Tyler Henry Has News About Tiffany Haddish's Father | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
  • Should the "Girls Trip" star take care of her father who was absent during her childhood? Find out on "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry".
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    Tyler Henry Has News About Tiffany Haddish's Father | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!
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Comments • 323

  • Total Drama Yes
    Total Drama Yes 10 hours ago

    I mean if a spirit knows then a spirit knows. You know.

  • Sam Kunz
    Sam Kunz 3 months ago

    Does anyone actually buy this bullshit?

  • Alicia McFadden
    Alicia McFadden 4 months ago

    Just came across this Fake psychotic lmao
    Making all that money lying to people
    Anyone. Can say what he said
    His name is google 💭

  • Star Light
    Star Light 4 months ago

    If true, she owes her family nothing. He owes her for not standing by her side has grew from the struggle to a success story 🤗🤗🤗

  • HawnMa808
    HawnMa808 5 months ago

    Ok, not everyone knows who Bobby is. If u are not exposed to r&b music, black culture, or tv. Its not surprising. I know a lot of people who dont know who he is. Maybe heard the name bit dont know the face. Everyone knows whitney but not her life. A caucasian male at 20. Young and obviously his interests are different. When u travel the world and experience different cultures, languages, and countries. Theres more to life than bobby brown.

  • wavy.riyooo
    wavy.riyooo 5 months ago +1


  • CTN LilSkitt
    CTN LilSkitt 5 months ago

    She so hot❤️❤️

  • Brandis Crosby
    Brandis Crosby 6 months ago

    Tiffany look on fleek

  • Makiya Howard
    Makiya Howard 7 months ago

    Still whaching in 2019

  • Darcia Mbaye
    Darcia Mbaye 7 months ago

    Hes a fake mother fucker! Whites are the devil not mediums!!! REALLY TIFFANY!?

  • Katirvana
    Katirvana 7 months ago

    I don't get why y'all even come to watch these videos if you're just gonna post some hateful comment. smh. y'all are better than this.

  • theEarthChildx
    theEarthChildx 8 months ago

    I knew all of this information that Tyler “revealed” just by seeing her interviews.

  • Jonaye Williams
    Jonaye Williams 10 months ago

    All he do is try to give advice on the life🙄...

  • Lauren Kindred
    Lauren Kindred 11 months ago

    These people are feeding him too much information...and I would be more impressed if they weren't celebrities.

  • nani__ delaghetto
    nani__ delaghetto 11 months ago +1

    Tiffany aint buyin it

  • F. Hale
    F. Hale 11 months ago

    I'm laughing out loud right now. You guys really took the time out of your day to watch the whole video and THEN leave a whole book in the comments section about how this fake and you don't believe in it. Even if it is fake, it is still fun to see him do it. GOOD GOD the Internet can be so negative when its something they don't like.😂

  • Saquoia YT
    Saquoia YT Year ago

    I stopped watching him after two shows. He only do celebrities which mean he can Google anytime. Plus she mentioned this when she first came out

  • UnVeiled
    UnVeiled Year ago +1

    This is witchcraft plain and simple. I was a medium. I was saved and from the clutches of Satans hold,and delivered by Yahweh(God) through His son Yeshua(Jesus)
    Evil spirits can manipulate you into thinking these mediums have powers through their spiritual guide. No they are talking or connecting to an assigned familiar spirits.
    ... A familiar spirit can reveal what has already been existence from your natural birth AND ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PAST AND PRESENT. Sets up those who has open themself up into this level evil and darkness. MAJOR DECEIVER. This is why they are called familiar. They are 100% familiar everything about you

  • Tehya Brostowitz
    Tehya Brostowitz Year ago

    She is so pretty

  • ArtyBicardi
    ArtyBicardi Year ago +1

    All the information Tyler tells these people is literally on the internet or public knowledge

  • Vegas_Born
    Vegas_Born Year ago +1

    People shoulda asked him who bit Beyonce cause apparently he knows it all.

  • goldy blood
    goldy blood Year ago

    Everybody always hiding in Philly..

  • kennisha
    kennisha Year ago

    She's so beautiful and every time I see her i think of Ti from Taylor Girlz 😩 they look so much alike

  • Ciarra Johnson
    Ciarra Johnson Year ago

    This is the dad who tried to kill EVERYBODY! The kids just weren’t in the car when he tried to kill her mom! She’s been in and out of mental hospitals ever since💔💔

  • justcallme...
    justcallme... Year ago +1

    Tyler may be a fraud, but he is right about one thing...she is NOT responsible for taking care of a father who was absent in her life. If he wants to, that's fine, but she should feel no obligation to do so .

  • Erica Hill-Conyers

    Her stepfather was a pastor. I read all about the abuse online.

  • Don McNeil
    Don McNeil Year ago +1

    What a Beautiful Lady. She's Earned Her Own right to be Happy without any Baggage of the past. May God Bless Her. Tyler is a Gift from God as well.

  • Big Heart
    Big Heart Year ago

    Yes she's no matter what, i know she will because her heart is good

  • Kellie LeBlanc
    Kellie LeBlanc Year ago

    actors.. acting

  • sylvia candy
    sylvia candy Year ago

    He don’t know who he is meeting so stop saying that he does !

  • socialmediaisevil

    I thought her father was dead.

  • LeDell Williams
    LeDell Williams Year ago +2

    Skeptics all of you. How did he know about Left Eye's death and he was only 6 when she died? Answer that.

  • 0
    0 Year ago

    More of a fraud than crazy caputo

  • Mia S
    Mia S Year ago

    THIS GUY IS A PHONY. I wish someone would shut him down for real. What a scam 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Sharese Mackey
    Sharese Mackey Year ago

    I can't wait till the world sees Me work! I love being a Medium! 😍😊

  • Nanasipauu Carson

    Don't listen to mediums or pschyics it is demons they talk to its just like playing a wedgie board .
    When people die their soul goes to heaven or hell they don't roam around only demons roam around telling lies .

  • Ester Jalo
    Ester Jalo Year ago

    Tyler: Asks Tiffany about her father
    Tiffany: tells him everything about her father
    Taylor repeats back what Tiffany told him.😂😂😂😂😎#Fraud

  • Terry Flowers
    Terry Flowers Year ago

    She could sat and talked to her girlfriend instead of this dude. He deals with clients with more money. $$$$$$

  • Jerusalem Zion
    Jerusalem Zion Year ago

    Shoot, Tiff baby, we as ERITREAN people don't do that!!!! NEVER! Girl, I'll pray for you, cause you been dealing with the sheytan...😭

  • LizBiz Ldn
    LizBiz Ldn Year ago +8

    Why he ain’t tell her that she would spilt the Beyoncé tea. He a fraud with his demonic spirit.

    • Mike P
      Mike P Year ago

      Jody McGuiness everyone is included....the scripture says he loved the world. That is everyone. It didn’t say white or black. Humans are the only ones with colors or race in their eyes. Jesus had to die as the pure sacrifice for humanity.secondly, Christians existed way before Constantine had his vision. There were Christians in Ethiopia for starters. The Apostle Peter and Matthew traveled and spread the gospel. It’s important to know church history before you bombard social media with racist propaganda.

    • LeDell Williams
      LeDell Williams Year ago

      LizBiz Ldn Christianity was created by the Roman after they killed Yeshaua (Jesus in the white people's world) so in essence, white man's Christianity is demonic. Research the 12 tribes of Israel. White people are not included

    • Mike P
      Mike P Year ago

      LizBiz Ldn the issue is that these kind of people are real and yes demonic.

  • Latonya Christor
    Latonya Christor Year ago +1

    Keep pushing threw Tyler. Don't worry about negative comments, you know the gift you have that's all that matters😊.

    PAULETTE B Year ago +1

    He is definitely not a fraud. If you watch his show you will see that he tells people things that no one else could possibly know.

  • Moira Rising
    Moira Rising Year ago +1

    He should do the medium stuff on non- celebrities so he doesn't have time to research them.

  • Emmia B
    Emmia B Year ago

    Whatever...how come he doesn't do random people???

  • youknowwhatflav
    youknowwhatflav Year ago

    he read the black unicorn

  • Leslie Boozer
    Leslie Boozer Year ago +2

    I like this tone-she is normally too loud and hard to understand.

  • heymitchy01
    heymitchy01 Year ago +1

    these celebs are dumb, they are basically feeding him all the info he needs....

  • Tokarra Mcfeer
    Tokarra Mcfeer Year ago

    Tyler respect you elder . you shes a slave owner

  • llyes44
    llyes44 Year ago

    I dont believe a bit from what he said ,,yohhh google do miracles

  • halima candy
    halima candy Year ago


  • Starlike Shinebright

    The dead has no connection with the living. Those are familiar spirits NOT our loved ones or friends!

    • Starlike Shinebright
      Starlike Shinebright Year ago +1

      dreamergirlbaby I know what I’m saying! Those are demons point blank period. Google it and read the BIBLE!!!

    • dreamergirlbaby
      dreamergirlbaby Year ago

      Starlike Shinebright what do you mean by “familiar” spirits? If it’s familiar why can’t it be a family member that I knew that passed away or why can’t it be an ancestor? Because by saying familiar you’re saying that we have some sort of connection to that spirit ?

  • Massiel Acosta Marchena

    So now you everyone could do this job and charge for it XD like dude wikipedia much?

  • Shellie Rodarmel
    Shellie Rodarmel Year ago

    Yea this reading wasn't good!

  • Jaliha and Sillah

    Tyler is Some Born bullshit in this world

  • Eritrawe
    Eritrawe Year ago

    I can easily guess that even before I watched the breakfast club,because she been in foster care.

  • Wo Ton
    Wo Ton Year ago

    how much do celebs get paid to act so surprised by what he says?

  • Cat Tiger
    Cat Tiger Year ago

    She. Is. Nice. And. Strong personality she is my country. Eritrean

  • Ruth O
    Ruth O Year ago

    Fraud ..

  • Tevin Johnson
    Tevin Johnson Year ago +1

    Hell I thought Tyler was ole boy from the movie Home Alone... That's how I knew it was fake

  • bonwright78
    bonwright78 Year ago

    He’s a fraud. Unless he says something that only Tiffany knows, I won’t believe him.

  • Princess D
    Princess D Year ago

    I believe in mediums & spirituality. He’s a fraud tho.

  • MusiKinG 101
    MusiKinG 101 Year ago

    Like celebrities info on Google anybody can do what he doing fr by going on the internet

  • MusiKinG 101
    MusiKinG 101 Year ago

    But this my first time watching him, he a cornball

  • MusiKinG 101
    MusiKinG 101 Year ago

    Her life is well documented he used google

  • Maliyah Jal
    Maliyah Jal Year ago

    Check out the Ace Family’s RU-clip channel. He did one w them and their business isn’t out there.

  • Shameka Glover
    Shameka Glover Year ago

    People will always say things aren't real if they can't make sense of it !!

  • Ms Honey
    Ms Honey Year ago

    everything he brings up are things guest have already spoken about openly to the public 😩

  • Doreen Newman
    Doreen Newman Year ago

    CHARLITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tiffany, don't get involved with this person, he doesn't have any more insight than anyone else. I hope you didn't pay him.

  • Journey of the Blessed

    The Devil is a lie.... Trust the Lord amd Pray.... God can do anything, even what seems impossible.

  • MissMoneyBun
    MissMoneyBun Year ago

    Actually Tiffany’s father passed recently so I saw this as a foreshadow that your relationship as it is now is going to stay as it is. Meaning he is leaving soon and the relationship y’all had is going to HAVE to be what it is.

  • god563616
    god563616 Year ago +1

    GOD the father can tell you EVERYTHING you need to know for your healing.

  • Yorda Goitom
    Yorda Goitom Year ago +2

    Tiffany Haddish is from Eritrea (her dad side) and she has visited her home land and connected with her family which she was Overwhelmed by the hospitality and the love she received in Eritrea.

  • samtv m
    samtv m Year ago

    This is stupid.
    He gets this attention bs he gay
    Wake up.switch off tv.

  • charlie kasi
    charlie kasi Year ago


  • CelebStalker
    CelebStalker Year ago

    Lies!!! He a fake