20 Most Disgusting Things Found in Food

  • Published on Jan 19, 2018
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    20 Frog in a Frozen Vegetable Bag
    In 2010, the Hoffman family from Grand Ledge, Michigan bought a bag of frozen vegetables from their local supermarket. Inside the bag they were shocked to find a frog.
    19 Mouse in Baked Beans
    In December 2011, a costumer of Sainsbury’s, the popular UK grocery chain, found a mouse inside a can of store-brand baked beans.
    18 Black Widow Spider
    The last place you’d expect to find one of these creepy crawlers is in your food. Unfortunately for Boston resident Jorge Fuentes, that is exactly what happened. He found a black widow in a bag of grapes he’d purchased from a supermarket chain.
    17 Razor
    Stephanie Granger bought ice cream in 2011, from a Walmart in Kilgore, Texas. Inside she discovered a razor. Apparently when Granger reported the find to a Walmart representative, she was told, ‘I’m sorry. I hope your days get better’.
    16 Human Tooth
    A British woman found a human tooth in a block of cheese purchased from Sainsbury’s in the UK. The supermarket chain assured her that a proper investigation would be conducted.
    15 Snake Head
    In 2009, John Pendleton was waiting for his order at TGI Fridays in Schenectady, New York. When his meal arrived, he noticed an extra ingredient in his broccoli in the form of a snake head.
    14 Human Skin
    A Florida man got more than he’d paid for while having a meal at an Arby’s restaurant. It was later revealed that the restaurant manager had accidentally cut his finger while slicing lettuce.
    13 Pizza-Hut
    Ken Wieczerza was enjoying a large Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza when he felt something strange in his mouth. He soon found out that an extra ingredient had been baked into the crust of his pizza. He tried complaining to the restaurant’s management, but was ignored. The man then went to the media with his story.
    12 Cockroach
    Cockroaches are the prime nightmare of any restaurant. It’s much worse when one of them turns up in your food. His compensation for this disgusting experience. A free breakfast coupon.
    11 BLT
    When Susan Mosher received her order of BLT & fries from a Cracker Barrel in Houston, Texas, she couldn’t help but notice that the contents of her plate didn't look like a proper meal. Understandably horrified, the woman complained to Cracker Barrel management.
    10 Glass in Baby Food
    According to a report from the New York Times, in 1986, a woman from Brooklyn New York noticed that her baby was spitting out the Gerber baby food she was giving him.
    9 Chicken Head
    A Virginia woman found a chicken head in a box of wings. She didn’t notice the chicken head at first & she was on the verge of eating it, when her 8-year-old son told her to stop. She was offered free meals for two weeks as compensation but refused.
    8 Finger
    Clarence Stowers, a North Carolina resident, encountered something while enjoying a container of Kohl’s frozen custard. According to USA today, Stowers didn’t know what he’d discovered at first & put the digit into his mouth believing that it was a piece of candy.
    7 Frog inside Pepsi Can
    It didn’t take long for Fred DeNegri to realize that there was something wrong with his Pepsi. The texture was thick & slimy & the flavor was rank. After shaking the contents of the can, DeNegri claimed that something resembling pink linguini came out.
    6 Subway Sandwich
    In 2008, New Yorker John Agnesini made a startling discovery upon biting into his Subway Sandwich. Inside the loaf of bread was a 6-inch serrated knife. It’s fairly hard to imagine how someone could have baked the knife into the sandwich by accident.
    5 Needle Sandwich
    US Army Staff Sgt. Craig Bartholomew bought a Burger king Triple Stacker from a restaurant in Hawaii.
    4 Hot-Dog
    In 2004 California resident Olivia Chanes found an item in a hot-dog she’d purchased from the snack bar at Costco. She’d bitten down on something hard.
    3 Ice Cream Surprise
    In 2008, Ian Macdonald, the Australian food minister at the time, confirmed that something had been found in the chocolate gelato offered to patrons of a Sydney pub.
    2 Clam Chowder
    In 2002 a woman from Irvine, California, discovered a disgusting item that had somehow ended up in her bowl of clam chowder. While enjoying the dish, she started chewing on something of a rubbery texture.
    1 Steak
    German tourist Axel Sanz-Claus went through a gut-wrenching incident involving a 40 dollar fillet mignon at the Bull & Bear Restaurant in New York’s Waldorf-Astoria hotel. After rinsing his mouth with brandy, Sanz-Claus rushed to the nearest hospital, where the doctors confirmed his disgusting discovery.
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