many people as possible. The first ever recorded serial killers in history was Herman Webster Mudgett also known as H.H Holmes or even Dr. Henry Howard Holmes. He confused to 27 murders but it was said that he may have murdered as many as 200 people in a span of just 4 years while he just entered into his 30s.
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    Highway of tears murders
    I-70 Killer - a woman who survived the attack
    B1 Butcher
    Zodiac Killer 0:06- 0:20
    Route 29 Stalker-

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    A lot of these “ serial killers “ are never found or can simply never be traced because they aren’t regular everyday people . Their informants , police , detectives , protected spies or somehow affiliated . Don’t sleep 🤫 .

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    6:50, what Bruce Mccarthur did was awful but i HATE that on the news they used this picture as the picture to show who he was, a nice picture with a pretty scene behind it. Yet for one of his victims they used the guys mug shot. How awful is that? the poor man was murdered and the picture they used was a mug shot, they should have used another picture. You dont choose a nice photo of the murderer and a mug shot of the victim. i just thought it was awful, people form opinions as soon as they see mug shots and idk the guy just deserved better.

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    guy kills one person ( life in prison)
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    This didnt happen to me but it happened to my mom
    before I was born my mom had a motion detector so she could go get my siblings if they woke up early (there were 2 of them back then) and my dad was out on a business trip my mom was alone and the motion detector goes off and my mom goes to my brother and sisters room there asleep my mom calls the police but heres the scary part a couple had been murdered not to far away from our house and my mom had been finding are door unlocked when she woke up when she new she locked it so this is the story how my mom was nearly murdered sends me chills to this day I wasn't even alive

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    HH.HOLMES was not the 1st serial killer. Madame LaLaurie & Elizabeth Bathory were before him.

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    H.H. Holmes was one of the first serial killers in American history but there were serial killers known of before him.

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    Jeffrey Dahmer is actually really interesting. Not in a psychopathic way, but it’s really fascinating to read up on the serial killers’ past lives and what’s going on in their minds. The problem about police is they glorify these psychopaths by naming them, ie: Zodiac Killer, Highway Of Tears Killer and the I70 Killer. This makes them feel like they’re doing something right and they’d want to kill more people. It’s not right. I don’t really know why someone would kill someone else, but it happens. I am 16 and live in England so I’m not an expert, but it’s just common sense.

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