544HP Mercedes Benz G Class G500 RaceChip GTS 0-217km/h ACCELERATION & TOP SPEED by AutoTopNL

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • 10Hz GPS Device & APP ignitioncollection.com/dragy
    544HP Mercedes Benz G500 RaceChip GTS 0-217km/h ACCELERATION & TOP SPEED by AutoTopNL
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Comments • 69

  • Hayabusa Hans
    Hayabusa Hans Month ago

    Grüße aus Göppingen an die Jungs und Mädels von RaceChip

  • Beshev Games
    Beshev Games 2 months ago

    This has got to be the fastest house on wheels, that I have ever seen!

  • Andriy Cherevko
    Andriy Cherevko 2 months ago

    it would be better to show the view from the trunk to the stars

  • HighProteinWhey
    HighProteinWhey 2 months ago

    isn’t there a sport+ mode?

  • azoreanblade2
    azoreanblade2 2 months ago

    V8 or V12?

    • e n o u g h
      e n o u g h 2 months ago +3

      V8. Only the G65 AMG had the V12 and they're not gonna make it anymore.

  • PreDaToR
    PreDaToR 2 months ago +12

    Can actually see the fuel level going down lol

  • Tim Talmann
    Tim Talmann 2 months ago +1

    Sehr schönes Teil 👍

  • Tippy35075
    Tippy35075 2 months ago

    do the same race chip in a gls500

  • Godly Vixen
    Godly Vixen 2 months ago +2

    whσ єlѕє clíck líkє fαѕt αѕf😂?
    вut ím ѕuввíng tσ єvєrчσnє thαt líkєѕ αn ѕuв'ѕ tσ mє

  • Zeid Sonbola
    Zeid Sonbola 2 months ago

    That`s one fast oil tanker

  • manas sridhar
    manas sridhar 2 months ago +8

    If that was passing me at those speeds I would easily mistake it for a brick

  • 훨훨날아라
    훨훨날아라 2 months ago

    Please tell me the name of the application you are using.

  • Ayberk Tarhan
    Ayberk Tarhan 2 months ago +10

    122 HP with RaceChip? How?

    • Hi Sa
      Hi Sa 2 months ago

      How? With Computer and fingers...

    • Tippy35075
      Tippy35075 2 months ago

      Ayberk Tarhan so my understanding is that this engine was originally designed for the C63 and the amg gts which has an output of 510hp, so anything less than that amount would be considered as a detuned engine, hence the ease race chip to pull around an extra 122hp

    • Ayberk Tarhan
      Ayberk Tarhan 2 months ago +1

      @Tippy35075 but they just chipped it, still makes no sense it has 122 HP more.

    • Tippy35075
      Tippy35075 2 months ago +3

      simple, this engine is near identical to the one in the G63 just detuned and with slightly smaller turbos

  • Deine Mutter
    Deine Mutter 2 months ago

    racechip größte dreck

  • iamjeffness
    iamjeffness 2 months ago

    Jullie zijn geweldig. In de vorige video had ik een comment geplaatst over de Dragy data in het scherm. Volgende video, jullie hebben het gelijk toegevoegd. Coincidence or just awesomeness? Ik denk het tweede haha

    • iamjeffness
      iamjeffness 2 months ago

      @Marcus J mate stfu pls. Cheers

    • Marcus J
      Marcus J 2 months ago

      Ja haha misschien wel. Wat leuk hey post het op facebook. Haha tante nel zou trots zijn wow haha.

  • grkhunter
    grkhunter 2 months ago +58

    The fastest refrigerator right there

    • Stephen Tran
      Stephen Tran 2 months ago

      grkhunter sure

    • grkhunter
      grkhunter 2 months ago +1

      @Stephen Tran I worked 5 years at mechanic when I was young. I have an RS4 B7 with 701HP and I personally built it. I have visited many seminars about companies which are about cars. My experience and knowledge is more than your lifetime kiddo lmao. Have a good day :)

    • Stephen Tran
      Stephen Tran 2 months ago

      Am correcting your knowledge , doesn’t mean have psychological problems lol

    • Stephen Tran
      Stephen Tran 2 months ago

      grkhunter you act like don’t know much about cars

    • Stephen Tran
      Stephen Tran 2 months ago

      grkhunter oh yea am sure you are lol

  • 블루아이즈
    블루아이즈 2 months ago


  • Pojiloy Asanmal
    Pojiloy Asanmal 2 months ago

    Can you do test drive of G 350 d?

    • Pojiloy Asanmal
      Pojiloy Asanmal 2 months ago

      Harbl ok wasn’t right. But is 5,9 fast?

    • Harbl
      Harbl 2 months ago

      Aleksandritto Maltsevitto
      7,4 vs 5.9

    • Pojiloy Asanmal
      Pojiloy Asanmal 2 months ago

      Harbl if the gap is 0,3 sec...

    • Harbl
      Harbl 2 months ago

      Aleksandritto Maltsevitto
      Well... it is faster

    • Pojiloy Asanmal
      Pojiloy Asanmal 2 months ago

      Ehab Sohaib are you stupid? If you think that g500 is more faster,you have some problems with your head

  • Mare Mare
    Mare Mare 2 months ago

    T h e b e a s t . . .

  • TheFunkyair
    TheFunkyair 2 months ago

    Racechip is easist and cheapest for a difference

  • Gašper Ajdnik
    Gašper Ajdnik 2 months ago +2

    544 HP

  • Djordje Klincov
    Djordje Klincov 2 months ago

    That is a car from my dreams awesome car omg

  • alin george
    alin george 2 months ago +2

    Why not starting with Launch control?

    • Nhhdeg Uaiwjwh s
      Nhhdeg Uaiwjwh s 2 months ago

      I have a Mercedes 2019 diesel and it has sort of launch control. Put it in sport mode and turn of traction and it launches just like launch control

    • Daniel Sadjadian
      Daniel Sadjadian 2 months ago +6

      @alin george Of course, but this is the G500, it's not an AMG version.

    • alin george
      alin george 2 months ago

      Daniel Sadjadian What? Every merc amg have launch control (2010 up)...

    • Daniel Sadjadian
      Daniel Sadjadian 2 months ago +4

      Do none AMG models even get launch control?

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian 2 months ago +11

    Would be nice if you could show both results: Normal (stock) mode and Race mode. Nevertheless even in stock, this car is impressive (considering its weight/size).

    • Daniel Sadjadian
      Daniel Sadjadian 2 months ago

      @John Doe I just want to see how much faster it is. Would be nice to have some times to compare.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago

      Why? Nobody cares about normal mode, and why did you say normal mode is stock? Race mode is still stock, it's not like it's a modification

    • itz Musawer
      itz Musawer 2 months ago +1

      I saw your comment in other vids too :)

  • Marlengo
    Marlengo 2 months ago +123

    With the aerodynamics of a house it’s a very good result

    • dhns555
      dhns555 2 months ago +5

      DC yeah that‘s one quick brick.

  • Skillz 0
    Skillz 0 2 months ago +2


  • Recai .M
    Recai .M 2 months ago

    Kann mir einer sagen wie die App heißt

  • named
    named 2 months ago