Beautiful Light Music - easy smooth inspirational - long playlist by relaxdaily: Ocean Breeze

  • Published on Mar 1, 2013
  • Listen to a 2h long playlist with relaxdaily music. Beautiful, light instrumental music with an easy, smooth and inspirational attitude. This mixtape 'Ocean Breeze', a music mix with my own original releases from the last 1.5 years.
    The simple video shows grass waving in the wind at the pacific coast in California, I could capture just a few miles south of San Francisco.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Michael (relaxdaily musician)
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    Relaxdaily's background music instrumentals: beautiful, light, inspirational music that can be used as a soundtrack for multiple activities. Depending on your interest you might use my music in your relax radio playlist, as yoga music, as music while you're studying, doing homework, working (mentally, creatively), reading, writing, while thinking or reflecting, dreaming, reviewing, making future plans. Some use it as "sleep music" (I personally think there's better sleep music out there, but it seems to work ;) Some even listen to it in their minecraft music playlist. Call it chillout, smooth, ambient, New Age, instrumental, or background music -- this is not as much about a genre as it is about a feeling. A way of life. With the relaxdaily project, I try to take a little heat from our (generally) too busy lives. I try to deliver a soundtrack for you, when you feel the need for some positive, calming, inspirational tunes.

    © music and video: 2012-2013 relaxdaily. All rights reserved.

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  • bunny fam
    bunny fam 5 hours ago


  • Blssd ByndMsr
    Blssd ByndMsr Day ago


  • Elton rocha
    Elton rocha 7 days ago +1

    Escuto essas músicas desde 2013, como me fazem bem. muito obrigado relaxdaily.

  • can we hit 100k subs with two vids challenge?

    This is beautifully great than the new version

  • Софи Мороз
    Софи Мороз 8 days ago


  • magnu ya
    magnu ya 10 days ago +1

    1:35:10 this part of tune sounds pretty feeling like a painful moods within.! Excellent job 👍🎶.That soft lighting of sky is shining over the ocean more beautiful uniquely👍👍👍👍👍👍
    Thanks for sharing your pure human sauces for the world, Michael! ❤

  • lps willow tv
    lps willow tv 10 days ago +1

    I played this to my bird and he’s sleepy now after biting me he’s starting to calm down

  • Hamidur Rahman
    Hamidur Rahman 11 days ago

    Good Music. Are this is copyright free for using RU-clip Video making?

  • Dennis Githui
    Dennis Githui 12 days ago

    talking to soul

  • THC Photography
    THC Photography 12 days ago

    I am making a wildlife documentary about ranibari community forest which in Kathmandu. This music is the perfect one for the documentary I am working on.
    Do see my channel for what I am doing.
    This is the perfect music to show the beauty of nature that Ranibari encompasses.

  • Vipul Yaduvanshi
    Vipul Yaduvanshi 12 days ago +10

    I kept on listening it all day in 2014 while working, once again I found it here & this melody makes me remember those days again .
    Ur amazing as always...

  • Shahud Akbar
    Shahud Akbar 12 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the second track?

  • márminino
    márminino 15 days ago +1

    Cadê os Brasileiros.

  • The Cavendish's Lost Kitten

    I listened to this while stdying for exams in year 2016 and got all A's ;) I had depression at that time and listening to these songs helped me forget about the pain and reminded me of what I should strive towards.
    This year I have another big exam and I found this song which was one of the songs in my playlist that motivated me alot:)

    Random person who reads this comment, I hope you too succeed in your goals achieve whatever you want to achieve :)

    _love from Malaysia_

  • magnu ya
    magnu ya 20 days ago +1

    A breathtaking sounded soul speaking healing music ever! I love this music! Feeling it displays we humams' life each period experience is different : sad, happy, calm smooth uplifting, upset and so on. Your music is exactly speaking out humans' life. A remarkable creativity evet!! "Ocean Breeze"! that's pure track topic!! The beautiful views keep me concentrating on it for over 2 hours truly. My mind, my feeling totally fell in your music moods and Ocean Breeze views.A brilliant composer with unique creation you are!! A perfec sauce for life
    changing. Thank you Michael for sharing your smartest idea with us all ❤🎶😎

  • Julie Mieritz
    Julie Mieritz 21 day ago

    Balsam for my soul ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bubble •TeaXD
    Bubble •TeaXD 24 days ago +4

    My teacher always puts this on!❤💖💜❤💖

  • Lucas Lindsey
    Lucas Lindsey 27 days ago

    HeyJesus died for your sins so you could be reconciled to God. We love you and want you to know the truth. God has a plan for you and is working in your life now.

  • Manjari Shukla
    Manjari Shukla 27 days ago

    Thank you 🙏😇

  • Florica Koning
    Florica Koning 29 days ago +1

    So beautiful

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes Month ago +1

    For the 3% reading this, I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a youtuber myself and I'm not asking you to do anything. but I would love to hit 200 subs by the end of August! THANK YOU, ALL OF RU-clip

  • AtHome Music
    AtHome Music Month ago

    wow Ocean Breeze


    my all the time fav music every....osome

  • Albert Jachowicz-Brzeziński

    Am I the only person that though "I need some backgrund music" and literally typed "Some background music" and clicked this, beacuse I liked image?

  • Azza Openshaw
    Azza Openshaw Month ago


  • MrBoogie
    MrBoogie Month ago

    To people reading this … Your all awsome and I want greet you all … Do not let bad came for you ? You must be still awsome person like you are now ? I hope you are well and happiness is with you …

  • Dottie Larsen
    Dottie Larsen Month ago

    The words stated were placed recently are for those who have given hope and encouragement to us the public. Your comments of support are beautiful. Thank you for this outstanding music of calmness and pleasure and hope. Gods blessings.

  • Btw_Onedrop YT
    Btw_Onedrop YT Month ago

    Bruh people be talking about depression and all that ... I’m just taking a shower

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer Month ago

    Music name at 34:40 ?

  • totally not a bot
    totally not a bot Month ago +1

    I remember 4 years ago, I was feeling down so I decided to seek relaxing music on RU-clip and surprisingly, this was what I got. Before I knew it, I already fell in love with this music and channel. Thank you Michael and your creations.

  • Mohamedayman Fathi
    Mohamedayman Fathi Month ago

    ohhhhh the old version of Oman air boarding music its comfuteble the song the guy who made it bravo a big bravo

  • Alexandra CLEMENT
    Alexandra CLEMENT Month ago

    Très beau, merci . Bon dimanche à vous.

  • annie ramlogan
    annie ramlogan 2 months ago

    Just lovely. Thanks.

  • kurčina Akrap
    kurčina Akrap 2 months ago

    Beautifull picture the air water

  • Hanabi
    Hanabi 2 months ago +4

    My teacher used to always play this in class and now I hear it during sleep paralysis.

  • Marisa Corona
    Marisa Corona 2 months ago

    Stupendo da!!!!

  • Allison Elizabeth
    Allison Elizabeth 2 months ago +3

    Pssst, I've got something to tell you!:
    Like a flower you show such grace
    Like a butterfly you're not hard to chase
    Like a star you shine bright
    In that lovely Luna night
    Like an angel you bring hope
    So don't you cry and don't you mope
    Like a phoenix you show fire
    Like a rose you show such desire
    Like Jesus Christ you bring faith
    You're a rainbow that never turns grey
    That is all I have to say
    You are beautiful in your own way 🙂
    PS was that poem good or bad? I'm not sure

  • Bang Nguyen Luong
    Bang Nguyen Luong 2 months ago

    I love this sounds

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia 2 months ago +3


    this is just a time stamp for me. I'm a dancer and I plan on making a contemporary dance to this...don't mind me

  • netbase cafe
    netbase cafe 2 months ago

    awesome music , you feel so relaxed , you dont feel alone any more

  • loyalelectricals llc
    loyalelectricals llc 2 months ago +9

    yes, God Almighty is there for you!

    • Lucas Lindsey
      Lucas Lindsey 27 days ago

      Yes Jesus knows. Jesus is the way. He died for our sins.

  • UniSera Potter
    UniSera Potter 2 months ago +2

    If you're reading this, I'm so greatful. Thank you for noticing the little things about youtube. Now, notice the little things you can do.

  • marlon galarza
    marlon galarza 2 months ago

    Me encanta escuchar ..armoniza mi alma y los recuerdo viene en mi corazón

  • Tr Tech
    Tr Tech 2 months ago +1

    Im posting this for myself, 27:15, best song ever made

    • Anastasia
      Anastasia 2 months ago

      Omg you're right. I've been looking for good instrumental music to dance to and this is totally it.

  • Tr Tech
    Tr Tech 2 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for your music, Michael of relaxdaily !!!
    Your music can stop time. I dont know how, but you managed to do it, despite all scientific efforts.

  • Replace by Blue White
    Replace by Blue White 2 months ago +10

    Who is reading comments while studying..?
    If u ,,,so hit a like
    ..May God bless you with His choicest bounties

  • Veronica Subliminals
    Veronica Subliminals 2 months ago

    Iconic ❤️

  • Rafael B
    Rafael B 2 months ago

    Nice thanks because you're special

  • Rachna Dogra
    Rachna Dogra 3 months ago

    This is so good

  • nhi chole
    nhi chole 3 months ago

    how can i download this...i just love the sound

  • Zee LCA
    Zee LCA 3 months ago

    why don't you let me download bro ? I really love it please let me

  • Fong Video
    Fong Video 3 months ago


  • Dee Schofield
    Dee Schofield 3 months ago +1

    My teacher would play this exact track almost all the time in class finding it 5 years later makes this even more special

  • El Phacino
    El Phacino 3 months ago

    Semangat dan jgn lupa untuk bahagia
    Berdoa untuk kehidupan dan kesehatan lebih baik

  • Will's Music
    Will's Music 3 months ago

    beautiful music and a great channel

  • Look_around
    Look_around 3 months ago

    I have shown the music to my dog. Now, he is quiet.

  • Jyoti Kumar
    Jyoti Kumar 3 months ago +1

    This music is making my life

  • ali bazzi
    ali bazzi 3 months ago

    Mista pepe jullian and pasta sempai back at it agian with another debate hea on de morning breeze uganda.

  • Chicken Leg
    Chicken Leg 3 months ago +5

    The people that are reading this have a good life :)

  • luke seay
    luke seay 3 months ago

    ive been listening to this ever since i was 5 years old now im 15 and it totally clears my mind and reminds me when i used to take naps