• Published on Aug 4, 2019
  • THE WAR FOR DUSTY DEPOT | Fortnite Season X
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    Here we go for another installment of the Fortnite series, leave a thumbs up for more!
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  • Luka Hotwheels
    Luka Hotwheels 24 days ago

    How dare you hate on x lord

  • jehann jeffers
    jehann jeffers Month ago

    Lil Kelly I love your vids and I use your code. Can I get a shout out

  • Sean Davis
    Sean Davis Month ago

    You enjoying great yeah I like the way you love

  • BMXP
    BMXP Month ago

    HOW DARE YOU MAKE X LORD SOUND LIKE THAT BTW all you re character voices sound like they are on drugs or something

  • Smooth Yoda
    Smooth Yoda Month ago

    What did drift mean “that place is back?” He’s in dusty depot

  • OSD The best
    OSD The best Month ago +1

    3:52 LAMA

  • XxAnakinxX
    XxAnakinxX Month ago

    Why are these people so bad at fortnite?(not you btw, the characters)

  • Dark Gaming6009
    Dark Gaming6009 Month ago +2

    John only lost cause he rusty and lost his glory days, raptor only lost cause he had a hair appointment and everyone knows that when raptor is focused on something, he will NOT get his mind off it. Like the SMGs, and that time when drift "died"

  • Wilson Rect
    Wilson Rect Month ago

    Great vid

  • Jessie Nelson
    Jessie Nelson Month ago

    Frick you

  • Alex Smee
    Alex Smee Month ago

    Rust lord drinks with he’s mask on XD

  • jesse slater
    jesse slater Month ago


  • Edward Mitchell
    Edward Mitchell Month ago

    Why you kill the defaults

  • Laho Lahi
    Laho Lahi Month ago

    hi little Kelly I whach all your vids can I have a shout out

  • Yeet On your feet
    Yeet On your feet Month ago +1

    3:55 the llama in the background

  • Kelly King
    Kelly King Month ago

    You go girl

  • Matt Tortorice
    Matt Tortorice Month ago

    He’s not gunna need back up he needs aim

  • Vikkel Panan
    Vikkel Panan Month ago


  • cam and jav cam and jav

    Udhjdnsmjxjeo nn

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Month ago


  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Month ago

    I love raptor he's funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahwhahahahahahaahahahahhahaahha

  • Fortnite clips 900.0

    Raptor make these so much better

  • Sora x
    Sora x Month ago

    13:24 nooooo he now is my favorite character 😧😭

  • Family Iwersen
    Family Iwersen Month ago

    You are the best youtuber

  • Leon Bond
    Leon Bond Month ago

    o hell no lets go kelly you kill that dude i whas like wha but i knew youd win

  • Darktricity 9099
    Darktricity 9099 Month ago +2

    How sexists the girl can kill someone who a group of boys couldn’t

  • Memes are Memos
    Memes are Memos Month ago +1

    1:25, um, sorry to burst your bubble, but epic pump and balloons are vaulted. Also why does everyone have terrible aim, sorry but I dislike your vids, this my first time watching

  • threeway jay
    threeway jay Month ago

    Llama at 3:50 in the back

  • pro assassin
    pro assassin Month ago

    Hit a shot

  • X_Tactics
    X_Tactics Month ago

    Lmao I love how in the fighting scenes everybody misses their shots

  • iSpy_Dae
    iSpy_Dae Month ago


  • Satic
    Satic Month ago

    you guys are my favorite channel keep it up and can i get a shout out

  • Jonah Stevenson
    Jonah Stevenson Month ago +1

    You guys should face reveal once you hit 1 million subscribers please 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍 and thanks for the shout out

  • Abdulla Kadhim
    Abdulla Kadhim Month ago +6

    Man I love X Lord😟
    Why everyone make him abad guy😕

  • Cutestanye Robloxname

    I did everything can u shout me pls 😍

  • Maryann
    Maryann Month ago

    Hi you are doing so good on your RU-clip channel and I was wondering if you can give me a shout out please love your channel

    CANDACE JONES Month ago

    Little. Yroslm. ❤️❤️😍

  • Masked Rift
    Masked Rift Month ago

    I love how you make the bad guys have horrible aim lol

  • Jayden Clayton
    Jayden Clayton Month ago

    Season ten is cool

  • Andy Mendieta Garcia

    Wow girl power!!!

  • Bartosz Lipiński
    Bartosz Lipiński Month ago

    She only won coz the boys did like 95% of damage

  • Stllucas
    Stllucas Month ago


  • Stllucas
    Stllucas Month ago

    Hi little kelly can i play with you please it wall make my da

  • Nancy Vanderpool
    Nancy Vanderpool Month ago

    Little Kelly congrats on your wedding or did you had your wedding and little Kelly you and little Carly were my frist person that I watch and not shout out I known the little club sense 5th grade can you read my comment plz it would make my day, rose or pink the little club is the best and your fans love you

  • Bobby Fetherolf
    Bobby Fetherolf Month ago

    Can you please give me a shout out? I'm an og of your channel and love your vids! I remember the Minecraft videos and watched you 24/7. Love your vids Kelly!

  • Bontystrife
    Bontystrife Month ago

    rip x lord

  • Ava Kenney-JELLY'S BIGGEST FAN !!!!!!!!

    And my epic games is AvaRenayUnicorn8

  • Ava Kenney-JELLY'S BIGGEST FAN !!!!!!!!

    Lil Kelly please friend me on footnote I LOVE YOUR VIDS and I would define you like to be in one

  • Danie Rene Alonzo
    Danie Rene Alonzo Month ago

    So fake

    SCUFFSY PUF Month ago

    These videos make my eyes bleed

  • GhostHacker97
    GhostHacker97 Month ago

    Why is it that when main characters fight main villains they go from aimbot to storm trooper aim?

  • Jacquelin Perez
    Jacquelin Perez Month ago

    You should make Drift and Rox a couple 😎

  • Jared_ TheGamer ツ

    I dont get how 3 f*cken boys cant beat him but 1 f*cken girl can😯😒😶😶

  • Roberto Juarez
    Roberto Juarez Month ago

    Not true little kelly defeated him I clapped 22 little Kelly’s before

  • speedyquikboi17
    speedyquikboi17 Month ago

    I have scavenger x lord

  • JaguarStar57
    JaguarStar57 Month ago

    Little Kelly I am new to your channel and I am loving your videos. I also subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work

  • APK Fäultz
    APK Fäultz Month ago

    I love when the characters break the 4th wall, keep up the great work!

    ROOGHZ Month ago