These Democrats Beat Trump According To Polls

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Joe Biden isn't the only Democrat polling ahead of Donald Trump in 2020 general election polls. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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Comments • 6 024

  • Some kind of Entity
    Some kind of Entity 11 hours ago

    "Most teenagers wouldn't do that"

    Has he ever read youtube comment?

  • Jacob McBarron
    Jacob McBarron Day ago

    It will be fun watching u melt

  • Richard Connor
    Richard Connor Day ago

    Yep... "Ich bein ein Berliner" was absolute trash compared to Trump talking about Normandy in so vague a way it was obvious he had no idea what the significance of Normandy was...

  • rodney gangloff
    rodney gangloff Day ago

    Hello this nut job is gona kill everyone. Where is the congress. Remove this crazyman.

  • friggen bozo
    friggen bozo 2 days ago

    You gonna cry like a girl in 2020 again? You and the young turks having a cry off contest. Sad for men anywhere.

  • Lucy Kennedy
    Lucy Kennedy 2 days ago

    Reading to learn?

  • Paul Schellekens
    Paul Schellekens 3 days ago

    so … does he refer to a royal We?

  • Trump Twenty-Twenty
    Trump Twenty-Twenty 3 days ago +4

    Man, you leftists just don't get it do you? Even more smug than ever before, even after getting completely rekt in 2016 you still act like polls are gospel. Keep em coming, you're the reason he will win.

  • just a guy western NC

    Polls are wishful thinking for Democrats. I see Trump at a rally and there are no seats and the standing room is full in a large stadium. There are 10k+ still outside. Then I see one of the Dems with a couple hundred people in a corner of a conference room. Still- We all need to go out and vote. don't take any chances. I would like to see every state red this time. Some of you people need to expand your viewing options. If you only listen to CNN or MSNBC I can see how you could believe the way you do. I am an Independent and I watch liberal, conservative and everything in between. They all have an agenda to sell you on. I will be voting Trump again in 2020. Our economy is doing much better. He is doing prison reform. He moved the Embassy. He brought jobs back even after Obama said it would take a magic wand. He is making much better trade deals that are protecting American jobs. Even when I voted Blue I knew that NAFTA was a terrible idea. Just watch a variety and then make up your minds.

  • Kukoli Kukolo
    Kukoli Kukolo 4 days ago

    Why do they call their presidents "leaders of the free world"?

  • Davonte McPherson
    Davonte McPherson 4 days ago


  • youvebeenafan
    youvebeenafan 4 days ago

    Who do I like??? NOBODY

  • Lexi Adams
    Lexi Adams 4 days ago

    Thank God I'm old enough to vote this time around. All my new voters, GET OUT THERE AND USE YOUR POWER!!!

  • Icon Canada
    Icon Canada 4 days ago

    THIS Canadian loves THIS President.
    PS-quit saying "this" !!!

    • Icon Canada
      Icon Canada 4 days ago

      @Janice Chapman seriously? I think what i wrote pretty much sums it up. I love "THIS" President. Don't be fooled. We have a much bigger idiot
      in office. The ultra liberal himself. No democrat socialist communist etc etc can ever top that.

    • Janice Chapman
      Janice Chapman 4 days ago

      Icon Canada what are you talking about I’m an American and cannot stand behind or next fuckingtrump

  • Icon Canada
    Icon Canada 4 days ago

    derp derp dumdumbear. YOU SAID TRUMP would lose . hahaha.
    Now you say the same?? Definition of stupid ??

  • thedevilsmaster
    thedevilsmaster 4 days ago

    Trump will win in 2020

  • no hassle
    no hassle 4 days ago

    Biden is much more to the right than the left. Voting for him would be a disaster.

  • John Dwyer
    John Dwyer 5 days ago

    Part of the reason that I, Donald J. Trump am so great is because of my humility, yes, I hate to say it but I am the most humble President ever elected and when you add that on to all of the other things that I am the greatest at makes me the most wonderful, most humble and all around greatest president ever.

    Sad thing is that during the campaign someone finally got around to asking him if he was humble enough to be president and he basically said he was the most humble guy in the world. I kid you not, he said it.

    He is such a putz.

  • Clothilde
    Clothilde 5 days ago +2

    Does anyone else have a real problem with political candidates saying they’ll “definitely” cure cancer? It is so bloody stupid and insensitive to make hollow promises like that which they cannot possibly know they can keep. It actually disgusts me.
    Stop playing with sick people’s hopes. Stop lying to their families for your political gain. Cancer is not a political football. And if you are seriously 100% _sure_ you can cure cancer then that means it’s already been done and you are party to information that you are not sharing with the world but instead saving for political gain. Either way, you’re a prick.

    • Robnation
      Robnation 4 days ago

      Free health care and a new car for everyone would be more believable.

  • Artem Akimov
    Artem Akimov 5 days ago

    he's a psychopath, he doesn't understand emotions

    • Artem Akimov
      Artem Akimov 4 days ago

      @Robnation yea no, America needs to have 90 day to a year "trial period" for presidents so if they mess up royally they can be dethroned.

  • Callum
    Callum 5 days ago

    Let's be honest, the polls have proven to be wrong time and time again, and a lot of people who would vote Trump probably would only say it in a polling booth. I try and take the polls with a grain of salt.

  • El Mac
    El Mac 5 days ago

    vSince the Hillary wins by a landslide prediction in 2016...Nobody believes polls anymore, Democrats beating Trump, right? Good luck with that..aint gonna happen. Polls are worthles. Trump will win easily in 2020.....#blexit #trump2020 #walkaway

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards 5 days ago

    DJTJ in his introductory speech mocked Biden for claiming he would cure cancer.
    Then just 3 hours later DJT senior was giving his campaign speech, and his campaign promise was...
    Yep, you guessed, tRump is going to CURE CANCER.
    Mr Lies is still spreading his BS, but this time, someone beat him to the lie.

  • Fur Ball
    Fur Ball 6 days ago

    Not just Democrats being angry. Mitt Romney John MCain they were angry too not Democrat’s....ALL at Trump.

    • Fur Ball
      Fur Ball 6 days ago

      Trump says people are angry......from what I saw and heard he was angry, which is why he was yelling and ranting “QUIET, QUIET!!” That’s what an ANGRY man sounds like.

  • Shivam Patel
    Shivam Patel 6 days ago


  • patrick allan Santos

    we need another Earthquake in Ca. but BIGGER

  • dave w
    dave w 7 days ago

    I guess that would be accurate if all you Paul is illegal immigrants and queers

  • JRG2733
    JRG2733 7 days ago +1

    The guy is delusional. That's not figurative. He actually views things in a ways that are divorced from reality.
    But how do we explain his followers? They can't all be clinically delusional. Some must be pretending for other reasons. E.g., they agree with his policies, so they pretend not to notice that he's mentally impaired. In other words, psychotherapy will not help them.

    GENE DAVIS 9 days ago

    why are you so easliy fooled trump will win in a major landslide victory with at least 450 electoral votes i beleive he get more than that a socialist is not going to win not this time

  • Crystal Dunkin
    Crystal Dunkin 9 days ago

    Such a freaking IDIOT A$$.

  • Trans am 2 pontiac
    Trans am 2 pontiac 9 days ago


  • redtails 1942
    redtails 1942 9 days ago

    My refrigerator is running, I’m voting for it!

  • Agustin Tasky
    Agustin Tasky 9 days ago

    Destroying democracy? Too much

  • Bloozegirl Hansen
    Bloozegirl Hansen 10 days ago +1

    Yeah but the mayor of South Bend Indiana plays bass :P

  • Bloozegirl Hansen
    Bloozegirl Hansen 10 days ago +7

    "ever seen people so angry?" Yup the day you became president.

  • Kathy Vogel
    Kathy Vogel 10 days ago

    Teenagers are now smart. They would never vote for a douche like trump. They vote now.

  • Chris Petersen
    Chris Petersen 10 days ago

    'The leader of the free world'..., what world is that, because that orange bag of cats isn't even leading his own country, and I am pretty sure he's the laughing stock of the aforementioned free world.

    Betting if he ever took an IQ test it wouldn't break 65, just listening to him makes my brain go: moron moron moron...

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen 10 days ago

    A measurement , barometer, grade that can be applied directly to the subject by which efficiency, performance , progress, quality of a plan, process, or product can be assessed /measured and its accurate ??
    The Left love the polls - But they are not reliable /easily contrived
    We can use the attendance at rallies - thats real
    We can look at the money collected - Thats real
    We can look at the achievement’s -thats real
    We can look at the debates - but that’s a guess also
    We can listen to the pundits - LIES and DECEPTION
    We can look at the census - Thats just a snap shot

  • Nico Steffen
    Nico Steffen 10 days ago

    There are 2 speeches that have been better, JFK and Obama!

  • Imake Do
    Imake Do 11 days ago

    I fear poll numbers showing Clinton a clear win, lulled many people to not even bother voting. Ignore the polls, call into work and take the day off. Get out and vote!

  • Jaime Richard
    Jaime Richard 11 days ago

    Your polls were so accurate in 2016 I can see why you're so excited. Trump will take 2020. America isn't a radical socialist country and never will be. Trump 2020 🇺🇸
    Because everyone else is INSANE!

  • Nelly Outten
    Nelly Outten 12 days ago


  • Mark L
    Mark L 12 days ago

    Best speech a president ever gave in Europe! But he can't say it. Pretty sure he's been watching tenacious d's Tribute.

  • Murali Gomadam
    Murali Gomadam 12 days ago

    Why you idiot hate trump so much any way he will win of sure & I will see your late show to see your uglyface

  • Gabriella Goes Green
    Gabriella Goes Green 13 days ago

    Bernie or Pete! No Biden, no Trump. We need change

  • Wily Coyote
    Wily Coyote 13 days ago

    Can't wait to see Colbert's reaction when Trump wins in a landslide

  • Just Human
    Just Human 13 days ago +1

    Donnie you are an idiot and the ultimate product of stupid. Congrats! You are a double jeopardy. You were born an idiot and you got chronically stupid over time. You are going down!

  • Just Human
    Just Human 13 days ago +1

    Just looking at trump and hearing his voice, fills me with gross disgust. Why couldn't he spend the rest of his presidency in north korea?

  • Timothy Kozlowski
    Timothy Kozlowski 13 days ago

    If the economy stays good then Trump wins in a landslide

  • QiaoZhi12
    QiaoZhi12 14 days ago

    Good jokes today. His Trump impression is getting worse.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 14 days ago

    Homer Simpson is leading Trump in recent polls !!

  • KloseFire
    KloseFire 14 days ago

    oh dear... Not this again Stephen

  • Tebigong101
    Tebigong101 14 days ago

    I'm sorry, I know he has far worse flaws, but his CONSTANT need to self aggrandize is infuriating and embarrassing. You're president, why do you always sound like a schoolboy talking how he is the super-greatest line leader ever or a teenage boy assuring he has the longest biggest dick ever...

  • hmhmhmlol
    hmhmhmlol 14 days ago

    Any poll that has Corey Booker beating anyone is a farce

  • Reason
    Reason 15 days ago

    Poll? Where have I heard this before HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • Gina Kay
    Gina Kay 15 days ago


  • riplstrip
    riplstrip 15 days ago +1

    Please don't get rid of the Orange Moron. I have never laughed so much in my life.

  • Phil S
    Phil S 15 days ago

    More gold. Great stuff.

  • FreeSpirit0978
    FreeSpirit0978 15 days ago +6

    "Biden 2020; Obama 2012" -- I CACKLED

  • Kristopher Cantu
    Kristopher Cantu 17 days ago +1

    Keep telling yourselves this BS! Hillary was winning in these same accurate stats, ridiculous... Joe can't keep his hands and dick rubbing off kids. Motherfucker should be registering on the sex offender list..... Trump 2020🇺🇸

  • ta mere
    ta mere 17 days ago

    Remember when the polls, said clinton would winn with a 10 points lead? Hmmm the russia collusion story was to cover up this lies, how could orange man have wonn otherwise

    • wesley russell
      wesley russell 16 days ago

      Remember when TRUMPS own polls had him loosing so he fired the team that created them.....Can you spell it with me S N O W F L A K E

  • Alexander Caine
    Alexander Caine 18 days ago +1

    all the polls said everyone, even people not running..was leading ahead of Trump in 2016 too!!!

  • Johnny West
    Johnny West 18 days ago

    Hmmmmm. I heard this desperation before. Bahahahahaha You Left-wing Freaks and Weirdos don't even know what gender you are, nor even which restroom to use. So do what you do best with "polls" and SUCK IT ! The great thing about the Trump Presidency is the reaction from Left-wing Pot-heads and Losers ..... you'd think the Republicans stomped your ass in another Civil War and took your slaves away, AGAIN ! Happy Days !

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik 18 days ago

    We don’t need to beat Trump we need to crush Trump so his trolls crawl back under their rocks and we can fix the damage they have done.

  • jonathan park
    jonathan park 18 days ago +2

    If you think Buttigeg isn't a heavyweight, you should listen to him speak. Actually you two may make the best interview ever!

  • Najur Zee
    Najur Zee 18 days ago

    This clown "Stephen Colbert
    " is always right. 2016 he proved he was a joke. No cow poo poo, TRUMP WILL WIN IN 2020.

  • Najur Zee
    Najur Zee 18 days ago

    Trump 2020.

  • gdouglas999
    gdouglas999 19 days ago

    Nothing would be more satisfying than to see Trump go down to a small town gay mayor who is half his age and thousands of times more intelligent.

  • BigManJay69
    BigManJay69 19 days ago

    Why don't these guys ever talk about real serious issues?
    Like economy?
    The fact Google have been caught designing algorithms to help democrats win 2020?
    The increasing violence seen on the left with groups like AntiFa?

  • 1DumBunny
    1DumBunny 19 days ago

    Biden is referring to stem cell research, which can cure some cancers, and other diseases.

  • Charlie Bro
    Charlie Bro 19 days ago

    What Would you do with a person that is:

    1: A RAPIST (Has Raped at least one women: a family member)

    2: A Tax DODGER

    3: A Draft DODGER






  • Culilus
    Culilus 20 days ago

    Trump and his supporters need to be shot to death by a military firing squad. They're all idiots and traitors.

  • Nox Box
    Nox Box 20 days ago +3

    Why don't people talk about Bernie Sanders what's going on? It's like hes taboo.

    • Nox Box
      Nox Box 19 days ago

      Bernie popularized a "radical" ideal, and made it commonplace in democratic electorate. He has long standing support in the racial demographic, with a record to boot. This age whiff people keep trying to pin on him is a little crazy too. The presidency used to always be older candidates, with age comes wisdom and all that. Whatever I am going to vote Bernie even if it's a fucking write in, not giving up this time. #Bernie2020

    • Riley Clements
      Riley Clements 19 days ago

      Nox Box so many candidates are riding his coattails he more than less falls in the crowd

  • camthecarguy
    camthecarguy 21 day ago +5

    "But the polls say this"
    ... I've seen this one before 😂 Hilary by a landslide right?

  • marrier9999
    marrier9999 21 day ago

    The most absurd thing on TV now is Trump giving himself a handjob every bloody time he's in front of a camera.

  • M Boaz
    M Boaz 21 day ago

    The polls told us right up to the end, that HRC was winning. I will never believe polls again. And everyone is drooling over these voting numbers, saying that we will win the popular vote by millions. (AGAIN) It doesn't even matter. I have two words for you. Electoral College. That is how they will win. (AGAIN)

  • 0Turbox
    0Turbox 22 days ago +1

    .... but still, over 40% still vote for him. That's even worse as his election in 2016.

  • Gurunath Subrahmanyam
    Gurunath Subrahmanyam 22 days ago

    they aren't even going to mention that bernie is also beating him by 10 points... i really wonder why bernie wasn't mentioned in this whole taping...

    • Angel Marie
      Angel Marie 21 day ago

      They actually did say he was winning by 9 points

  • Feuertaufe
    Feuertaufe 22 days ago

    Love how at every single video from a satirical comedian on RU-clip there is always lile 1k Dislikes from butthurt trump fanboys which are worse than the people they complain about they are just as easily triggered

  • Steven Rodgers
    Steven Rodgers 22 days ago

    Colbert is brutal to listen to. I keep trying but God.

  • pranav kumar
    pranav kumar 22 days ago

    you are trusting the polls again so cute..

  • Slip E
    Slip E 23 days ago


  • James Campbell
    James Campbell 23 days ago +1

    Using "the polls" is about as accurate as using that part time psychic down the street

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye 23 days ago

    Kim Jong Un letter to DT: 'Vlad shared this tape with me that you may find... compromising...'

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz 24 days ago

    Wtf I can't stand trump

  • Quantum Girl
    Quantum Girl 24 days ago

    all we can do is make sure we don't get cocky because of these polls. We must campaign hard and vote.

  • ASMR TexanLatinWhisper

    If they want to get back at Trump all they need to do is pass a law that makes tanning illegal

  • ASMR TexanLatinWhisper

    The lies that come out of Trump's mouth just shows that he has never been loved by anyone - including his mom when he was a non-crying baby.

  • Micah Miranda
    Micah Miranda 24 days ago

    That face during the thumbs part!

  • Silvers Rayleigh
    Silvers Rayleigh 24 days ago

    Colbert needs an Oscar... just a few year ago he was a STOUT conservative, now he's a hard lefty ! NOW THATS RANGE - Elaine

  • Silvers Rayleigh
    Silvers Rayleigh 24 days ago

    TRUMP 2020 ! TRUMP 2024 ! Im sure SURE their all polling better than Trump... As long as we have more voters you can poll all you want... Polls are ONLINE where anyone in the world can do it... And the Jackass left only looks for far left websites to advertise these polling ops lol ...

  • Benjamin Donahue
    Benjamin Donahue 25 days ago

    Much as I don't like him this tweet is the most accurate thing I think I've heard from him. Polls don't mean anything. Even if they come from the most accurate, honest "source" ever showing him down 100% he can still win. No idea why anyone feels good about hearing what the polls say.

  • Jo sH
    Jo sH 25 days ago +2

    Colbert is a joke-cobbler. Very good at what he does, but not a pundit by any means. He will lie to keep his job, working for the political-left. Puppet-pushing political poles are not going the fool the public. Trump is the man who beat the 2-party rigged system and the elites are PISSED.

  • LordRavensong
    LordRavensong 25 days ago

    Vote him out and try the fucker

  • Mahmoud El Arch
    Mahmoud El Arch 25 days ago

    10:40 Spider Man's web !

  • kirke S.
    kirke S. 25 days ago

    Hello, European here, concerning the best speech: no.

  • aimlesslost
    aimlesslost 25 days ago

    sorry. rage against me, but i don't like trump at all, but neither do i like biden. i want someone who actually has and honors a value system past the wish they want to be president. these two seem like they would be adversaries in grade school, yet scarily still are the same way in their 70's.

  • ZeratulTemplar
    ZeratulTemplar 26 days ago

    Trump was also trailing Hillary, in case you forgot

  • ZdenekLU
    ZdenekLU 26 days ago

    Thank you for hardly noticing Poland but the most important thing is to remember that USA president is a moron.

  • pmjr
    pmjr 26 days ago +1

    Anyone who watches the NBA knows it's all too easy to blow a 13 point lead.