I Flew To MrBeast’s House & Knocked On His Door

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • He was erm... surprised haha
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  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul  6 months ago +7844

    Who wants me to do more FOR SALE videos?! Remember TURN ON those post notifications!!

    • David Cantrell
      David Cantrell Month ago

      Shout out plz ur soooooooooo good I love u it's every day bro

    • Mr. M
      Mr. M Month ago


    • Silvia Garcia
      Silvia Garcia 2 months ago


    • Carmen Martz
      Carmen Martz 5 months ago

      Sorry no that’s kind of creepy and stalkerish

    • N o
      N o 5 months ago

      Oh god you knocked on his door anything but that

  • Mr. Nate
    Mr. Nate 2 hours ago

    You suck

  • Yeeyee
    Yeeyee 6 hours ago +1

    poor jimmy

  • Wayne Bronkhorst
    Wayne Bronkhorst 8 hours ago +1

    Go sel Roman andwood smiles more hius 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Noob Btw
    Noob Btw 12 hours ago

    This section is dead

  • Shaquille Oatmeal
    Shaquille Oatmeal 12 hours ago


  • VibeZ btw
    VibeZ btw 12 hours ago +1

    Sub to pewd

  • nitrobass
    nitrobass 13 hours ago

    What if someone knocked on your door at night then ran to hide. Then knocked again and you invited em inside and they said "this is awkward" it would indeed be quite awkward.

  • Jell0 Mell0
    Jell0 Mell0 13 hours ago

    This is the only video I’ll ever watch from Jake Paul

  • Chelsea Balderas
    Chelsea Balderas 14 hours ago

    12:34 you're welcome

  • For The People!
    For The People! 15 hours ago

    What a horrendous video! How anybody can like this guy or even enjoy his content is crazy! He’s nothing but an arrogant prick who needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and stop doing the stupid shit he’s doing!

  • LinchKing
    LinchKing 15 hours ago

    I love how Chris is so like, JAKE PAUL?????

  • Michael Dosch
    Michael Dosch 16 hours ago

    Shout out plz

  • Ivan Mora
    Ivan Mora 16 hours ago

    He got more subs than u

  • Greg Nasser
    Greg Nasser 17 hours ago

    I’m sorry Mr. Beast had to deal with this annoying ass hole.

  • Andrew Suarez
    Andrew Suarez 17 hours ago

    Bro your so weird

  • Andrew Suarez
    Andrew Suarez 17 hours ago

    Jake Paul more like poop paul

  • Alex Eve
    Alex Eve 19 hours ago

    This guy is such an idiot 🙄 poor mr beast

    DORIIITOZ 19 hours ago

    You are so annoying

  • Kehkashan Naveed
    Kehkashan Naveed 21 hour ago

    Mr beast didn't even want u to coke

  • Mikey Stevens
    Mikey Stevens 22 hours ago

    Mr.beast mr.beast!!!!!!!!!

  • alvin simmons
    alvin simmons 22 hours ago

    I saw you I was behind you

  • 1Emerald CRL
    1Emerald CRL 23 hours ago


    Thx me later ;)

  • nild koll
    nild koll Day ago

    When your irrelevant so you make content on richer people

  • Hunter Gaming/vloger

    You wouldn’t like if someone sold your house

  • jeya shankar
    jeya shankar Day ago

    I smashed the subscribe button but it broke my iPad

  • ChallengeBro
    ChallengeBro Day ago +2

    This is how many people love mrbeast

  • Dr. Müller
    Dr. Müller Day ago

    Ya know as annoying Jake is and as much as I've hated his content in the past this wasn't actually a bad video, MrBeast was generally cool with Jake, I thought this would be clickbait xD

  • Slothers
    Slothers Day ago

    When the two weird kids sit at the popular table

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos Day ago

    Uhhhhh stop going to the camera to shuve your face in it :3

  • Sam Davis
    Sam Davis Day ago

    One of my favorite videos

  • cookie pusheen
    cookie pusheen Day ago +3

    I clicked dis cuz it said mr beast but i dont like jake paul like if u agree

  • Zombiegamez 2009

    You suck

  • Crusty
    Crusty Day ago

    If I was mrbeast
    Jake Paul’s comes to my dore

    Me cloes door

  • Abhi-Jyoti C
    Abhi-Jyoti C Day ago +7

    Seeing Jake Paul
    Getting incurable disease Ostia porosis and crippling depression

  • Sunny Flower
    Sunny Flower Day ago

    Jack Paul: wE dOnt Like pEople ComINg to oUr hoUse it mAkeS uS fEel likE zOo animalS
    Also jake Paul: visiting mr beast and selling his house!!!!

  • TheFallenShadow
    TheFallenShadow Day ago

    Is the guy behind you on crack or something?

  • Emily Adams
    Emily Adams Day ago

    Just became a Jake Paul fan and I live in Greenville! If only I knew he was here 6 months ago 😭

  • Lightkey470
    Lightkey470 Day ago

    Your stoopid

  • MinyZombieXD
    MinyZombieXD Day ago

    Congrats on getting 2 member of team 10! Been here since never

  • Jared Holombo
    Jared Holombo Day ago

    Your gay

  • Sam Mcmahon
    Sam Mcmahon Day ago

    I like mrbeast and Jake paul

  • BlackoutBoys
    BlackoutBoys Day ago

    we live in GREENVILLE NC!!!! Gtfoh bro👍👍

  • Kevin 367
    Kevin 367 Day ago +2

    I am a pewdiepauler

  • 687
    687 Day ago +1

    Jake Paulers: 0
    Paul Jakers: 19 mil

  • Angela Bez
    Angela Bez Day ago +1

    Mr beast is way better

  • vuxvux lover
    vuxvux lover Day ago

    I watch mrbeast i love chandler a chris and mrbeast

  • home cummiskey
    home cummiskey Day ago

    This just feels like an awkward situation. Like are they friends
    Because like you just went to someone’s house you never met

  • YeetusDaFeetus
    YeetusDaFeetus Day ago

    why dose it take you a million years just to get to the point.. like

  • Gandalf Bubny
    Gandalf Bubny Day ago


  • Iris Vertigo
    Iris Vertigo Day ago +1

    Lol when Mr Beast (Jimmy) shouted out Pewdiepie I died

  • Crazy Boyz
    Crazy Boyz Day ago


  • M M
    M M Day ago

    I wasn't even here for jake Paul I just like Mrbeast

  • AlphaAbstractDC
    AlphaAbstractDC 2 days ago


  • the oof king of noobs


  • Tym Archer
    Tym Archer 2 days ago

    Jake paul fight ksi

  • Maisie Gatenby
    Maisie Gatenby 2 days ago


  • classic bro awsome
    classic bro awsome 2 days ago +1

    jake paul: HIIIIIIIIIPAUL J A K E R S!!!!!
    me: i am confusion

  • Savage Tube
    Savage Tube 2 days ago

    I’m a simple man .... I see mr. Beast I click

  • Šilent ğâmeŕ ÝŤ


  • Rachael Albee
    Rachael Albee 2 days ago

    You sell mr. B's house doodle slowpitch you shut up a little bit can you can't do so your b****you threw them off on the way to Summer savory sauce what do you do to you he's a good RU-clipr he's right behind you sake

  • Made In Sweden
    Made In Sweden 2 days ago +1

    chandler just there smiling awkwardly with his cards lol

    only came here cause of mr.beast

  • Kaden Tran
    Kaden Tran 2 days ago

    i subscribed

  • The Perry Gamer
    The Perry Gamer 2 days ago +1


  • My name is Fleagasmz

    Jake you're so cancerous seriously

  • Raijin no Kami
    Raijin no Kami 2 days ago

    Sry Jake....you still cant go face to face with beast

  • thomas fan 128
    thomas fan 128 2 days ago

    Chris looks at the camara at 11:56

  • Dominick Pederson
    Dominick Pederson 2 days ago


  • Wisco fishing
    Wisco fishing 2 days ago +1

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever clicked on

  • Gustavo Arcos
    Gustavo Arcos 2 days ago

    You duck

  • Vxx Us
    Vxx Us 2 days ago

    Nah no merch cuz I can’t get any

  • Vxx Us
    Vxx Us 2 days ago

    Channel dying

  • Vxx Us
    Vxx Us 2 days ago


  • YungPepper 223
    YungPepper 223 2 days ago +1

    12:47 Your Welcome 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Phenom Easton
    Phenom Easton 2 days ago +2

    *chris: did you guys order a pizza*
    *jimmy: no* I don’t know why this is funny.