Finials | Wood Carving

  • Published on Aug 27, 2009
  • Finials for curtain poles being turned and carved in our own factory. Watch our finial craftsmen at work.
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  • Khaled woods
    Khaled woods 4 months ago

    I like it nice

  • Robert Cornelius
    Robert Cornelius 10 months ago

    Hey, young men who play video games everyday, only in your wildest dreams that you would be able to do such craftsmanship. Hahahahahahaha!

  • Edwin Leach
    Edwin Leach Year ago

    Beautiful work!!

  • Irish peaches
    Irish peaches Year ago

    What is the name of this machine he's using

    • Max
      Max 11 months ago


  • Carlos Morga-funez
    Carlos Morga-funez Year ago +1

    I find this satisfying

  • OxyPvpi -
    OxyPvpi - Year ago

    This guy looks like Bernie Sand-has

  • Michael Pitra
    Michael Pitra 2 years ago

    Nějakej pátek už taky soustružím,ale takto mi to teda nejde-klobouk dolu-je to pan mistr soustružník.

  • William Brown
    William Brown 4 years ago

    Fantastic video - thanks!
    This could be covered in an hour long teaching video, but the 5 minute version works better for me.

  • Bucket Man
    Bucket Man 6 years ago

    Wow... I wish I could do that.

  • Игорь Петров

    Красота!!!! Человек - асс

  • Pat M
    Pat M 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing your talents. I learned some real nice tips from just watching.
    @42 guitars feel free to show your talents but why knock someone trying to help people learn????? Went to your page and your a talented carver but I can't learn anything by just looking at your pictures.

  • ronatholl
    ronatholl 8 years ago

    excellent you can learn more watching a turner at work that loads of books

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  • MrLeonard55
    MrLeonard55 8 years ago