Another Top 10 Dangerous Kids' Toys

  • Published on Oct 24, 2016
  • Another Top 10 Dangerous Kids' Toys
    There are some incredibly dangerous children’s toys out there - even though they’re made for kids. If you had Polly Pocket, or an Easy-Bake Oven, or Creepy Crawlers, or if you experimented with children’s wood burning kits or the Science Wiz Bottle Rocket Party, you’re lucky to be alive. WatchMojo looks at another ten kids’ toys so dangerous they’ll probably kill you, to see which toys you should avoid.
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    01:00 #10. Polly Pocket
    01:56 #9. Inflatable Baby Floats
    02:49 #8. Children’s Wood Burning Kits
    03:41 #7. Creepy Crawlers
    04:39 #6. Austin Magic Pistol
    05:29 #5. Science Wiz Bottle Rocket Party
    06:21 #4. Easy-Bake Oven
    07:13 #3, #2 & #1???
    If you want to see why glass-blowing kits, Moon Shoes and the Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game are so sketchy, check out our first video on the Top 10 Dangerous Kids’ Toys: And if you’d prefer to see why Mattel’s battery-operated Nimbus 2000 was pulled from shelves, watch Top 10 Controversial Kids’ Toys:
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Comments • 7 301

  • Christopher Doxtator

    Child- MOM! can I eat this small piece of plastic that fell off my toy?
    Mom- No!
    Child- I think she said, go...

  • Christopher Doxtator

    Just inflate this device wrap it around baby's neck and watch your child float with joy. The splashing just means their having fun 🤓👍

  • Cheesy Tutorials
    Cheesy Tutorials 2 days ago

    most people: toys are fun!

    toddlers: toys are *food!*

  • Curtis Crane
    Curtis Crane 4 days ago

    sky dancers and yo-yo balls are'nt harmfull.

  • Curtis Crane
    Curtis Crane 4 days ago

    i have an easy bake oven!(who else is ueseing their dad's account?)

  • SpnDoggoFan 123
    SpnDoggoFan 123 5 days ago

    I had an easy bake oven. It’s called parent teaching kids to not sticking ur fingers on hot stuff.

  • Eterna Phoenix
    Eterna Phoenix 5 days ago

    I wanna know how Sky Dancers were even in this video, even as an honorable mention. What made them dangerous???

  • Blueberryymuffin
    Blueberryymuffin 7 days ago

    I wasn’t even allowed to use a water gun as a kid...

  • Fireafy
    Fireafy 7 days ago +1

    Forgot to add the Ninja star fidget spinner

  • Olivia P
    Olivia P 9 days ago

    The Polly pocket was fine if the age guidelines were fallowed an 8 year old isn’t going to swallow a plastic toy.

  • Chillfreeze Stories!
    Chillfreeze Stories! 12 days ago

    Wood burning kit are designed for 14+, so it was designed planning for teens thinking about safety in hand.

  • Azrael-XIII
    Azrael-XIII 13 days ago

    Holt shit, I completely forgot about that creepy crawler thing

  • Justin Snyder
    Justin Snyder 13 days ago

    Do most disturbing toys

  • pro playr
    pro playr 14 days ago +1

    Me: lawn darts are dangerous
    Mom: mobile phones

  • nisa rojas
    nisa rojas 14 days ago

    I can’t take this serious after she just threw a Sean Paul song in there😂

  • BlameItOnLag
    BlameItOnLag 14 days ago

    Small thing: *exist*
    WatchMojo: Its free real estate

  • Henry Clavin
    Henry Clavin 16 days ago

    7:13 r.i.p toys r us

  • AwesomeDoge [Official]


  • Harley Dogollado
    Harley Dogollado 25 days ago

    Dear, company of Easy Bake Oven.
    -Harley and anyone who realized what easy bake oven forgot.

  • Sleepy Roo
    Sleepy Roo 28 days ago

    All I gotta say is, don’t become a parent if yer not gonna be responsible enough to watch over ‘em. Parents are too laid back w/their children, especially nowadays. PARENTAL SUPERVISION FOR CHRIST’S SAKE.

  • Twinsies 4eva
    Twinsies 4eva 28 days ago


  • sibling warriors
    sibling warriors Month ago

    nerf guns with nails in the darts

  • Eternal Flame
    Eternal Flame Month ago +1

    Why would you face a bottle rocket towards your face

  • Eternal Flame
    Eternal Flame Month ago +1

    Why can’t parents just watch their kids instead of watching Game Of Thrones

  • Jeff6016 AUTTP NUTTP TIMYYES / Cake336 Loser909

    Aqua Dots Are Like PixOs!

  • GTA 5 Noob:\
    GTA 5 Noob:\ Month ago

    Number 10 grand that auto 5

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago


  • Maggie Bastolla
    Maggie Bastolla Month ago

    Polly pocket magnets can be dangerous IF they fall out and IF multiple magnets are swallowed? Ok people 😒

  • yessenia the Slasher


  • The Female Mark Hamill Joker Impressionist

    I never ever put polly pockets in my mouth as a little girl

  • Gyro Poodle
    Gyro Poodle Month ago

    Yeah...the polly pocket line...a gulity pleasure for my teeth. I wanted one so bad, got it, got bored, chewed on her and her house products...yeah..... But creepy crawlers was the bomb! I had the early version set passed down to me. Man! That was the business!

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming Fan

    I remember Aqua Dots to be dangerous although I enjoyed it as a child

  • Emily Delamar
    Emily Delamar Month ago +1

    Polly Pocket is harmless, just don't give it to babies- should be self explainatory...

  • Gibbyson The talking cat

    The advert for the float is cute

  • chris barrett
    chris barrett Month ago

    Natural Selection is all i can say.

  • Shione Cooper - Google Me

    9:27 *Murphy's Law*

  • Whatever Cartoons
    Whatever Cartoons Month ago

    Adult Supervision? No.
    Recall? Yes.
    Hotel? Travago

  • Reclaim_rime
    Reclaim_rime Month ago

    it´s not food its a toy = don´t eat it
    it`s a hot owen = dont put finger´s hair ore other body part in it

    It´s that easy ?

  • agmarkwell
    agmarkwell Month ago

    I had Polly Pockets, Creepy Crawlers, Sky Dancers, and Slap Bands as a kid and never once did I hurt myself.
    I work at a thrift store and we're supposed to throw away any Polly Pockets we find. It's a pity because they're great nostalgia items.

  • Trish Skidmore
    Trish Skidmore 2 months ago

    The Crayola Crayon Maker that came out a few yrs ago was extremely dangerous IMO!

  • Shawn
    Shawn 2 months ago

    Just remember most of these were made around 1970 so it’s not as safe as it is now days

  • chloe bear
    chloe bear 2 months ago

    I had aqua dots

  • gacha blinks
    gacha blinks 2 months ago

    Omg im a poly pocket collecter

  • ActionYak
    ActionYak 2 months ago

    Those mini-trampolines are dangerous for a bunch of reasons. For one thing, you're assuming the kid has enough common sense not to take a running jump onto one and break their ankle like I did
    ... when I was in my early 20s...

  • Jennifer Barnes
    Jennifer Barnes 2 months ago

    So, basically all the toys from my childhood.

  • cuteCheyenna89
    cuteCheyenna89 2 months ago

    What a cute baby tho

  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez 2 months ago

    Inflatable baby floats goes right on a commercial, but not in REALITY.

  • The Arkham Knight
    The Arkham Knight 2 months ago

    Legos are really dangerous I once swallowed one

  • Mr VEVO
    Mr VEVO 2 months ago +1

    *sees recommendation to buy Easy Bake Ultimate Oven when the i button is pressed*

  • DankPebble
    DankPebble 2 months ago

    Wait so something to help you live can help you die wtf?

  • saksağan
    saksağan 2 months ago

    according to your logic legos are dangerous

  • saksağan
    saksağan 2 months ago

    lol why did polly pocket got banned

  • Starry Shadows
    Starry Shadows 2 months ago

    Polly Pockets were my fricken life tho

  • OR M
    OR M 2 months ago

    Oh shit I had aqua dots

  • Matthew Caughey
    Matthew Caughey 2 months ago

    Nearly lost an eye to a yo yo ball those things really sting when they hit your face. Not that a sky dancer is any less painful when your sister launches one into your face

  • Jackgdssa
    Jackgdssa 2 months ago

    I always wanted Aqua Dots

    I never got them

  • Jackgdssa
    Jackgdssa 2 months ago

    A least the easy bake oven showed kids how to bake

  • Oliver gwr 1995 Thomas the tank engine fan

    Who ever invent these dangerous toys are insane

  • Marjorie Jn Francois
    Marjorie Jn Francois 3 months ago

    Figet spinners are a safety hazard to kids but I am not sure if it was announced in the first video

  • Sage Pini
    Sage Pini 3 months ago

    Why the fuck would you put ANYTHING around your babies neck???

  • leo sprikuts
    leo sprikuts 3 months ago

    Shit sasaukšanu ueuy. e isus u

  • leo sprikuts
    leo sprikuts 3 months ago

    Aaaaaa die jegehehuehegeheaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwqwwhyeget3hegege

  • leo sprikuts
    leo sprikuts 3 months ago

    Babby is not smart in hewen i wish hi go to clage and smart his just a dumb banby forewer weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😫ee

  • My jumpsuit takes me sø high

    I had Polly pockets and never tried to eat any of them.


    Toys on one hand but on the other you need to pretty dump parent with 0 imagination to buy some of them to toddlers....

  • Rosie John
    Rosie John 3 months ago +1

    I had polly pockets and my sister had sky dancers.

  • Nani Cat
    Nani Cat 3 months ago

    I fucking hated that mini trampoline!!!! I got so many bruises!!!!!!

  • Natalie the cute koala
    Natalie the cute koala 3 months ago

    pikmi pops cause of their scent!

  • Zayn Malik's Girl
    Zayn Malik's Girl 3 months ago

    These problems can be avoided if parental supervision took place. Some parents are too dumb. And they're dumb to blame the toys for the harm. Don't give toys to babies and toddlers that put everything in their mouths when the toy has small parts. I had Aqua Dots and never once thought putting them in my mouth.

  • Antonio Coll Guy
    Antonio Coll Guy 3 months ago

    Woody dolls are dangerous toys because they can see *EVERYTHING*

  • yetus fetus
    yetus fetus 3 months ago

    i had aqua dots...

  • xXDoritoEngine22Xx
    xXDoritoEngine22Xx 3 months ago

    Where are legos in all of this

  • jagurz
    jagurz 3 months ago

    I had a 2006 model easy bake oven as a kid. I used to bake chocolate cake allll the time. That stuff was the BOMB in my house. I think I still have it, actually.

  • Pigs and Pipes
    Pigs and Pipes 3 months ago

    I had easy bake oven when I was younger

  • Pigs and Pipes
    Pigs and Pipes 3 months ago

    I've done wood burning

  • tuta and her crazy family noooo its crazy yoy

    Who else is 7 years old or 9 im 7 years old

  • Tots
    Tots 3 months ago

    Good video watchmojo!

  • jacob n
    jacob n 3 months ago

    Spiny Barry doll

  • FBI
    FBI 3 months ago +2

    My mom's dildo is a dangerous toy

  • Greenbettas13
    Greenbettas13 3 months ago

    I remember aqua dots...i had them too...but i never ate them because i was 9 years old.

  • dominus 72261
    dominus 72261 3 months ago

    cps 2000 (super soaker)

  • sn00PS
    sn00PS 3 months ago

    In number 9 would the baby basically be hung as well? That’s what I thought earlier.

  • Olivia espinosa
    Olivia espinosa 4 months ago

    Ah sky dancers

  • Ashie noob gamer farm roblox Noob gamer

    Make a part two

  • Ashie noob gamer farm roblox Noob gamer

    Awww why did the bakeing oven on here I have them and when I was a baby I had baby floor

  • Werecat queen Nic
    Werecat queen Nic 4 months ago

    When I was little I had polly pockets and was never stupid enough to eat them

  • cllara daniel
    cllara daniel 4 months ago

    Damn, Aqua Dots!! Jesus!

  • Mr Memelord
    Mr Memelord 4 months ago

    Omg guys I still have an unopened original aqua dots package 😏

  • Solstice
    Solstice 4 months ago

    Can't parents I don't their kids when they play so that don't choke to death?

  • Hot Wheels Owner
    Hot Wheels Owner 4 months ago

    I just noticed the Austin magic pistol is an item in the evil nun game

  • ChiChiB1203
    ChiChiB1203 4 months ago

    I know that movie at 5:05 in the video it was kick ass

  • missmissysue
    missmissysue 4 months ago

    I will save my baby the water toy

  • Randall McPherson
    Randall McPherson 4 months ago

    Sis I know you ain’t comin for the easy bake over that girl got me through sum stuff okay now way h it before I come for you okay and make sure that wig is secure before I snatch it

  • Midmoon wolves
    Midmoon wolves 4 months ago

    Aqua dots

  • the1 right1
    the1 right1 4 months ago

    Ghb holy smokes

  • Beto Chavez
    Beto Chavez 4 months ago

    RC Helicopter for 12+ but some one brought it to a 4 year old

  • Furbearingbrick -stays crunchy in milk

    my Easy Bake Oven never worked :/

  • Sema
    Sema 4 months ago

    The baby one wouldn't be dangerous at all if people watch their children. Of course it's going to leak its inflatable.

  • Bryan Martínez
    Bryan Martínez 4 months ago

    what if kids are just becoming more stupideder