5,000 Dominoes: Hello Sunshine! 🌞

  • Published on Sep 23, 2017
  • I set up roughly 5,000 Dominoes in one day as part of a random domino rally! :) It includes the sun, a pink/blue domino race, and some domino tricks on a glass table! instagram.com/hevesh5
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    For this setup, I wanted to experiment with the glass table and the neat effects you could make by viewing the dominoes on it from certain angles. From table level, it appears as if the domino walls above and below the table are connected (and only the bottom half of a single wall topples), but once you view it above table level, you can tell that the walls are clearly disconnected. The reflection of the wall falling on the table makes a cool effect as well :)
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    🎵 MUSIC: Bay Breeze by FortyThr33 soundcloud.com/fortythr33-43
    Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0
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  • Hevesh5
    Hevesh5  Year ago +102

    What do you think of this setup and what domino tutorials should I make? :)

    • Dawson's Dominoes
      Dawson's Dominoes Year ago

      Can you make a video on how to plan out things like spirals (like, an Excel plan or something), your WR domino line thing, S.O.S fields, things like that controller in the latest ISM, etc? And/or mabye that truly spectacular trick you did in your 1M subscribers video with the fall wall and colour changing dominoes! Thanks and have a great day!

    • Zion [Z10N]
      Zion [Z10N] Year ago

      How to make bowling out of dominoes

    • Horan Pro
      Horan Pro Year ago

      Hevesh5 I would like to know how you made the wooden staircase wall? Thanks! 😀

    • giraffewarrior
      giraffewarrior Year ago

      Hi I am very new to dominos and you inspired me but because I am new can you plz do a tutorial on trick and transitions

    • Santiqua Koala
      Santiqua Koala Year ago +1

      domino balance tutorial

  • Micha Grill
    Micha Grill 10 months ago


  • Hao Jin
    Hao Jin 11 months ago +1


  • The Boring Random Channel

    fishing line tutorial

  • Kelly Scott
    Kelly Scott Year ago

    That's awesome!! You're really great! ♡ #Hevesh5 #You'reawesome

  • Caron Baker
    Caron Baker Year ago

    I'm your biggest fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • JJ Playz
    JJ Playz Year ago

    Teach us how to make structures with dominoes I would really love to know and awesome video by the way and good luck in college!

  • Chiran Basnet
    Chiran Basnet Year ago

    absolutely stunning :D

  • Legion 47
    Legion 47 Year ago

    Best Dominos dapls

  • Raenier Jerome L. Janier


  • SplatterFrog
    SplatterFrog Year ago

    When is your next World Record attempt H5?

  • Dawson's Dominoes

    Was the effect that you got with the sun intentional? Did you like the outcome of the sun? I sure did! Great video!

  • Zion [Z10N]
    Zion [Z10N] Year ago

    How to make bowling out of dominoes please🎳🎳🎳🎳

  • Dominodingo 5
    Dominodingo 5 Year ago

    Spiraling wall

  • Michael Grove 101

    blue reached first

  • 3joz elf
    3joz elf Year ago

    ابداع 😍😱😭❤️

  • SquishyJiminXO3
    SquishyJiminXO3 Year ago

    *Do A Minecraft setup?*

  • Cloudy The Cat
    Cloudy The Cat Year ago

    i thought you were in college #mindblown

  • Wei Cheng Chen
    Wei Cheng Chen Year ago


  • Major Tom
    Major Tom Year ago

    the sun was my favorite

  • ScoriacTears
    ScoriacTears Year ago

    Smarter Every Day brought me here, great channel mezmarizing Art form, love it, subbed, liked, shared, the works.

  • mynameskaylaa
    mynameskaylaa Year ago

    *video:* 6,000 dominos!
    *me:* checks title
    *title:* 5,000 dominos!
    *BISH WUT.?*
    But I really liked it I’m not hating lol 😜😂💖

  • Nick West
    Nick West Year ago

    Absolutely amazing keep up the great videos!!! Great job... I wish my hands were steady enough to do this but, there not...

  • DS domino
    DS domino Year ago

    I like the wall trick :)

  • I am Happy
    I am Happy Year ago

  • Lightning Domino
    Lightning Domino Year ago

    I really liked how the sun spiraled!

  • Cute Cupcake
    Cute Cupcake Year ago

    The sun. You are so amazing

  • Abisag Alcaraz
    Abisag Alcaraz Year ago

    You should do winter next🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Paola Ayala
    Paola Ayala Year ago

    You said 5000 it is 6000

  • Squrshy
    Squrshy Year ago +1

    Face reveal plz

  • ORCA
    ORCA Year ago +1

    for a while I've been wondering if you also use the dominoes as a way to measure time, especially at 0:48 where they're synchronized. also when you use them to topple multiple structures at once

  • MBC_Danger
    MBC_Danger Year ago

    Congrats on three million subs!!!!!!!!

    /EE/ ELECTROKILL Year ago

    very nice

  • Daasarathi S B
    Daasarathi S B Year ago


  • TheBellWitch D;
    TheBellWitch D; Year ago

    You should make one of a giant RU-clip thing and so like realy big youtubers like ryan higa and all of them around the RU-clip play button just a answer to ur question (°♡°)

  • DominoDude555
    DominoDude555 Year ago

    Make a tutorial for writing words in domino walls without a field planner! Please!

  • Michael Bouris
    Michael Bouris Year ago

    I love all of your vidos about dominos that are complcated

  • Michael Bouris
    Michael Bouris Year ago

    Could you make a school out of dominoes

  • Ip0x
    Ip0x Year ago

    Hello, I'm a big fan of yours and I got a video suggestion for you. What if you made a mini race car track out of dominoes, put a mini race car on it. Then, turn the mini race car on and make it so the dominoes fall right after the race car drives over it, making it a race between the race cars and the dominoes.

  • Elliott Gleason
    Elliott Gleason Year ago

    That was so cool how you toppled the sun.

  • Tobias Hejlskov Christensen

    Congrats on 1,3 mil. subscribers!

  • Denis SFV
    Denis SFV Year ago

    You are a good yutuber

  • DCMurphy
    DCMurphy Year ago

    I bet the cleanup job must be extremely boring

  • do good deeds
    do good deeds Year ago

    6000 or 5000 dominoes

  • Anuzz parazulee
    Anuzz parazulee Year ago

    Great hevesh5

  • PyroX
    PyroX Year ago

    But it is autumn already!

  • Marisa Paul
    Marisa Paul Year ago

    5,000 Dominoes: Hello Sumshine! 🌞

  • shadetee
    shadetee Year ago

    Was no one else creeped out by the ball sliding down the ramp, instead of rolling?

  • sugarglider 57
    sugarglider 57 Year ago

    Hevesh5 your amazing! can u do steven universe dominoes?

    ERO. .MINZY Year ago +1


  • Domino Kid
    Domino Kid Year ago +1

    hi hevsh5 can you pls do a tutorial on how to write words on domino walls

  • The Gamin' Countryboy

    Can you make a tutorial on how to make wooden stuff such as direction changers fall walls etc.

  • Sparkle time Roblox

    And at home

  • Sparkle time Roblox

    Hi I watch your vids at school

  • Krrish Patel
    Krrish Patel Year ago +3

    How to write words in dominoes

  • Jayvee Viray
    Jayvee Viray Year ago

    Ths is so amazing

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer Year ago


  • Destructotz Domino

    How do you do 90 degrees angle on a speedwall?

    • Destructotz Domino
      Destructotz Domino Year ago


    • Hevesh5
      Hevesh5  Year ago

      +Destructotz Gaming I'll write that down! I briefly show this trick in "creating the domino set for collateral beauty" if you want to try and copy it

  • NDW Spoodies
    NDW Spoodies Year ago

    Can you please make a tutorial about hos to make a domino wall that's not like a triangle

    • Hevesh5
      Hevesh5  Year ago

      +SpoodiesPlays added to the list!

  • NDW Spoodies
    NDW Spoodies Year ago

    Can you please make a tutorial about hos to make a domino wall that's not like a triangle

  • NDW Spoodies
    NDW Spoodies Year ago

    Can you please make a tutorial about hos to make a domino wall that's not like a triangle

  • Uke Covers
    Uke Covers Year ago

    do a vlog plz i really want you to make it plz :)#NotifSquad

  • TheRealMcJoni
    TheRealMcJoni Year ago

    Wow, the falldown of the sun was extremely cool! :D

    • Hevesh5
      Hevesh5  Year ago +1

      +TheRealMcJoni I agree :D and I didn't expect that all the lines would fall at once! I was anticipating a spiral falldown, but the lines spread out because of the curve!

  • Happy domino Boy
    Happy domino Boy Year ago

    Blue wins

  • Laird Dominos
    Laird Dominos Year ago

    The pacman thing from the incredible science machine but smaller

  • Diana Korotkova
    Diana Korotkova Year ago

    Hi, Lily! Let's be friends. Let's keep in touch. My name is Danil, I am 7 years old. :)

  • BatDrool
    BatDrool Year ago

    nuuuuuuu EVIL COLLAGE

  • Fralex Mat
    Fralex Mat Year ago

    Do you get a very sore back setting up dominoes for hours at a time?

  • BatDrool
    BatDrool Year ago


  • Spread Domino
    Spread Domino Year ago

    Awesome setup!

  • Don Bigger
    Don Bigger Year ago

    I had no idea dominoes were so easy to set back up after knocking them down

  • Anonymous Hacker
    Anonymous Hacker Year ago

    nice work lily!!!

  • Irene Carlyle
    Irene Carlyle Year ago

    You sent these up in ONE DAY!!?? Amazing! I especially love the color of the sun and rays. Funny stuff the last few seconds!! Good luck in college, Hevesh! I assume you are starting classes in a few days. I'm a subscriber so assume i will see if you do any more. Study well!!

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson Year ago

    You should do something with fidget spinners incorporated

  • Shaik Sharooq
    Shaik Sharooq Year ago


  • Michelle Jensen
    Michelle Jensen Year ago

    We would love a tutorial on how to space the dominoes in a double or triple spiral so that they don't hit each other.

  • Michelle Jensen
    Michelle Jensen Year ago +1

    Where do you get your wooden staircase thing? Did you build it?

  • Sarika Gupta
    Sarika Gupta Year ago

    this time 15000 dominoes

  • JetsphinX
    JetsphinX Year ago

    Hevesh5 pls reply i love your vids and can you make a 100,000 domino chain reaction by yourself

  • Jonathan Cassidy
    Jonathan Cassidy Year ago

    Love the reverse. I wish more domino and device makers would include a reverse in each video. There are things that look better or can be understood better in reverse.

  • Squad#08
    Squad#08 Year ago


  • ITcupclub
    ITcupclub Year ago +1

    Why Not Do A Introduction To 'Geometry Dash'?☺

  • Jocelyn Basilio
    Jocelyn Basilio Year ago

    Do a Christmas 🌳😃😃😃

  • Amy Soden
    Amy Soden Year ago

    I’d love to see how you test a new trick.

  • Joseph Sauder
    Joseph Sauder Year ago +1

    Can you should do a tutorial on dominos cubes?

  • thu Hien
    thu Hien Year ago

    hay thật đấy

    DRAGNN GAMES Year ago

    this is awsome

  • Fred McIntyre
    Fred McIntyre Year ago

    Nice work Lily!

  • Nazma Akhter
    Nazma Akhter Year ago

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  • Horan Pro
    Horan Pro Year ago

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    seth gt Year ago


  • hadixyz
    hadixyz Year ago

    wa.... long time ago I thought youre a man

  • Kaden Smith
    Kaden Smith Year ago


  • Happy Chivo
    Happy Chivo Year ago

    my favorite part is the ☀ I would like to know how to do that

  • Robert Walsh
    Robert Walsh Year ago

    The clear table provides quite the optical illusion.

    • Hevesh5
      Hevesh5  Year ago

      +Robert Walsh Yes and I love it!! Wish I had more time to experiment with it. I have some other neat ideas :)

  • Nicholas McConnell
    Nicholas McConnell Year ago +1

    Hevesh is domino queen

  • The Lord Riddix
    The Lord Riddix Year ago


  • Stijn de Haan
    Stijn de Haan Year ago +1

    Wow, amazing Hevesh5!

    EPIC DOMINOES Year ago +1

    could you please make a tutorial about pyramids