Groups Day 7 | 2019 World Championship

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • 2019 World Championship Groups #Worlds2019
    Royal Never Give Up vs. SK Telecom T1
    Clutch Gaming vs. Fnatic
    SK Telecom T1 vs. Fnatic
    Clutch Gaming vs. ROyal Never Give Up
    SK Telecom T1 vs. Clutch Gaming
    Fnatic vs. Royal Never Give Up
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Comments • 197

  • d drakonas
    d drakonas Month ago

    13:30 song? :)

  • Domoto Makoto
    Domoto Makoto Month ago

    2:18:19 you activates my trap card, you come in the shadowroom with me
    Epic =))

  • Kuanysh Moldabek
    Kuanysh Moldabek Month ago

    anyone liking these oppo shots? they are actually making me not to buy oppo.

  • David Turner
    David Turner Month ago


  • Neebs Hi am Neebs
    Neebs Hi am Neebs Month ago

    Splyce will win worlds 2019 LMAO u heard it here first lMAO

  • Arda Anıl Ergin
    Arda Anıl Ergin Month ago

    6:22:16 I understood that reference
    6:22:48 immediately answered with another Marvel meme, I love this 😂

  • Arda Anıl Ergin
    Arda Anıl Ergin Month ago

    I think Ming is mvp "against" RNG in SKT game, and Faker is mvp "against" SKT in their FNC game. But Faker might've done that on purpose so idk 🤔

  • Cesar Recalde
    Cesar Recalde Month ago

    4:20:29 Faker died...

  • youwise8D
    youwise8D Month ago


  • Insightful Iguana
    Insightful Iguana Month ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the camera man going the extra mile making this awesome shot route at 1:50:06?

  • Dang Khoa Vo
    Dang Khoa Vo Month ago +1

    It's either a perfect plan from SKT to get rid of RNG for good Or just a happy accident.

  • Nano LT
    Nano LT Month ago

    Wait they have 7ms ping? I bet there are people with lower ping on the online servers than on LAN.

  • 灰色无味
    灰色无味 Month ago


  • Trillian
    Trillian Month ago +1

    how did Nemesis say on his stream about RNG? "It'll be a party in bot lane. And everyone will be drunk already. Then I show up to clean up." :D

  • Daniel Rojas
    Daniel Rojas Month ago +8

    Love how the gold diff is sponsored by MasterCard

  • Zachary Navarre
    Zachary Navarre Month ago

    These analysts after each match make me not want to watch. I'm thankful I didn't watch it live and have the ability to skip past them.

  • Jenami Hime
    Jenami Hime Month ago +1

    Dafuq happened to the camera 6:46:30 lol

  • Bae JungChan
    Bae JungChan Month ago +2

    this is not skt . lol . tower dives after fail tower dive ? wtf ? are you freaking kidding me? even a gold player wouldnt do that ... smell something fishy

  • rAndomgirl32
    rAndomgirl32 Month ago +1

    kinda tired of the rekkles crying. Hope they get dumpstered by FPX and or SKT in knockouts

    • Aku Leet
      Aku Leet Month ago

      But then he'll cry again xD

  • Dylan Liegeois
    Dylan Liegeois Month ago +1

    SKT clearly purposely lost against FNC, look at how each member plays individually, they never play that badly, Faker literaly inted two fights. And if it is the same ruling as traditionnal sports, I'm pretty sure this is forbidden.

  • Cr Legend Lolman
    Cr Legend Lolman Month ago +2

    fnc looking strong this year

  • Neiruxia
    Neiruxia Month ago +22

    cameraman dies at 6:46:33

  • Suciu Cosmin Alexandru
    Suciu Cosmin Alexandru Month ago +23

    Delusional LPL fans blaming SKT for losing to FNC "on purpose". Why would SKT risk losing first place for nothing and ending up facing the likes of griffin/FPX. Also FNC could still quallify without the win over SKT.

    • Suciu Cosmin Alexandru
      Suciu Cosmin Alexandru Month ago

      @Dang Khoa Vo Very, 50 games played between RNG and FNC that day and FNC would win all of them

    • The Sky Walker
      The Sky Walker Month ago

      @Dang Khoa Vo well actually if Fnatic lost to SKT and still won RNG like this then both them and RNG were 3-3 =>another tierbreak between RNG and Fnatic i think

    • Dang Khoa Vo
      Dang Khoa Vo Month ago

      Are you sure about your last statement? "Also FNC could still quallify without the win over SKT."

    • 鄂泓源
      鄂泓源 Month ago +4

      lol but no. RNG for sure threw their chance away by themselves once again, and yes FNC deserves a victory.

    • ss goh
      ss goh Month ago +3


  • Lucius Sergius Catilina

    Why do people think SKT is this perfect them that absolutely CANNOT lose and if they lose it must be because they let their opponents win?

  • Burai
    Burai Month ago +1

    FNC loses: "FNC TRASH LUL"
    FNC wins: "gAmE waS FixeD" "AlL plANNeD"

  • Mperato
    Mperato Month ago

    if you didnt notice, eu>na

  • Khawie Hong
    Khawie Hong Month ago +1

    Wow! FNC won all their games today

  • 존슨시즈모드
    존슨시즈모드 Month ago +3

    Intentional defeat ... skt

    • A quaint town
      A quaint town Month ago

      Burai g2 is the only good eu team buddy, anyone else just trash can

    • A quaint town
      A quaint town Month ago

      Burai watch FNC getting destroy this weekend will be really funny xd

    • Burai
      Burai Month ago

      @Milee Yes, it's a fact. Denying facts is the definition of begin delusional

    • Milee
      Milee Month ago

      @Burai do you actually think that Nemesis can beat Faker in a 1v1 or even a 2v2 ? Like be honest, do you actually think skt lost to fnc cuz fnc was better ?

    • Burai
      Burai Month ago +1

      sure buddy w/e fits you better. salty kid

  • 존슨시즈모드
    존슨시즈모드 Month ago +3

    skt Trolling lol

  • Максим Ричмен

    what are those video editor noobs. 40% of screen space wasted. People have to watch it on a tiny spot

  • JB Sweeney
    JB Sweeney Month ago +7

    FNC beats RNG: imposter syndrome intensifies.

  • Adam The Turtle
    Adam The Turtle Month ago

    when every LEC team gets out of groups and every NA team doesn't.
    TL still have to play? Pfft, barely NA

  • Yin Li
    Yin Li Month ago

    RNG Disappointment

  • R.G
    R.G Month ago +3

    SKTT1: GGez, all planned! Already gave you a warning in last game. Dont blame me.

  • Jon Barrios
    Jon Barrios Month ago +10

    No more RNG! SKT is celebrating. 😂

  • A quaint town
    A quaint town Month ago +7

    wtf is Rng's teamcomp? they lose from champion select, why give UZI ezreal???

    • Arda Anıl Ergin
      Arda Anıl Ergin Month ago

      Exactly. I get triggered every time Uzi gets Ezreal.

    • A quaint town
      A quaint town Month ago +1

      Sherrin I don't feel like rng is the greatest threat for skt also. their top and mid is just garbage compare to skt''s. no offense but the skill gap is huge

    • A quaint town
      A quaint town Month ago +2

      Sherrin I peaked gm this season and I still have no idea why they pick ezreal adc and Lulu support. it makes sense if Uzi is playing hyper carrying ad like Kaisa or vayne but Lulu to pocket ezreal? like wtf

  • Rodrigo Melotto
    Rodrigo Melotto Month ago +2

    AGAIN REPLAYS ruining the game!!
    Replay = Miss players death
    Replay = Miss Elder Dragon
    Replay = Miss Normal Dragons
    Replay = Miss Baron play

    STOP those annoying replays for the love of god!

  • Andres Ugalde
    Andres Ugalde Month ago +26

    Im so in love with Nemesis

    • GladRags
      GladRags Month ago

      @Macedo I can see that happen. The differenc ebetween the two is that caps was a flashier player in his first year he was claps or craps. Meanwhile Nemesis is very solid and calm, but I yet to see him solo carry the team. If he can find it in himself then he'll be better I think!

    • Macedo
      Macedo Month ago

      @GladRags Nemesis first year is being far better than Caps first year. I think he will be the best midlaner in EU in 2020 or 2021

    • Andres Ugalde
      Andres Ugalde Month ago

      @GladRags Yeah right... thats what I mean...

    • GladRags
      GladRags Month ago +6

      I just have a gutt feeling about Nemesis. I think he's evolving, maturing and bonding with the team as the tournament goes on and I feel like he's gonna make some disgusting solo plays in the upcoming games. He has a very calm but confident vibe.

  • IceManAuz
    IceManAuz Month ago +9

    Don't do it

    You now have 7 years of good luck. Lìke and süb to activate

  • Brainloader
    Brainloader Month ago +1

    I hate these commentators. They look like they all were selected for social inclusion agenda, and it shows since they are very mediocre and uncharismatic.

    • Brainloader
      Brainloader Month ago

      @Aku Leet i hear nothing at all

    • Aku Leet
      Aku Leet Month ago +1

      @Brainloader You say humanitarian but I hear biased subjectivity xD

    • anton
      anton Month ago

      Brainloader ok boomer

    • Brainloader
      Brainloader Month ago

      @Aku Leet you're talking as if the SJW aren't as tyrants. I'm against all ideologies. I'm a humanitarian. and the humanitarian age is yet to come and the lgbt or the feminazi movement wont be part of it. You need these kind of groupism in a humanitarian world.

    • Aku Leet
      Aku Leet Month ago

      @Brainloader Racism much? xDD You're such a sore loser lmao xD Go shoot a school or something if you really care that much about being racist rofl xDD

  • Alguien Alguno
    Alguien Alguno Month ago


  • PIAT
    PIAT Month ago

    Excellent !

  • The Master Dodo
    The Master Dodo Month ago +1

    EU week 2 op

  • Kristóf Kovács
    Kristóf Kovács Month ago +16

    Actually, it's good that every LEC team got out as second... they all may go further. :D Of course first would've been better, but don't be greedy.
    The casters did miss some things, but it's fine.

    • Kristóf Kovács
      Kristóf Kovács Month ago

      @Perte adsf That could be the case with 4 LEC teams.

    • Perte adsf
      Perte adsf Month ago +1

      Kristóf Kovács If they all came out first, the teams that are first now would be second, so the matchups would be the same :p

  • Patrick Dickeson-Smith
    Patrick Dickeson-Smith Month ago +13

    Clutch coming up.... not so clutch.

  • Chickun
    Chickun Month ago

    Rekkles pecho frío :v

  • marj quilang
    marj quilang Month ago +23

    Haters gonna lost. Congrats rekkles and the rest of fanatic.

  • Dzool Freeze
    Dzool Freeze Month ago +77

    SKT is like, All planned

    • Huan Lin
      Huan Lin Month ago


    • A BC
      A BC Month ago +1

      Again LCK vs World
      1. DWG
      2. TL
      3. IG
      4. AHQ

  • Andy Dang
    Andy Dang Month ago +10

    All hail the korean overloads 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

  • 스윗투스
    스윗투스 Month ago +121

    SKT: Task failed successfully.

  • OW_Eclipse
    OW_Eclipse Month ago

    Lol dumb casters "burns in the suppresion of the ult"

  • superhansen
    superhansen Month ago +6

    Dont worried guys NA can do it better than EU next year when they get 6 teams to worlds by Riot

  • KatsisVi
    KatsisVi Month ago +259

    1:47:38 RNG vs SKT
    2:47:24 CG vs FNC
    3:59:20 SKT vs FNC
    4:51:17 CG vs RNG
    5:43:48 SKT vs CG
    6:41:44 FNC vs RNG

    • ETx7A69
      ETx7A69 Month ago

      THANK YOU!

    • Benjamin Karoff
      Benjamin Karoff Month ago

      ty m8

    • KatsisVi
      KatsisVi Month ago +1

      @Antitainment Good, I managed to finish it with extra credit. I think the teacher liked the poem I picked as well.

    • Gabby Valenciano
      Gabby Valenciano Month ago +2

      The hero we both deserve and need

  • George W
    George W Month ago +55

    So sad for uzi. Hope he’ll be back next year!

    • Rodrigo Melotto
      Rodrigo Melotto Month ago

      @Vincent Tom Do you know theres a website called "google" where you can type any question and miraculously it will give you a result of many websites answering that question?

    • Vincent Tom
      Vincent Tom Month ago

      @Rodrigo Melottowhen?

    • Rodrigo Melotto
      Rodrigo Melotto Month ago +11

      Im not sad for him, hes a horseshi** when it comes to treating colleagues and making fun of others.
      Toxic player, no wonder he was fined.
      Hope he enjoy his behavior out of worlds.

  • Koon Jay
    Koon Jay Month ago +12

    LOL became Chinese game funny China ain't even got Freedom of Speech cant even use RU-clip/Google

    • A quaint town
      A quaint town Month ago +4

      US got Freedom of Speech? A NBA manager literally got fire merely because he said don't get close with black basketball players with his daughter in private. xd??

    • Brian Xu
      Brian Xu Month ago +5

      Koon Jay Lamo u dog live ur own sad life and stop criticising others

  • FMR
    FMR Month ago +3

    F reeeeee H K

  • keto3883
    keto3883 Month ago +1

    3 pool 2 eu teams. will be rough lul

    • keto3883
      keto3883 Month ago

      @Perte adsf the outcome is the same. the expectation is a different one.

    • Perte adsf
      Perte adsf Month ago

      keto3883 Exactly the same pools as if they all came first, except for the final group

  • Au's Aviation
    Au's Aviation Month ago +7

    7:35:31......the moment rekkles wants the penta, 😂😂.... Fnatic fans running riot.... 7:20:35, that got me

  • Aleksandar Sokerov
    Aleksandar Sokerov Month ago +3

    uzi`s hair is soooo greasy its unnerving