'The World's Best' Magician Justin Flom's iPhone Card Trick

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • James Corden welcomes magician Justin Flom, competing on The World's Best, to perform some insane card tricks that leave Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rebel Wilson and The Late Late Show audience stunned. You might want to grab a friend and a deck of cards to try one of the tricks yourself.
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  • Rinku Singh
    Rinku Singh 11 hours ago +1


  • bait clicker
    bait clicker 13 hours ago

    Three tedious demonstrations of what gullible idiots people are.

  • Nayr Dominic Gecana
    Nayr Dominic Gecana 14 hours ago

    fat amy

  • Raghav sharma The MASTERMIND

    Another girl is priyanka chopra

  • Noa Clarke
    Noa Clarke 16 hours ago

    4,440,022 views went back to check the card in the wallet 😂

  • Sreelakshmi R
    Sreelakshmi R 20 hours ago

    What the........???? 😱😱

  • Hady Hakim
    Hady Hakim 21 hour ago

    He is been paid by cards manufacturers, there sales went of the roof

  • John tran
    John tran Day ago

    you dont have to use the card...you can just draw a simple card 4 cards anything

  • Aya Awad
    Aya Awad Day ago

    It didn't work out for me

  • TrooperCole 02
    TrooperCole 02 Day ago

    He chose that card from the beginning

  • Ken Wong
    Ken Wong Day ago

    Such crap tricks-

  • Bui Van Hieu
    Bui Van Hieu Day ago


  • Terry Howard
    Terry Howard 2 days ago

    Shocking, amazing and so healthy 😉😍👌🤩

  • Xxxtentacion RIP
    Xxxtentacion RIP 2 days ago

    It’s fat amey

  • manesh bharia
    manesh bharia 2 days ago +1

    Latest one is trick

  • Baggio Fin
    Baggio Fin 2 days ago

    Who told you he is the world's best he is not keep that in mind.

  • DannoC
    DannoC 2 days ago

    The phone trick is so obvious. Its a specially made wallet and the illusion of a card appears only when taken taken on a phone camera. Then he forces the card that will appear. No magic at all.

  • Arunabh Tiwary
    Arunabh Tiwary 2 days ago



  • SilentWraithzz
    SilentWraithzz 3 days ago

    Me: Gets my deck of card and is really excited to do the magic trick
    Justin: So you rip the cards
    Me: *Ok imma just put this away and i'll just watch you do it....*

  • Arijit El Shaddai Biswas

    I liked the fat girl with beautiful smile...

  • Arijit El Shaddai Biswas

    Nice magic... enjoyed it...

  • Christine Atieno
    Christine Atieno 3 days ago

    "Do you mean emotionally "

  • César Calderón V
    César Calderón V 3 days ago

    Jaja wtf xD, he is Amazing

  • andrei paraipan
    andrei paraipan 4 days ago

    The last trick us just logical mathematik

  • El Sanchez
    El Sanchez 4 days ago

    That is just amazing! I can't wait to do it with mates!! Thankyou ** #PartyTrick **

  • Santanu Maikap
    Santanu Maikap 4 days ago

    *omg priyanka chopra*

  • rishabh meena
    rishabh meena 4 days ago +1

    Is she Priyanka chopra

  • Reine H
    Reine H 6 days ago

    The last trick was easy, the 4th card and bottom card are the same.
    You move the top three card. Now the top and bottom card are the same.
    You put away the top card. You shuffle the other cards however you want but never in the bottom. So the bottom card and the one you put away will always be the same.

  • murat piet
    murat piet 6 days ago

    I can do it aswell so easy just acting and pre-record before show ez😔

  • Racheli Mazuz
    Racheli Mazuz 6 days ago


  • Binus kumar
    Binus kumar 6 days ago

    This is not magic pure use of classic maths😀

  • jecthedude
    jecthedude 7 days ago

    @1:00 card is already torn.. notice him covering the torn part before he places it near her ear.

  • King Robert
    King Robert 7 days ago

    Lovely app...I want it...what's it called? I been doing this with WOW sleeve but this is way better.

  • DarkLord
    DarkLord 7 days ago

    The card was forced and the camera can only see his see through pocket on the wallet wow magic.

    ASWATHI R 7 days ago +1

    The last trick he tried, my half cards turned out to be 3 of diamonds. Damn all the magicians.

  • Dom Wings
    Dom Wings 7 days ago

    They even traded and still got the right side wow lol

  • No One
    No One 7 days ago

    Rebel looks like pig

  • Chamika Lakmini
    Chamika Lakmini 7 days ago +1

    OMG,I did that last magic and it really worked...Amazing and love it

  • shikhar bisht
    shikhar bisht 7 days ago

    been trying to figure this out for the past few mins bt girl am i bad at math!

  • Manjeet joshi
    Manjeet joshi 8 days ago

    The ones who disliked are Fans of Chris Angels😁

  • نورالدين ريحان

    ONo fot مخدوع 📸👈👉📸👁👁

  • Gaby AG
    Gaby AG 9 days ago

    what about that video tho? How did he do that?

  • craig owensby
    craig owensby 9 days ago

    Last one is just a counting trick.

  • craig owensby
    craig owensby 9 days ago

    The card video trick is pure tech. He needs to get a special program that identifies a rectangle installed on James’ phone through blue tooth. That’s the reason for the woman dealing cards down so slowly. To give him time for the app to download. Once that is done, just create the video and apply the filter that inserts a card with probably a code like 3H for 3 of hearts. Then the app inserts the 3 of hearts in the rectangle. Very easy trick.

  • craig owensby
    craig owensby 9 days ago

    Super easy trick. He preselected the Q. He tore its corner and slipped the piece into James’ pocket when he greeted him. What ever number was chosen he drew the Q from the bottom of the deck. Then when he put the card by her ear so she could hear the tearing, he switched out to the Q that was already torn. That’s why we never see the piece being torn off before it disappears, because that was the pre-torn Q. Now all he needs to do is have James bring out the torn piece. Hardly even a manic trick!

  • Irfan afzaal
    Irfan afzaal 10 days ago

    the video he recorded wasn't the same as shown, in the recorded video he asked james to look at the wallet and the video they showed it ended right where it showed the card.

  • Vinay kumar
    Vinay kumar 10 days ago

    Im shoked.

  • mclohan
    mclohan 10 days ago

    Ppl can’t be this dumb. I refuse to believe not a single person doesn’t realize that all that shuffling and cutting she did was absolutely pointless. The first card she put down never moved and will always be the card that comes up when you cut the deck at a “weird angle”.

  • Lyric Road
    Lyric Road 10 days ago

    I am so shooked someone help me

  • shit finder
    shit finder 11 days ago

    The 4th and the 8th card is the key. It's not magic! it's bullshit!

  • Sasha Misagh
    Sasha Misagh 12 days ago +3

    I wish I was in place of the Priyanka half kard that put in her clothes.

  • Sasha Misagh
    Sasha Misagh 12 days ago +1


  • Sherry Lee
    Sherry Lee 14 days ago

    I'm just a simple person, I saw Rebel Wilson then I click right away.

  • inGABIrano
    inGABIrano 14 days ago

    Gosh I love wizards.

    • inGABIrano
      inGABIrano 14 days ago

      Wouldn't trust one though 😒

  • Nathan Elder
    Nathan Elder 15 days ago

    Math and a dark screen that only the cell phone could pick up. With the lighting on the wallet.

  • Massoumy Gems
    Massoumy Gems 15 days ago

    I rip my deck of cards and went a long with the instructions, believe me it worked.

  • zahor hassan
    zahor hassan 15 days ago

    Am at home and i have no one to trade my cards with😂😂🤣🤣

  • Sarwat Nadeem
    Sarwat Nadeem 15 days ago

    Is anyone confused as to why pyankra laughs at 2:53

  • Harcop Andrew
    Harcop Andrew 16 days ago

    am not ripping my card....paper gang

  • Traviz Official
    Traviz Official 17 days ago

    Just did this shit at home 😐 n it worked like wtf

  • TheRuby Playz
    TheRuby Playz 17 days ago

    What is this hocus pocus shit

  • Sao Cungduoc
    Sao Cungduoc 18 days ago

    First trick: the card was already torn. He asked one of the interns to sneak the piece in Corden's jacket.
    Second trick: It's a trick wallet. Because we can't see the whole deck of cards, we don't know if they are really random cards.
    Third trick: mathematics

  • maka3230
    maka3230 18 days ago

    How does he do it

  • Shy Hunter
    Shy Hunter 18 days ago

    I did the group magic trick and it worked for me. Totally amazing!

  • basant vimal sharma
    basant vimal sharma 18 days ago

    Dynamo is better and faster.

  • eric draven
    eric draven 19 days ago

    I used the jokers, the instructions for poker card and a cover card...Pretty impressed I was able to used those additional cards in some way.

  • Maheer Arshad
    Maheer Arshad 20 days ago +1

    I didn't even notice priyanka until closer to the 3min mark!
    Btw, I lost focus during the final trick...

  • Yara. B
    Yara. B 20 days ago +2

    I paid £200 for my cards that is a lot of money 💰 i am NOT RIPPIN IT

  • Closer4ever
    Closer4ever 21 day ago

    Nice really Nice =)

    and he is hot as hell =)

  • Nimo Nimo
    Nimo Nimo 21 day ago +3

    Everyone is ripping cards and others not ripping cards. While here I am with no cards to rip or not !!!

  • Nikita oshelkar
    Nikita oshelkar 21 day ago

    Lots love from india 🇮🇳 thanx for best 👍💯show

  • Niharika Agarwal
    Niharika Agarwal 22 days ago

    Anyone else saying ...seriously??
    That is common sense...
    The last card and the 4th card are the same...then u somehow remove the top 3 cards so u have the 4th card on the top and its other half on the bottom. You put that card aside and just keep on shuffling the cards except for the last one...then u slowly bring the bottom card up till its the last card left.
    Finally both match.

  • World of Leaders
    World of Leaders 22 days ago

    0:35 9... Like her size

  • dragon ball
    dragon ball 23 days ago

    Every one can easily see the tricks and math he used 😂🤣😂
    World's best .. seriously 🤣😂😂

  • Ash Best
    Ash Best 23 days ago +6

    I did follow the tricks and rip my incomplete useless deck of cards and I got the same results oh my goodness I'll definitely will try this at my family

  • Sashank Neupane
    Sashank Neupane 25 days ago

    RU-clip and its playback option has really challenged magicians. Every trick that we see now would be confusing as hell if we only get to see it once, and that too in a normal speed. This guy's just forcing the cards, however, I don't know how he did the video trick. (There might be something in his wallet that emits infra-red rays or any sorta rays which is only visible to camera phones--just my opinion)

    91M Views 25 days ago

    see when he was taking out the cards after eight he took out the card from beneath if he was taking the cards out from the top, it was already torn because if u look at it ,it doesn't show the full card

    91M Views 25 days ago

    3:29 who tf was that

  • erizire
    erizire 25 days ago

    Priyanka 😍😍😍

  • Maan Dionela
    Maan Dionela 25 days ago

    He is handsome 😍
    I suddenly remember the movie "Now you see me"

  • maleficent ***
    maleficent *** 26 days ago

    What's harden doing here???

  • Shane Goes
    Shane Goes 26 days ago

    Who else is broke and made paper cards to try this trick out?

  • ɢᴏx
    ɢᴏx 26 days ago


  • sugar
    sugar 26 days ago +2

    I actually improvised papers hahahhaah. I effortly draw 4 symbols and numbers on the paper and it actually worked. Im all shookt

  • Stephen Currie
    Stephen Currie 27 days ago

    I went to a pen and teller show at the Apollo Hammersmith last year and they did a similar trick with the crowd.... It worked with everyone legit don't get how it works 😂😂😂

  • Vinnie Smith
    Vinnie Smith 27 days ago

    The trick was amazing but it took too long

  • Hans Nötig
    Hans Nötig 27 days ago

    The card force used for the second trick is probably one of the easiest yet effective out there. Watch closesly how it works...tip: The wierd angle is key to the move.

  • V 47
    V 47 27 days ago

    It's a magic
    But it's actually a psychological phenomenon where he is letting everyone do what he wants in the pile of cards
    And that all happens when all are putting the torn cards in the middle of other two cards

  • jenny k
    jenny k 27 days ago

    LMAO the amount of ppl in the comments who went to find cards and then he tells us to rip it... like nvm 😂

  • KirLiurSue
    KirLiurSue 28 days ago

    First trick (my best explanation): Just get two decks. The card has already been pre-torn. He slipped the piece into James jacket sometime prior. He has the card ready to pull from the deck at whatever number was chosen. He holds it a special way so as not to show the part of the card that is torn. His fingers are always concealing the piece that really isn't there. I suspect he's making the tearing sound with his mouth, or there's some other special way to do it. The final tear effect is him gripping the card and giving a swift pull to reinforce the belief that he has the piece in his hand. He has James reach in his pocket, and it appears that the actual piece (that was planted there) has been magically transported. Also, how can I actually believe that an actor is not acting simply because they say so: this is show business (i.e. he makes the tearing noise into his mic and the others just play along; notice his mouth as he tears, and how he doesn't make the same face when he tears the cards in the later trick).

  • Matt The fakeDragon
    Matt The fakeDragon 28 days ago


    LAURA 28 days ago

    Justin looks like Matt Healy.

  • SuHaIL
    SuHaIL 28 days ago

    James is an insider for the tricks.

  • Angosm Takla
    Angosm Takla 29 days ago


  • Safiyah Pratt
    Safiyah Pratt 29 days ago

    it worked

  • U-Choos e
    U-Choos e Month ago +1

    I actually did the trick at home😔, it didn't work, waste of cards and a waste of time😐

  • No One
    No One Month ago +3

    This is the 2nd time I watched Prianyka on Magic Performance on Late Night Shows

  • Pat 228
    Pat 228 Month ago

    This guy ain’t no best magician, I know how he does it, the ripped card part the card was ripped before and the phone part you’ll notice that the cut card was just the original top card, and the way it appeared in the video is an app, you can actually get a similar app in the app store

  • Azad Ashraf
    Azad Ashraf Month ago


  • Andy Morris
    Andy Morris Month ago

    I like magicians but as soon as they pull out a deck of cards I'm already bored.