Armie Hammer's Reaction To Being PEOPLE's Sexiest 'Risk Taker' Is Pretty Hilarious | PeopleTV

  • Published on Nov 16, 2017
  • "Call Me By Your Name" actor Armie Hammer talks Blake Shelton winning "Sexiest Man Alive", claims he was "ambushed" by his publicist who secretly submitted him.
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    Armie Hammer's Reaction To Being PEOPLE's Sexiest 'Risk Taker' Is Pretty Hilarious | PeopleTV
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Comments • 27

  • María Victoria Núñez Laluz

    Blake Shelton ia not that hot

  • Anhad Arora
    Anhad Arora 7 months ago +2

    Armie is the sexiest man on the earth.

  • Louie vincent
    Louie vincent Year ago +1

    Blake Shelton sexy? barf

  • Carolina Gutierrez
    Carolina Gutierrez 2 years ago +4

    OMG love Tim and Armie.

  • Indy Kana
    Indy Kana 3 years ago +1

    blake shelton........what the f

  • Listen Music
    Listen Music 3 years ago +1

    God you're stupid People TV. Armie was beat up and bullied as a kid. No kid coming out of that would have a sense of self-aggrandizing that People pushes on celebrities and its readers. Worthless paper.

  • Nikita Das
    Nikita Das 3 years ago +14

    I'd recommend the writer of that article to place photos of Armie hammer and Blake Shelton side by side and then decide! Cuz Armie hammer was supposed to be on the freaking cover of the magazine!!!!!

  • Pri Mel
    Pri Mel 3 years ago +19

    I love how Timmy praises Armie's merits. ;) They truly have a good chemistry. I love Armie, but I also love them both togehter on interviews.So funny to see how Timmy adores him. And the other way around. :D

    • olivernotes
      olivernotes 3 years ago +3

      i'm shipping the two of them!

  • Pri Mel
    Pri Mel 3 years ago +7

    Can't help, but Blake Shelton is not even worth, bringing Armie water. Armie is also more charming and modest. Timmiy in my opinion is even more a hunk, aside from his young age, and could exist at Armie's side! They both made a sweet couple on screen!

  • Viantz Pradz
    Viantz Pradz 3 years ago +1

    Yes he is sexy

  • sugarmare May
    sugarmare May 3 years ago +2

    What Blake is cute not sexy.

  • MJ
    MJ 3 years ago +20

    Blake Shelton? 😂 Bahahahahahaha wtf. Ew.

  • brianno27
    brianno27 3 years ago +50

    the awkward moment is when the ultimate sexiest man alive for 2017 is blake shelton and both armie hammer(sexiest risk taker) and ryan gosling(sexiest mystery man) are just contenders! wow! this is bull! whoever did this list are seriously need to go to specsavers!

    • Amanda Elmore
      Amanda Elmore 3 years ago +4

      brianno27 Blake Shelton’s probably paying People to stay on the cover lmao

  • gabs
    gabs 3 years ago

    MY LONDON DUDES, please take a moment to vote for our boi Timmy, he's been nominated for Rising Star!! You can vote here:
    Imagine how happy his lil face would be if he won, let's do this for him! :')

  • Azraqi Ramadhan
    Azraqi Ramadhan 3 years ago +5

    1:21 😍😍😍

  • πανταπεριμενω

    ohhhhh i want him to ruin me

  • Maggie Silva
    Maggie Silva 3 years ago +2

    who decides this? xD

  • Cheryl L
    Cheryl L 3 years ago +43

    This guy should've been sexiest man alive

  • aruna
    aruna 3 years ago +76

    That muach in the end is the best thing

  • Iarisa Sosing
    Iarisa Sosing 3 years ago +28

    Awghh Armie has me swooning with everything he does. Just snatch the title away from Blake, and give it to Armie already!

  • Dan Petiluna
    Dan Petiluna 3 years ago +237

    Armie is way sexier than Blake Shelton. He should be on the cover!

  • Ibrahim Ibrahim
    Ibrahim Ibrahim 3 years ago +196

    you are taking a risk Armie!, mmmooouaachhh :*

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen 3 years ago +69

    One day it'll be your turn Timmy.

  • Charissa Gabrielle
    Charissa Gabrielle 3 years ago +75

    They're so cute and Armie should have been the sexiest man alive.

  • The Adam Report
    The Adam Report 3 years ago +111

    Timmy and the mooch. lol (GO SEE THE MOVIE, folks!)

  • jestina Thomas
    jestina Thomas 3 years ago +250

    Timmy couldn't have agree with you more. He is way sexier.

  • Maria Elena
    Maria Elena 3 years ago +438

    Armie should have been on the cover of People Magazine..he is way sexier then Blake Shelden buy a mile...

    • WaterLily
      WaterLily Year ago

      Blake Shelden is NOT even sexy nor good looking at all.

    • anniebananie
      anniebananie 3 years ago

      Blake Shelton looks like Shrek

    • Laura Lockman
      Laura Lockman 3 years ago +1

      100% i dont see anything great about blake but a whole lot of greatness in Armie

    • brianno27
      brianno27 3 years ago +3

      yep..especially the thor chris wemsworth! blake shelton is sexier than him??!! i dont think so. somebody seriously needs to go to specsavers!!!

    • Rachel Wang
      Rachel Wang 3 years ago +12

      Half the men in Hollywood are sexier than Blake Shelton