Top 10 Scary Belgium Urban Legends

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Belgium Urban Legends
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    Hello and welcome back to the most amazing channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are back at it with the urban legends! Today we are getting continental Europe as we take a spooky trip to Belgium. Behold, the Top 10 Scary Belgium Urban Legends! I love a bit of Belgium - have you guys watching been to Belgium? I love a fruity ale and a waffle ! Let me know your travel thoughts in the comments section below
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  6 months ago +65

    Want more Urban Legends? Click the link 👇

    • Tjeerd Lonka
      Tjeerd Lonka 4 months ago

      Dutch urban legends

    • Soapy
      Soapy 4 months ago

      >. Jazlyne Zepeda ?~.

    • jurgen Boes
      jurgen Boes 5 months ago

      Hoe all you need to do is a Dutch urban legends or story

    • eveeandcharmander loo
      eveeandcharmander loo 6 months ago

      Killer:I'm gonna kill ya
      Lady: ahhhhhhhhhhh
      Police: don't worry ma'am I got him
      Lady:thank god
      Killer: noooooo why
      THE END

  • Dante I’ll be weary

    De ogen
    Aka “ the eyes” in Dutch

  • Mieke Mangelschots
    Mieke Mangelschots 5 days ago


  • Tiffany Tulloch
    Tiffany Tulloch 6 days ago

    4 the dumbass that got ur arm stuck in vending machine u deserve to lose ur arm sorry.........

  • a cup of tae with a kookie

    I know you don't speak Dutch but like, the way you pronounced "de ogen" was pretty hilarious to me, I'm so sorry

    Btw yes I'm dutch

  • yettitje
    yettitje 7 days ago

    Omg finely my country i love urban legends

  • James
    James 9 days ago

    No I haven’t been, but I here Dr. Evil is from Bruges.

  • Tammy Irwin
    Tammy Irwin 9 days ago

    Smile...or else

  • Hercules09027 plays
    Hercules09027 plays 12 days ago

    I am from belgium and my mom has a big smile scar on her face from the time she went to Brussels

  • # CrazyHashtagGirl
    # CrazyHashtagGirl 15 days ago

    "So The Eyes is the more frequently used name for a spirit called De Ogen"

    Yeah, well, that's because De Ogen literally means The Eyes. It's just translated to English...

  • Siben Van Boxstael
    Siben Van Boxstael 17 days ago

    2:11 #voicecrack

  • Aimen 2
    Aimen 2 19 days ago

    In 1774 Belgium didn't exist.
    Ogen is dutch for eyes

  • unibearmagic
    unibearmagic 20 days ago

    ... im an belguim person and i live in antwerp

  • Lea Blauenfeld
    Lea Blauenfeld 21 day ago

    Urban legends from Denmark( my home country)

  • Ilias
    Ilias 21 day ago

    Why Im in belgium your thank you

  • christina heuninckx
    christina heuninckx 21 day ago

    I never heard that legends even I'm from belguim

  • Taha Sellam
    Taha Sellam 22 days ago

    im from Belgium

  • Perkita Seaman
    Perkita Seaman 23 days ago +1

    Like I love you 😘💕❤️ you are number one ☝️ 🤩🤩🤩🤩🌟🌟👍👍👋👋👏👏

  • Mario17h1
    Mario17h1 24 days ago

    I need to know where you get your music, it's...surprisingly catchy

  • The Apollo 8000
    The Apollo 8000 26 days ago

    Or Bulgaria

  • The Apollo 8000
    The Apollo 8000 26 days ago


  • Samir ZeGeek
    Samir ZeGeek 26 days ago

    wie komt ook van belgië?

  • Llama does things
    Llama does things 28 days ago


  • viccovici
    viccovici 28 days ago

    I am from belgium 🇧🇪

  • Oasys Miller
    Oasys Miller 29 days ago

    Hey u hide ing in the comments

  • Tjerk Wanders
    Tjerk Wanders 29 days ago

    Bru i live in belgium and the urban legend smylers dont exist

  • Fien Govarts
    Fien Govarts Month ago

    i LIVE in Belgium and i'm a Belgian to so actually i speak Nl. But i can speak English to!

  • LongRead9
    LongRead9 Month ago +1

    I live here so im fucked
    Specificly antwerp balen

  • PAP3R CU7
    PAP3R CU7 Month ago +1

    who just came here for smiley?

  • Raiden
    Raiden Month ago

    who is listening to back on track by DJVI

  • Pedro Martins
    Pedro Martins Month ago

    Make a video about the Portuguese urban legends. I'm from there and I wanna see some legends of my country

    JAYSP Month ago

    do a urban legends from the netherlands

  • Test Test
    Test Test Month ago


  • WS_ SnIpZ
    WS_ SnIpZ Month ago


  • Kenny De Wolf
    Kenny De Wolf Month ago

    🇧🇪 and what about antwerp 🤣

  • Michael Byers
    Michael Byers Month ago

    I came up with a mexican urban legend now im making a dutch urban legend cuz two of u guys asked for one so now u can read this
    HannaRoomieJashgiwi. A dutch urban legend
    Once a girl was walking down the street with her 6 friends on a playdate but then two killers who also rob saw then and then they stabbed her 1st friend in the chest and they shoot her 2nd friend in the arm and they strangled her 3rd friend for 1 minute and they beat her 4th friend to death and they gave her 5th friend a shot but instead of medicine they used drugs and the cut her 6th friends arms off and her legs off and her head off all separately and threw the girl violently but the girls spirit came back and she haunted the ally way near where her and her friends died if you go down the ally way you will see a girl smiling at you and without moving her mouth she asks "wanna go look for the others my friend?"if you say no she kills you in any way her and her friends got killed if you say yes she scans your face and if u look like one of the killers ehe says "bye bye my killer" and does the same so hope u dont look like the killer

    And dont worry this is not true

  • Juliana Spande
    Juliana Spande Month ago

    Minnesota plsssss!!!!!!

  • itz_BEB
    itz_BEB Month ago

    I live in belguim I Love youre vids

  • Can i have 100 subs with no vids?

    Top 10 scariest belgium urgan lebends

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    When you live in Belgium 😱

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    Duncan Macmillan Month ago

    Next chile urban legends

  • Joost Arentsen
    Joost Arentsen Month ago

    its cute how you say de ogen

  • FlippingBasti
    FlippingBasti Month ago

    i live in belgium and its hella fake

  • sturmpanzerwagen A7V

    Urban legend number 10 be like: that's how the Joker was born

  • Kiano Cloetens
    Kiano Cloetens Month ago

    Belgium 🇧🇪

  • Gaoxuan520 Hu
    Gaoxuan520 Hu Month ago

    And I live in this country great

  • Driel55
    Driel55 Month ago

    I live in the Netherlands and Yes I have been to belgium

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    Rositsa Ruseva 2 months ago

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  • Noah Rey
    Noah Rey 2 months ago +1

    Geweldig ik kan niet meer slapen (great i can sleep tonight)

  • Buddy Seagull
    Buddy Seagull 2 months ago

    Belgiums flag is the same as germanys flag 🇧🇪🇩🇪

  • Lame Goldfish
    Lame Goldfish 2 months ago

    I don't use vending machines.

  • Triston Richards
    Triston Richards 2 months ago

    :/ she blinks to much

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    Hypski - 2 months ago


  • Joya is Joya Mertens
    Joya is Joya Mertens 2 months ago

    #belgium like als je van belgïe bent/like if your from belgium #belgium

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    acxqy plays 2 months ago

    Im from belgium

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    Vatsala Pande 2 months ago

    Indian urban legends

  • Mariam Dodworth
    Mariam Dodworth 2 months ago

    I am living in Belgium right now

    RAGE GAMING 2 months ago

    Oh de bokke rijders jezus ik was daar vroeger echt bang

    RAGE GAMING 2 months ago

    Belgie voor altijd !!!!!!!!

  • ExCiO 1
    ExCiO 1 2 months ago

    I am from belgium try to read this hallo hoe gaat het

  • Sukuke lujan
    Sukuke lujan 2 months ago

    Can you make a tuson Arizona scary urban legends

  • Sofa on toast
    Sofa on toast 2 months ago

    I love urban legends I want to be one

  • Nikash Theivendran
    Nikash Theivendran 2 months ago

    Do Sri Lanka next

  • skater boi
    skater boi 2 months ago +1

    Belgium here . YAY . I FEEL MY SELF SPECIAL

  • BankReddish
    BankReddish 2 months ago

    I’m moving out to Russia I live in belguim

  • Da Lazy Cookie
    Da Lazy Cookie 2 months ago

    Gelukkig dat ik niet in België woon😅

  • Jodie Sky
    Jodie Sky 2 months ago

    Not going to lie, my countries urban legends aren't that great. I expected more from Belgium..

  • Cj Hendricks
    Cj Hendricks 2 months ago

    you guys should do scary Utah urban legends. I live in Utah and it would be cool to hear urban legends from here

  • Emmamarie Depraetere
    Emmamarie Depraetere 2 months ago

    Go Belgium

  • Nav Playz
    Nav Playz 2 months ago

    Well I am from Belgium

  • Carlos R Perez Castellanos

    When you said “Butcher of Mons” I thought of the Angel of Mons that protected British troops from the Germans and was protected by the Angel in #5

  • Elif Kahraman
    Elif Kahraman 2 months ago

    I live in belguim lol im 9 and yeaaaa

  • icey nica
    icey nica 2 months ago +1

    I live in belguim :3

  • Robbie Johns
    Robbie Johns 2 months ago

    Do some legends for oklahoma please

  • Toby Breakbones
    Toby Breakbones 3 months ago

    I knew all of these I live in Belgium... I LIVED THE LEGENDS. And the buck riders were normal people who sold or made a deal with the devil

  • Quinten Schoonjans
    Quinten Schoonjans 3 months ago

    Im from Belgium 😀😀

  • TheGamer44678
    TheGamer44678 3 months ago

    Yeah, I like Belgian waffles too.

  • orry deveirman
    orry deveirman 3 months ago

    you should try the french fries with flemish stew, also typical belgium, next to the beer, waffles and chocolat

  • That one ugly boi
    That one ugly boi 3 months ago

    Isn't smiley a movie? So, it's probably not Belgium.

  • Killian Leeson
    Killian Leeson 3 months ago

    Smileys a movie

  • Simon Olesen
    Simon Olesen 3 months ago

    The "welcome to the world of H.I.V." is a true story that happened to a cop who died in 2017 I think?

  • Annemiek Hooiveld
    Annemiek Hooiveld 3 months ago

    Number 8 is a dutch urban legend

  • jeanette606
    jeanette606 3 months ago

    It is bockkenrijders not buckriders

    NNA NCRS1 3 months ago

    #1 how fries were almost never made

  • Marvin Torrente
    Marvin Torrente 3 months ago

    eww . the vending machine was gross and sounded weird. btw love your channel😘.

  • benlin arrey
    benlin arrey 3 months ago

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  • Йш дым
    Йш дым 3 months ago

    Im Russian and I ve been to belgium lots of time and it beautiful

  • monsterdoes Vanderdonckt

    WHO knows KLUDDE???

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    Ayman Elomari 3 months ago

    I live in Belgium

  • Crimsedate
    Crimsedate 3 months ago +1

    I'm Belgian, and I've not heard any of these, I'm a s w i n e

  • Sam Renn
    Sam Renn 3 months ago

    The only legend I know about is the first one. They would actually ask "rape or have an angels smile?" And they would also put salt on the wounds. But ofc there are many more legends in Belgium. I'm from Belgium 🇧🇪

  • borutokagur
    borutokagur 3 months ago


  • 森田としろ
    森田としろ 3 months ago

    Great video. 👍👍

  • 森田としろ
    森田としろ 3 months ago

    Those are rams, Not goats.

  • Kenny
    Kenny 3 months ago

    My grandpa used to tell the story of an old bar in our hometown of Ypres,Belgium. he said the ghost of a Brittish general wandered there and sometimes would appear if you ordered past midnight and said "the generals drink is on me"

  • Hello 1020
    Hello 1020 3 months ago

    2:11 voice crack

  • Paris heart
    Paris heart 3 months ago

    Im from Belgium,Brussels.
    Do you talk French?

  • Dusky Cat
    Dusky Cat 3 months ago

    I love how Rebecca said GoAtS at the Buckriders part

  • RPG Squad 4life
    RPG Squad 4life 3 months ago

    Hey im from belguim and i didnt heard about any of these

  • RPG Squad 4life
    RPG Squad 4life 3 months ago

    Hey im from belguim and i didnt heard about any of these