Top 10 Scary Home Alone Theories

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Home Alone Theories
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    Are you missing Christmas already? Well we got you covered with the Top 10 Scary Home Alone Theories. Kevin McAllister is a little darker than you remember.
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Comments • 783

  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  8 months ago +81

    More Scary Vids 👇😨

  • Urbro Dooli
    Urbro Dooli 28 days ago

    i can't watch catherine ohara in anything now without thinking of moira rose from schitt's creek - so i came up with my own theory. it's not exactly dark, but rather funny. my theory is that the mccallisters are actually the roses before they went bankrupt and harry and marv were their business managers figuring out how to defraud them

  • Montserrat Elechiguerra Chávez

    No more of those camara angles please.

  • Batman Steenslie
    Batman Steenslie 3 months ago

    Indiana jones

  • Ryan Hills
    Ryan Hills 3 months ago

    Kevin’s mum didn’t leave him in the second film He followed the wrong man thinking it was his dad and got on a different plane

  • Kush Gosier
    Kush Gosier 3 months ago

    why did I watch the full video??

  • Kush Gosier
    Kush Gosier 3 months ago

    yoo these are dumb theories man.. lol

  • FlipCustomboy 1118
    FlipCustomboy 1118 3 months ago

    He has a clone in the video

  • DubstepBroda
    DubstepBroda 3 months ago

    first movie was because of some kid messing up the kid count before leaving to the airport

  • Tori Smith
    Tori Smith 4 months ago

    I Adore It

  • Christian the Rat Pastor

    Bird lady x pigeon man

  • Sombrak 3002
    Sombrak 3002 4 months ago

    My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars revenge of the sith

  • RunningAWOL411
    RunningAWOL411 4 months ago

    I enjoyed their pain while they were screaming, but i dont think ive ever seen this movie sober lol

  • Bob Allen
    Bob Allen 4 months ago

    4:18 I thought it was salt you know like the kind you put on ice to melt it

  • kunkka5
    kunkka5 6 months ago

    my best film is indiana jones

  • Jennifee Robinson
    Jennifee Robinson 7 months ago

    My favorite movie is tarzan

  • Dimme 29
    Dimme 29 7 months ago

    I'll never see those movies the same way again

  • hillsheep
    hillsheep 7 months ago

    All these theories are retarded I'm sorry

  • Right Twix
    Right Twix 7 months ago

    How tf is the elvis thing plausible.

  • Mike Trinidad
    Mike Trinidad 7 months ago +1


  • Mr.Machees
    Mr.Machees 7 months ago

    Kevin dies


  • savingadrian12
    savingadrian12 7 months ago

    Marv getting electrocuted and turning into a skeleton for a second looked like a member of the Grateful Dead in the Touch of Grey video lol.

  • atrelopian678
    atrelopian678 7 months ago

    Explain number 4

  • Daniel Powell
    Daniel Powell 7 months ago

    This whole video is bs asf

  • MilkiiMelon
    MilkiiMelon 7 months ago +2

    Honeslty I think the theory about The Mother selling her soul is a bit overthough/overthinked/overdramatic.. in my opinion ofc..

  • Sans ᖘ
    Sans ᖘ 7 months ago

    My all time favorite movie is Avengers: infinity war

  • DripTacos
    DripTacos 7 months ago +1

    Yay Landon still does RU-clip

  • Jimmy Granowski
    Jimmy Granowski 7 months ago

    OMG it is a film full of actors it was planned

  • Mohammad Mustafa
    Mohammad Mustafa 7 months ago

    I saw a google add of him in 2018 he looked like in the 20s

  • Joker
    Joker 7 months ago

    Dude this is all a movie acting not real.

  • AkA Z3SKIS
    AkA Z3SKIS 7 months ago

    Or then its a movie

  • Jayden playz
    Jayden playz 7 months ago

    My favourite movies are all the pirates of the Caribbean

  • Rey
    Rey 7 months ago

    Stop with the camera angles

  • Kenneth Coupchiak
    Kenneth Coupchiak 7 months ago

    What the heck

  • Adam Britt
    Adam Britt 7 months ago

    Oh yes there will be blood.......

  • Vincent Santangelo
    Vincent Santangelo 7 months ago

    number 9 doesn't work because in the second one they just got separated at the airport

  • Michael Angelo Macuha
    Michael Angelo Macuha 7 months ago

    Kevin is not jigsaw because he was born in 1982 but today is 2019 so he is like 35+ years old and jigsaw is more old than him

  • RAYMOND Granado
    RAYMOND Granado 7 months ago

    None of these theories make sense tho 😂😂😂

  • Nova Wacky
    Nova Wacky 7 months ago

    The only scary thing here is...

    *_the outro music_*

  • Mig&Nate Gaming and videos

    That’s not Kevin playing as that horror killer he was in the 20,s you are so wrong

    TTV HQRZX 7 months ago +1

    Who all waited for that special premier to come on tv to watch home alone?

  • Destiny Garcia
    Destiny Garcia 7 months ago

    1 is not turn

  • 100,000 subscribers with no videos ?

    My favorite movie is "milf sister needs help from step bro after breakup"

  • Gogeta Blue
    Gogeta Blue 7 months ago +1

    My favorite movie is dragon ball super broly movie

    • Dania Ruiz
      Dania Ruiz 7 months ago

      Well me too but I haven’t seen the movie yet but I love the series
      Almost finishing dB super

    • Dania Ruiz
      Dania Ruiz 7 months ago

      Gogeta Blue I can see that in ur profile

  • kavslayer is best
    kavslayer is best 7 months ago

    Jigsaw is true becaise Kevin is now a narko sorry about my english

  • Kingston Saul
    Kingston Saul 7 months ago +2

    why would she try to get rid of Kevin, but then faint and try to find him. Plus, there would be no movie if Kevin didnt get left behind.

  • Anthony Roblox
    Anthony Roblox 7 months ago

    It’s fake man what does everyone thinks that he alive it someone Else

  • CLAY DOG 001
    CLAY DOG 001 7 months ago

    There should be a movie to where Kevin McAlister is the burglar

  • Gaming with Cookie
    Gaming with Cookie 7 months ago

    Ummm ok

  • Faze_winnerlol
    Faze_winnerlol 7 months ago

    Like XXXTENTACION is still alive

  • SO Salty
    SO Salty 7 months ago

    8:03 uhh

  • [VE]ItzmeHAM Pla¡z
    [VE]ItzmeHAM Pla¡z 7 months ago

    I kept hearing the #2 a name like "Hello the is Marvin Harry"😂

  • Soul Searching
    Soul Searching 7 months ago

    Double Landon!

  • GamingGhost360
    GamingGhost360 7 months ago +1

    My favorite movie is Batman: The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/ Batman 🦇

  • Brolly/Goku Uzumaki
    Brolly/Goku Uzumaki 7 months ago

    Something scary about this video is it face JK

  • Fred Mcgrady
    Fred Mcgrady 7 months ago

    My favorite movie is Stephen kings sleepwalkers

  • Mr. Reeves2005
    Mr. Reeves2005 7 months ago

    i love home alone

  • Maribel Mendiola
    Maribel Mendiola 7 months ago

    I'm in my house alone watching
    This video

  • Julian Ballantine
    Julian Ballantine 7 months ago


  • PRO Players
    PRO Players 7 months ago

    But this is a movie