Metal & Wood Computer Desk Build | JIMBOS GARAGE

  • Published on Oct 18, 2017
  • This is how you can build a metal and wood desk. It was a great welding and wood project to do in the garage.
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    This took a long time to build and weld the steel and it is probably over built but it looks great and will be perfect for where it's going.
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Comments • 356

  • Jorge Junior
    Jorge Junior 11 days ago

    Great work. Have you grounded the metal base?

    ALI ALMUKHTAR 11 days ago

    Where are your from ?

  • Слави Стоянов

    Красиво е, дори небоядисано

  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz 15 days ago

    Great video man love the outcome of the desk can u send me a build sheet if u can?? What to make this for myself.

  • ChaNdu BhAgSar 2008
    ChaNdu BhAgSar 2008 24 days ago

    Very Good.....

  • Daxis Perry
    Daxis Perry Month ago

    Came out absoluetly awesome! I wan to make one now. That light wood with the poly against the clearcoat steal looks great!

  • k md
    k md Month ago

    Love it

  • S. I . S. 18
    S. I . S. 18 Month ago


  • الاستاذ مرتضى

    جيمبوز لماذى لاتذكر القياسات والرسومات

  • DNA 619
    DNA 619 Month ago

    La primera vez que veo este canal, y me quedo muy sorprendido por la cantidad de herramientas que tiene, un sueño para muchos hombres.

  • Omer Napolitano
    Omer Napolitano Month ago +1

    This is nice jimbo

  • Cutelacraft Cutelaria Artesanal

    Love you man you are asowe! Always great creations and great weldings! 😎🤘✌

  • Vinay Bhandarkar
    Vinay Bhandarkar Month ago

    Measurements plz... planning do the same but smaller in size

  • Verum Semita
    Verum Semita Month ago

    really nice project and great video too. keep it up gramps.

  • Мария Крюгер

    дед работает в белых носках. ох уж эти американцы...

  • Bruno Fitz
    Bruno Fitz Month ago +1

    Very nice! Thanks! Bruno from Curitiba - Brazil

  • Jesus Cortes
    Jesus Cortes 2 months ago +1


  • Mr Brown
    Mr Brown 2 months ago +1

    fantastic desk, love the metal and wood combo desk's

  • Antonio García Luna
    Antonio García Luna 2 months ago +1


  • Михаил Светлов


  • Tom Garner
    Tom Garner 2 months ago

    Nice work Jim!

  • Phil Cruse
    Phil Cruse 2 months ago

    I've never welded before, how can I do this

    • Youtube Fanboy
      Youtube Fanboy 2 months ago

      Phil Cruse find a business or someone near you and see if they can do it, that might cost a bit though I don’t know. If you want it for free maybe you could see if a family member could do it for you

  • GeeQueSurprised P.J Marlvins


  • Samuel Sawian
    Samuel Sawian 2 months ago

    Strange how there are no likes or dislikes for this video...

  • Luke Powell Premier Group

    Back working the welds Jimbo!! One piece flow it and weld all on one leg then move to the next...

  • Маляр
    Маляр 3 months ago +1


  • Scott K
    Scott K 3 months ago +2

    Hey Jimbo, new sub here! Your videos are great, very interesting, very high quality! I love your style, easy to relate to. Thanks for sharing!

  • Max Maker
    Max Maker 3 months ago

    Epoxy is a real bitch to work with. Getting it perfectly smooth and glossy is something I never achieved. Usually it results in an endless loop of sanding and re-applying.

  • Siddiq Mohammed
    Siddiq Mohammed 3 months ago

    How come you don't use the guard on your angle grinder?

  • ななし~ず
    ななし~ず 3 months ago

    I'd like you to use a mask,for your health.

  • goodWill
    goodWill 3 months ago

    I like it!

  • José Domínguez
    José Domínguez 3 months ago +1


  • KamekoBruns
    KamekoBruns 3 months ago

    "This is extremely difficult and I'll never do it again.

    also...."this was my first time and I didn't read the instructions."

    While I giggled at that, I have to admit that overall, you did it right. That seal coat is good idea. When I did my first desk I mistakenly started with a flood coat. So many bubble.

    BTW, you could easily sell those desks for $4k each here in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Olivier Giroux
    Olivier Giroux 3 months ago

    This looks like one hell of a sturdy desk! Simple design but looks great in the end. I was a bit scared watching you gluing that large top without biscuits but it turned out great, even with a first epoxy experience! Great job sir! I'm subscribing!

  • Александр хорошая

    не плохой верстак в сарай получился

  • Nicolas Jopia
    Nicolas Jopia 4 months ago

    VERY NICE do you have cad file for that project.

    • Nicolas Jopia
      Nicolas Jopia 4 months ago

      ​@JIMBO'S GARAGE any measurement that you can give us on this project

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  4 months ago

      Thanks for watching, No sorry i don't. Jimbo!

  • Alexandr Borisenko
    Alexandr Borisenko 4 months ago

    вроде америкос ,а работа халтурная !швы не зачищены и не обработаны по кругу ,стол простой слишком ,видео много ,а толку нет !

  • Adam Shepherd
    Adam Shepherd 4 months ago +1

    You are a true entertainer mate

  • Мухаммадислом Сабиров

    👏👏👏👏 👍 👍👍👍👍

  • Dennis Neijmeijer
    Dennis Neijmeijer 4 months ago +2

    Great work! But you're definitely more a metal man and not a woodworker persé

  • Амелия Сонова

    You had to use aluminum and not steel.

  • Faraz Hedayat
    Faraz Hedayat 4 months ago

    What shape is it again? =P
    Great build though. Was actually really impressed with the final outcome.

  • pablo bautista
    pablo bautista 4 months ago +1

    buena jimbo! gran trabajo

  • R R
    R R 4 months ago

    Looks great. A subjective comment but I think the shelf finish on the top would have looked better.

  • Sergey Sergeevi4
    Sergey Sergeevi4 4 months ago


  • Saldus
    Saldus 4 months ago

    I could not imagine how agitating making a table top out of 2x4's would be.... jesus

  • Michael's Workshop
    Michael's Workshop 4 months ago +1


  • Brye Cooper
    Brye Cooper 4 months ago

    Way to go man, great shop. Ps: face glueing boards like that, you don't need biscuits or dominoes. Next time, if there is a next time lol, put angle irons top and bottom across boards and clamp them ten will keep boards flat, put top on the top angle iron that contacts wood surface to avoid staining. Buckling generally occurs because of over tightening of clamps, just tighten to squeeze out. "I did not read the instructions" hahaha! Looks great mate.

  • A. S.
    A. S. 4 months ago

    Vote 7/10.
    No space for a CPU Gamer.
    Small space for legs and chair.
    No place for cables.
    No one drawer.

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye 4 months ago +1

    A job well done . I know the wifey was happy

  • Twisted Pixel
    Twisted Pixel 4 months ago

    So no paint?

  • Cass R
    Cass R 5 months ago +1

    Awesome ! that shiny look the top of the table has its amazing ! Congrats!

  • NIEK
    NIEK 5 months ago

    exept that glossy finish on the tabletop i love this project, awesome work !

  • Nicholas Baspaly
    Nicholas Baspaly 5 months ago

    Awesome build and a really great channel! If your ever interested in trying out some different welding machines please check us out ! , or message me at

  • Robert Khan
    Robert Khan 5 months ago +1

    Very nice

  • Salman
    Salman 5 months ago

    я не я, если хоть одно слово понял, но досмотрел до конца

  • saurav jha
    saurav jha 5 months ago +2

    this man is dude

  • Markos Man
    Markos Man 6 months ago +1


  • christopher amerally
    christopher amerally 6 months ago

    That’s a beautiful table, excellent craftsmanship.

  • smcox1991
    smcox1991 6 months ago

    After you ran each of the sections of the top through the planer you should've ran through the table saw again to square up the edges. When clamping put half of the clamps on the top and half on the bottom and that way it'll be more of an even squeeze to reduce buckling. It turned out great!

  • Fred Ruiz
    Fred Ruiz 6 months ago

    very good job Jimbo !!!!
    ...... and my wife ask me the same

  • Vasili
    Vasili 6 months ago

    Gorgeous desk, "fun little project", if i tried that it would be a catastrophe... amazing work very motivating

  • Vitor Sampaio
    Vitor Sampaio 6 months ago

    Hey. I really like that table. Why? Because I know with time Wood will bend. And with that gorgeous rustic metal frame it Will Stay flat no matter What you put on top. And that video was Uploaded the day I made 40 years!!

  • Flávio Véra
    Flávio Véra 6 months ago +1

    Fantastic... Very very very goooood!!!!! From Brazil

  • Edward Skrod
    Edward Skrod 6 months ago

    Hey Jimbo! What kind of wood glue did you use?

      JIMBO'S GARAGE  6 months ago +1

      Thanks for watching Edward, Titebond. Jimbo!

  • Dziksztof
    Dziksztof 6 months ago

    garage in house ...

  • Mile le
    Mile le 6 months ago

    Jimbo very nice jobs 😀

  • zzz
    zzz 6 months ago

    Simple beauty

    РРР ИИИ 6 months ago


  • Евгений Петров

    Send my regards from Russia. Great job, mr.Jimbo. Fine wood desk, and iron skeleton looks good enought!

  • Trump 2849
    Trump 2849 7 months ago +1

    Very very nice !!!

  • Edwin Dominguez
    Edwin Dominguez 7 months ago +2

    It looks really nice. I think the 2 piece of woods were good after you flip the table they would be leveled. The table where you was doing to the desk was not level probably. Imma do 1 myself thanks for the video

  • Stefaan Decroo
    Stefaan Decroo 7 months ago

    Very very very well done Sir. Fantastic result. Top Artist. :-)

  • MrChanock2000
    MrChanock2000 7 months ago

    It would be great if you make the chair too

  • Matt Chilton
    Matt Chilton 7 months ago

    Nice Computer Table! if you alternate the clamps on top and bottom when gluing a panel together it will help with the buckling of the panel.

  • Илья Быстров

    Золотые руки!

  • Tuandattien Pham
    Tuandattien Pham 8 months ago

    Đẳng cấp

  • charlie brownau
    charlie brownau 8 months ago

    Gday oldmate
    First time to the channel
    Love the video , cool recording style
    Awesome effort !

  • TÉTU
    TÉTU 8 months ago


  • AFNAN KHAN Manki Sharif
    AFNAN KHAN Manki Sharif 8 months ago +1


  • wingsley
    wingsley 8 months ago

    Wish Jimbo has shown the finished product for more than just a few seconds. Would've liked to have seen it more thoroughly to appreciate it.

  • Ezequiel Escobar
    Ezequiel Escobar 8 months ago


  • Bicycle Man
    Bicycle Man 8 months ago

    That turned out GREAT !!!

  • carforumwanker
    carforumwanker 8 months ago

    LOve the frame...but cannot like the wood and its finish !

  • xrockerguy
    xrockerguy 8 months ago

    So how did you treat that exposed steel???

  • TeamheadshotZ
    TeamheadshotZ 8 months ago +1

    Jesus man you’ve out done yourself.. very beautiful workmanship

  • Scorpius
    Scorpius 9 months ago +1

    Amazing Job 👍

  • Fernando Nogueira
    Fernando Nogueira 9 months ago

    🎥 Beautiful work !. _ Congratulations! 👍 🇧🇷

  • alvin delarosa
    alvin delarosa 9 months ago

    Its very heavy for computer table😏

  • 7b0ne
    7b0ne 9 months ago +1

    massive table for a computer! but a honest built!

  • Not Your Business
    Not Your Business 9 months ago

    Man, get a mask when you are sanding, you are breathing that dust and it's not healthy!

  • Lucky Sakonta
    Lucky Sakonta 9 months ago +2

    Very nice Sir, Thank you for sharing such good skills with us

  • CPS London
    CPS London 10 months ago +4

    If I had a tenth of your skill I would be a proud man... amazing job, well worth the work. I would be so happy with a desk like that. Great video.

    MrJESCARINO 10 months ago +1

    awesome your friend workshop, I will make an equal one in my house. when I have time...

  • R Broyles
    R Broyles 10 months ago

    That was top grade build the only thing that I would suggest to you is put a couple coats of clear coat on the metal you'll be amazed at the Beauty of the natural metal when clear coat is applied over the bare metal

  • Jaffa MusicMan
    Jaffa MusicMan 10 months ago +2

    Nice work, I really like it.............Thank you for sharring.

  • James Drayton
    James Drayton 10 months ago +1

    Good job

  • Noa Legrand
    Noa Legrand 10 months ago +1

    Wow, it's so...nice and square! Nah but joke aside, great video, lo e your desk design.

  • Alan Henrique Ferreira Silva

    Good job, man!

  • Moacir de Souza
    Moacir de Souza 10 months ago +1

    Muito bom!👏👏👏👏