Great Big Toy Stories

  • Опубликовано: 20 фев 2017
  • TOYS! From the world's largest model train to a toy piano virtuoso, these are stories that go so far beyond play.
    This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world.
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Комментарии • 176

  • dirtrider88
    dirtrider88 3 месяца назад

    well that ended on a note of batshit crazy.

  • 54321saveusy2j
    54321saveusy2j 4 месяца назад

    The last chick gave me a Yoko Ono vibe

  • Hello Old friend
    Hello Old friend 4 месяца назад

    For the supper soaker guy

    Your responsible for the horrers I have endured by the hands of my brother with your gun

  • Chiara River
    Chiara River 4 месяца назад

    I loved scalectrics

  • Berg Fish
    Berg Fish 7 месяцев назад

    Fish-Cox: "Wetter is Better! "💞🐡💦

  • Steers
    Steers 8 месяцев назад

    The toy piano women is a bit of a moron, it sounds horrible.

  • hatednyc
    hatednyc 9 месяцев назад

    I love these compilation episodes

  • Legionnaire Gaming
    Legionnaire Gaming 11 месяцев назад

    All the dislikes are Trek fans

  • JuicyWatermelone
    JuicyWatermelone 11 месяцев назад

    wen i got a magic 8 ball one of the first things i asked it was if it was awesome and it said "yes definitely"

  • Crazy Legs
    Crazy Legs Год назад

    The toy piano lady reminds me of that kid from peanuts

  • Nitrogen_ Ice gaming
    Nitrogen_ Ice gaming Год назад

    Make them more articulated Star Wars

  • MT Customs
    MT Customs Год назад

    11:47 that’s amazing, a real tear jerker

  • OOF-Series
    OOF-Series Год назад

    Star wars is the bomb the best toys ever

  • Lord Doge
    Lord Doge Год назад

    0:41 Pixar then proceeds to claim royalty fees.

  • RedBaron 71
    RedBaron 71 Год назад

    I'm a grand-kid and I love star wars! I like the older ones more than the new ones though.

  • Super soaker Cup series
    Super soaker Cup series Год назад

    🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥. 🚥
    🥢 🥢

  • MrprunesHD
    MrprunesHD Год назад

    Holy... I have that millennium falcon

  • camgan1
    camgan1 Год назад

    The slot cars seem really fun but I would love for this guy to try playing something like Mario Kart so he can see that it's the same kind of experience. He seems to think that you don't have that same interactivity with video games but that just not true.

  • Stephenie McCain
    Stephenie McCain Год назад

    my cat is named anakin

    • Cade
      Cade Год назад

      My dog is named Obie

  • iDareDevils
    iDareDevils Год назад

    6:14 it says 69

  • Spark
    Spark Год назад

    7:14 "Kids are all on computers now, and there's no interaction with anyone."
    What do you think online video games are.
    Also did you have to bring computers into this?

  • X2 Square
    X2 Square Год назад

    Will the mets win the world series?
    8 ball: it is certain. NO

  • Glory Sky
    Glory Sky Год назад +3

    I still have old star wars action figures. Even the rare Jabba the Hutt and his baby from a side show.

  • TheGaming Nimbo
    TheGaming Nimbo Год назад +2

    What about fidget spinners

  • The Gilman
    The Gilman Год назад

    This inspired me to burn every toy piano I come across.

  • hedgehog3180
    hedgehog3180 Год назад +2

    I love adults who are into toys. It's great and they're often responsible for keeping some part of history alive.

  • SimplyFrancheska
    SimplyFrancheska Год назад

    Where is that train place at??

  • T H
    T H Год назад +4

    Did Yoko Ono change her name to Margareth Leng Tan?

  • Nick S
    Nick S Год назад

    Someone needs to close this channel, I have stuff to do.

  • jonny pepperston
    jonny pepperston Год назад +11

    I think most toys are just failed inventions

  • Airotciv Osomall
    Airotciv Osomall Год назад

    Uhhh they should've named it Fish Cox not silly string

  • Sabastian Anugraha
    Sabastian Anugraha Год назад

    the first stroy must be Ashen wet dream

  • britney borja
    britney borja Год назад

    "wetter is better" hmmmm.......

  • oppa gangnam
    oppa gangnam Год назад

    Wetter is BETTER 😉😆

  • eastcoastartist
    eastcoastartist Год назад +2

    I like this Big Story a lot!

  • Rayzr
    Rayzr Год назад

    I laughed so hard when it said "will the mets win the world series?


    i could PLAY this video over and over amd ovet

  • Snow van Night
    Snow van Night Год назад

    4:28 that is a lie
    the world's largest model railroad is located in germany:

  • The Jolly Rodger
    The Jolly Rodger Год назад +19

    the model train museum looks sick

    • Aiman Nazlan
      Aiman Nazlan Год назад

      When people asked him why trains, he probably answered:

      ...I Like Trains. (asdf movie reference)

  • Azhar Primaputra
    Azhar Primaputra Год назад +2

    I wish I was born earlier when toys were much more innovative.

  • Zane Khan
    Zane Khan Год назад


  • Phatastic Meemo
    Phatastic Meemo Год назад

    I ask my 8 Ball everyday " do I really need to finish this homework nowwww?"

  • Shmuck 101
    Shmuck 101 Год назад

    I have the death star for action fleet

  • marlene00891
    marlene00891 Год назад

    Stop shaking it! You'll make bubbles!

  • Comrade Bambi
    Comrade Bambi Год назад +17

    oh my god the model train guy is amazing

  • Alfred Lama
    Alfred Lama Год назад

    The toy piano she is playing zelda on that

  • Yasriel
    Yasriel Год назад

    We honestly don't deserve GBS

  • Jack The Leaf
    Jack The Leaf Год назад


  • Alek
    Alek Год назад


  • ohgobwhatisthis
    ohgobwhatisthis Год назад +29

    That super soaker dude is one of the coolest guys I've seen lately

  • Mammalogy Master
    Mammalogy Master Год назад +1

    I like the car one

  • First Last
    First Last Год назад

    11:48 what is that instrument she is spinning called?

    • jjaleahh
      jjaleahh Год назад

      First Last I don't know, but I do know that it's the sanr thing that what the music in music boxes and Jack In The Boxes if that helps.

  • shankar reddy
    shankar reddy Год назад +9

    Sheldon cooper would get crazy if he saw all those trains 🚂

  • P4N
    P4N Год назад

    tamiya is a legend of japan toy.i respect that

  • T Henoze
    T Henoze Год назад +1

    those toy pianos are straight out of a horror movie

  • Toy Polloi
    Toy Polloi Год назад +1

    The vintage toys were great, and well designed and built. The TFA falcon is by far the worst toy I have ever owned/reviewed. Mainly due to the cheap materials used and poor production quality controls. It's such a shame when they make what could be a great toy, and then ruin it with poor quality materials. Watch my reviews to see how bad these are.

  • meme lord
    meme lord Год назад

    starwars guy made me bust a fat nut. fuck i love war stars

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris Год назад

    My...this is like the 50th Great big story video i've did I get here?? o.O

  • LokKsiders__
    LokKsiders__ Год назад

    So where's my Cowboy Woody?

    XYNO P4RTY Год назад

    I leik toys :D

  • Planking
    Planking Год назад

    Wait can silly string still heal broken bones

    • magic waffle
      magic waffle Год назад

      That's Where You're Wrong Kiddo

  • egg
    egg Год назад


    • magic waffle
      magic waffle Год назад

      dog it's called a swastika GET IT RIGHT KIDDO

  • PokePaulProductions
    PokePaulProductions Год назад

    I have been to north lands like 3 times

  • I’m already Sans Undertale
    I’m already Sans Undertale Год назад

    Since when were Toy Stories good?

  • Jon CokeRoid Jones
    Jon CokeRoid Jones Год назад

    real life Andy

  • b3t3r b0z1n
    b3t3r b0z1n Год назад


  • ur mom
    ur mom Год назад

    die at 12.54 XD

  • Keith Uno
    Keith Uno Год назад

    these days star wars toy was too simple

  • Austin White
    Austin White Год назад

    that first one was coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Adhnin Zul
    Adhnin Zul Год назад

    ''today,I'm hit !!!! I am the lone survivor.....'' -Buzz (the slot car guy)

  • Alex miyamoto
    Alex miyamoto Год назад +36

    Like = you are god😇
    Sub = good luck for 9 years
    Reply = find $182 next to a bench
    Scroll = bad luck for 20 years😡

  • Ethan Cosgrove
    Ethan Cosgrove Год назад +248

    I love how the silly string guys were out to make the world better but immediately gave up when they realized they made a toy

    • AlphaMaZoo 101
      AlphaMaZoo 101 Год назад


    • hedgehog3180
      hedgehog3180 Год назад +1

      They didn't. They had already suceeded they just figured out that their product had another use.

    • Elite J
      Elite J Год назад

      Emans Neighborhoo

    • Tsavorite Prince
      Tsavorite Prince Год назад +2

      Soldiers actually spray it on tripwires to tell if it's there.

    • MarbleGray
      MarbleGray Год назад +2

      And then promptly sprayed so much of said toy that it almost didn't get made.. I think they were just messing around and wanted to look somewhat honorable. (;

  • Major L
    Major L Год назад

    The coolest story probably the super soaker inventor. I didn't expect someone working on the stealth bomber to create super soaker.

  • Falco
    Falco Год назад

    ive been to the train place

  • Vasili Korotkov
    Vasili Korotkov Год назад +8

    "WEEEE, WEEEEEE" I chuckled

  • I'm Palossand
    I'm Palossand Год назад +3

    Anybody like geometry dash? :3

  • Jose Mora
    Jose Mora Год назад

    look up the happy toy maker

  • quito787
    quito787 Год назад

    Lonnie Johnson is one awesome dude!

  • Christine Choi
    Christine Choi Год назад +53

    I hope I'll find a job that'll bring me that much passion

    • Ditty kong
      Ditty kong Год назад +1

      Mo Choi Dude, get a job that pays well for you and then put your passion into it. I wouldn't wait for your own passion. BUT, then again go ahead and find any passion, show it to others and then let it speak for itself. your choice

  • Panzerfaust
    Panzerfaust Год назад

    You learn sportsmanship?
    I say GG, isn't that enough?

  • Mister Wipes
    Mister Wipes Год назад +29

    Ur vids are great keep it up🍤🍤

    • Planking
      Planking Год назад +1

      Donkey Badingus you're everywhere the fuck. Especially pewdiepie

    • Fatima Isra
      Fatima Isra Год назад +1

      Donkey Badingus I see your profile picture every where

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly Год назад

    He doesn't have a wife

  • Ana Caetano Catarino
    Ana Caetano Catarino Год назад


  • RD
    RD Год назад +6

    Never though I'd enjoy the history behind a certain toy. Amazing :D

  • Onlylosersdontdrinkcoffee mmmkay

    Really love this channel

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A Год назад +15

    This channel is epic. I'm glad I found it

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson Год назад

    They're getting more attention

  • fivemissiles
    fivemissiles Год назад +84

    i don't know why but this is like the best/most interesting channel on youtube

  • BossAmerican 576
    BossAmerican 576 Год назад


  • Fire
    Fire Год назад

    this is an 8 year olds dream

  • Shotgun Mongol
    Shotgun Mongol Год назад

    That music at the beginning from the toy piano woman sounds A LOT like the music from some parts of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

  • Arif Lukito
    Arif Lukito Год назад +7

    Stfu no one is first

    • gregistopal
      gregistopal Год назад +2

      Arif Lukito somebody was first

    • Wasabi OwO
      Wasabi OwO Год назад +3

      Arif Lukito yeah someone out there may be first

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson Год назад +28

    I used to have every single birthday party of mine at this sweet slot car place.

    • Samantheen
      Samantheen Год назад

      that 69 69 on the banner made me laugh

  • Drolma Geyer
    Drolma Geyer Год назад


  • Echo Silver
    Echo Silver Год назад +2

    Wow, I've never been in a video before 1000 views.

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    • Kanye Campbell
      Kanye Campbell Год назад

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  • nick longstaffe
    nick longstaffe Год назад +133

    Cool stories, cept the toy piano lady, she seems legit insane,

    • Hello Old friend
      Hello Old friend 4 месяца назад

      Steve Rotters thats the same way people thought Of Albert Einstein

    • Hello Old friend
      Hello Old friend 4 месяца назад

      nick longstaffe well then that makes me insane

      Because i would love to hang out with her

    • 1968 ęčľűď
      1968 ęčľűď 11 месяцев назад

      I didn't notice anything crazy about her... maybe crazy recognizes crazy lol

    • Steve Rotters
      Steve Rotters Год назад

      dat bitch be crazy

    • nkotb 82
      nkotb 82 Год назад +6

      I thought she was kind of brilliant... certainly a little crazy. But that's how most if not all brilliant people just inherently are.

  • Funderful
    Funderful Год назад +3

    dank memes

  • IceRGodZ
    IceRGodZ Год назад +18

    i forced a toy up my ass
    then i turned to a PS4 :(