My Gray Hair Journey | Nikol Johnson

  • Published on Aug 5, 2016
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Comments • 765

  • Mary Palmer
    Mary Palmer 4 days ago +2

    it's beautiful! It is also much softer on your skin color.

  • Maria Elizabeth
    Maria Elizabeth 14 days ago

    Omg! You are just like me!! I have me white streak too! I am letting it go Natural too! I am 44 :)

  • Donna Brown
    Donna Brown 14 days ago

    You are beautiful & hair looks great!! Thanks for sharing I as you am wanting to transition to the grey. Again thanks

  • Fa timiau
    Fa timiau 24 days ago

    Im about to turn 30 but I can't wait to get that look too, it looks greyt! ;)
    I really really love it!

  • Jean Grissom
    Jean Grissom 24 days ago

    I went gray early. I pulled my first gray hair at 18. I fought it for 40 years before I decided to own it. Thanks for the shampoo tip for those crazy, wiry grays.
    You’re beautiful and the color of your hair matters not a bit!

  • Little Trixter
    Little Trixter Month ago

    I’m glad I found this video and your channel. Attempting to transition from dying every 2 weeks to natural 💜

  • xiomana xoxoxo
    xiomana xoxoxo Month ago

    the black and silver looks amazing here amazing

  • Mariam Sereno
    Mariam Sereno Month ago

    Que bonita y su pelo hermoso, ojala los videos los tradujeran al español

  • TheScotty121
    TheScotty121 Month ago +1

    You are gorgous. Your hair is naturally highlighted in areas and it's beautiful. Grey does not equal old it equals beauty. I'm right at the start of my journey and watching all these videos is helping me get my head round it.

    • Nikol Johnson
      Nikol Johnson  Month ago

      So exciting the beginning is very challenging and interesting at the same time.

  • Kool Karzy Kolors
    Kool Karzy Kolors Month ago

    Looks really good on you. It fits you the grey hair

  • Dani Vaost
    Dani Vaost Month ago

    I really loved your hair 😍

  • Marilyn Mesa
    Marilyn Mesa Month ago

    My hair is like that white hair around the face and black in the back.

  • Jean Wittersheim
    Jean Wittersheim Month ago

    I love it! Very flattering. You motivated me to begin my gray journey as well - I’m about 20 weeks in. Working with my colorist via a highlights/low lights plan and so far it’s working … for me anyway and that’s your point. Make it work for you so you’re comfortable with your own journey.

  • Marlene Elexys
    Marlene Elexys 2 months ago

    You look prety with white and black hair

  • Karina R
    Karina R 2 months ago

    Hold old?

  • Joro 303
    Joro 303 3 months ago

    You are more beautiful now. Love the cut on you!

  • Deborah Chapa
    Deborah Chapa 3 months ago

    Be glad it isn’t battleship grey

  • Deborah Chapa
    Deborah Chapa 3 months ago

    Embrace your grey. People are going to salons to have grey put in their hair

  • MsDeMandeville
    MsDeMandeville 3 months ago

    I am 6 months into growing out my grey hair. I am naturally (or was) a dirty blonde but dyed it copper for years. I’m 54 yo. I have days when I hate the transition because I live in a hard water area of England (Dorset) so to combat that I have to use a clarifying shampoo which dries it out even more so whenever I blow dry it, even now when I’ve just had 6 inches cut off to help it along, it’s always dry and feels brittle (even though I actually have strong thick hair) and the dyed part, which was a vibrant copper, has faded to a sort of brassy light orange with a badger stripe of white! Aaaaaargh! I will stick at it all the way this time as I tried growing it out twice before and succumbed to peer pressure. Sigh. Anyway will try the Kérastase products this time and see if they help.

  • Marko Coric
    Marko Coric 3 months ago

    You look sexy with grey hair beautiful 😍

  • May Tips Hn
    May Tips Hn 3 months ago

    I stop dying since december so going salt and pepper for 5 months now

  • Diocela Cruz
    Diocela Cruz 4 months ago

    I been with my gray hair sentse i was 11 yrs old. I’m 34 not and I stoped coloring my hair a year ago.

  • Debbie Bryant
    Debbie Bryant 4 months ago

    Your hair looks great!!!!

  • Sharon Gygi
    Sharon Gygi 4 months ago

    I have long white hair and often get great compliments about how beautiful it is.

  • Susan Kievman
    Susan Kievman 4 months ago

    I have condsidered to stop coloring my hair and let the grey out, but I thought the process of slowly watching the grey grow in next to the dark hair that I have would be painful to watch and go out into public. Some have told me to color my whole head grey. What do you think?

  • eva garden
    eva garden 4 months ago +1

    You and your HAIR are BEAUTIFUL! I love it! Really Gorgeous!

  • Vickey Efremidis
    Vickey Efremidis 4 months ago

    You look classy and gorgeous.... 👌

  • Grimreaper29
    Grimreaper29 4 months ago

    My god, you are so pretty and I absolutely love love love your hair!!!!

    KALDOUT WNZ 4 months ago

    Premature gray and silver is Stunning. It helps to have a beautiful face. Im almost your mom's age and my hair is not as grey as yours. Im little envious. .I want white hair, it's probably not gonna happen. My 69 yr old face matches my hair. You do know you're gorgeous, right ? The hair only adds to your beauty. TFS

  • Ani
    Ani 5 months ago

    Such a beautiful woman OMG! Inspiring!

  • Sandra Montes
    Sandra Montes 5 months ago

    You look more beautiful now, just being you.😊

  • Antonia Ceja Oseguera
    Antonia Ceja Oseguera 5 months ago

    QUE GUAPA!👍🇲🇽

  • Aisha Bunch
    Aisha Bunch 5 months ago

    I am glad I found your videos. I used to have long very thick hair but my hair started to fall for over a year now. I used to cry daily because i was and still in shock. My doctors asked me to stop dying my hair and now I am following your inputs about your gray hair. I have two inches of gray now and my family hate it but I will not dye my hair anymore. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us

  • Cecilia Norris
    Cecilia Norris 5 months ago

    I've been going grey since mid thirty. I'm 41 and I'm finally growing it out. I just started, and completely understand how you feel.

  • Lin Nas
    Lin Nas 5 months ago

    You look even more gorgeous with the grey hair and shorter!!!

  • Content Sailor
    Content Sailor 5 months ago

    My great grandma went grey in her early 20s.

  • Griselda Orozco
    Griselda Orozco 5 months ago

    Beautiful!!! I wish I had your hair😍😍 gorgeous !!!!!

  • Debbie Anderson
    Debbie Anderson 5 months ago

    I love the gray natural highlights. A friend of mine has a gray bob...all silver on the top layer and dark underneath...coolest ever!

  • Mercy Nieves
    Mercy Nieves 5 months ago

    Girl my first gray hair show up at my 15 year old.. So I start to dye my hair at my 16 just because 1 or 2 gray hair. Right now I'm on my 38 and I started to let my gray grow in November of 2018 and I'm happy with it.

  • miniprepper
    miniprepper 5 months ago

    You are fabulous. Seriously.

  • jojo
    jojo 5 months ago

    I love your hair. Looks amazing and so natural. You look great.

  • lgamble
    lgamble 5 months ago

    Just beautiful.

  • Jennifer Reynoso
    Jennifer Reynoso 6 months ago

    Hair goals!!!

  • petra gabetova
    petra gabetova 6 months ago

    It looks great!

  • AndreaOf Kepler62f
    AndreaOf Kepler62f 6 months ago

    I love it! Looks striking! Beautiful! Since you have slightly olive skin, not too pale. it looks great!

  • Dom Anderson
    Dom Anderson 6 months ago

    It looks so pretty 😍

  • radicallytubular
    radicallytubular 6 months ago

    I’m letting my gray go. It’s not as gray as yours, but fingers crossed! I’m 33 soon, and I just don’t care anymore haha. I’m a hairstylist and have a client who went white when she was young and I am sooooo envious. We always do rocker pixies on her and it’s rad.

  • Rebecca Riordan
    Rebecca Riordan 6 months ago

    I have a similar story, but now that I am not coloring it, it feels & looks healthier. You look great!

  • Xknlion R
    Xknlion R 6 months ago


  • Solo Lolo
    Solo Lolo 6 months ago

    My hair after it grew out is very similar to yours. I’ve got front streaks and dark, salt and pepper in the back. I agree styling it helps rather than just putting it up. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ana Pinto
    Ana Pinto 6 months ago

    I think you look more beautiful now than when your hair was all black and long! I myself stopped dying my hair two and a half years ago (i'm 49) and i have almost 75% of grey hair. Sometimes i do some brown lowlights but most of the time i use a grey conditioner (Grafite, from Gota Dourada). I'm already used to my grey/white/brown hair and i love the freedom of not colouring every 2 weeks as i used too. I'm a hairdresser and many of my clients say they want their hair like mine, but most of them don't have the patience to do it so they go on colouring every month. Congratulations, you look gorgeous! Ana, from Oporto, Portugal

  • David yanez
    David yanez 6 months ago

    You are beautiful and look beautiful.

  • Long Long Man
    Long Long Man 6 months ago

    Have I seen anyone classier than you?

  • Cherrymint
    Cherrymint 6 months ago

    Thats really cool. You look fantastic . I'm gonna Let mine grow. Just one thing. If you have curly hair.... And you like long hair. Don't cut it. Curly hair takes..... Forever to look long again. :)

  • danita powell
    danita powell 6 months ago

    It definitely fits you! You're gorgeous!

  • Deka Abdulahi
    Deka Abdulahi 7 months ago

    You look beautyfull

  • Maria B
    Maria B 7 months ago

    You’re the inspiration I needed to stop the dyeing . I’m so much happier now

  • LuLu Khaled
    LuLu Khaled 7 months ago

    I wish have grey hair that much

  • Christal Prout
    Christal Prout 7 months ago

    Your hair is gorgeous, and when you pull it back and it's all grey, wow, it makes your face look so beautiful.

  • Elizabeth Calio
    Elizabeth Calio 7 months ago

    You look stunning.