Laser vs Optical Mouse - Which Is Better for Gaming? [Simple Guide]

  • Published on Mar 24, 2018
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    There are two types of mice available today: laser and optical mice. But which type of mouse is best suited for gaming and can boost your aiming skills in the long term?
    That's exactly what you'll learn in this video. The answer might surprise you!
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Comments • 102

    EZW BEY0ND 2 days ago

    Lol I have 230 dollar razer mouse, but it is a laser

  • Theologos Del
    Theologos Del 7 days ago +1

    thx dude

  • Quang Thien Lam
    Quang Thien Lam 9 days ago +3

    A good graphic card is the best decision

  • Jake Pursley
    Jake Pursley 14 days ago +1

    i have a razer mamba tournament edition and it is a lazer sensor, and i have to say it is by far the most annoying thing i have ever deal with, i used to have a g502 which is an optimal sensor and i had no issues with it ever. but maybe thats just logitech vs razer there

    • Blue Jay
      Blue Jay 11 days ago

      I heard many people say the mambas laser sensor is shit but the optical ones on the deathadder or basilisk are great

  • Regis
    Regis 14 days ago +1

    Ok so which one? optical or laser?

  • Alieks
    Alieks 16 days ago

    a wireless mouse is no good, too much delay

    • ItsTotallyCoconut
      ItsTotallyCoconut 12 days ago

      I had a wireless mouse and it was faster than my previous one... (wired)

  • Elgan Bruner
    Elgan Bruner 19 days ago +1

    0:24 daht frame rate doe....

  • RAM XS R27
    RAM XS R27 26 days ago +1

    Optical mause

  • Ferby Arisaka
    Ferby Arisaka Month ago

    For me i still like LASER mouse for daily use or gaming.

  • Haxigon GT
    Haxigon GT 2 months ago

    I will buy g203 prodigy does ir great? I dont have much money for mouse soooo

    • Crazy Colin
      Crazy Colin 26 days ago +1

      Get the red dragon m901 it’s cheap has lots of buttons and workis amazing

    • mumave •_•
      mumave •_• 2 months ago +1

      buy AFX m03. its cheap and very good

  • Jonah O'Brien
    Jonah O'Brien 3 months ago

    Laser seems to wear out so much faster than optical

  • Arshad -MineCraft And More

    are u a girl ?

    • rzinpez 062
      rzinpez 062 2 months ago

      Naruto Ken thanks for the laugh 😆

    • TripToMoon
      TripToMoon 2 months ago

      So thats why your nme is minecraft and more

    • Naruto Ken
      Naruto Ken 2 months ago

      +Jonas Olsen oh yeah yeah

    • Jonas Olsen
      Jonas Olsen 2 months ago +1

      +Naruto Ken welp...


    • Naruto Ken
      Naruto Ken 3 months ago +1

      are u a virgin?

  • TrisketPlays
    TrisketPlays 5 months ago +3

    wired vs wireless

    i prefer wireless because less cord and more mobility

    • Blue Jay
      Blue Jay 11 days ago

      unless u have a razer mouse because their cables are fucking good mate

    • AI-102
      AI-102 Month ago

      I dont really see any difference between wireless and wired

    • AATrikster
      AATrikster 3 months ago

      +sajjad I have no idea what you said

    • tgu
      tgu 4 months ago

      IHU2005IN you can put the same sensor into a wireless mouse as into a wired mouse. The issue with wireless mice is the amount of time it takes for the computer to get the information from the mouse, wired mouse have an advantage in this department but companies like Logitech are starting to make some amazing wireless technology which basically puts them on the same level as wired mice. The next issue to tackle is the battery life and battery weight. Logitech has already made an amazing sensor “The Hero Sensor” that takes up way less power so eventually wireless will become better since no wires which means no cable drag and better mobility.

    • sajjad
      sajjad 4 months ago +1

      Bro wired is better its good for sensor wireless is bad cuz sensor take information slower than wired

  • Metal Videos
    Metal Videos 6 months ago +4

    FPS gamers usually put their gaming mice on around 400 till 800DPI anyway

    • Best Rare
      Best Rare 20 days ago

      No im using 1600

    • Do not read my profile picture
      Do not read my profile picture 28 days ago

      Dawn Ripper

      Im pretty sure that it depends on aspect ratio. Even if you are at 1080p, or 4k, as long as your aspect ratio is 16:9 you'll be fine. Not too sure though.

    • Copper_Legend666
      Copper_Legend666 29 days ago

      Eric B you need to turn your settings down when you play high dpi...

    • Do not read my profile picture
      Do not read my profile picture 3 months ago

      Metal Videos

      dpi not dps.

    • Jonah O'Brien
      Jonah O'Brien 3 months ago

      Lol I do 200 because I have a massive mousepad lmao

  • mynameisroman
    mynameisroman 7 months ago +2

    haven't uses a mousepad in decades. thats why i love laser :-)

    • Elgan Bruner
      Elgan Bruner 19 days ago

      You're REALLY missing out on smoother movement, and better accuracy. You're also destroying your mouse feet. If you aren't gaming, then it's not as big of a deal... of course you're going to go through a LOT of mice because your killing the lifespan of your mouse feet. If you are gaming however, you're really giving yourself quite the handicap by not using a proper mousing surface.

    • Jainam Panchal
      Jainam Panchal 2 months ago +1

      It depends on surface..

    • Metal Videos
      Metal Videos 6 months ago +1

      i use optic mouse and dont use a mouse mat as well. works perfect

  • idan124
    idan124 7 months ago +9

    Optic are more accurate on mouse pads and better for fps games

  • Abraham Wolde
    Abraham Wolde 7 months ago +1

    Link for mousepad?

    • Elgan Bruner
      Elgan Bruner 19 days ago

      Amazon>Search>Steel Series QCK Large

    • jonteetnoj
      jonteetnoj 5 months ago

  • something not fishy
    something not fishy 8 months ago +55

    wait.. your voice remind me of watchmojo 😂😂

    • ElvenMan
      ElvenMan 6 months ago +1

      Or that ex IGN girl.

  • Gambit896
    Gambit896 8 months ago

    Cool video and an interesting discussion 😁

  • Andreas Niggemann
    Andreas Niggemann 8 months ago +2

    A good help!

  • dude perfect jr
    dude perfect jr 8 months ago

    I am going to buy g102..... is it good?

    • sajjad
      sajjad 4 months ago

      Logitec Hero 502 is better for you

    • TCP_GhostZ
      TCP_GhostZ 7 months ago

      dude perfect jr get 502

  • dude perfect jr
    dude perfect jr 8 months ago +5

    Nice editing......

  • Martin Ivanov
    Martin Ivanov 9 months ago +1

    i think optical mice have a lot longer lift off distance while the laser mice's sensor stops working the moment u lift it off the pad. i lift my mouse a lot and thats why i always buy laser mice.

    • tgu
      tgu 5 months ago +2

      Martin Ivanov it’s the other way around

  • Utheriss
    Utheriss 9 months ago +9

    i had an optical mouse, sold it with my older computer and recently got a laser mouse. Let me say that i absolutely hate this laser mouse, small movements it wont pick up and its annoying as hell. the older optical mouse i had was perfect. I wrote a bad review on the amazon page and they sent me another one, lmao i dont want this garbage. Grabbing a optical mouse soon. (Btw the laser mouse has a higher dpi then the opticla one i had)

    • fortnite account1
      fortnite account1 4 months ago

      does your mouse also skip so its nearnly impossible to hit long distance shots?

    • Tasty Cheeks
      Tasty Cheeks 4 months ago

      Bostyan I let My gx950 go a few months ago. I barely bought a mouse. But I got some cheaper amazon mouse because well I dont really know 😂
      I got the Ajazz Aj52 Watcher.

    • Bostyan
      Bostyan 4 months ago

      +Tasty Cheeks And is a lot better aim etc. Which mouse u have now?

    • Tasty Cheeks
      Tasty Cheeks 4 months ago

      I had a laser gaming mouse. The Asus Rog gx950.
      It was a nice mouse when I had it. I played fortnite with it so I I let it go a few months ago. I dont know. I had a good experience. But I have an optical mouse now. :)

    • Bostyan
      Bostyan 4 months ago

      +sajjad Same as Logitech G500 only that range is 200 - 5700 and 5 profiles +/- buttons. Lower than 600 I never use it anywhere and max 3000 normally is set on desktop 1500-2500. Is more then ok! 10K i don't know how many people use it with windows normal 5/10 maybe with 1/10 ☺ . I set own profile for every game and I like G500.
      For playing I have from 600 - 1100 average 800

  • Zimnior15
    Zimnior15 11 months ago

    I use a laser mouse on my dads pc and i use a optical mouse on my laptop

    • sajjad
      sajjad 4 months ago

      Optical is better its New technology

    • Aminato Potato
      Aminato Potato 4 months ago

      So wich is better

  • jhon luis
    jhon luis Year ago

    puedes hacer el video con subtitulos en español ?

  • jhon luis
    jhon luis Year ago +1

    and winner is ...... help !e

    • sajjad
      sajjad 4 months ago


    • Sky
      Sky Year ago

      optic for gaming

    • jhon luis
      jhon luis Year ago

      no spek inglis

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    Thanks for helping to find what mouse i need to get for gaminig