Billie Eilish - Italian Guy (Bad Guy Parody)

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Make your mamma mia proud type, I'm the Italian guy.
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    Okay, we made Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" Russian and even turned it into a "Good Guy". But this time we're turning it into an Italian guy, with all of the Mediterranean charm and character you can handle! Enjoy this "Bad Guy" parody!
    Arranged by Andrew Wrangell
    Edited by Samuel Dickenson
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  • max keks
    max keks 16 hours ago

    Fucke yeahe marcello

  • alessandra ritella

    Mamma mia ve lo ficcate dove voi sapete 🙄

  • Mr. Waffle_Pancake 2

    Lets-a make-a pizza pie Luigi

  • TheCring3 L0rd
    TheCring3 L0rd 4 days ago

    Why is there subtitles??

  • Peter Butera
    Peter Butera 5 days ago

    do caio bella

  • Un Socialista Anonimo

    Perfetto. Davvero. Great from Italy.

  • つっき
    つっき 5 days ago +1

    There's a song that sounds almost exactly like 2:07 - 2:11.
    Does anyone know what that song is called?

  • Random Things
    Random Things 5 days ago +3

    White shirt now red,my tomato sauce
    Eating,you are on your tippy toes
    Think you're so criminal
    Pasta,and pizza for you
    don't say thank you or please
    I eat what i want when i wanting to
    My soul? So cyinical

    So you are not a tough guy
    Like it less rough guy
    Just can't get enough guy,
    Chest is not so puffed guy,
    I'm a bad type
    Make your mama glad type
    Make your girlfriend sad tight
    Might cook for your dad type
    -Mamma mia- duh

    I like when you lose control
    Even if you know that you don't
    Leave me i will not let you play the role
    I'm not your animal
    My mommy likes to eat pizza with me
    But she won't eat this song(Wait wat)
    If she reads all the lyrics
    Dunno what will happen

    So you are not a tough guy
    Like it less rough guy
    Just can't get enough guy,
    Chest is not so puffed guy,
    I'm a bad type
    Make your mama glad type
    Make your girlfriend sad tight
    Might cook for your dad type
    I'm the bad guy

    I'm only bad at being good,good
    I like when you get mad
    I'm pretty glad i'm not alone
    You said she cooked for me?
    I mean we see what she sees
    but maybe is cuz i'm eating your pizza
    I'm the bad guy
    I'm the bad guy
    Mamma mia

  • Jack
    Jack 8 days ago

    Questo canzone assagia simile la pizza.

  • LiriCagliari Channel



  • Ragilplayz torumant
    Ragilplayz torumant 10 days ago

    sono un cattivo ragazzo

    AWESOME 12 days ago


  • T aikee
    T aikee 13 days ago


  • Dan Prod. YTP
    Dan Prod. YTP 24 days ago +2

    1:02 We we Pizza Pasta Mandolino Mamma mia! Bedde Gai

  • Epic Gamer AA
    Epic Gamer AA Month ago

    The thumbnail the😂

  • Elizabeth P.
    Elizabeth P. Month ago +1

    When they take your pasta...

  • Nadia Simon
    Nadia Simon Month ago

    I want this in Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria porcoddio

  • Nombre Soria
    Nombre Soria Month ago

    Io sono il malvagio ragazzo~
    Jk i'm an argie

  • Sebastiano Proni
    Sebastiano Proni Month ago

    Sono incazzato solo per lo stereotipo del resto il video è epico

  • xxplosive [producer]


  • Francesco Ansovini Host69

    Quanti stereotipi, e sono del centro

  • Carlo Giuseppe Patrini

    I'm italiaaaaaaan!!!!!XD

  • ST3CCA -official channel

    Im Italian what the heck is this 😂🤣

  • Canna YT
    Canna YT Month ago

    I'm italian And i watch your videos!

    R1CH1 COMIX Month ago

    Viva l'Italia🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Moge-Ko
    Moge-Ko Month ago


  • Jean Agustin
    Jean Agustin Month ago

    Rush A????? Australia?

  • ti faccio mhanz
    ti faccio mhanz Month ago

    Non ho capito

  • T. V.
    T. V. Month ago

    I m italian and we not use this moustache

  • sotislosky
    sotislosky Month ago +1


  • Annalou #veraleonessa

    Ma seriamente? Dal minuto 2:91 sembrava una canzone fatta dai pirati!
    Ceh ma io boh

  • RAPTOR 22
    RAPTOR 22 Month ago +1

    I m Italian and I think if Billie ilish will watch this video she’ll get like PIZZAMAMMAMIAITALIAMACCHERONIMARIOMANDOLINO 👋🏻 infected

  • Ciro Antonio Manzolillo

    oh oh porcoddio

  • JGmaestro tizio
    JGmaestro tizio Month ago

    Migliori invenzioni italiane
    Pizza pasta mandolino
    A giusto per i francesi la cigliggina sulla torta... Materazzi

  • Simone Grieco
    Simone Grieco Month ago

    As an Italian , it is quite an old Italian song

  • Crysal1D tube
    Crysal1D tube Month ago

    Ma perché 😂😂

  • cuccurucu cuccurucu
    cuccurucu cuccurucu Month ago +1

    noi italiani non siamo solo pizza pasta mamma mia mandolino

  • mobygaming
    mobygaming Month ago

    The thumbnail is just

  • The Cybernetic Player
    The Cybernetic Player Month ago +1

    Grafico commenti del video:
    22% Inglesi
    35% Italiani che scrivono chi é italiano
    41% Italiani che parlano della pizza
    2% Persone che fanno il grafico perché non sanno cosa fare l'intera giornata

    • Nazar Derkach
      Nazar Derkach 3 days ago

      Comment graphic of this video:
      22 percent: English;
      35 percent: Italians who wright that they're Italian.
      41 percent: Italians who speak about pizza;
      2 percent: People who do a graphic, because they don't know what to do for the entire day.

    • Nazar Derkach
      Nazar Derkach 3 days ago

      Io soio ucraino.

  • Frankie Martinez
    Frankie Martinez Month ago +1


  • Asdrubale_ ITA
    Asdrubale_ ITA Month ago

    From 0:00 to 0:51 would sound great with a jazz drum improvvisation

    Crisz ALEXANDRU Month ago

    Sounds rly cool,like italian mafia

  • Allison playz
    Allison playz Month ago

    Withe mozzarella now red my tomato sauce
    Sleeping inside a pizzaoven
    Think your so Italian
    So you’re the Italian guy

  • Massimo Maggini
    Massimo Maggini Month ago

    Bella a tutti i pianisti italiani

  • Silvia Marcantoni
    Silvia Marcantoni Month ago

    Ma che cazzo è sta roba

  • Just Cause
    Just Cause Month ago

    E po ce so io cji me viju a don Matteo a vintitrì anni

  • gabriele brandi
    gabriele brandi Month ago

    Mamma mia pizzeria diocane

  • TechTheGuy
    TechTheGuy Month ago

    So de veramente...

  • i am a bot
    i am a bot Month ago

    che bello qualcuno che pensa all italia

  • Fabio Ioffredo
    Fabio Ioffredo Month ago

    Vedo decisamente pochi commenti italiani.... mi aspetto molta più ignoranza italiana, avanti ragazzi

  • Kaz Avali
    Kaz Avali Month ago

    "I'm the Mario guy"

  • Mei
    Mei Month ago

    *I'm a spaghetti guy*

  • Andr e
    Andr e Month ago

    Marcello what Is this?

  • Marco Sabato
    Marco Sabato Month ago

    I tell it in italian: GENIALE😂

  • Mirco Morosato _
    Mirco Morosato _ Month ago

    MAMMA MIA gli spaghetti!!🍝

  • Lore P
    Lore P Month ago +1

    Ok campione

  • Luky
    Luky Month ago +2

    In italian and when i saw this video i said WTF.
    I like it

  • Andrea Campo
    Andrea Campo Month ago

    Ma vai a fanculo

  • Stark22M E
    Stark22M E Month ago +1

    Il pezzo con la tarantella è stupendo😜

  • Hale 28
    Hale 28 Month ago

    In qualche modo mi sento toccato dalla copertina 😂