[ REACTION ] Upchurch “No one told us” (New Album Coming Soon)

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • #Upchurch
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Comments • 50

  • DarkMike85's Dark World

    I want to know who is the mutha Fucka who gave a thumbs down,fuck you bitch😈😈😈

  • oilfield trucker
    oilfield trucker 2 months ago


  • jake mendyk
    jake mendyk 2 months ago

    "Never changing" jelly roll and struggle jennings

  • Dewn Tyme
    Dewn Tyme 2 months ago

    Campfire cologne, that's that smell

  • Peter Forst
    Peter Forst 2 months ago

    Watch floor 13 !!!!

  • James Pruitt
    James Pruitt 2 months ago

    Damn this just showed up for me and it is 3 days late. I hate that RU-clip is screwing y'all over. I watch all of your reactions.

  • Big Jon Stafford
    Big Jon Stafford 2 months ago

    You can tell @upchurch fam in the house when you get 300 plus likes 0 dislikes

  • Erik Mcintyre
    Erik Mcintyre 2 months ago

    Dont do it its just for the government to get more information from people and an idea of what they will look like as they get older to keep spying on us

  • Terry Lynn Lawson
    Terry Lynn Lawson 2 months ago

    I agree everything is top notched and I just think he remembers just when he was young and how he wanted to hear more from his Artist and Church he's doing what in my opinion what he knows he's fans wants and probably what he wanted so you have to Love that as a fan and he don't forget how he got to the top a true artist at his finest

  • Terry Lynn Lawson
    Terry Lynn Lawson 2 months ago

    What a talented he had people thinking a country song and he gives you both the vocals and rap That's the Church man he can do all Gifted

  • Terry Lynn Lawson
    Terry Lynn Lawson 2 months ago +1

    L you know I Love your reactions but doing a Church REACTIONS they're the best you never know what Church is bringing to the table.

  • Sean Duncan
    Sean Duncan 2 months ago

    Do randy houser whistlin dixie!!! Good southern country song

  • Angela McGowan
    Angela McGowan 2 months ago +1

    You are absolutely , perfectly right ! Ain't no slacking for Upchurch !😂
    I always enjoy coming to your channel fr💕

  • rodeodad316
    rodeodad316 2 months ago

    Church is the BEST hands down, and keep up doin what y’all is doin

  • Scott Crabtree
    Scott Crabtree 2 months ago

    No doubt; L, I have always loved the smell of burning leaves...! And, speaking on that life of routine, a boss told me quite a long time ago. Outside of Work, whatever you do, do not let your life become a routine. He also told me, though this is a tad bit off-topic. Before you pay any of your bills, pay yourself, first. Even if it's only 5 dollars, pay yourself and don't touch that money. Do that with every paycheck you get and one day, you're going to be quite surprised.

  • Scott Crabtree
    Scott Crabtree 2 months ago

    Ryan, absolutely seems like that friend that you could roll up to his crib, and just sit around talking about literally anything! And, I completely understand that he can't do that anymore, because he has hit that top tier. People would be climbing through his windows, when the man is asleep....!? Lol.....

  • Terence McGeown
    Terence McGeown 2 months ago

    Whenever I smell coals in the morning I know it's always going to be a great day, either I'm in the woods with some buddies with a slight hangover and we are going out hunting or I have my kids out in the woods giving the wifey time to be with her friends doing whatever they do.

  • sherri copeland
    sherri copeland 2 months ago

    family reunion coming up aug. 4th , can not wait.

  • one luv
    one luv 2 months ago

    yeah if u have that app or gonna download don't cause it's owned by Russia so once u download it they can access your camera it was on the news so if u have it delete it quick

  • Justin McCain
    Justin McCain 2 months ago

    Check out Fall by Clay Walker, the song he referenced.

  • samantha winkle
    samantha winkle 2 months ago

    Its amazing!!

  • Shiloh Store
    Shiloh Store 2 months ago

    Yebba my mind attempt 27🔘

  • Samurai 215
    Samurai 215 2 months ago +6

    Do yourself a favor and get a piece of cedar and chuck it on the embers in the morning. It's like incense for the neighborhood as it smokes.😉

  • Martin Blank
    Martin Blank 2 months ago +1

    # CreekSquad

  • Jim Appleby
    Jim Appleby 2 months ago +1

    Dude you are an old soul and I also like to remember the ole days! Thanks and keep it real

  • mike group
    mike group 2 months ago +1

    Master chief vs leonidas epic rap battles. Love the reacts brother

  • brian hall
    brian hall 2 months ago +6

    Upchurch work harder than Wednesday afternoon B team stripper...respect

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago +1


  • Robert Heath
    Robert Heath 2 months ago

    Best reactor in the business! Hope you get back to somemore Bubba SparXXX

  • kristin chamberlain
    kristin chamberlain 2 months ago

    Church posted himself with the old face app on Instagram

  • AK007 Campbell
    AK007 Campbell 2 months ago +3

    Right on! #CREEKSQUAD
    I wish he''d collab with Yelawolf

    • AK007 Campbell
      AK007 Campbell 2 months ago +1

      @Brie Baby83 Jelly Roll just posted a pic of the two of them, apparently is coming soon. Maybe on Ghetto Cowboy or maybe Church's new album. Anyway DREAM COME TRUE! hopefully, LOL!

    • Brie Baby83
      Brie Baby83 2 months ago +1

      Church did some posts/stories the day they were in the studio. And a few times people have asked him about the collab he says he doesnt know why yela hasnt done anything with it yet

    • AK007 Campbell
      AK007 Campbell 2 months ago

      @Brie Baby83 No shit? Why?

    • A.J. Gleason
      A.J. Gleason 2 months ago

      @Brie Baby83 how do you know this did you go to Area 51 and find the secret alien files👽

  • KaOtic RaGe
    KaOtic RaGe 2 months ago +2

    Always good brothah🤙

  • Drew Weaver
    Drew Weaver 2 months ago +1


  • Chris Connel
    Chris Connel 2 months ago

    Hey check out demun Jones - leaves and Calhoun just dropped a new album as well im sure you could find a 3 piece in there!!!

  • jay graziano
    jay graziano 2 months ago +7

    That’s how you do a track. Never disappoints

  • Chris Norman
    Chris Norman 2 months ago +1

    Great reaction brother stay blessed! Creeksquad! TMG Fam!

  • TideFan01
    TideFan01 2 months ago

    Don't do it!!

  • God of Gamers
    God of Gamers 2 months ago +1

    React to ERB Pablo piccaso vs Bob ross

  • Bridget Summerfield
    Bridget Summerfield 2 months ago +4

    Where did the good times go? We need to remember to make a conscious effort to keep those good times rolling. You can rest when you die. 😄

  • Scratchcraft
    Scratchcraft 2 months ago

    Next reaction better be weird al hardware store

  • God of Gamers
    God of Gamers 2 months ago +3

    Oh yeeeeeeee boiiiii!!!🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

  • Ms K
    Ms K 2 months ago +2

    Hell yessss!!!!