Being the real me without apology | MaameYaa Boafo | TEDxAccra

  • Published on Jun 15, 2015
  • A beautiful story is told of a young African girl who travelled all over the world and finally settled in the United States with the dream of becoming an actress. After several unpleasant yet interesting experiences, she finally gets to be the actress with working permit in the US. MaameYaa Boafo tells her story
    MaameYaa Boafo is a professional actress. Growing up in Pakistan, Sudan, Kenya, Switzerland and Ethiopia, MaameYaa’s upbringing has made her an artist with a hear t for culture, travel and humanity.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Narniagirl
    Narniagirl 7 days ago

    It was very touching to see how proud her father was of her. It is easy to see why she is so courageous: she comes from good stock, with a father like that, who cared that a child not his own was separated from their family -- and worked to reunite them. Beautiful, positive, erudite young woman. I wish her well in all her endeavors.

  • My Ghana News
    My Ghana News Month ago

    Eeei, Maame Yaa wope kasa ooo !

  • MAundergound
    MAundergound Month ago

    This was awesome! God Bless!!

  • Chris Shawl
    Chris Shawl 2 months ago

    Not a real talk. All she talks about is herself.

    • Pierre Toussaint
      Pierre Toussaint 8 days ago

      Isn't that what she supposed to do talk about herself and her experience???

  • Chris Shawl
    Chris Shawl 2 months ago

    bah bah bah me me me

  • Patrice Lewis
    Patrice Lewis 4 months ago

    I watched this on my tv and I had to come to my phone to comment and say that you are truly inspiring and your passion shines through. Keep pushing. Never stop. Much love.

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace 4 months ago

    What a lovely, intelligent, inspiring, African woman. Gives one hope.

  • Asheweyna A
    Asheweyna A 5 months ago

    beautiful!!!!!! on you said home sick is a disease...u are right but which home ???

  • Briana Kelley
    Briana Kelley 6 months ago

    Lovely. Thank you!

  • Fathi Moh
    Fathi Moh 6 months ago

    u are role model sis

  • Michal Okonda
    Michal Okonda 7 months ago

    From Kenya. You just did justice to my selfesteem.iam encouraged to be better

  • ACB 2K
    ACB 2K 7 months ago

    By this gods grace that's why blacks suffer, too much god bs.

  • Mesha _girl
    Mesha _girl 7 months ago

    I like to act but i think whats holding me back from chasing this dream is the fact that i feel like acting with never pay my living

  • Eb Baffour
    Eb Baffour 7 months ago

    Very intelligent woman! I am happy for you that you pursued your dream. There are greater things ahead for you.

  • Jackson Osieboh
    Jackson Osieboh 7 months ago

    I love her. She and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie almost the same.

    At the first glance i thought she's Ngozi.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 8 months ago

    She is so beautiful and articulate.

  • Shimron Netia
    Shimron Netia 8 months ago

    now let us liberate Africa..

  • James Oppong Yeboah
    James Oppong Yeboah 8 months ago

    Hey Maame Yaa, how are u? I saw your video very late, but I like it enough that's great video, thank you. I also from GHANA. Your great.

    JAIRON ORELLANA 10 months ago

    Hello people I am from Honduras Central America and I am follower of inteligent people in you tube I think this is an important manner to grow up mentaly I never went to school in my childhood but I am very happy because I ve learned to speake English,catalan,and to play the guitar watching videos in you tube this is my teacher RU-clip.I am very thankfull with technology and persons like this interesting woman.thank

  • guccibandhana
    guccibandhana Year ago

    fellow ghanaian :)

  • Hawi Zawude
    Hawi Zawude Year ago +1

    means she is rich A>

  • Ntandokazi Baxana


  • heamima moreli
    heamima moreli Year ago

    well done.sister.God bless

  • Starlight JesusMadeYou

    Now what do we do?lolololol.

  • LifeAfricaRadioOnline LARO

    A dream come through.

    COLLINS ADDO Year ago

    Oh my God
    Yaa I love you so much.
    Na ad3n😃?

  • Linda Oloo
    Linda Oloo Year ago

    Oh such an inspiration.

  • Saeed Muhammed Lawan

    She is amazing.

  • winnie dube
    winnie dube Year ago

    Thank you

  • Tana Wilson
    Tana Wilson Year ago

    I don't understand how this mini documentary received over 1thousand dislikes...gotta be some disgruntled white folks!

  • Camilo Angola
    Camilo Angola Year ago

    Thanks for your advices about living abroad!

  • tomiseen
    tomiseen Year ago

    Love her talk!, The audience was painfully dry though🤦🏾‍♀️

  • martha black
    martha black Year ago

    Love her hair and Everthing about her.

  • joel jokoniah
    joel jokoniah Year ago

    this is beautiful

  • Nzuri Books
    Nzuri Books Year ago

    ░G░i░r░l░ ░y░o░u░ ░a░r░e░ ░s░i░m░p░l░y░ ░a░w░e░s░o░m░e░!░!░!░

  • Kesse Agyemang
    Kesse Agyemang Year ago

    It bulids my cofitnce

  • J. Jewell
    J. Jewell Year ago


  • TawanaRay
    TawanaRay Year ago

    AMEN this was a blessing!

  • NeiMa
    NeiMa Year ago

    This is just amazing👊🏾

  • Sandra Nwagbo
    Sandra Nwagbo Year ago

    Go girl.... You've inspired me

  • jussie ral
    jussie ral Year ago

    This is great inspiration I love it

  • Cora la fleur
    Cora la fleur Year ago

    I enjoyed this 😊

  • Edu Afrique
    Edu Afrique Year ago

    S U P E R B, Maame Yaa Boafo!

  • Upeka Dissanayake

    I'm so glad I found this video. She's very inspirational. She says it all.. Specially about having to listen to people dropping hints to you from morning to night about your hair and accent from the people who have the power to decide to hire fire promote or demote.. There's so much discrimination towards foreign national workers in USA. The truth is the best and the brightest fly from overseas to do something better in the world.

  • Nana Odom
    Nana Odom Year ago


  • heaty007
    heaty007 Year ago

    I want an african woman like this

  • Nakintu ProxyDivine


  • ruser0084
    ruser0084 Year ago

    You were probably better at singing pirate and narrator than some actor were in their award winning roles.

  • Emory AA Program
    Emory AA Program Year ago

    what is the name of the spinal surgeon?

  • Elite Diva
    Elite Diva Year ago

    She just woke me up inside... Just realized that I was carrying inside from my childhood. All this time, I’ve been internalizing what others thought of me. I will never forget not getting a lead part in the “Santa Baby” play. I got all the praises from my classmates but was shut down by my teacher. According to her, I didn’t look the part. In other words, I needed to bleach my skin, dye my hair blonde and change my eye color to blue.

  • Ла Би Да Ла Би Да

    Absolutely interesting and catching speech! !!! You are so sweet and beautiful.

  • Prosper Tornyi
    Prosper Tornyi Year ago


  • Aleyah Malone
    Aleyah Malone Year ago

    I have to say I relate so so so so so much. Except I'm the one stopping myself, fearing the odds...fearing everything around me. Yet falling in love with theater the more I see it

  • Enoch z Haba
    Enoch z Haba Year ago

    Her massage brought me a change thanks

  • undaunted
    undaunted Year ago

    I could listen to Maame Yaa Boafo talk all day. And yes, as the saying goes, she's "easy on the eyes", but even more than that--she is melodic on the ears. Truly radiant.
    Maybe it's been said already in the comments, but appearance-wise, with her beautiful facial structure, slim build, poised with a graceful strength, she'd make a great Lauryn Hill in a biopic that is brought to life by the RIGHT hands AND hearts.

  • Asumana Marafa
    Asumana Marafa Year ago +1

    Absolutely love your confidence and passion for what you do! You did amazing! OMG!

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown Year ago

    So inspiring....bravo!

  • elton sigauque
    elton sigauque Year ago

    Thanks a lot Dear for sharing these importante advices to us... People need to know it. God Bless Your at all

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 Year ago +1


  • A D
    A D Year ago

    such a beautiful Queen with brilliance.
    original speaker like her self knows the struggle and loves being open and honest.She knows her roots and speaks about today! listen with you ears not with your eyes.Focus on the message.

  • Rianza Onuora
    Rianza Onuora Year ago

    Why do I always end up ignoring the video and reading the comment section? Ps: you guys are amazing lol

  • Lertoons
    Lertoons Year ago

    inspiring story. she looks lovely

  • what I see through black eyes

    Great advice I love her

  • Christina Aquino
    Christina Aquino Year ago

    i want do antibullyin puppet shows.

  • Christina Aquino
    Christina Aquino Year ago

    no height or skin race doesnt require creative performance.

  • Christina Aquino
    Christina Aquino Year ago

    god put dreams in my heart

  • Christina Aquino
    Christina Aquino Year ago

    my dream to do biblical plays.

  • Christina Aquino
    Christina Aquino Year ago

    thankyou.i want u use u if i do biblical plays want use u.

  • Zahrah
    Zahrah Year ago

    You're beautiful sis! Thanks for sharing your story. :)

  • Sct. Victoria Okorie

    Awesome one. You rock dear.

  • Natalie Ouma
    Natalie Ouma Year ago +1

    I am currently searching for a work visa in the US and this video has lifted my spirit 🙀😍

  • Walter Earl
    Walter Earl Year ago +1

    Beautiful and so amazing

  • Sunshine Soulsister
    Sunshine Soulsister Year ago +1

    Awesome and inspiring

  • chloweful
    chloweful Year ago

    Everyone thinks acting is a "hobby" you're certainly not the only one and that has nothing to do with racism.
    And if you don't have a certain "look" for a movie that is the reality and it sucks yes for whites too.
    However I do agree we need more black roles.

  • Eddie Boy
    Eddie Boy Year ago

    look at all those beautiful sisters at 1:16

  • Jaelyn A
    Jaelyn A Year ago

    I loved the Babysitter Club's books tooooooooo!

  • Anthony Trueman
    Anthony Trueman Year ago +1

    She's so natural and original

  • nawal10
    nawal10 Year ago +16

    Omggg when she said Rutgers I had to comment! I'm a Rutgers graduate myself Rutgers is awesome! Also she's so beautiful and talented 😍

  • Sparkle Particle
    Sparkle Particle Year ago +1

    She is really pretty.

  • Esther Bliss
    Esther Bliss Year ago +1

    Wow... Amazing.

  • Rous Rose
    Rous Rose Year ago +1


  • Samantha HappyGoLucky
    Samantha HappyGoLucky 2 years ago +3

    I adore her outfit! Especially her colorful top! :-)

  • Akilah LeAndre
    Akilah LeAndre 2 years ago

    Such an inspiration! Thank You for sharing. I needed to hear this at this time!

  • Bre'Anna Vinson
    Bre'Anna Vinson 2 years ago +1

    So good I can feel her emotion through her challenges

  • Nala O
    Nala O 2 years ago

    Breathtakingly Beautiful, her looks, her nature..........I wish you all the best in your career and in life. I look forward to seeing you in film. Continue to be modest and true to yourself.

  • RN Keels
    RN Keels 2 years ago

    Thank you for such a wonderful message. I know we will see more of you!

  • beautarie
    beautarie 2 years ago

    omg its you from ""An African city"!!!!!!!!

  • Estela Moafon
    Estela Moafon 2 years ago

    you story is really encouraging

  • Penguin Pop
    Penguin Pop 2 years ago

    The way her voice shifted when she talked about her parents, you could tell how much respect, love, and admiration she had for them.

  • Ishieka Morris
    Ishieka Morris 2 years ago

    Didn't they get rid of hopstop? I loved hopstop.

    WORLD-BEAT BOOKS! 2 years ago

    Tell it! Beautiful! ANANSEsem kyiri kasa! (Storytelling does not like idle talk!) Enjoyable, Maame Yaa!

  • Jen Essah
    Jen Essah 2 years ago

    yaas girl froma fellow ghana girl represent!!!

  • Bantu Nature
    Bantu Nature 2 years ago +2

    She's so gorgeous. I love African accents. They are the most beautiful of all people.

    • Pierre Toussaint
      Pierre Toussaint 8 days ago

      @Charles Quriah American Inn location but this is an African woman stop trying to take that away her

    • Charles Quriah
      Charles Quriah Year ago

      Bantu Nature what African accent???
      That's American girl

  • h a
    h a 2 years ago +3


  • Jacob Ayileoh
    Jacob Ayileoh 2 years ago +1

    Her message has transformed my inner world. I love it more more

  • Bnote7
    Bnote7 2 years ago +1

    She is very beautiful and inspirational.

  • Ishag Mattr
    Ishag Mattr 2 years ago +1

    just amazing

  • Mil Njira
    Mil Njira 2 years ago

    That's so beautiful Maame, such an inspiration to all the African girls out there. All that discrimination happened for you to be the leader you are! Adorable in and out!

    BESTSTUDYBUDDY o 2 years ago

    Update ???

  • K. Fatimah Woolfolk
    K. Fatimah Woolfolk 2 years ago

    Brilliant! When it is indeed your destiny & purpose!