Strangers Call Their Crush And Confess Feelings

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • I was extra giggly while filming this episode haha - probably because all the stories were so freaking cute! Thank you for watching another episode- I love you all! #BeKind
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  • Thoraya Maronesy
    Thoraya Maronesy  2 months ago +16909

    Share this episode with your crush! #hehe

    • SteeZy_WeeZy ,
      SteeZy_WeeZy , 4 hours ago

      This is fucking gay

    • The Quiet One
      The Quiet One 7 hours ago

      Fortnite And more does she play fortnite with you lol

    • Fortnite And more
      Fortnite And more 7 hours ago

      Skittle Tree I’m in the same situation but I’m male and I love her but I’m to shy

    • Fortnite And more
      Fortnite And more 7 hours ago

      Thoraya Maronesy I’m to shy and she is my best friend and if anyone ever like slides into her dms I get jealous and I want to tell her how I feel but I’m too shy and I’ll leave and cry I wish I could tell her how I feel be I have to tell her before its to late and every time I hear a song about love I just think about what I don’t have.

    • The Quiet One
      The Quiet One 8 hours ago

      I’m never going to do that

  • Francesca Barbieri
    Francesca Barbieri 19 minutes ago

    Is pretty sad to watch this a few days after your crush rejected you, but life still goes on!

  • Connor Cohol
    Connor Cohol 44 minutes ago

    Hey great video! The cinematic's of it were outstanding too! What type of camera do you use?

  • unkown guy
    unkown guy 54 minutes ago

    This nigga said "i love you too dude" like bruh😂😂😂

  • Cupmugjelly/Rad
    Cupmugjelly/Rad Hour ago

    why am I CRYING ;-;

  • Cupmugjelly/Rad
    Cupmugjelly/Rad Hour ago

    Awh i WANNA Do this

  • Mousa Almahasneh
    Mousa Almahasneh Hour ago


  • triton starts
    triton starts Hour ago

    That girl was so cute omg

  • Larhesus
    Larhesus 2 hours ago

    That guy with the curly hair has beautiful eyes tho

  • Angel Locsin
    Angel Locsin 2 hours ago

    It was probably a bad idea to film this on April 1st😂

  • dkyoandblade
    dkyoandblade 2 hours ago

    You had them call on April 1st???

  • Im Bored47605
    Im Bored47605 3 hours ago

    So there’s this one girl, she’s gorgeous, she has the cutest fucking smile, her eyes,they’re so full of light, she’s kind and gives off amazing vibes,she just takes my breath away,
    Well one day I got the courage to tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me, I was really scared of rejection and that was the first time I had felt so deeply about someone, so I told her and something amazing happened she told me she loved me back!! I was so full of joy we went out on dates and had an amazing time with each other and then......
    I woke up

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo Hernandez 4 hours ago

    What happen to the girl who literally confess her love for the guy? That's true love and hope they still together

  • Brodie Jackson
    Brodie Jackson 4 hours ago

    Im single and alone ooooof

  • wdw on the moon !
    wdw on the moon ! 6 hours ago


  • Malichi Wagner
    Malichi Wagner 6 hours ago

    I texted her and still waiting for reply

  • Cecily Vincent
    Cecily Vincent 6 hours ago +1

    ahhhhh... the feels.

  • Tristen And David
    Tristen And David 6 hours ago +1

    I need an update on the first girl and her man 😭

  • Janice Doe
    Janice Doe 6 hours ago


  • Karzeenie X
    Karzeenie X 7 hours ago +1

    Today we’re in Alabama and we’re gonna ask 5 different people to call there crush and ask them out...

    guy and his sister walk by
    They ask him to call his crush
    *His sisters phone rings*

  • RinneGod
    RinneGod 7 hours ago

    い うぃsh my cるsh ぉゔぇd 目 い あcつあっly cry あんd bらけ dowん イン てあrs

  • Cabello The Fairy
    Cabello The Fairy 7 hours ago

    *dude I love you too*
    Me : *cries*

  • Noz Kid
    Noz Kid 7 hours ago

    I got rejected like that

  • ShadowBolt Plays
    ShadowBolt Plays 7 hours ago +1


  • Kynxrtas ™
    Kynxrtas ™ 8 hours ago +2

    not having a crush on somebody is hitting me different right now

  • dannyツ
    dannyツ 8 hours ago +1

    12:39 she protecc
    she atacc but mostly she didn't answer bacc

  • juan trigos
    juan trigos 9 hours ago

    2:10 "it's not gonna hurt me.... that bad..." I'm fucking dead.😂💀

  • keshav bhardwaj
    keshav bhardwaj 9 hours ago

    do people really have feelings? i mean I'm a psychopath i don't know.m

  • Destiny Martinez
    Destiny Martinez 10 hours ago

    April 1st 😂

  • Destiny Martinez
    Destiny Martinez 10 hours ago

    Who else felt this🤣?

  • Dime-n- 1
    Dime-n- 1 11 hours ago


  • seimoun
    seimoun 11 hours ago

    girls:“You make my life brighter“
    dudes:“Yo i was thinkin bout ya annnd...“

  • LucaTheSavage
    LucaTheSavage 11 hours ago

    4:44 Thank Me Later

  • Hello Choi Minho
    Hello Choi Minho 12 hours ago

    “I ran this by several people and they say she’s into me”

  • Коштрец天帝
    Коштрец天帝 13 hours ago

    Can we somehow get update on their dates?

  • Heyyitzdaphh
    Heyyitzdaphh 13 hours ago

    The girl who said I love you to her crush absolutely my made MY ENTIRE WEEK NOT EVEN DAY, AN ENTIRE WEEK, AND SHE ADDED ANOTHER 5 YEARS TO MY LIFE😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • OnyxTheRevived
    OnyxTheRevived 13 hours ago

    Who answers unsaved/unknown numbers?

  • dawooziest
    dawooziest 14 hours ago

    with the first girl acelyn if that how you spell it, when she confessed and the way she said it made my heart melt so much, she said everything so beautifully and actually made me cry :'))) god and him saying i couldnt say it if there was a chance id never see you again, ARGGHH this was most beautiful thing and it made me feel so soft and warm and fuzzy aHHh

  • naturalweirdo
    naturalweirdo 14 hours ago

    What’s the background song to this video?

  • Haileythe_ Fangirl
    Haileythe_ Fangirl 14 hours ago

    My crush just asked me out well I was watching this we have only been talking like a little over 13 hrs but we have been talking so much and I love him my heart ❤️☺️🙈

  • Alexis Blue
    Alexis Blue 15 hours ago

    I’ve had the same crush since 3rd grade, my best friend. I’m in 11th now and he still doesn’t really...yeah lol. In September, he told me he was moving and I was like aw man so does that mean we won’t go to the same school anymore😭 my heart was about to be so crushed but then he was like no I’m still gon be at the school but I’m just moving.

    Later on he moved and to my surprise...

    He moved right next to me. Like not even kidding. Right next door
    I’m here 🏡 >he’s here 🏠
    5th grade me is screaming. you guys I thought I thought about him a lot then but that’s NOTHING compared to how much I think about him now. I love this dude so much and he’s so amazing in every way. He doesn’t even know how amazing and valued he is in my eyes bro. He says things about hisself and doubts hisself all the time and I’m just like gosh bro you are everything.

  • VEN
    VEN 16 hours ago

    Andres..I felt him💔

  • King0fAss0
    King0fAss0 16 hours ago

    Kanye west, is that you?

  • The Skater Boi
    The Skater Boi 17 hours ago

    I tried telling my crush that I liked her on text but she said ok I’ll only date u if you tell me in person, so the next day was graduation( from 6th grade) and I forgot. The next day I rushed over to her and she said,” not now,” so I looked sad. I knew my other friend liked her, but he didn’t know that I liked her as well, so (im kinda a bad friend at this point) I tell my friend (also it’s the last day of school) tell her at the end of the day for suspense ( he told her he had something to tell her) and I was too late cuz my friend said, I already told her.

  • it's okay
    it's okay 17 hours ago

    What the fuck WHY IM CRYING

  • BlueMessQueen
    BlueMessQueen 18 hours ago


  • Aberforth Dumbledore
    Aberforth Dumbledore 18 hours ago

    There are so many Aislyns on ig wth I can't find her :-(

  • yeleo
    yeleo 20 hours ago

    this is beautiful :)

  • IanCraft 930
    IanCraft 930 21 hour ago

    VIDEO: Dude I love you too
    ME: OMG!!!
    Crush: Hello?
    ME: I LOVE U
    Crush: Who's this?
    ME: 😢

  • 5k subs for no reason?

    I wished I have the guts like these people. you inspired me.

  • 5k subs for no reason?

    she knows I love her and she loved me back.

  • Didem
    Didem 23 hours ago

    I know nobody is gonna read it but... Just a few days ago, I told my crush "I love you for 3 years. Now I gave up from you. You tired me a lot."
    And he told me "Please give me one more chance. I love you. I love you so much."
    But he already tired me a lot. I told him "I dont wanna talk to you anymore. It breaks my heart."
    Ik it was stupid.
    What I mean to say is, there's always a chance. Never give up. And when you feel the right time comes. Just tell them.
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Afro Ninja1001
    Afro Ninja1001 23 hours ago


  • Choiwonie Umzuyu

    I don't stand a chance, he's too precious

    *time to cry in the corner of my room*

  • Vivace Bourne
    Vivace Bourne Day ago

    On the phone** yea cool. Sounds good
    *hangs up* ahhhhh omgggggg ahhh

  • Vivace Bourne
    Vivace Bourne Day ago

    Yea yea.. I like her cuz she don't play with me..
    Calls: he is this so and so
    Girl: no
    *hangs up*
    Girl calls: I'm kidding, I was playing with you.

  • Reaper5.56 Xx
    Reaper5.56 Xx Day ago

    She is adorable

  • Vivace Bourne
    Vivace Bourne Day ago

    Dude.. I love you too. Omgggggg

  • Katsuki Bakuhoe
    Katsuki Bakuhoe Day ago +2

    Me- Hey, I think I love you.
    Him- No.
    Me- *Gotta blast!*

  • DareDevil
    DareDevil Day ago

    4:58 face+reaction=emotions

  • Aria walker
    Aria walker Day ago +1


  • Lanaya
    Lanaya Day ago

    Me: “hey crush I like you wanna go on a date?”
    Them: ”No”

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    the first girl is literally my dream girl

  • Alpine97 //Alex
    Alpine97 //Alex Day ago

    my crush is my best friend and he knows i like him and i told him i loved him and he says he loves me too but hes moving away so i cant really see him so i decided not to be with him. He is my sunshine but i guess the clouds blocked him from my life

  • Ella Sigasig
    Ella Sigasig Day ago

    the girl in the striped shirt is so precious aaaaaaah 😍

  • meinreallife :p
    meinreallife :p Day ago

    4:43 omg my heart 😭😭❤️

  • Pigeon Yoga
    Pigeon Yoga Day ago

    I love how that girl didn't say "wanna go on a date" but instead "I love you" so sweet :)

  • x reese x
    x reese x Day ago

    I would do it if I had this kind of motivation 😂😂😂

  • xOmqOreoCat_ MSP
    xOmqOreoCat_ MSP Day ago +1

    Man this video hurts:((I told the guy I shoot my shot with the guy I like about 3 weeks ago and hes ghosting me and his friends told me he doesnt like me. Like I came to the conclusion that he didnt like 3 days after but it hurt hearing it from someone so close to him.

  • ikaika kenolio
    ikaika kenolio Day ago +1

    I wish it was the same...

  • JakeySpec
    JakeySpec Day ago +1

    Im too p___ to tell my crush ;~;

  • Jung Honi
    Jung Honi Day ago

    This hits different when its 3am and you didn't have chance to do this because you chatted non stop with your crush and day before confessing you realize he messaged you just so when u two get close he can ask for nudes and when u refuse he blocks you

  • skilomic
    skilomic Day ago

    After seeing all the « strangers call their crush » I finally see the vid I want to see . Damn I wish I could do this...

  • Michele Viola
    Michele Viola Day ago

    Must be nice

  • Chloe Goulding
    Chloe Goulding Day ago +1

    If this comment gets to 100 likes...then the next time I see my crush... I’ll tell him I like him
    And if and when that happens I’ll let you guys know!!!🥰😊❤️

  • cassidy frater
    cassidy frater Day ago

    How do these people have such beautiful eyes????

  • Pardip John
    Pardip John Day ago


  • NaeNae Valera
    NaeNae Valera Day ago +1

    Wow I wish I could be like these people and ask my crush out on a date.
    Also, how would someone ask out a girl that they’ve known since 3rd grade? Rn I’m about to be a sophomore in hs. I’ve always thought about asking her out but I was too scared of the outcome. At times, I feel like she feels the same way and I get so close to asking her in those moments but I never build up the courage to. Mainly because if she says no, it might lead to the end of our friendship. I’ve never felt this feeling with other people the way I feel about her. There isn’t any words invented that could describe the feelings I have for her. Everyone around me says I should ask her, her friends tell me I should ask her, and even my parents found out that I like her and want me to ask her. I just don’t know how😞

  • amra salihi
    amra salihi Day ago

    I'm so happy fpr everyone in the vid and in the whole world who got a boy or a girl!if you don't got someone GIIIRL U GOT ME

  • Anto theja
    Anto theja Day ago +1

    The ugly guy with the pimpel on the nose was too confident about it anyways... If she is that hot and you guys never actually talked that much to begin with, why should YOU ask her out and why dafuq would she say yes anyways?!?!? Wtf

  • claxiey
    claxiey Day ago

    7:57 thats sounds like Billie eilish

  • YøUf00L •_•

    My crush: Nah sorry. I have to go.
    Me: 0_o

  • Pretty Pumpkin
    Pretty Pumpkin Day ago

    I spent four year in college without talking to my crush ever
    But when we finally did it was to ask if I had friends ( the comedy) 😂😂😂
    That was about it

  • Emmerson Creighton

    Lol 😆
    9:27: we will go next April 1
    Me: that’s April fools day

  • Rinoa Gonzales
    Rinoa Gonzales Day ago

    Oml. This is giving me all the feels. 😂😍❤

  • Andreu Bel
    Andreu Bel Day ago

    love dosent exist

  • JJcupcake 507
    JJcupcake 507 Day ago +3

    Me: hey. Ok I like you
    Crush: sorry I’m not really interested
    Me: oh... well ha ha April fools!
    Crush: dude it’s July....
    Me: *_run_*

  • Shaytel` Copeland

    the girls said next April 1st

  • Will Saunders
    Will Saunders Day ago

    Most wholesome video I think i've ever seen

  • IU Jamjohda
    IU Jamjohda Day ago


  • Jaideep Banerjee

    "Did i just wake you up?"

  • Yeah yeah Nahui
    Yeah yeah Nahui Day ago

    Then there is me..i dont even have the number of him😂💔

  • Natalie's World
    Natalie's World Day ago +7

    me : aaahhhh.. when will this happen to me
    dad : probably never

    now that just hurts

  • Riverdaleツ
    Riverdaleツ Day ago

    *she never responded to this voicemail*
    I feel so sad for him :(

  • G2K
    G2K Day ago

    Well, the best thing I could do is confess my feelings to myself. Check my vid titled "tide breaker" on my channel. xD

  • Hamba Alloh
    Hamba Alloh 2 days ago

    I've confessed my feelings to my crush. I having this feeling more than 9 years, and he just said, "thank you."
    I'm not sad or heartbroken. I'm proud of myself that because I can told him straight.

  • Samira Nisa
    Samira Nisa 2 days ago

    This is beautiful

  • Jared Cruz
    Jared Cruz 2 days ago

    This video had me in tears💕😇😭

  • lang 1007
    lang 1007 2 days ago

    that red-headed guy looks like the son from the movie with cher.

  • lang 1007
    lang 1007 2 days ago

    13:10 guys, take notes

    if a guy doesn't have the courage to ask me out, i wouldn't date them.