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  • Published on Dec 3, 2017
  • One employee (Mikey Day) fields customers' (Luke Null, Kyle Mooney, Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones, Saoirse Ronan, Chris Redd, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Pete Davidson, Heidi Gardner, Kate McKinnon) returns.
    #SNL #SNL43
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Comments • 2 669

  • Jihane Bishop
    Jihane Bishop Day ago

    lmao she sounds like Bhad Bhabie

  • Brian Sounalath
    Brian Sounalath Day ago

    I love these weird sketches with just a serious of weirdos

  • Nicole Nicole
    Nicole Nicole 2 days ago

    You’re white

    You don’t know that 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lola R
    Lola R 2 days ago

    She looks like wownicky

  • Aliens Exist
    Aliens Exist 2 days ago +4

    I worked at Kmart for 85 years, I can confirm that we would get costumers like this all the time!!!💯

  • Chuck Philpot
    Chuck Philpot 3 days ago

    2:45 i'd smash that, goofy wannabe voice and all

  • Heather Maedel
    Heather Maedel 3 days ago

    Man... what the kinda hell adult be dookien in his pants???!!!!

  • AaronHilfiker
    AaronHilfiker 4 days ago +1

    This would have been funnier with Target Lady as the store employee

  • Ricardo Lamas
    Ricardo Lamas 4 days ago +1

    You see this in Walmart everyday

  • JHOT247
    JHOT247 5 days ago +1

    3:30 LOL that clerk is such a tool

  • Kay Kay Awesome
    Kay Kay Awesome 6 days ago

    That blonde girl with her boyfriend was S A L T Y

  • Gacha Dino
    Gacha Dino 6 days ago

    What the what?

  • Trev Blan
    Trev Blan 6 days ago

    Disgusting mudshark. Filthy zi onist propaganda.

  • Turquoise Snowflake
    Turquoise Snowflake 7 days ago

    Nail on the fucking head

  • no one important
    no one important 7 days ago

    Kmart is slowly dying

  • _throat_blood_
    _throat_blood_ 10 days ago

    2:40 this happened to me on the job before

  • Joanna Lol
    Joanna Lol 10 days ago +3

    We need a series about Ethel

  • Hally 4009
    Hally 4009 10 days ago +1

    Ha ha ha fat woman funny ha ha ha

  • James Ethridge
    James Ethridge 12 days ago

    Bitch only a psycho would fight a man for that reason AND still be with you

  • Darth Zeltroth
    Darth Zeltroth 12 days ago

    That 4th one was just an abusive relationship

  • Chasing A Murderer Murdered

    Good until the women in green

  • link_steve5678
    link_steve5678 13 days ago +1

    *Y O U G O I N ‘ V I R AL*

  • PrincessBunhead
    PrincessBunhead 14 days ago

    I feel bad for people who work retail now, dealing with crazy Viral people. When I worked retail there was enough to deal with (ignorant Heely Kids running over people for one), that kind of behavior really doesn't need to be added to the mix.

  • Calum Sanderson
    Calum Sanderson 15 days ago

    I...never thought I'd hear Saoirse Ronan say "bitch on the rag" and I'm thankful

  • Angelofmusic Wonder
    Angelofmusic Wonder 16 days ago

    The way she’s saying Viral is delicious!!!!

  • Katie Lalor
    Katie Lalor 16 days ago +2

    She sounds like WoahVicky

  • Carissa Monta
    Carissa Monta 16 days ago

    Cecily Strong is so underrated.

  • big beard
    big beard 16 days ago

    That girl with Pete Davidson, is that the girl in last man on earth

  • Sharon Fedida
    Sharon Fedida 16 days ago

    Not funny anymore .... another casualty of the left

  • Lisa Fancher
    Lisa Fancher 16 days ago

    Sadly the one with the phone in the guy's face is pretty common

  • Jason Timmons
    Jason Timmons 16 days ago

    Making fun of the ghetto trash Facebook live people all ways trying to get something free is great keep up the good work

  • 17 days ago

    Ain't that the girl from Disney?

  • Jim Craw
    Jim Craw 17 days ago

    Everyone need to go back to KMart... In put wallmart out of busness

  • Zelkmassb
    Zelkmassb 19 days ago +1

    The average customers really are this stupid.

  • Jeff Peterson
    Jeff Peterson 19 days ago +1

    Cecily Strong will be nominated for an Oscar someday.

  • Sebella Steele
    Sebella Steele 19 days ago +1

    Thank you, next

  • Chris Bowling
    Chris Bowling 19 days ago

    Why is SNL still on? It has gotten bad over the past 10 years.

  • Audio Fella
    Audio Fella 20 days ago

    Lol theyre all out in the store maam!!! Haha

  • Drewskickinit
    Drewskickinit 20 days ago

    SNL is supposed to be funny they need new writers before this show disappears

  • Spencer Garten
    Spencer Garten 21 day ago +1

    The power chair had an airbag!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Michael Wozniak
    Michael Wozniak 21 day ago

    So accurate it's scary especially the FB live chick

  • scampoli25
    scampoli25 22 days ago

    Cecily plays a phenomenal lunatic

  • TheFunnygym
    TheFunnygym 22 days ago

    That parrot is adorable 😍

  • Blizaga101
    Blizaga101 22 days ago

    Id love to see this skit come back at some point

  • rockstar rocks
    rockstar rocks 24 days ago

    Gotta love the white girl live streaming on FB about racial discrimination.

  • Esther Yogman
    Esther Yogman 25 days ago

    He goin VIRAL

  • ChillinInTheUniverse
    ChillinInTheUniverse 25 days ago

    Cecily Strong is just cringy and not funny...

  • hm woof
    hm woof 27 days ago +11

    Omg, I almost chocked on my drink when that freaking airbag deployed from the scooter.

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen 27 days ago

    Ronan not so nice - rare

  • Amanda Q
    Amanda Q 28 days ago

    2:41 reminds me of woah Vicky 😂

  • The Full Montea
    The Full Montea 28 days ago

    Cecily KILLED that!

  • Alex Nator
    Alex Nator 28 days ago

    1:15 saorise ronan

  • BlakeSTI93
    BlakeSTI93 29 days ago +3

    Stole the magnum condom bit from sunny

    BO BOBBY BOY 29 days ago +1

    Did that lady not make anyone else laugh and just piss them of.... No just me? okay

  • Robert Richards
    Robert Richards Month ago

    Oh, leslie

  • Center Attention
    Center Attention Month ago

    The woah vicky diss haha

  • Andrew Katz
    Andrew Katz Month ago

    I've watched this several times. Still don't know what a "woman's hand muff" is.

  • fishy
    fishy Month ago

    Cecily ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kam w
    Kam w Month ago +2

    This is so accurate to how customers act in retail tho

  • Stephen Kershaw
    Stephen Kershaw Month ago

    evabody simma down nah!

  • Maeve Sheehan
    Maeve Sheehan Month ago +5

    *say it again it's a Facebook live*

  • Marian Alit
    Marian Alit Month ago

    Pete Davidson

  • Jojo siwa Is 5’9
    Jojo siwa Is 5’9 Month ago +1

    I feel like I’m the only one who loves Mikey

  • Jojo siwa Is 5’9
    Jojo siwa Is 5’9 Month ago

    Saorise, marry me

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson Month ago

    Don’t you just hate white people that act black 😒😒😒 , North Carolina

  • Proinsias Cassidy
    Proinsias Cassidy Month ago +2

    Random fact: If a guy pees on a pregnancy test and it actually turns out positive, chances are, he has testicle cancer.

  • Benjamin Hastings
    Benjamin Hastings Month ago +1

    The newer cast looks at the camera and I'm honestly disappointed

  • isak Bernard
    isak Bernard Month ago

    The box is unwrapped

  • Harlow Marchand
    Harlow Marchand Month ago +1

    Your the boss😂😂 and the condoms should have gone to the guy with the pregnancy test

  • Isaiah Isaiah
    Isaiah Isaiah Month ago


  • Dopamine
    Dopamine Month ago

    Fuck customer service up its worthless ass.....

    Paper or plastic?....

  • S C
    S C Month ago

    Do people actually record you in customer service?

    • S C
      S C Month ago

      +Amber Skye Sobers Damn. I'm about to get my first job in an actual retail store (petsmart) and I'm nervous about that. Luckily, I'm a petite, nerdy girl so people don't tend to be mean to me

    • Amber Skye Sobers
      Amber Skye Sobers Month ago

      Yes. They do. Not often, but yes.

  • Kristen
    Kristen Month ago

    She pregnant man lmao

  • Annie Burke
    Annie Burke Month ago +1

    I love Kate McKinnon whenever she plays old ladies.

  • some dude
    some dude Month ago

    I need madtv

  • Vince Pale
    Vince Pale Month ago +2

    Who returned that N64 bundled with Pokemon Stadium????

  • Phoenix Borealis
    Phoenix Borealis Month ago

    2.1 K people are these customers.

  • Christian S
    Christian S Month ago

    Why they gotta yell so loud

  • Khalila Russell
    Khalila Russell Month ago

    He’s actually a BITCH on the rag

  • Koaasst
    Koaasst Month ago

    wow i like he store guy, good actor

  • QuinctiliusVarus
    QuinctiliusVarus Month ago


  • Somebody 85353
    Somebody 85353 Month ago


  • C C
    C C Month ago

    Fucking snl is not funny at all.

  • Dark Ness
    Dark Ness Month ago +2

    Meh. I'll go back to watching mad TV skits

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire Month ago

    Is this comedy for 5 yo ? I laughed more at car accidents

  • Alexander Coppage
    Alexander Coppage Month ago +1

    First off kenan what were you doing in the woman's department in the first place 👮

  • Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards Month ago

    Snl sucks. Check out, the trailer boys, for real comedy. 😂

  • Zodia Clan
    Zodia Clan Month ago

    Am I the only one that saw the back sign have s 69 on it

  • Joolban
    Joolban Month ago

    Shout out to all the soldiers still working in retail and putting up with asshole customers.

    JOJO AND FRIENDS Month ago


  • Thomas May
    Thomas May Month ago

    "...You're white!"

  • Susanna M
    Susanna M Month ago

    saoirse ronans american accent is really impressive

  • stevepd1
    stevepd1 Month ago

    Everyone of those customers acted like the far left liberals of today. Congratulations SNL, you nailed it!

  • Sunny
    Sunny Month ago


  • Hooty Wooty
    Hooty Wooty Month ago +1

    Damn, everybody on SNL is constantly looking off at a card haha

  • macaron3141592653
    macaron3141592653 Month ago

    The mobility scooter had an airbag lmfao

  • E V
    E V Month ago

    I'm sure this is very true of Kmart but I was expecting it to say Walmart. Because unfortunately Walmarts have killed all the Kmarts. It's a shame because growing up, we loved going to our local Kmart, it basically was the Walmart of our town.

  • Hannah Pea
    Hannah Pea Month ago +16

    This isn't even funny.
    It's too realistic to be funny. ☹

    • Amber Skye Sobers
      Amber Skye Sobers Month ago +2

      Honestly I didn't even laugh. I worked at Walmart pharmacy for almost a year. It was too real. When the old lady came, the second I saw her I just sighed.

  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair Month ago

    1:20 the #relationshipgoals insta-couples once the filter is off