2020 Norco Optic Review: Short on Travel, Not Capability | Pinkbike Field Test

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • The all-new Optic is what happens when you make fun the main priority by combining smart geometry with short travel.
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Comments • 98

  • Alli Lim
    Alli Lim 2 days ago

    Can compare it against trance 29 or ibis Ripley?

  • Michael van der Lit
    Michael van der Lit 5 days ago

    Would like to see a shoot-out vs Trek Fuel Ex, similar geo and travel.

  • MTB_Trail_Rat
    MTB_Trail_Rat 10 days ago

    Hey Mike(s), I live in Utah and wanted to know if you thought the Optic would be enough for the Moab area and for trails like the Whole Enchilada? I think 99% of my riding will be amazing on this but I'm not sure about the really big days. Thanks for the great content🙌🙌

  • Gabe Bennett
    Gabe Bennett 10 days ago

    Wish I could have a bike like this.

  • Rick Couture
    Rick Couture 11 days ago +1

    vs 2020 Sight 29er....why would someone choose the sight over this & vice versa? which would be a better climber? decender? all day pedaler?

  • Eric
    Eric 13 days ago

    When are u doing a video on upduro bikes

  • ehtikhet
    ehtikhet 17 days ago

    Oooooof! That frame and fork flex in the slomo bunny hop!

  • Jim
    Jim 17 days ago +1

    These reviews are spot-on in format, content, and presentation! The fact that you're even including tire pressures in your "Set Up" segment is a nod to your commitment to really convey all the relevant deets during a review. Yours puts other reviews to shame, thanks so much! And, think I just found my next bike in the 2020 Optic!

  • Richard Kaz
    Richard Kaz 19 days ago

    Norco Optic aluminum rear swing arm is prone to crack through and around the small cross brace tube between the two fork stays. They also will crack through the right hand pivot section between the small cross brace tube and the seat post pivot point. How do I know Because I have a 2017 Norco Optica C9.2. I don't do jumps, gap jumps or drops. Trawling through many forums this appears to be a common problem with Norco. every few years they claim the problem is fixed, but the problem reoccur. They just need to beef up the metal in this area.

  • Jonathan Vasquez
    Jonathan Vasquez 23 days ago

    Cnt w8 for ur NP Reactor RS review. Ty

  • Luke Schlieper
    Luke Schlieper 23 days ago +3

    If I’m looking for a bike that can do it all (xc to enduro/light dh) should this be at the top of my list ?

  • eugene gutierrez
    eugene gutierrez 23 days ago

    Why all new bikes nowadays are all 29er? I’m not fan of big wheels. Not agile on corners.

    • High Octane
      High Octane 3 days ago

      @Patrick Hogan no their not. fake news.

    • Patrick Hogan
      Patrick Hogan 22 days ago

      Honestly they are. Me and my mate swap bikes often for rides and I have 275 he has 29 and it just feels fast. I used to think the same as u but honestly try one they're sick.

    HUCK-TO-FLAT MEDIA 23 days ago

    So keen for the series, can't wait for the next bike!

    MTB NINJA 23 days ago

    Have you tested the evil following? It sounds like it rides really similar

  • Roman S
    Roman S 23 days ago +1

    What's the track in the beginning? It's pretty 🔥

  • frostmeister666
    frostmeister666 23 days ago +1

    Talking about '% faster' definitely let us know the % difference between fastest and slowest overall.

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris 24 days ago +1

    Hands down, the best intros.

  • Gareth Carberry
    Gareth Carberry 24 days ago

    Is this not a copy of the devincie troy?

  • CamoteMaster
    CamoteMaster 24 days ago

    Looks like a trek

  • neto116
    neto116 24 days ago +3

    The Devinci Django would be a good contender in this category.

  • Steven Jalopnik
    Steven Jalopnik 24 days ago

    Mike levys mini is fucking rad

  • Blake Watson
    Blake Watson 24 days ago

    Please test the Nukeproof Reactor

  • Shepski
    Shepski 24 days ago +1

    Very similar to my SBG Transition Smuggler which is too fast and aggressive for the 120mm travel stock DPS shock to keep up to.

  • Chino MTB
    Chino MTB 24 days ago

    3:22 yes, Santa Cruz tall boy

  • Kyden Ma
    Kyden Ma 24 days ago +4

    It’s a transition smuggler rebranded as a Norco. Look at the geometry lol

  • Jess Hines
    Jess Hines 24 days ago

    I wanna see a Guerrilla Gravity Smash in here. EDIT: saw one in the preview! Sweet!

  • Shawn Callaway
    Shawn Callaway 24 days ago +1

    Has anyone done a comparison with the Optic and the Tallboy?

  • Mechannel
    Mechannel 24 days ago

    Another great video, Mike. You're one of the best MTB presenters out there.

  • CalgaryDynastar
    CalgaryDynastar 24 days ago +6

    If you’re a capable rider, you don’t need a “enduro” bike to ride 95 percent of trails.

  • Dan K
    Dan K 24 days ago

    ... and its Dale Stone approved 👍

  • vwbliss
    vwbliss 24 days ago

    Keep the field tests coming!

    TEA-REX 24 days ago +2

    This bike is definitely at the top of my "next bike" list

  • Jiminy Cricket
    Jiminy Cricket 24 days ago +1

    shame on Norco for speccing those resin only rotors and resin pads. You're a Canadian company Norco. Warehouse in Coquitlam, BC. Why make the customer spend another $100+ dollars to spec it out for our weather/conditions.

    • Jiminy Cricket
      Jiminy Cricket 19 days ago

      @Non Ofyourbuznez yup. simple rotor and pad swap. But who are you going to pawn off the resin rotors to if those rotors don't suit the conditions/area you ride in. I hear you regarding wet and muddy conditions. I've actually never used resin on my mountain bikes, metallic suits me just fine.

    • Non Ofyourbuznez
      Non Ofyourbuznez 19 days ago

      Amen my man. Not just for those on continental America either here in Europe resin pads are useless 3/4 of the year.
      Be sure to check though as sometimes you can get aftermarket or same brand even metal pads and just swap the rotors and pads not the whole brake.

  • Braap
    Braap 24 days ago

    What stroke shock is coming on the new optic?

  • chris Fontaine
    chris Fontaine 24 days ago

    I ride a 130mm rear 2008 Scott Genius with a 160mm fork, climbing... DH it does it all, about all the travel I'd be looking for in a new bike

  • Ric James
    Ric James 24 days ago +1

    I miss when engineering was about making long travel bikes able to climb instead of designing short travel bikes that can descend.

    • Superultramuffintime
      Superultramuffintime 23 days ago

      Have you ridden any modern long travel bike? They all pedal extremely well considering. This is just a different category of bike, one that suits a lot of people

    • Trent Neff
      Trent Neff 23 days ago

      Ric James that’s an interesting thought. 🤔

  • Alfonso MTB2
    Alfonso MTB2 24 days ago

    Careful it could snap

  • Ollie & Chub
    Ollie & Chub 24 days ago

    How much doe

  • NoBrakes23
    NoBrakes23 24 days ago

    Two years ago, I would have mocked a Horst link with no lockout. A year ago I rode a 130mm travel Sight, and I couldn't believe how well it climbed. I am a Weagle snob, but Norco works some witchcraft on that Horst link.

  • Justin White
    Justin White 24 days ago

    1.2% faster on the clock? If you're not racing, and you guys said it's probably not the bike to get if you're enduro racing, then who fucking cares? Rather have a bike that 20% funner and feels 10% faster than anything that is actaully 1-point-friggin-2 percent faster.

  • Mathieu MARTIN
    Mathieu MARTIN 24 days ago

    DhF front and DHR rear... noobs.

  • patryka11
    patryka11 24 days ago

    I love the simplicity. Great bike to me !!!

  • patryka11
    patryka11 24 days ago

    I love the simplicity. Great bike to me !!!

  • Tony Parkin
    Tony Parkin 24 days ago +3

    Modern bikes are so good I use my endura as a trail/X country.

    • Chuck Beef
      Chuck Beef 19 days ago

      I still have a 2005 Kona Stinky. Bought it new and put about a $1000 into it in those days. Collects dust now as i chase around kids and future retirement sadly.

  • Jimbo Rainbird
    Jimbo Rainbird 24 days ago +15

    This category (including aggressive trail bikes) hits my sweet spot, so great job guys. I have my fingers crossed that the Nukeproof Reactor & Norco Sight are going to be put through the ringer. Can't wait

  • Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia

    Woo! Enjoyed it! I'm already ready for the next one!

  • tehllama42
    tehllama42 24 days ago

    @Pinkbike I would absolutely love to have just some raw Action Cam uploads of the test loop descents on each bike - no need for commentary, editing, or much effort (though it's always appreciated), but just using all the footage you have. I'd watch every one of them.

  • ан пн
    ан пн 24 days ago

    Кусок херни решили прорекламить.

  • Fynn Hansmann
    Fynn Hansmann 24 days ago

    Cheater switch? But this bike do has coward levers? (Brakes?)

  • Callum Robertson
    Callum Robertson 24 days ago

    Great video guys, but what are some of the options to attach under the top tube

  • Will Bennett
    Will Bennett 24 days ago

    How often are these videos coming out

  • Andreas Ander
    Andreas Ander 24 days ago

    Really good video! I pumped to see all the other bikes!

  • Real nutz bike love
    Real nutz bike love 24 days ago

    Why is there no review on the Marin alpine trail 7?

  • Meteor Media
    Meteor Media 24 days ago +3

    Norco? Yeah, no. I‘d rather not buy a bike with a frame that breaks within the first couple of months.

    • High Octane
      High Octane 3 days ago

      when i just googled fluid fs frame crack a bunch of videos came up of santa cruz bikes BREAKING IN HALF. what are ya goin on about? Norco's are fine. you got a lemon.

    • Meteor Media
      Meteor Media 24 days ago +2

      @viperrules24 Yeah its just that my last bike was in fact a Norco Fluid FS, which I bought because it was seemingly good value for money. Just that it developed cracks on the lower part of the downtube after just 3 months of trail riding. And if you go check on other peoples experience with that exact frame, you'll see that thats not an unusual issue at all. Norco has some severe quality control deficits. I've got it replaced under warranty, but rather sold it and got a Merida One-Twenty instead. That one curiously held up to exactly the same riding style just fine for the last 8 months with no defects what so ever...

    • viperrules24
      viperrules24 24 days ago +1

      Way to have an open mind! I'm sure you thought well and hard before completely writing off a brand new platform on an issue that almost certainly does not plagues any other MTB brand!

  • Chad Clark
    Chad Clark 24 days ago +2

    Great review, keep them coming!!

  • Beaks 1312
    Beaks 1312 24 days ago

    1:04 What does he mean with cheater switch?

  • Electric Koolaid
    Electric Koolaid 24 days ago


  • The POVteer
    The POVteer 24 days ago +18

    waiting for the Revel 🤟😁

  • gigpic
    gigpic 24 days ago +16

    I don't give a shit how efficient you think your platform is. When i'm climbing 1000hm in one go on smooth euro fire roads with pitches up to 20%, you better believe i'm using that climb switch. Arrogance has probably cost them a lot of sales over here.

    • High Octane
      High Octane 3 days ago

      you sound like the biggest snob. upset because he has not already bought his yearly new bike.

    • Verrückter Hodenkobold
      Verrückter Hodenkobold 24 days ago +1

      True- I Always flip the switch- even if its only 100m.
      I dont want the slack seatube angle and way less efficiency.

    • gigpic
      gigpic 24 days ago

      @MrBojangles moot*
      I'll ride whatever I deem appropriate on my trails, and if I say I don't want to climb fire roads with my anus pointing way past my rear axle with a open shock, then that's up to me.

    • MrBojangles
      MrBojangles 24 days ago +3

      Moot* point. If your descending 1000m+ with any sort of rocks/drops, you're going to want an Enduro bike anyways...which weight similar.

    • Toby Murphy
      Toby Murphy 24 days ago

      consider yourself lucky you get a place to ride with that much altitude

  • Gavyn Pendleton
    Gavyn Pendleton 24 days ago

    Really good job guys!