Food Product Cost & Pricing Tutorial

  • Published on Mar 30, 2014
  • Step-by-step directions on how to use the Small Food Business Food Product Cost & Pricing Spreadsheet tool to determine accurate product costs and create a profitable multi-channel pricing strategy.

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  • makloonsushi
    makloonsushi Month ago


  • makloonsushi
    makloonsushi Month ago


  • makloonsushi
    makloonsushi Month ago


  • Siraj Khan
    Siraj Khan Month ago

    Can you help me to download excel sheet ?

  • Paul Pitts
    Paul Pitts 2 months ago

    Ummm......isnt 5 × 16 80? So how does 5lbs of flour equal 60 oz?

  • Jan Mikhail Villarino
    Jan Mikhail Villarino 2 months ago +1

    Hi! Nice discussion. Can you share the spreadsheet?

  • Vivian Eddington
    Vivian Eddington 3 months ago

    Is the download still available ? tried to follow thru google drive but was unable. there is to button to download. Please help, love the tutorial but not proficient in excel. HELP

  • Darlene Faith Cloma
    Darlene Faith Cloma 4 months ago +1

    Is this still available?

    Can I change the dollar sign to Peso sign? If I bought this one...?


  • John Benjamin
    John Benjamin 5 months ago +6

    I made a similar file, and I added a sheet with a price list. I use a VLOOKUP to match the ingredient name to the price list. It makes it faster to enter data and it keeps prices up to date across all recipe cards, but the ingredient name has to be exactly the same as that on the price list.
    Great video and tutorial on how to get started, thank you for posting here!

    • Ujjawal Kumar
      Ujjawal Kumar Month ago

      You can do one more thing, make drop down thru data validation from price list. In that way, ingredient you want to choose is to be from available drop down box, and rest prices will be updated by vlookup as you are already doing.
      Ps: can you share excel file after doing all above :P

  • Aahana Laghari
    Aahana Laghari 5 months ago

    Great video. The way you explained is great. Keep doing a great job. For restaurant management software tools have a look here at

  • Francis Xavier Marfiel
    Francis Xavier Marfiel 5 months ago

    Hello ma’am can you send me that formulated file thanks

  • Jose Nunez
    Jose Nunez 6 months ago

    What happen with the website ?

  • Muhammad Taimur
    Muhammad Taimur 8 months ago

    Third blass information

  • Edward Ladrera
    Edward Ladrera 8 months ago

    Find the cost per preparation and add up the amount you want as profit. In my case I priced my dishes always a little lower than my competitors.

  • Geeta Bhagat
    Geeta Bhagat 8 months ago

    how to convert to weight if something is measured in 1/2 tsp and 1/4 teaspoon? should we say 1/2 = 2.5 gms?

  • Mark Alex
    Mark Alex 8 months ago

    Why other expenses are not considered such as electricity, water, rent etc... ?

  • Jack Ian
    Jack Ian 8 months ago

    do you have spreadsheet tools for food cost calculation every month aside from pricing ..thanks

  • Sean Cobos
    Sean Cobos 8 months ago

    80oz in 5lbs not 60oz

    GURUPREET GUJRAAL 10 months ago


  • Sothea Chhoem
    Sothea Chhoem 10 months ago

    Could you please give me detail of How to calculate in the table of PER UNIT PRODUCT PRICING? I really don't understand at all. Hope to get your reply soonest. Awaiting for you now! Regards
    Or kindly individual send that spreadsheet to my email:

  • desu ne
    desu ne 11 months ago

    Knowing the recipe cost is the easy part. You have to estimate the total annual expenses of employees, supplies, utilities, rent/mortgage, and taxes, then divide that by 365 to get the daily minimum expenses. The hard part is predicting sales so that you know how much extra should be charged to at least meet the minimum expenses.

  • Kids Animation Show
    Kids Animation Show 11 months ago

    Hi I really wanted to buy this tool but wasn't sure if it was changeable to British pounds and whether that would affect the programming or not. Please advise thank you.

  • Shafiuddin lakanwal

    How i can download it
    Please send it to me via:

  • Div Jangid
    Div Jangid Year ago

    Nice video, you can leverage restaurant software to handle these activities. It reduces lot of workload and saves lot of time. I use HDrestaurant for my restaurant and it is an excellent software. You should also try:

  • Hayleigh Cox
    Hayleigh Cox Year ago

    I'm in the uk. If I download this can I change the currency from dollars to pounds? Thanks x

    • Small Food Business
      Small Food Business  Year ago

      Thanks for asking. There is a UK version that you can purchase from the site.

  • Daniels Market Garden

    I am super happy to have found this video and in turn your website!!! Outstanding and thank you!!! What a great compilation of resources, delivered in a very clear and concise manner. Thank you!!!

  • Clef 7
    Clef 7 Year ago

    Very informative and useful. Highly recommended for those just starting a new food business. Thank you for uploading this video.

  • Nicole Sampson
    Nicole Sampson Year ago +2

    I cannot download the costing sheet.

    • mahmoud gad
      mahmoud gad Year ago

      can you help me to dowmload excel sheet

  • Sam King
    Sam King Year ago

    Hi, Small Food Business. I just tried to buy/download your AUS spreadsheet but it said 'I'm sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found. Please try again or report your problem to the webmaster.' are you able to assist me?

    • Yons Tri
      Yons Tri 21 day ago

      hi i need workbook please

    • Small Food Business
      Small Food Business  Year ago

      Sorry, the link has moved. You can find the spreadsheet

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  • vasu mallireddy
    vasu mallireddy Year ago

    Can you explain product cost and praising, with example

  • DawgYankee
    DawgYankee Year ago

    LMAO @ 2:18 5 pounds of flour at 16 ounces per pound equals 60 ounces... Really???? I would have thought it would be 80 ounces, but what do i know.... Scratch this video

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  • Chris Ethan Taylor
    Chris Ethan Taylor 2 years ago

    Amazing! Thanks for your time and hard work :)

  • Armando E. Torres
    Armando E. Torres 2 years ago

    Excelent video , where can I get this excell sheet ? thank you in advance .

  • Michael Pesce
    Michael Pesce 2 years ago

    Do you have this spreadsheet for sale or in a download format.

  • Mihira B
    Mihira B 2 years ago

    Hi there, I paid for and downloaded the spreadsheet from your site last year some time and i have the email receipt from you with the link. the link has now expired and I need to re download the original spreadsheet. Would you be able to email me a new link?

  • Marcel Nelles
    Marcel Nelles 2 years ago +1

    Would be even better if it had an ingredient table connected

  • Aio-Ti
    Aio-Ti 2 years ago +1

    I am interested in purchasing this program for my catering business. However, my menu items list is just over 50 and granting that the spreadsheet is limited to 10 spreadsheet pages, would that mean that are required by the program twice to cover the rest of my menu items?

  • Anna O
    Anna O 2 years ago

    Do you have a spreadsheet for a restaurant with many different ingredients? I notice this spreadsheet can only do 10. Thank you

  • Spencer Hahn
    Spencer Hahn 2 years ago

    Wow, this lady is un-listenable. Every "s" she says it sounds like shes slobbing on a massive shlong.

  • Mohamad Simo
    Mohamad Simo 2 years ago

    You are the best thanks a lot it helped me a lot

  • Lars Neumann
    Lars Neumann 2 years ago +1

    Hi, thank for ur tutorial. But how do u actually calculate ur per piece cost in consideration its the labor rate? any help will b very much appreciated.

  • Memaine Manuel
    Memaine Manuel 2 years ago

    Can this app be also used for non-food business?

  • Donley Evans
    Donley Evans 2 years ago

    I think the cost per ounce is 11 cents. .035 .. would be 35% of a penny... per unit price is 11 cents

  • monali2006
    monali2006 2 years ago

    hi, this is a very good video. extremely helpful. i am interested to open a small food business, and have watched several videos before this, . but your illustration is very clear for a newbie like me who has no experience atall. so thank you so much.

  • James Clary
    James Clary 3 years ago +11

    Very good video, however, restaurants still don't have way to check best pricing. Until now: I am a 43 year veteran in the restaurant business and for the last year I, with a partner, have been working on solving the vexing issue of getting the best prices from suppliers. As a 20 year owner of restaurants, this was one of the most frustrating issues I dealt with. My vendors used every trick in the book. As one supplier told me after I had sold my place, “Look. We all know it. I’m trying to get the highest price I can get from you and you want the lowest”. Many operators don’t realize this because their vendor is their “buddy”. They take them on gold trips, give them free samples, run stuff to the store, etc. But if you could be guaranteed that you were getting the lowest price for your everyday groceries, chemicals and paper goods, it would make those “freebies” look like chump change.
    That’s why I developed Foodcst, a simple I-Phone app that your chef or purchaser can use for every order and will compare up to date pricing from multiple vendors in real time. No more guess work. No more *hoping* I’m getting a good price. No more spending hours comparing prices from weekly price sheets or trying to match data on your online order guide. We do that for you for an incredibly low monthly subscription fee. A fee that you will recoup on your first order and more.
    Contact me at ( if you would like a 5 minue online demo of the product. It is truly AMAZING!

    • Yan Nugent
      Yan Nugent Year ago

      James Clary, I too, am interested in seeing this app. Could you provide me the app you mentioned please?

    • Fhabz Javillonar
      Fhabz Javillonar 2 years ago

      James Clary Hi! James I' am very interested about the app that you mention what apps is this.?

  • Al Mutaz Abu Al Hamail

    if I need customized worksheet for my business can you support

  • itchiro Zero
    itchiro Zero 3 years ago +1

    Hi one question please. How do you compute your price to distributors and brokers commission? :)

  • AboNasser AlZeinab
    AboNasser AlZeinab 3 years ago

    Can you send to me to use it here in Amman - Jordan
    please check my E Mail
    wish you all the best in live and health

  • Shirley Bradfield
    Shirley Bradfield 3 years ago +1

    Thank you for this very informative video, even though I am not in the food industry I found it very useful for formulation for pricing items.

  • Alex Charles
    Alex Charles 3 years ago +2

    wow those are some expensive cookies

  • Crystal B
    Crystal B 4 years ago +5

    I like this concept but as a person just starting my business. Will this allow me to input all my recipes new and old and also the ones I create on my own or can you only input so many?

  • Small Food Business
    Small Food Business  4 years ago +1

    Aaron, if you are familiar enough with excel formulas, you can have the prices pull from another spreadsheet or workbook so that every time you make a change in the first workbook it will then automatically change in this costing spreadsheet. You'll want to input the '=...' Formulas in the ingredient costs cells.

    • mahmoud gad
      mahmoud gad Year ago +1

      can you help me to dowmload excel sheet

  • Small Food Business
    Small Food Business  4 years ago +12

    Usama, you can find the program at and download it from there. Thanks!

    • S. Mate Olah
      S. Mate Olah 9 months ago

      Poplicola Publicola can you send it to me or make a deal, she doesnt reply to my email. Please let me know, would be huge help, I need it for a school project and time is very limited.

    • רננה טלבי
      רננה טלבי Year ago

      +Poplicola Publicola hey, do you know how to do all the calculations at the end?

    • SaraFara
      SaraFara 2 years ago +1

      Poplicola Publicola it's not just the layout, there are calculations involved :)

    • Juan Torres
      Juan Torres 2 years ago +1

      Small Food Business

  • Aaron Fitzpatrick
    Aaron Fitzpatrick 4 years ago

    can this program pull prices form another sheet or do I have input the ingredient cost every time i make a recipe?

  • Usama Saed
    Usama Saed 4 years ago +1

    How do I download the program