Julian Newman: 12-Year-Old Phenom INSANE Workout

  • Published on Oct 12, 2014
  • Julian Newman gets ready for his 7th grade season (3rd year playing high school varsity) with a crazy workout at Downey Christian (Orlando, Florida). He turned 13 in September but this workout was filmed before his birthday.
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  • qbvick
    qbvick Day ago

    And he never grew....

  • Siu hin Lee
    Siu hin Lee 2 days ago


  • Sticky Rice
    Sticky Rice 3 days ago

    Why he stocked on that height?

  • JePaul Woods
    JePaul Woods 5 days ago

    He's a'ight

  • darth brooks
    darth brooks 6 days ago

    This would be a cool circus act

  • ovichamp
    ovichamp 6 days ago

    The fact he basically wasted all of his childhood in the gym becoming a better basketball player just for him to go nowhere with it. They should’ve known he was gonna be short when both his parents are under 5’5.... He probably would’ve been a good soccer player with his quickness.

  • Captain appletits
    Captain appletits 8 days ago

    3:10 lmao wtf

  • Jxydxn
    Jxydxn 9 days ago

    Could you imagine doing all these drills and then turn out to be a ball hog who dribbles way to much and gets butthurt when he gets locked down😭😂

  • Dyonis Hodges
    Dyonis Hodges 9 days ago

    He’s aight

  • Sir Beagle
    Sir Beagle 11 days ago

    Besides the over-exaggerated workout, his main problem is his basketball IQ. A point guard of his size should focus on sharing the ball more, and dribbling when necessary not in every single possession...

    PARCORE PARCORE 12 days ago

    This inspired me to work hard in practice

  • Faruk Karlı
    Faruk Karlı 13 days ago

    Aynı benim küçüklüğüm

  • Maurice Hsu
    Maurice Hsu 13 days ago

    He should learn some sportsmanship

  • samuel suero jimenez
    samuel suero jimenez 13 days ago +1

    Hay algo que no me deja dormir en las noches. Por qué los entrenadores son tan gordos siempre?

  • Jnic TV
    Jnic TV 13 days ago

    To bad this little midget is absolute garbage. Can't stand this twerp

  • FNN Squad
    FNN Squad 13 days ago

    If you going to hate then go away bc he is way better than you and workers really hard just like his sister. They both push each other and are athletic

  • victor williams
    victor williams 14 days ago

    Everything he does is based on clout chasing
    No matter how good a player he is
    Which he is not btw
    As a person.. Lame

  • Cedrick Lopez
    Cedrick Lopez 16 days ago

    Oww i know why he is small bc in hes practices he always carry havy thing lol thats why i believe that dont weitg lift is you are still small

  • Romi Azulay
    Romi Azulay 17 days ago

    Wow wow wow wow

  • Anime Wrld
    Anime Wrld 19 days ago

    Julian needs to watch this

  • Mike Butcher
    Mike Butcher 19 days ago

    He’s still the same height in 2020

  • Penuel Yahu
    Penuel Yahu 19 days ago +1

    Why nobody talks the 12 years old black boys and girls that go to college, but everybody talking about a black kid that play sports?

  • T R
    T R 20 days ago

    My past self seen this video years ago and I wish I could tell my past self from the future to not even waste my time watching this kid!!

  • Amelia Ferreira
    Amelia Ferreira 21 day ago

    Is good

  • Body Bots
    Body Bots 23 days ago

    Julians dads shorts always kill me

  • Jaylen Thomas
    Jaylen Thomas 23 days ago

    He was better at 12 then he is now

  • Hacı Mehmet Kızoğlu

    2020 🤘👌

  • SWISHER Pack618
    SWISHER Pack618 24 days ago

    6yrs later and he's trash !

  • Caiden Kenan
    Caiden Kenan 25 days ago

    I’m from the further he has no offers

  • Neil Jonathan Borbon
    Neil Jonathan Borbon 25 days ago

    None of that training will do you good if your attitude in the game is SHIT.
    R E A L T A L K.

  • Shhh Rowe
    Shhh Rowe 26 days ago +3

    What is the instrumental at 2:17

  • Pushkar Pandey
    Pushkar Pandey 26 days ago

    He will definitely go to NBA.

  • Julie anne Redeo
    Julie anne Redeo 27 days ago


  • Toya Murillo
    Toya Murillo 27 days ago

    He looks so "STIFF" his moves almost look forced! I'm sorry but he wasn't meant to be Athletic. One of the parents must have passed that bad Gene on to him and I believe it might be the Hispanic Gene bc his father's is black and white! 🤭 Sorry Julian Newman

  • Poop Tube
    Poop Tube 28 days ago +2

    That same kid now is averaging 2 points a game

  • Festus NDIKUMANA
    Festus NDIKUMANA 29 days ago

    oh damn !!!! 12 years

  • jordhi vallejo
    jordhi vallejo Month ago

    I’m better than him trust me

  • Chase Krupansky
    Chase Krupansky Month ago +1

    It's funny how some of his jump shots are edited.

  • ezg30 sports tv
    ezg30 sports tv Month ago +1

    Julian can u make a video of ur jumpshot please

  • Nathan_Paul
    Nathan_Paul Month ago

    All the negative comments but this kid is a damn good basketball player. Just because he's short don't mean he won't go pro, look at Spud Webb. Julian is a phenomenal player and I can definitely see him going pro(NBA).

    • Tim Miklič
      Tim Miklič Month ago

      No lol watch him play in a match he misses most of his shots, loses the ball when going for a layup and doesn't pass at all

    • Andre Ricardo Bryant
      Andre Ricardo Bryant Month ago

      He isn't as good as them fool

  • Josh Nn
    Josh Nn Month ago

    Was anyone listening to that dope beat

  • Kaleb Douglas
    Kaleb Douglas Month ago +1

    Hard work paid off 💪💪 stay strong.good day

  • Ryan Sandi
    Ryan Sandi Month ago

    he wont enter NBA

  • Lil Noah
    Lil Noah Month ago

    He needs some grow pills 💊 he dribble too hard

  • Paeng TV
    Paeng TV Month ago


  • Luciano Carri
    Luciano Carri Month ago

    Quien pudiera

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man Month ago

    You aint gotta be a fan but you have to respect that work ethic

  • Dora Ime
    Dora Ime Month ago

    he is training so hard for what.

  • Candice Baker
    Candice Baker Month ago +2

    Watching this in 2019

    JAGTO CHANNEL Month ago

    Ramone woods: ara ara

  • Solucion PC
    Solucion PC Month ago


  • ezg30 sports tv
    ezg30 sports tv Month ago +1

    I practiced since 3 years old

  • ezg30 sports tv
    ezg30 sports tv Month ago +1

    I love basketball since i was 3 years old i never stopped

  • Mitanjali Nayak
    Mitanjali Nayak Month ago


  • Joseph Tabacon
    Joseph Tabacon Month ago

    Insane workout is nonsense, try to work out your attitude bro🙄

  • ysaac romero
    ysaac romero Month ago

    his father getin wrong profesion, better is horse jockey............................too smalll

  • chris heaven
    chris heaven Month ago

    But he is too short.

  • Tyler The Conqueror

    Too much physical work and no iq teaching at all

  • Honest Gamer
    Honest Gamer Month ago

    He's a bust now

    • Luiss Cortess
      Luiss Cortess Month ago

      MR. MADMAX he never had expectations, he always sucked